Yuna Kim Relives Her Golden Olympic Performance | Olympic Rewind

Yuna Kim Relives Her Golden Olympic Performance | Olympic Rewind

I was a bit nervous, not too much. I don’t think I thought of anything other than the routine. This is a short program, so I will do three jumps,
three spins and two steps. I am about to do the most important jump now. I feel like I am doing live broadcasting. My team was discussing the theme
and my choreographer David Wilson suggested James Bond,so we thought
it would be unique and nice to give it a try. I am doing steps. At this stage I am relieved and more relaxed, than before because I had already
succeeded in all the important moves. But just in case, I am focusing on not making any mistakes. I slightly stumbled here. This is the last spin that I am focusing on now. This spin can affect the result. Sometimes the smallest difference
in the score decides winning or losing. So I have to stay focused to the last minute. The last scene is very important because
it always remains a strong image, so every figure skater in all programs decide on the last move carefully. Originally it wasn’t the move I was going to do,
until this move was confirmed there were so many changes.
I realized after the competition it had become famous. A fan threw a stuffed animal for me. I am not sure where it is, but I know I have it. Because I knew Asada Mao already had a good score, I felt nervous in case of anything although I knew had done well. I had done all I could, so I thought I had won, but I wasn’t sure I won, until it was confirmed.

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  1. So touching and moved. Thank you, Yuna Queen. Because of you, I become to love figure skating itself. I'm so happy to be with you. I remember you as our true champion for long. Thanks and God bless you.

  2. she is really good, pretty and fun to listen too, I got caught up in that until I realized that the announcer had mispronounced her name…. lol.

  3. The best thing about Yuna Kim is that, not only is she obviously superior in both technical & artistic ability of figure skating, but also more importantly is that her humility shines through despite being the top name of the sport. She remains to be unpretentious and very unassuming, and that for me is CHARACTER. A character of a true champion. A champion that will live with us forever!

  4. Ich liebe sie überalles. Ihre Austrahlung, ihre Choreographie, diese Perfektion. Sie ist ein großer Vorbild für mich. Yuna Kim you are the best!

  5. 피겨 역사상 최고점수인 2010년….sail gold (금 싸게팜)에 2014년 놓치고 …
    당장 다가오는 2018년 평창에서 누가 있어 동메달이라도 하나 건질까?

  6. 하아 예쁜연아선수가 연아선수경기를 해설하네 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 어디서 어떤인생을 살더라도 무조건 홧팅입니당~~~~~~~~~~~

  7. Bond theme perfectly incorporated onto the ice link. Magnificent Performance!Everytime I hear this music will remind me not only of 007 Bond but of Queen Yuna forever~

  8. the english translation is not exactly accurate in term of tone and nuance. she is very humble in her opinion. and also she never said "i thought I had won" at 3:59. she said "maybe there would be possibility of winning". And at 3:23, she said "they (her fans) liked it (the final pose)". she did not say 'it became famous' which is the translation.

  9. she is beyond beautiful. she is grace and class personified, and she lent to figure skating a truly affective and emotive lure over the masses that no other skater has been able to achieve even until now, in my opinion. a real legend.

  10. Almost 2 million people around the world thought she should've won in Sochi based on an online petition.I think almost everyone thinks she should've won.

  11. She is the one who will be remembered in figure skating history. Everyone gave applause to her while she lighted the torch in Pyeongchang Olympic. Adelina Sotnikova didnt appeared at Pyeongchang. What a coward.

  12. 007の、一旦止まる振り付け好き

  13. Her performances were also so beautiful I loved them I still do I am doing a research project on them I love Yuna a lot and she is always my inspiration

  14. champion, the true ice queen. would love to see a video about the rivalry of mao and yuna. both phenomenal counterparts to each other…

  15. She really brought a wonderful sophistication and elegance to the ice. And of course her technique is perfect, and as a figure skater I study it!

  16. 요즘 피겨선수들? 이런말 너무 추상적이긴한데 인간의 감정으로 느낄 수 있는 그런 것들이 부족하다. 가슴 속에 박히는 뭔가 그런게 없달까…

  17. 으오앙 작은목소리로…1등하지않을까 생각은 했는데…말하시는데 왤케 멋있지ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  18. The late, great John Barry would be so happy to see the wonderful way Yuna Kim skated to his music from the James Bond movies.

  19. 연아선수가 겸손해서 그렇지 마오가 아무리잘해도 연아를 못따라가죠 세계인이 다 아는 데 ㅎ

  20. To me she won the gold in Sochi with her superb performance and how that russian girl beat her is still beyond belief?…It's 2019 and KiM YUNA IS FOREVER THE QUEEN OF ICE!

  21. 남자인데연아영상보면뜬금없이감정이울컥할때가있어요~여느때잘느껴보지못하는~그런

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