100 Replies to “Youngest Snowboarding Champion Red Gerard on Winning Olympic Gold”

  1. Dude he is so good at public talking. Let alone having perfect landing. Jimmy was slacking in this interview

  2. Gosh. 17 years old, winning a gold medal AND is on Jimmy Kimmel!? Huge congrats to him x10! I’m 18 and I’m…. literally being useless…dreaming I could be even an eighth of how successful he is! He’s also hilarious and so chill. He needs to be a comedian or something after he retires from competitive snowboarding a couple years down the road! Love how he exposed his cousin ? I would totally do the same to mine! Hahaha, Go Red! ?❤️

  3. Is this the kid who stayed up all night binge-ing Brooklyn 99 and almost missed the Olympics?? Bec dang i want to be best friends ?

  4. Went to Summit high School with this kid. He was real quiet and wasn't ever at school because of snowboarding. Crazy stuff

  5. Love this dude… Hate Jimmy Kimmel. He has this weird complex going on where he tries to belittle his guests every time he interviews someone. I dont know man, dude's a cock.

  6. he made history @ 17….not bad Red Gerard!! I honestly feel like theres more to this young legend and his family. I would pay to see a reality series on them.

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