YouTube TV Shows – Setting up a 24/7 Live Streaming Box

YouTube TV Shows – Setting up a 24/7 Live Streaming Box

Hello everybody, Paul Richards here with
PTZ Optics and in this video we’re going to talk a little bit about YouTube TV,
and how to set up your own 24-7 live streaming box to YouTube, Facebook, and
other content delivery networks. So stay tuned this is gonna be a fun episode! Ok so YouTube live is crazy,
people are going nuts on it, as you can see I have a little video I took at home
showing youtube on a television so many Smart TVs out there are
shipping… almost every new TV is coming with YouTube built-in, so people can go
ahead and watch live television. So I wanted to go ahead and show what that
looks like and share a little bit about… a little bit of the research that I’ve
learned. So sorry for the footage here I’m going to also show it directly on a
web browser so you’re going to see a little better but I thought the actual
footage of a television would be good to have. So live content right now is
trending what I find particularly interesting about companies using it
right are the organization’s creating free online television shows and taking
full advantage of YouTube and Facebook live. Streaming video on the internet has
been around for a pretty long time but it finally seems like this
technology is ready for the prime time in this vlog as I said we’re going to
talk about how to do 24/7 live streaming and review how a few of our customers are
leading the way with this exciting new technology. So writing on the wall
is here for cable television obviously and we we talked about it last
week how every major television network is
losing paid subscribers. Online services such as Amazon Fire, Hulu, and Netflix, are
replacing cables premium content and now live streaming services from
YouTube and Facebook are setting the stage for replacing the live content
that they provide as well. So from YouTube to Facebook you know we’re seeing
this go like crazy and let’s take a closer look at YouTube’s live channel
which is at 2.5 million subscribers and growing at a rate of 200,000 subscribers
per month. So the channels organized in the following playlist, we have featured live
streams with Bloomberg and Bloomberg politics, we have a collection
of live streaming of sports, we have a collection of news, gaming, music, and then
recent live streams that were the most popular, upcoming live streams which
allow people to schedule a reminders for when they go live, at Google Hangouts on
air, live streaming with animals, we have a customer who’s there were
going to talk about, and then live streaming of technology, and there’s some
really cool technology live shows out there as well. But what I’d like to do is
actually highlight one of our customers who is really leading the way, they
really did kind of tip us off to what the possibilities are for twenty-four
seven live streaming and that would be TheTechBuzz. So you can see TheTechBuzz here it says they’re live now that’s because they actually have a mac mini
running Wirecast that’s live streaming to YouTube 24-7. They actually take it a
step further and they’re actually live streaming not only to youtube but
facebook and six other content delivery networks using a service called which we have outlined in some of our micro streaming videos. So Hayward
explains in episode 112 of his show where he has over 200 plus YouTube
episodes, how to do all of this. And at a glance it looks like TheTechBuzz is always
live streaming but what I realized after talking to him is that he’s actually
rebroadcasting his past episodes 24/7 with a streaming box. So his content is
benefiting from the live optimization of reaching a large audience all the time.
In the world of live streaming, a live streaming box can be as simple as a mac mini using
a latest version of open broadcast software and of course a connection to the
internet. So what I wanted to do was show a picture of our live streaming box that
we set up. So we set up this live streaming box its an Intel Nuc it’s an
i5 processor and you can see here we have… all we really do is we have it
plugged into the internet and power so the nice thing about that is that we
have log me in software on the
computer so I can login from pretty much anywhere in the world if I need to do
quick little updates and everything. So let me go ahead and show you guys
what it looks like over here. So I’m gonna go to my YouTube
creator studio and I’m going to look at my live streaming account here where you
can see it’s in beta, you can see we’re live now, and there’s three people
watching it’s been live for 11 minutes here. I have a little note just saying
this 24-7 broadcast includes the past ten episodes so people know it’s not
live but after doing some research and really thinking about how all of this
works can view this on the watch page I decided that just rebroadcasting is not
going to be enough to keep people entertained in today’s world. What we
actually want to do is we want to do a couple of integrations as well. So what
you can see here is we also have it integrated to Twitter so anyone who
tweets out a tweet… actually its integrated with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so
anyone that tweets out anything will actually show up live and we also have a
live chat window. So that actually is a desktop capture from here so if
anything’s typed in there will actually show up in the live chat, a little bit
more interactive than just a standard rebroadcast of everything that
you know, we’ve done in the past week or so. So our goal is obviously to
increase our our reach and have live content available twenty-four-seven get
people on the other side of the world and then hopefully grow in the ranks of
the YouTube live streamers out there, it’s very early days so it might be a
good good timing for us. So just wanted to show you guys how we did that. If you
have any questions use the comments below we’d be happy to answer your
questions. That is how we set up our 24-7 live streaming box. Thank you for
watching everybody. Oh I’m back here! Subscribe to our YouTube
channel if you haven’t already to get updates like this and stay informed with the
latest technology happenings that we’re working on. Thank you for watching our YouTube video

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  1. Love this Paul especially the added integration of live TwitterInstagram and Facebook integrations!! Very cool!!

  2. Say for example I made a 24/7 music channel, I dont understand how to use peoples music without infringing any copyright, and are able to monetise or make money from their music. I asked youtube support about this and they only could provide me with a copyright terms link which doesnt explain much, I dont get how these channels would be able to contact all of these artists to obtain permission for the use of the music

  3. What would I need if I wanted to rebroadcast a live channel, like you mentioned bloomberg news or other news channels?

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  5. Question: you have the comments coming in on on device. At least that what it looks like. does that mean that all comments from every social media platform are coming in at the same time for you?

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  8. you should change the title of this video… nothing about the video shows you how to set up a streaming system.

  9. Not trying to be a hater or troll just seriously want to ask a question it states that you're showing how you're sitting up the 24hr streaming box but yet you didn't show not even one thing about how to set it up very confused would like some information on how you get the scenes to switch automatically to the next video or how do you set up a playlist

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