WWF Prime Time Wrestling July { 7-15-1991 } Andre The Giant part 2

WWF Prime Time Wrestling July { 7-15-1991 } Andre The Giant part 2

Spaceland all tasty cakes but [Applause] Treves his tools voice fulness and finishes the job here their arrest for the big bossman and a very big message sent to the bounty we break teeth for his prison guard daddy George’s law you are going to pay a big price let’s take a look at some of the action that went down in this battle and the boss man came in absolutely brimming with confidence obviously intent on showing the message to the Mountie sleaze showed the message at the same time via Spicoli a great victory here for the big bossman [Music] we just witnessing maintenance of the boss man chrysten got long to make that arrest in the ring you know what they had considered booties that stinky Virgil is somewhere here in this building and he may have stopped to consider what his real chances are abate me a SummerSlam and just decided to go ahead and take the belt now you may be back now but I’m out of here what are you going and we’re gonna search the entire building what can we find that belt what are you gonna do when you find the person that has everybody has a price well whoever’s got that belt is going to pay the ultimate price keep me informed [Music] Danita stokes president of hag it’s bad enough that Sega Genesis has the most 16-bit games but this new sonic the hedghog oh he really does buy doilies they say he’s incredibly fast well what’s the hurry mister hmm and about his attitude smarty pants why can’t it be more like that nice boy Mario now get sonic free when you buy a Sega Genesis system at its new price of 1 $49.99 [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] nobody’s cookin like today’s KFC before the Godfather before Scarface before there were Goodfellas they organized crime that’s what a lot of things Christian Slater Patrick Dempsey Richard Grieco Costas Mandalore you said monsters raided our starts Friday July 26th at theaters everywhere wait paint dry cleaning some things were never meant to go together other things always were like the tastes in combo snacks only combos fills crunchy pizza crust with cheese and pepperoni then sweet combos is the one snack that’s twice as good as soon as friendly tells me that you people have something for me it’s right here a deadly profession what a dangerous obsession a deception she was a mistake I thought I was hitting someone else now he must risk his life to save the woman he loves you know here we are Robert Wagner this gun for hire a us a world premiere movie Wednesday night at 9:00 8:00 central [Music] as promised here we go with your SummerSlam report it all happens in New York City live Monday night August the 26th be part of it all a match made in heaven of course the nufs wolves that will be exchanged between the Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth then the match made in hell Hulk Hogan teaming up with the Ultimate Warrior their opponents three men sergeant slaughter general Adnan and Colonel Mustafa Plus just sign this past week it’s an intercontinental title defense for the champion mr. Perfect’s challenging him will be this man Bret the Hitman Hart the Intercontinental Championship belt in the SummerSlam mr. perfect go ahead and bring the coach because when you size the whole thing up we’re just about the same weight pound for pound we’re about the same height and we’re about the same age but the big question is who’s the best wrestler well let me tell you something we’re both gonna make history in the SummerSlam I’m gonna make it by winning the belt and you’re gonna make it by losing no doubt about it Bret the Hitman Hart has his work cut out for him at SummerSlam the million-dollar belt will be on the line as the south proclaimed $1,000,000 champion Ted DiBiase meets his former bodyguard this man Virgil DiBiase that’s right and try to take my pride but you couldn’t as SummerSlam man I’m not allowed to take your pride about who you will hurt you the most is in your pocket because I’m gonna beat you and become a millionaire overnight and the million-dollar belt will be mine Oh virtual meeting the million dollar man ted dibiase for that covenant million dollar bail don’t forget next week we will be announcing more matches for the big one the hottest extravaganza of the summer one you can see on a pay-per-view pieces all you have to do is get out the phone and contact your local cable company to join us on a pay-per-view basis on backs baited heaven a match made in hell don’t you dare miss SummerSlam bobby heenan the temperature is a risin for SummerSlam I see it we have now we have the Nets made in heaven the match made in hell we’ve got the Intercontinental Championship on the line mr. perfect taking on Bret the Hitman Hart and the million-dollar belt is going to be on the line if they can find it Million Dollar Man taking on the former bodyguard Virgil well when he finds the belt and who’s ever got that belt in their possession they’re gonna leave here on the end of a bladder because I know the way DiBiase is about pride I know Louie’s about his money he’s gonna tear the person’s head off he’s gonna stick what’s ever left to them into a little box like this and he’s gonna mail it to some corner or some feeling he’s gonna have the Undertaker take care of them [Music] what is that noise do we have some construction going on outside the studio hey don’t keep going to the bathroom you either make one trip or you sit down on our city all show no one walks on and off but every whenever they feel like it so soon you’re more you ain’t that dumb Bobby Bobby did we stay seated take it out on my program perhaps we should say like that you can work here best we should check on what that all that noise is going on outside you’re gonna enjoy this matchup settle down mr. perfect in action oh my favorite mr. perfect let’s see the inner got little champion in the rest say that this consciousness scheduled for football in the Intercontinental Champion mr. Perfect’s for 30 pounds Louie remains absolutely perfect at this point as far as kind of the championship record goes this lady has been man in this corner two