XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Lost and Abandoned Gameplay Walkthrough

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Lost and Abandoned Gameplay Walkthrough

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Lost and Abandoned Gameplay Walkthrough Hi, I’m Garth DeAngelis Senior Producer on War of the Chosen the expansion to, XCOM 2. Far from the new and gleaming city centers, there are still scars from the first invasion. These ruined cities are home to the Lost & Abandoned. To reclaim earth, you will have to get opposing factions to put aside their differences to counter the strength of the Chosen. In this mission we introduce the Reapers, sharpshooters and masters of concealment. We also have the Skirmishers who were once ADVENT soldiers. Now they fight their own past. Getting these factions to work together over their mutual mistrust won’t be easy. At the start of the mission, you’ll have to escort representatives of these groups to a meeting. This means choosing two teams to make contact with each faction. It’s up you to make sure the rendezvous goes off without a hitch… The Reapers will send Outrider to meet your first team. Your job will be to bring her to the rendezvous point – alive. As you move towards the rendezvous point, you’ll have your first encounter with the Lost. The Lost attack in large groups, but when you kill a Lost with a headshot, this restores your action. With successive headshots a soldier can kill multiple Lost in a turn, but you’ll need to pick your shots wisely and keep an eye on your ammo. The Lost are drawn to the sounds of combat, making explosives a risky choice. Each time you set off an explosion, more Lost will swarm on your position. Your second team will escort Mox, the representative of the Skirmishers. Here you’ll encounter Purifiers – ADVENT’s specialists against the Lost. You’ll also discover that Mox takes a less stealthy explosive approach to combat. You’ll need to keep Mox alive to the extraction point before you’re overwhelmed. The Skirmishers and Reapers don’t trust each other, but they will work together to defeat a common enemy. And you’ll have your hands full against the Assassin. She’s one of the Elder’s Chosen – powerful champions of the Elders, sent to hunt down XCOM. Each time you encounter a Chosen they’ll have different strengths and weaknesses. The Assassin specializes in stealth and melee combat. She’ll try to daze your troops before abducting and interrogating them. Get those soldiers up before they’re taken. The fight with the Assassin will be tough. If you don’t keep her strengths and weaknesses at the heart of your plan, you’re going to come out of the fight wounded at best. And you’ll need your strength because the mission’s not over yet… Swarms of Lost will start to appear as you fight your way to the extraction point. Keep cool – you’re not going to be able to kill all of them. If you rush straight to the evac, you’re going to get overwhelmed. Steady, incremental progress and understanding how to make the most of the headshot are your keys to the fight here. Remember, the Lost don’t use cover, and only have melee attacks. You can prioritize positioning and shot success over defensive cover and overwatch. This is a walking gunfight. Reaching the evac point will be a huge relief, but the Chosen may have one last unpleasant surprise for you. One that may affect the course of the rest of your game. Good luck, Commander. August 29, 2017

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  2. The end of this seems like a really big spoiler?

    That seems like a moment that'd be great to experience after going through the mission, but to have it just (potentially) shared like that is a little frustrating.

    I'm also curious if it's always those two factions / that chosen, or if it could be randomised. If it's always those two factions, then that makes it sound like the other faction is potentially late game only, which would be annoying.

  3. God this is gonna be SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!
    Firaxis pls think about making another 3rd person shooter like xcom the bureau but set in the present of xcom strategy games
    Or even the future

  4. It's always fun being the mediator or the middle guy when both sides just want to gut each other. I'm pretty sure I know why the Reapers don't like the Skirmishers. The Skirmishers I'm too sure off, but I may have a vague idea.

  5. OOO boy Xcom… cities… grappling hooks and snipers and zombies…

    If I liked this game before, I love it now. And I haven't even played the expansion.

  6. 3:13 wait so your saying even if we protect both we only get one faction anyway?! due to death in scripted cinematic?!

  7. For this kind of mission there are only two options. Salamanders Chapter, or Adepta Sororitas. May the Emperors light protect them from these twisted Xenos abominations!

  8. I'm sorry

    Once I heard "Garth DeAngelis" I thought of that punchable face poster that was still there after Beaglerush got suppressed by a thin man and his wall blew up

  9. Wait so either you save both of them or you end up having to pick one over the other… or am I missing something?

  10. If only they enable to be able to play those guys in 1 playthrough..or maybe a mod.

  11. Really liking the new mission type and enemies that make you play the game in a different way. Enemy Within was a fantastic expansion, and I really love seeing Firaxis bring back the good, old-fashioned expansion pack. Where it wasn't a continuation or just some extra side content but a substantial and hefty load of content that fundamentally changed how the game worked. Honestly XCOM 2 is already a great game and I really can't see how this expansion won't live up to the promise especially since it seems as though they're being even more ambitious than the Enemy Within expansion. Can't wait!

  12. I really hope this isn't just a single mission, like the other expansions. Cuz it definitively sounded like it is: you complete this mission and just pick a side. At the least I hope the content changes the base game, other than just random encounters with new bosses and zombies. I mean, I was under the impression that you needed to gain the trust of the factions, and I assumed it was done as other kinds of missions or objectives. Is it Shen's Last Gift with a multichoice objective at the end to gain a new soldier and then random encounters during missions like the Monarchs? :/

  13. Lost encounters sound like heaven for my gunslinging sharpshooter with her shadowkeeper piece. Rack 'em up, mow 'em down!

  14. The new factions look badass, especially Mox. And we haven't even seen the Templars yet, those guys look even cooler in the trailer.

  15. So best you could come up with is zombies? Come on… the rest looks interesting enough, but zombies?

  16. Congratulations of making absolutely fantastic zombies. May I suggest you create a tactical zombie survival spin off based on this? I could probably just play an entire game with a ragtag group of survivors fighting those things. The are absolutely brilliant.

    Btw, I was under the impression there were three different factions that you could ally with?

  17. After alien hunters debacle I'll wait and see. Assassin seems to be a repeat of that mistake. This makes me especially suspicious.

  18. Strengths and Weaknesses on the enemy champions? Looking to incorporate a bit of Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system? I'm all for it!

  19. Unpleasant surprise ?
    Let me guess…you will have to choose one or the other for the playtrough ?

  20. I can't remember the last time I was excited for an expansion without the fear of bear fucked out of money.

  21. That looks awesome both visually, narratively and gameplay wise. I passed on the alien bosses but i'll definitely pick that one up.

  22. At what point in the game does this mission start to appear? I mean I noticed that all the XCOM soldiers are still basically using Tier 1 level gear, but that could be just because this was a demo.

  23. 40euros ? really ? tell your marketing team to promote it better becuse 3 new bosses and 3 new classes plus some adds from the long war mod dosnt worth 40euros .You had the chance to establish your name as a gamer friendly company all you had to do was just to give this expansion a fair price 20euros is fair for this content .And one advice go check the expansions from Skyrim Darkest Dungeon and learn what a expansions content //price ratio should be.

  24. So we can see the chosen's strengths and weaknesses which then change with each encounter. So it's kind of like the nemesis system in a way. I'm okay with that

  25. Not only do I think the Zombies are a bad in my opinion but it makes no sense that after 20 years of Advent rule there are still zombies around

  26. SPOILERS! good thing i already finish this game… but next time dont make this kinda video even about tutorial mission…

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