YouTube TV Review 2019 | The Best In Live TV Streaming???

YouTube TV Review 2019 | The Best In Live TV Streaming???

Hey everybody, Craig here talking about YouTube
TV this week. I hope you’re excited, I am, because recently
we gave YouTube TV a pretty great review. We especially like their DVR service, but
we were surprised, because recently our friends over at did a survey with hundreds
of different streaming TV subscribers, and the numbers they came up with were actually
pretty interesting, because YouTube TV didn’t score the way that I would’ve expected them
to, with what I think is a pretty great service. It’s not that their scores were bad, but their
general satisfaction score had them lagging behind a lot of their major competitors, which
again, I was pretty surprised by. So we thought now would be a great time to
dig back into YouTube TV, see what sort of changes have been made, what the state of
YouTube TV is, whether they’re growing, whether they’re making money, and why you might actually
care about that. But ultimately, the question we’re going to
get to is whether YouTube TV is the right service if you’re new to streaming TV, if
this is the one you should sign up for, or if you’re already signed up for another streaming
service, if YouTube TV is worth switching over. Anyway, we’re going to dive into that in just
a second, but first, make sure you subscribe, hit that subscribe button below, because we
are here every Wednesday and every Friday with a new video exploring these topics of
whether the latest and greatest thing is right for you. So I hope you’ll join us, thanks for being
here this week. Let’s get started. Alright, now let’s start with the history
of YouTube TV, which isn’t all that long. They only started a year and a half, two years
ago. Let’s go over here and take a look. YouTube TV at the start of 2018, they were
sitting about 300,000 subscribers, compared to the rest of the market, it really wasn’t
all that much. Now, six months later there was a huge jump;
up to 800,000 subscribers in the middle of 2018, again, most of the market is still growing
also at this point, so maybe that isn’t so impressive, and most of that growth comes
from expanding to new markets. There is a lot of expansion in the beginning
of 2018. But now, we get to the beginning of 2019,
and we’ve flat lined a little bit for YouTube TV. We don’t have hard number, because Google
doesn’t give those to us, but now we’re looking at between 800,000 and a million. Let’s just say it’s a million for simplicity’s
sake. There isn’t a lot of growth, compared to what
they were seeing in 2017 and the early part of 2018, and the question is, why? As the rest of the streaming TV market is
growing almost exponentially, YouTube TV is, if they’re growing at all, not going as fast
as I’m sure they would like to, and why is that? Well, I don’t know all the reasons, I don’t
pretend to be an expert on this, but there is at least one thing that I can point to,
and it’s the naming convention. It makes a lot of sense if you have a property
like YouTube, everybody knows what YouTube is, you just capitalize on that name, right? But, what’s the difference between YouTube,
and YouTube Premium, and YouTube TV? I mean, I know because I’m paid to know, and
you might know because you’re a wonderful savvy person, but do you think the average
person who’s shopping around is going to understand what the difference is between YouTube and
YouTube TV? I’ll bet most people around this office don’t
even know. Adam, what’s the difference between YouTube
Premium and YouTube TV? Um. Wow. That’s hard to answer because I have no idea. They all seem the same, and it looks like
you get the same kind of content from every single one, and even if you subscribe you
don’t get any kind of content that seems really special. I’ve never heard of YouTube Premium, I have
no idea what the difference is. YouTube TV is live TV, YouTube Premium is
premium YouTube content that’s not live. He got it. Well, at least one person got it, right? I guess that’s something. But you can see how confusing it might be. YouTube is, well, what you’re watching this
on right now. YouTube Premium is the premium version of
that, but YouTube TV, that’s just live TV, it barely has anything to do with these two
other than the name. I actually really like Sling TV’s naming convention
there, because whatever you might think of the service itself, I love that although it’s
owned by Dish, they went with a completely different name so that they’re not saddled
with any of the old baggage tied to their brand. You can’t say the same for Direct TV now,
of course, and now YouTube TV, Hulu with live TV, these are all integrated with older brands. But even more interesting than that I think,
is the reports that YouTube TV is actually losing quite a bit of money. Now, here’s what we’re looking at; a customer
signing up for YouTube TV right now is paying $40 a month. YouTube TV, to get all those channels that
you’re watching, they are paying $45 to all of those channels to get that content for
you. Now, if you’re really good at math like me,
you’ll understand that 40 minus 45 means that YouTube TV is losing $5 of profit every month
for every customer. Now, $5 might not seem like that much, but
obviously you times that by, say a million YouTube TV subscribers, and again, if you’re