hours into the life of me I can’t figure out why in the world someone who is perfect with me votes too tell about to do but we only we all need something for me to reflect on oh and I think the perfect like somebody there just give him that confidence and to show him just how great years sometimes you need that it’s like looking in the milk while definitely a different game plan on the planet of coach different than the way Bobby the brain Heenan the flawless one well I think you nailed it right on the head there what more can you do for this fellow rather than it just be a very easy job as a coach well keep him in physical condition keep his spirits and his morale high although he couldn’t get it much higher than it is and setting up his matches I’m sure huh yes coach busy he’s picked a tough one here in Larry Lobby a youngster who’s come through in a couple of surprising victories then championship dreams he found within Larry lucky let’s see if they are bound after five minutes or so who are ten minutes with mr. perfect [Applause] concentrating trying to hype himself up for this in Tahoe I will take the wind right out of your sails and coach really like that move Vladimir ups perfect over the top comes back with a dropkick and now mr. perfect takes Ludden to school he certainly does and that’s exactly what mr. perfect wanted slap Laden around the face humiliate and sting him at the same time and he knew that Laden would explode with anger and it certainly got this youngster into a lot of trouble gosh couple of huge traps air flying mayor as Ludden estas into the center of the Ring steps they had a neck and there’s that little encouragement there from the coach on the outside mr. perfect knows he’s doing a great job in the ring but he still needs that as I said reflection get to the midsection Lutton LaRon is back now completely at the mercy of the flawless one all his time [Applause] mr. Perfect’s really just brutal both in his physical and verbal assault yes that is so demoralizing for anybody to be told that he’s not man enough to be a wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation especially when you’re in the ring against an adversary mr. perfect exactly encouraging is he but it comes in big mistake down hard with the inverted atomic drop mr. perfect making an absolute mockery look he’s going for the superplex here the perfect blacks mr. perfect doing the play-by-play now call that perfect flex [Applause] this victory here’s the official word [Music] [Applause] mr. perfect knew exactly what he was going to do in this encounter the ultimate goal they finding it here today [Music] his hands and he didn’t accomplish anything mister in two pieces and came up with a brilliant victory [Music] Milka sure helping me get stronger hey hey you have you seen my belt what bill you know the million dollar belt solid gold diamonds yeah it’s a lot of money hey solid gold diamonds have you seen it so tired of this they are turning debt up and down the building he’s obsessed and he’s getting matter matter as time goes by who’s ever got that belt out there leave it someplace call in tell us where it is because when DiBiase finds out who has that belt The Undertaker and Paul beare will never put that man back together again I guarantee that well maybe this individual we are going to bring out right now can help shed some light on this situation I suspect let’s welcome the former bodyguard Virgil welcome to Brussels he’s not wearing the belts he doesn’t have the belt raise the shirt look there’s no belt there some nice there’s no law you don’t have I don’t mean to interrogate you I’m not Columbo we are innocent until proven guilty right yeah the right to remain silent if you give up that right I’m gonna SiC dibiase on you like check this out Bobby I have never stole anything from anyone I was with ted dibiase for four years man four years I could have stole millions I thought became to Million Dollar Man if I want to steal I never stole nothing never lifted a 20 I never touched even that again I died you never patty the expense account right right now let’s go to an individual I think everyone know has nose has a few shaky morals the funeral parlor with Paul Bearer his guests the Legion of Doom Hawk and animal who should be planted [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] do the word slime ring a bell yes slogan I bring it to lay down to your death number one to ten for the WWE Tag Team titles I present to you [Music] [Applause] scared of nothing and we’re those it’s tool for right there I don’t look like they belong there kind of comfy [Applause] the WWF Tag Team titles you know something Paul you really play [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] to send you a couple new clients are you talking about the nasty boys [Music] [Applause] what is that morbid rotten odor out here something dire what [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] on my shoulders it gives you the doomsday device you know what it’s like [Applause] what the over to us [Applause] [Music] applause attire seeking service joining us here in the primetime broad zone and Paula bodyguard Virgil as the summer heats up we heard the news resounding throughout the double-double UF your toothpaste the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and the million-dollar belt is supposed to be on the line if he finds it well i’ma go and try to help find it because when it comes to the 26th of August Ted DiBiase I wanna make sure you have that belt because I’m gonna win it and I might give all the diamonds away you never know oh so i’ma go look for it now hey if you give some of them diamonds no tobacco this situation is getting more and more interesting Virgil now ah apparently clear as day what happening here on prime-time stay with us [Applause] Medina down the video Dave Dave if you make a grilled when I was just a boy I had me this uncle used to say boy there’s only skin-deep he’s right he is only skin-deep yeah once you peel it back there’s nothing much to look at it all the singles ranks here in the WUF and bobby heenan you don’t imagine he’s going to bring anything a reptilian into the ring do you well when you talk