WWF Prime Time Wrestling aired December-10-1990 part 3

WWF Prime Time Wrestling aired December-10-1990 part 3

satoru well III don’t speak wait a minute not exactly cook too well but I think we got the points he got what he gook to you What did he say I think that Dame is wild about the bushwhackers I think it’s true that we are but I don’t think Chris Duffy is too wild about them they’re going to work on him look at that devastating mood you only think they ever do in unison bucks away and they did it well Massa Bushwhacker rules here come alive with this victory Luke and Boots take care of the team of Christian II his black Bart’s and Alfred we Bexon that they were unpredictable they certainly proved it in this encounter they usually are they and here is the only predictable thing they really do the human battering rat first and then they’ll finish off Chris Christopher with its bounce across both their knees really he has they have Mormon charisma they have a great ability to win matches that pochomil serve bushwhackers Wow most worker is looking good I imagine they’ll both be signed up by you know in the next few weeks ago by here in the World Wrestling Federation a long time before all the final all thirty combatants will be in there and probably the most dangerous match that I know of brain will you stop with this Andre just leave them alone you know if one Bushwhacker signs up it’s good for two the only one can right I understand what’s that got to do with it well Vienna because they both can right why are you giving that connotation that these guys are a couple of illiterates well then you’re going to review and your family you want to start talking about their literal sake you can they speak six or seven languages are English though well is that for you what for me keep it up frame keep it up what Big Boss Man will literally do a number on you and then we never seen Andre the Giant’s mom we’ll be back in just a moment but right now here’s Sean moody one of my favorite guys Rilla may I say the feeling is mutual now if you took a poll amongst the fans of the WWF and you asked them to choose their favorite tag team a considerable number of votes would go to the rockers with an unbeatable combination of good looks charm and exceptional ring skills they have not only become one of the most popular but most successful tag teams in the WWF boy I tell you with everything that’s been happening to the rockers lately it’s hard to keep smiling but I tell you what it’s come into our time the festive season or all the party start happened and a rocker start going wild and they put everything in the World Wrestling Federation behind them well I’ll tell you what now it’s time to take matters at hand demolition the Hart Foundation the Legion of Doom the list goes on and on here in the World Wrestling Federation and once again the rockers are right here just begging for somebody to come along or anybody come along because the rockers are gonna go straight through you and you know you said one thing that’s very true it’s very confused and trying to figure out this tag-team scene demolition is changing the Orient Express has got a new member every time we turn around it’s something new so we’re gonna stick with what we do best it always works rock and roll strut and stroll slam and jam and rock you whoo a translation the rockers plan to take apart any tag-team they might try and block their paths the tag-team belts elsewhere the macho King believes there is only one thing preventing him from once again becoming the champion The Ultimate Warrior yeah the macho King Randy Savage greatest World Wrestling Federation champion of all time has been honest with himself and all the people all around the world by letting the Ultimate Warrior realize that I am better than you yeah I’ve given you a message of my dismay with you because you were the belt that I yeah that’s my belt I’m the uncrowned World Wrestling Federation champion and you realize it but you’re old and honest something banked and it’s going away and I ain’t gonna be the one to snatch it yeah cuz zillions of people all around the world realize that the macho King is even more than a little bit better than the Ultimate Warrior real has ultimate word that you are all aimed World Wrestling Federation champion yeah and when the Macho King get the opportunity yeah dad macho King Randy Savage determined to become the first royal champion in the WWF will return with more action from the Knights of the squared circle right after this [Music] [Applause] [Music] if you one of the richest men in the world your whole past history the way we want to do business with you Michael I said we make them dare you give me the order true enemy has not yet shown his face treachery is everywhere just what I thought I was out they pull me back in folks to holiday season rapidly approaching if you want to look good if you want to shed some 25 30 40 or more pounds the easy way and stay with us right now because we’re going to show you how to do that in no time at all you’ve tried and tried and tried but no matter what you still can’t lose weight what change is in the air it’s the playboy buddy rhodes blow away diet plan and it makes losing weight fries here’s how it works unlike other diet plans that restrict your caloric intake but blow away diet lets you eat whatever you want whenever you want forget about strenuous exercise say goodbye the messy Titans and never count another calorie because with blow away you simply shake on the patented blow away powder sit in front of an ordinary household fan want an extra piece of cake go ahead thinking about that extra powder butter no problem because with blow away you blow away unwanted fat just like that blow away your way to a tighter tummy blow away your waitest inner thighs and blow away your way to a firmer Fanny in seconds with factory formulated blow away this was playboy buddy rhodes before but with blow away he lost this much ugly fat now he’s a slim trim 217 pounds he looks great and he feels great to blow a diet is not available in any store you can only get it through this special TV offer here’s how to order two wonderful I sing your music MasterCard to blow away most of us were 12 and from New Jersey let’s blow away now folks I’d like to apologize to you I’ve misled you I had never seen that piece of footage before that was ridiculous that fat slob friend of yours Playboy bunny Rose was it was that ridiculous brain well I know he weighs 217 pounds cuz he showed me the scale so what so I mean he seems to think this new diet is working in bars I’m concerned it works fine what these are good good sticks these boss mr. Andre the Giant is gonna blow you away brain you won’t have to worry without you counseling goober two hundred and eighty pounds of ugly fat in a hurry if you got like it’s got rid of 525 pounds yeah who’d you duck Barbarina Haku no Andre in WrestleMania last time I don’t want to talk about let’s talk about something pretty take a look right now at the fastest buddy Rose the Playboy buddy rose so it took a long time to disrobe your lordship yes isn’t that law to get ready for bed if it God sees missed off the night pack tried to get to bed we’re set to get this match underway the playboy buddy rose taking on Mario Mancini that was taking it two men seen right away nice hip toss but I did not believe for a moment he weighs 217 pounds then soon he doesn’t even waste more than that yes looks as if buddy Rose will be quite a bit heavier Mario Monson Mancini martini martini whatever his name is fancy me Alfred what do you think about this blow away diets it Rose continues to talk about any during your career I’m sure you heard of a number of ways it’s wrestlers thought of losing weight but think this is a bit outrageous I think it’s absurd I think you ought to go and see dr. Scarsdale or somebody else who can forget that the blow away business now there are a lot of bad ways to lose weight but there’s got to be one of the most crazy ideas I’ve ever heard put powder on and turn a fan on my boy buddy Rose finds a hard way out of the ring right on the back of his head nice dropkick from Mario Mancini put him right through the Rose looks like he’s got kind of a soft spot back here I think that’s from landing on the back of that head it could easily be my word and that’s where that big weight advantage comes in so handy Mary I went to propel him into the ring he just used all that weight and took Mancini over the top rope right down to the concrete had Seeley never stood a chance at trying to Lots the giant playboy over there top rope look at that big belly home body grows and yet he’s so nimble on his feet he is so quick and he executes some of those wrestling moves absolutely perfectly bets into many superstars could Holland birth of that size around the ring as well as the Playboy know there may be one or two but I can’t think of any offhand it’s an interesting word isn’t it out for girth Gus I rather like that yes so wonder if he’s got a girdle that will skirt that’s good that city once again hauled to his feet if he wanted to stay down there tries to come over with a sunset flip who will battle who will win this battle has yet to be seen as Rose continues to fight keep his balance and that was the best exit that was right down to his knees and right in the chest of Mary o Mancini and it was the law of Parliament seen his chest so Mancini must be really feeling that blow that was a very damaging blow indeed

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  1. I thought that Rick Rude was the real sexy man but Playboy Buddy Rose with his Blow Away diet wow he thinks he's a 217 pounds lady's man

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