really great at math, $5 million that YouTube TV is losing every month for those subscribers. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Hey,
it’s Google, who cares? They can take that loss.” And you’re probably right, for a while they
can do that, it’s Google. But, do you really think they got rich by
holding onto entities that are losing that much money on a monthly basis? No, of course not. So that’s not going to be the case here either. Now, why does this matter for you? Well, in a word it matters because of stability. Again, not for Google. Google’s going to be just fine, but stability
for you, because what is coming up in the future? That’s the big question here. There are a few options that Google’s going
to have to get this number to zero or above. They can run commercials, they’re own commercials
on top of the commercials you’re already watching on live TV. They could raise prices, a lot of services
do this. Sling TV recently, I think in late 2018, they
raised their base package from 20 to 25 bucks a month, so you could see that. You could lose some channels, if they decide
that nobody’s watching … you know what? I’m not going to name a channel, because maybe
it’s your favorite. But if not enough people are watching certain
channels, they could drop those and maybe lower what they’re paying to bring the service
to you. But honestly, this is Google, so maybe the
most likely option is this one. They are selling your metadata. As you’re using YouTube TV, Google will be
selling that data to whoever wants to market to you using that. If that doesn’t bother you, great. If it does, I’ll bet that they’re going to
be doing that. Alright, now that all the academic stuff is
out of the way, now we can get to whether we recommend YouTube TV for you, whether it’s
going to be worth it for you, and there are two questions that we want to ask. The first one is super basic, and that is
what device are you going to be using to watch it? Because, frankly, if it’s an Amazon Fire device,
or if it’s a PlayStation, then forget about it. Neither of these devices work, these companies
don’t play well together, and so you can’t download the YouTube TV app on those devices. Now, if you know that you’re going to be able
to download the app, now we get to the question of whether you should, and I would say if
you are already streaming TV with another service provider, maybe it’s Sling TV, maybe
it’s Direct TV Now, maybe it’s Hulu. If you already have one of those, then I think
YouTube TV is probably not going to pull you over, except in maybe a couple of really specific
circumstances, and I’ll get to that in just a moment. But for the most part YouTube TV is going
to have the same kind of content that the other guys do, and the same kind of experience,
roughly speaking. So you’re still going to be able to watch
ESPN, you’re going to be able to watch AMC, or wherever your favorite shows and events
are. Like I said, this is not going to be much
different. There is the caveat of NBA TV, where YouTube
TV is the only service that is going to carry that, and so if you’re a huge basketball fan
and that’s a deal breaker for you, then hop over to YouTube TV. Otherwise, if you’re on a different service,
like Philo or PlayStation View, those are fine in and of themselves, but I do think
that per dollar YouTube TV is going to have the better value. So I might switch over from those. Now, the other question is whether you are
not signed up for any service at all. If you’re looking for the first thing to dive
into streaming TV with, I think YouTube TV is a great choice. Like I said, it’s not much different from
these other guys, and so it’s not going to have something that they don’t, but it also
doesn’t lack anything that they have, and in fact, I would argue that their DVR experience
is the best on the market. With YouTube TV’s DVR you get unlimited storage,
and nine months of that storage, and so you can record a show and keep it for nine months
with unlimited capacity. That just blows everybody else’s remote DVRs
out of the water, and so YouTube TV is great that way. The only caveat there is, going back to our survey that they did, they found that only 28% of all YouTube TV subscribers
were even using their DVR. So for a lot of people it doesn’t even matter
how good that DVR is, but if you are one of those 28%, then yes, it’s going to be an awesome
experience. Anyway, so the question is; do we recommend
YouTube TV? Yes, especially if you are new to streaming. So that’s out take on YouTube TV, but of course,
we want to hear yours as well. Whether you’re a current subscriber, or somebody
who is thinking about it and looking into it, hit those comments below and let us know
what you think. Next week we’re going to be talking about
Sling TV, this will be an interesting one because the question here is, what happened? We loved Sling TV, but something seems to
be slipping. So we’re going to be digging into that next
week, make sure you join us. Hit that subscribe button, and the bell icon
next to it will notify you right when we post that next Wednesday. In fact, we have new videos every Wednesday
and every Friday, so make sure you join us then. Give this video a like, if it was helpful
to you. Thanks for watching everybody, and we’ll see
you next week.

