X-Pac vs. Billy Gunn — King of the Ring Final: King of the Ring 1999

X-Pac vs. Billy Gunn — King of the Ring Final: King of the Ring 1999

>>Neck breaker there.>>[LAUGH]
>>Boy, that was a huge move, a move that Billy Gunn had
to have at that moment. And he did it, he hit that move. The neck breaker, there’s the cover.>>Two, no.
>>And X-Pac got a shoulder up.>>Come on ground him down, Mr Ass. He’s a little bit shaky there.>>[NOISE]
>>No, no.>>X-Pac drop-kicking Billy Gunn
right down on that turnbuckle.>>Who are you [BLEEP]?>>Uh-oh.>>X-Pac trying to get all
he can as fast as he can. But Billy Gunn too big and too strong
at this point in time in this matchup.>>No!>>The Famouser,
the Famouser right off the second rope.>>That did it!>>It’s gotta be all.>>Two, three.>>Yeah!
>>And it is. We’ve got a new King of the Ring and
it’s Billy Gunn.>>The winner of this match and the 1999 King of the Ring, Mr. Ass. [MUSIC]>>Mr Ass showed the mean streak. He showed he didn’t care about X-Pac. He didn’t care about anything but himself. [MUSIC] The 1999 King of the Ring
is Bad Ass Billy Gunn.

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  1. when Undertaker caught him off the top rope for a tombstone in 99 it was just awesome. I wonder if he didnt take his HOF ring to the nearest pawn shop

  2. 0:56 Well, Billy Gunn was the actual inventor of "The Curb Stomp" way before Seth Performed it as a finisher I Guess.

  3. The Rock next night:My name is Billy and I just won king of the ring but everyone else thinks that I absolutely suck
    God: Bob-
    The rock: But my name is Billy
    God: It doesn't matter what your name is!!

  4. I totally remember when Billy Gunn stole the Tag Team title belt and was walking around with it as if he were a champion ??? never understood the purpose of that because the storyline went nowhere

  5. 10x time WWF/E Tag-Team Champion
    1x time IC Champion
    1x time WWE Tag-Team Champion
    2x time Hardcore Champion
    1999 WWF King Of The Ring Winner

  6. Billy Gunn always had the looks, talents and great body shape to succeed on his own but sadly his greatest recognition will be being a part of DX. Nothing wrong with that but he could have accomplished much more if he had the chance to be elevated to main event status as World champ.

  7. Billy Gunn winning 1999 KOTR was truly a waste they did nothing with him following this…this match might as well just been a DX grudge match.

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