about skin and the first thing goes through my mind is when DiBiase catches the thief a man woman child misfit whatever it is that has that belt he’s gonna skin him himself and what’s ever left he’s gonna turn over to Shari apparently the million-dollar belt is still missing and did you notice something else is missing out here this week the Rosati there’s plenty of air no there’s no telephone here you’ve been losing so often with the no no no Guney I haven’t been a little salt number yes you have they didn’t see any point to having the phone out here no bills it I think you folks at home and have a lot more luck than the brain all you have to do is pick up the telephone call 1 945 for Hulk your kids at home be sure and ask your mom and dad before you make that call as a dollar 49 for the first minutes and 99 cents for each additional minutes mommy and daddy we wouldn’t get you in trouble no but you have to notice this over here though didn’t you yeah I just want you to know you know be aware of your surroundings I know it’s the recipe this is not a table that’s a table for four no this is a chair for our next guest he is the eighth wonder of the world Andre the Giant standing ovations welcome to prime time thank you for joining us better just stay away there Bobby Heenan how you doing boss none of your business yeah have a seat there Andre I have to say that I’m just amazed that you’re back on your feet so soon after going through that vibration I’m not banging my feet yet no yeah I go to bed quite a while before I really get back in my feet but you are standing and I heard some very interesting news about your operation apparently they bolted to operating tables together for that a knee surgery and they pulled out to golf ball-sized bones out of that hole not and you are already done go boat was almost that sight and believe me if you look at the corner wide before I get back in the ring maybe two or three more months I have to work with it this way or three more but I don’t care because I can’t wait to get back to Ned away and I think we know the reason why it has to do with the walking natural disaster the earthquake who is certainly the man at cause for all this pain you’ve suffered as a matter of fact when we take a look back at just what went down when you happen to get into the rain when Jimmy Hart was trying to persuade you here’s the earthquake coming up behind you now or the move your phone and that was just the beginning Andre yeah I know but you right away that your knee was very sorry I thought the moon steers me just trying to be a broadcast journalist yeah we got video from you get the real go right through that video phone but even when he he’s going to jump in this one there now you were an incredible pain even before this now he’s driving an elbow right into your knee socket he certainly did not like looking at that footage I’m sure it must have been painful for you to see you know even myself I once one tried to look in the evening its way in the West thing and that was one of those guys sometimes and that I was dead-on to that the wizard family in there you know little fella believe me that was not even a nightmare there was you get the card I sent you in the hospital you sent a card Andre sent it to really cry giant general Center right to the hospital well I think we should check into that in the meantime let’s get to some tag team competition the nasty boys taking on the bushwhackers Luke and Butch it’s gonna be a great [Applause] the sunny New Zealanders next [Applause] so successful [Applause] sex [Applause] push whackers get up there [Applause] ow face of sex seemed to be to Florida Charles is the bushwhackers are making for this tuck team championship may change his tune a little later which may seem doable the what said bell rings they are all business [Applause] to be pushed around by the nasty boys [Applause] business term they really stops rapid Lee very quick stop here by the nasty boys against the bushwhackers to establish their superiority great team it’s the greatest teams of all time which is what kept me Hart says they are now looking forward to some great action between these two duo’s I say [Applause] very certain this team they got a great reception coming into bushwhackers and rude reception for the master boys boys are going to allow that to perturb them keep them away from the purpose here which is to successfully defend those championship belts they’re taking their time before [Applause] primetime studios [Applause] chaos at the expense of some very innocent people I think they tried to set fire to the studio if I knew they’d get that thing the colors [Applause] totally humiliated assistance is just disgusting I have to say they were very amused you were right there [Music] [Applause] except stay clear otherwise become the victim of victimization I think they had that in mind get the opportunity oh they excuse me the first brought in here for the bushwhackers brian knives takes the will for the next II boys right to the chin already Luke is in trouble another one strength is him up [Applause] what Rock’em Sock’em about there [Applause] [Music] petition the bushwhackers [Applause] Steve always double one two putts nasty boys getting it both ends really dead and I’m sure the master boys have never experienced everything those eggs they need a hankie what has just taken place just enjoy every fighting is a very very big infraction of the words of wisdom it should be tolerated but the hip bushwhackers have a way of getting away with the obvious blatant powers it has two guys but either shop where this is over shot in the arm I don’t know where the bushwhackers have been where that T should be so that considering the dance and those few teeth that they do have left [Applause] exactly favorite among their dentists no sacks in there at the moment pounding away a shot to the head but these forms are like India Rock of Ages

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  1. Andre The Giant. was not playing his health went south 1991. was to be his year by winning The 1991 Royal Rumble. rest in peace to Andre The Giant and GOD. speed.!

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