100 Replies to “YouTube TV Review 2019 | The Best In Live TV Streaming???”

  1. this is all you need to know…these mother fuckers at google want to rip you off for $50 a month for this shit service. from 35 to 40 now to 50 fucking dollars a monty. Youtube you cocksuckers go fuck yourself. i can just ad to my cable internet cheaper than you pieces of shit.

  2. This company was back when I joined them as a BETA user I was considered to be grandfathered in and promised by many of my status. They were fantastic and fore thinking and out of the box way of doing business was epic! Now their new mentality is of the cable companies…. they added content that they assume that EVERYONE will watch and love and charge 40 percent more {$15) coming May 2019, The value to me was the cost $35 and its cloud DVR (6 accounts) service. For family its a deal, but if your single you pay for services that multiple (families users don't.) They say cost is due to content…but one size does not fit all each person has very different viewing habits and tastes. Their follow thru on billing questions and concerns is no longer stellar! So sad

  3. All these tv services will just make internet prices go up. In the long run will we really save any money?

  4. Just received email that my YouTube tv is going to $54.99 starting May 21st. I love YouTube tv, but I’m gonna look for other options.

  5. It's cute that this review thinks only Google will monetize your metadata. Every streaming service does this.

  6. The problem is there is no perfect solution at least for me. I want my locals, some sports channels and my kids watch a lot of the Viacom channels. The only one who comes close to this is Directv Now and I’ve tried them and there picture quality wasn’t great and their DVR is a joke. Another issue is in the Denver area the only way to get the regional sports channels is through Xfinity or satellite providers as no streaming services have them. YTTV is the best streaming service IMO by far, I have tried all of them but they have no Viacom channels and don’t carry my regional sports channels. Ugh…

  7. VuStream is much better for $25. When it's working that is. I get local channels, HBO, STARZ… pay per view channels and a DVR. All for $25. But they have been having a lot of issues lately. I was going to try YouTube TV, bit after reading the reviews and cost, no thanks.

  8. I'm going to be cancelling DTVN next week. My promotional rate is going to expire and I have no interest in paying $50 a month for a service with a shitty DVR. Might as well pay the same with YTTV and get a great DVR

  9. "Why is that?" It's crap, that's why.

    I've spent a few months on Youtube TV and I am fairly disappointed. There is zero customizability. It is unclear what the "Home" is supposed to be. I can't seem to get the content I want to watch on the "Home" screen. It just took me 7 clicks to play a Formula 1 episode. The entire thing is that clunkly.

    It is completely unpredictable as to whether it will actually record the program you selected.I am looking at the "guide" and I can see my program will air at 5:00 PM. But there is no way I can get it to record that one. It only wants to record the one at 11:30 PM. Frustrating.

    Compared to Tivo, YouTube TV is laughable.

  10. I had Uverse TV and internet for several years. In my area, we have only two choices. AT&T or Spectrum. Cost was too high, so we dumped the TV side and kept the internet. Used an indoor antenna for the TV’s, but still had loosing signal issues since the tower was soo far away

    We now have YouTube TV running on two TV’s and using the app on our cell phones and iPads. Love the unlimited Cloud DVR and being able to record several shows or movies at the same time. Have both Smart TV’s set to the max resolution level and picture quality is perfect.

    Have had no issues with using YouTube TV and will never go back to Uverse or Spectrum which we have never used.

  11. What kind of review is this…. it tells me nothing about what's in it….i don't care about the money they making or not making

  12. Dropped xfintiy double play, went to Twitter & got an internet only deal, picked up YouTubeTV. I won't be going back to Xfinity…their remote is nice but their guide is all over the place w/ no rhyme or reason to it & duplicate channels everywhere. YTTV guide is way nicer & THEY ALLOW YOU TO PUT YOUR CHANNELS IN WHATEVER ORDER YOU WANT! Noone else does that! Not to mention the Unlimited DVR, 6 accounts, 3 streams, very generous live tv buffer for rewinding live tv… I wish I'd done it sooner, it's so much better than cable in a lot of ways. I'm actually paying less for internet + YTTV than I was for Xfinity's Double Play.

  13. Thanks for the information. … I already have fire tv from amazon and also you tube premium, l would like to get you tube TV… What do you recommend me to do???

  14. I had YouTube tv had to cancel it just stop streaming. I thinking I need to up grade my phone an router soon as I do will be right back😎

  15. Worthless review. Waste of my time. I don’t care about anything you said. What’s the YouTube tv experience like? How’s the channel selection? Interface, speeds, etc etc. Dude, too much meta data for me.

  16. So funny….I didn’t know Hulu had live tv….now i am researching that. I am window shopping. Thanks

  17. The tech companies are paying (taking a loss) to get more people on their platform because their real business is selling information from the ecosystem. Amazon market place hardly ever turns a stand alone profit.

  18. "YouTube TV need to Market Globally, even if there's a cost to pay. You must take into account the Revenue potential.'

  19. Again, WHY should I pay for a crab that I don’t watch at all like TLC, MTV, Religious biased crab Channels, and unworthy news like FUCKSNEWS.

    If I’m going to pay $40 monthly for, say, 80 channels, that means I’m paying 50 cents per channel per month.
    I’m willing to pay an entire $1 per channel per month if I can select my channels.
    I promise you it would be $10 or less.
    The American consumer is being rubbed left and right and these corporations are making billions and billions pretending to be capitalist while practicing socialism toward us.
    F*** them all, modern life thieves.

  20. youtube tv now 54$ a month? Tf? The other thing is that it was cheaper. Tf is the sense in it if you have xfinity tv and can take that on the go? When youre gonna pay about the same?

  21. New to streaming know nothing but YT seems the best however we want to watch on out televisions not so much our iPhones etc. what do I get for my tv to get the YTApp? I’ve heard Apple TV? But we have two tv’s would we need two Apple TV’s?
    We are Apple iPhone iPad but really want live tv on our tvs, what do you suggest!

  22. Simply not happy with YouTube diddling in the free speech,demonetizing act they've been engaging in. Very reluctant to give them my money because of that.I'm not left nor right but I can watch or click off any video I don't like, no need of someone else being a big brother for me. After all the government is a bit much already….

  23. How is the QUALITY of the stream for YouTube TV? Does it ever buffer, freeze, skip or lag? A lot of these types of reviews never cover this important part of an OTT streaming service. Quality of streaming.

  24. If you like sports i have found youtube tv is hands down better than most streamers I have tried. Nearly all have you pay extra for a sports package to get fox sports 1 or regional sports like the SEC channel. MILB network is fee on Youtube plus threw espn channels. All this cost extra on sling. Plus youtube has all your local major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. Very much like having one of the top tier Directv subscriptions without all the junk channels no one hardly ever watches. I gave up directv over price increases and poor service. Was paying over 115 a month plus separate internet service costing over 150 a month. I switched to spectrum and got quoted one price and billed 30 bucks more per month. My total bill with them with the sports package and internet was 136 a month. I put up an outdoor antenna but live too far way to receive much. Still with 3 local channels I tried sling with my old internet provider. That saved me the most cutting my bill 100 a month. But sling got old fast and i found myself often watching roku shows. Switched to youtube tv streaming and got all my sports for free plus local channels I can;t get on an antenna. I pay 5 dollars more than my sling account and get far more. Youtube is more than live TV. They have a movie section where you can view any movie at any time. I will now save 1,000 a year on cable and dish bills.

  25. Do not support YouTube TV. Due to the current political climate, YouTube is in the process of a huge effort to stifle free speech and public opinion. While doing this YouTube is using broad brush strokes to try and hide what they are doing. The outcome of this is all of the creators are being affected negatively. I encourage everyone, no matter what kind of content you create, or what kind of content you like to consume, to stand up and let YouTube know this is unacceptable. Don’t tolerate one content provider being censored or removed from the platform.  It will only be a matter of time before they come for your channel and it’s content! The free and open expression of ideas is the only recourse that should be allowed on social media platforms!

  26. Do not support YouTube TV. Due to the current political climate, YouTube is in the process of a huge effort to stifle free speech and public opinion. While doing this YouTube is using broad brush strokes to try and hide what they are doing. The outcome of this is all of the creators are being affected negatively. I encourage everyone, no matter what kind of content you create, or what kind of content you like to consume, to stand up and let YouTube know this is unacceptable. Don’t tolerate one content provider being censored or removed from the platform.  It will only be a matter of time before they come for your channel and it’s content! The free and open expression of ideas is the only recourse that should be allowed on social media platforms!

  27. We have Directv basic but we have WiFi through directv. So that maybe a problem. We must have WiFi. Does YouTube offer wifi?

  28. I just signed up for a trial and thinking of getting rid of my DirectV account. I am able to watch YouTube TV from my phone or PC but can’t seem to download the app from either of my smart TV’s. One is an older Samsung and one is a Vizio. What are my options and is it worth it?

  29. Look! This is just cable by another name, you are paying for channels you will never use! Espn get $6.99 a month, I never watch it and they hate me because I voted for Trump so they can kiss my ass! 60% percent of the channels are unwatchable and would not exist if it wasn't for bundling, do the world a favor drop all bundled cable like packages, be an agent of change, force the packagers into al-a-cart pricing. Bundling makes garbage profitable don't be a sap drop cable and get an antenna!

  30. Well, now in July 2019 it is $50 a month. I just started the 1 week trial. The DVR system is really difficult to use on the TV. Watching long recordings of tennis (5hours) it gets stuck and won’t fast forward. Not sure we’re going to keep it, but the unlimited DVR was the reason we chose this over Sling

  31. Can't believe I wasted 11 minutes of my life watching this video that has nothing to do with actually reviewing youtube tv!

  32. So Hulu live TV, which is $45 and also includes Hulu library loses money too?? How about PS Vue or Sling? If you look carefully all of these services are in the range of 40-50 bucks. It doesn't make sense to think all of them are losing… for what really?? Your assumption that they pay $45 for the channels does not add up. I think they are paying 2/3 of their price at max [~$33 or less in case of YouTube TV] for the channels otherwise, it wouldn't have justified continuing it for several years now.

  33. Now it's not a good deal all these stream tv apps have jacked up the prices you can now get internet and spectrum streaming app for 75 a month.

  34. Who gives a damn about history and bs charts? Are you freaking ridiculous? I stopped watching and left. Dumbasses.

  35. Fake data out out by main stream media. Don't believe this foul acting like he knows what is talking about. They not making easy on you to find the truth, man you can tell it all fake.

  36. That’s a great suggestion to bundle YouTube Premium and YouTube TV!

    That’s amazing only 28% DVR their programs on YouTube TV. You did answer a very important question. I heard that YouTube TV didn’t allow fast forwarding through commercial blocks with their DVR service on at least some programs and channels. This would be extremely annoying! We’ve been recording TV for over 10 years so we can skip the commercial blocks. Does the YouTube TV DVR service allow for skipping commercial blocks?

  37. I've had YouTube TV for over a year, and I love it. I share it with 5 other family members. Which cost us each $10 a month for over 60 channels and unlimited recording. I watch on my LG Smart TV, laptop and tablet.

  38. What irritated me about Hulu Live was you had to watch commercials, even if you were watching something recorded on DVR. Does youtube tv do that?

  39. Somebody needs to figure out a way to offer à la carte TV programming. Just give us individual prices for each and every channel that’s out there…and simply allow us to pick and choose which channels we want to pay for and have delivered to our cable box. So if my wife and I only watch five channels and the grand total of our bill turns out to be $40, well…so be it.
    I am sick and tired of subsidizing a bunch of TV programming that totally sucks and that I never watch. As with any other product on the market, if your TV Channel (aka: your product) totally sucks, then you probably won’t have many buyers and your TV channel will ultimately meet the same fate as the dinosaurs. That is the only real solution, in my opinion.
    Or, maybe we all just need to find something else to entertain us that doesn’t involve any of these companies jacking our wallets every month.

  40. 6:04 good guess, but… they raised prices $10 so, by your formula, Youtube/Google/Alphabet is now making $5m profit on 1m YoutubeTV subs

    I agree with others in the comments:
    1. maybe change name to GoogleTV
    2. include YouTube Premium when you buy YouTubeTV
    3. both!? change name to GoogleTV and include YouTube Premium!
    4. Old Skool cable typically includes Internet at a lower rate than buying a la carte. We need someone to do an analysis of this included in their cost vs benefit analysis of cord cutting.


  41. I am at the beginning of shopping the eliminate my father's $260 bundle bill (phone isn't needed) and he pays $25 of that for 2 DVRs. How do you get WIFI?

  42. OK Youtube, let me stop you right there, there is no way in hell that I'm going to pay for a service that forces even more commercials down the throats of viewers, good luck with your endevour but count me out!

  43. My big question is cost. I am thinking about dumping Direct TV. My cost right now for Direct is $150. and cable bill of $30. If I dump Direct TV my cable bill will go to $50 and adding Youtube tv will cost $40 plus tax totaling $90 plus tax. Has Youtube thought about cable service?

  44. i was using sling tv the issue is being able to rec shows not all channels would rec and if you pause the show you can not go back or forward on any live tv we use apple tv can fire tv me and my wife does not use the fire tv much and we are making all of our tvs with apple tv also the Chanel line up is all screwed up we are now trying you tube tv and we are vary vary happy

    im not sure why sling is going down hill even calling support about being able to rec shows they beat around the bush .

  45. I did contemplate YouTube tv, but they're kind of lagging in sports content. No NFL or NHL Networks. No RedZone. No StrikeZone. No Pac-12 Networks.

  46. You failed to mention a major flaw with YouTubeTV is that with the Android App, the program guide can only show what is currently playing, not what is playing next or any other time in the future. Also, they are not very progressive, as they follow the same old cable TV model. Bundle a shitload of useless, mind-numbing channels. Come on YouTube, you can do better than that. Why not go a la carte?

  47. Can't stand Google so unless it is free I will not give them any money – they are shutting down YouTubers for the content they don't like, thanks for the info but still not enough for me to even consider them! and for the money, all of them are cheaper!

  48. YouTube TV is nice but no Hallmark, no deal. Philo is not really live tv. Tried it. Sends you back to beginning of show if you walk in late. PS Vue has all we need. Still some buffering issues at times. Overall, wife and I are happier with PS Vue.

  49. Silly to insinuate that YouTube takes a loss on the cost by $5. Theres industry ways of getting such programming that we the people masses arent familiar with I'm sure.

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