WWE – The Worst Beating I Ever Got! ft. Chris Pontius (Reaction) | Steve-O

WWE – The Worst Beating I Ever Got! ft. Chris Pontius (Reaction) | Steve-O

– Oh! (concerned laughing) – That’s not a face that I make! (logo swishing) – Yeah dude. Here we are in the editing bay. The first thing we gotta
do is protect our secrets. Yeah. (upbeat pop music) – I was looking at some of your secrets and wondering what they meant like, what does it mean? – Shh! (cheerful giggling) – All right. So dude this is something
I’ve wanted to do for so long because it’s one of the craziest things that ever happened to me. – Yeah, totally. – When we were on Monday Night Raw, this was 2006. Jackass Number Two had just come out. It was number one in the box office. I was like heinously on drugs. – The WWE came into town and the theme of that
night was like ‘Hollywood’. So they like had different celebrities like that they invited. We weren’t originally
like set to go to wrestle. They wanted us to go into
the ring and you know… – Plug our movie. – Plug some stuff. And Vince McMahon’s out there and he’s like, “You’re gonna
get these guys in the ring “and not have them wrestle? “We are fucking idiots “if we don’t get them
to wrestle somebody.” – I remember walking through it and being really fascinated to see like how much preparation goes
into one of these matches. – Oh yeah. I don’t care
if people say it’s fake. It was not fake. We got our asses kicked.
– It was not fucking fake! – Yeah! (loud laughing) – Let’s play! – Yeah.
– I don’t know about you but two of my favorite movie
stars are in the front row. From Jackass, Steve-O and Chris Pontius! Hey guys! Come on in. Oh look out. (crowd cheering) You don’t have to ask these guys twice. – Yeah. You are on drugs. – We came here to do two things. Kick some ass and whoop some butt. (cheerful laughing) – You’re fired up. – Yeah! – You’re fired up. (mumbled laughing) – Let me ask you, who’s your favorite super star? – That’d be me. (light giggling) – You two guys aren’t that crazy, are you? – Oh yeah pal. We will do anything. – [Pontius] I’ve never
seen you that serious. Oh my god. – I have a friend I’d
like for you to meet. Umaga! – So Umaga never talks, right? – No he just growls. – Umaga has since died of a heart attack. So rest in peace, Umaga. So Umaga comes into the ring and I’m going to show off
by performing a back flip. – [Pontius] Yeah. – [Steve-O] And I had no confidence that I was going to land it. And I stomped it so perfect. (feet stomping) Dude that’s just me being surprised. I’m like whoa. (surprised laughing) That’s one of the best back flips I think I ever did in my life. I was never really like
a big wrestling fan but when I got here, god I felt like I was born to do this. – Oh yeah. You were. – I mean dude we’re off
to a great start here. – We’re off to a great start. Yeah. (wrestling commentator speaking) – [Pontius] Look at that move. The Hava. That’s a fighting move. Look at you… The Blawsy. – Yeah. I don’t know how
he sustained that attack. – Yeah. But then when he catches you, the violence that he
throws you down with like. – I know! (wrestling commentator speaking) – The Samoan Drop I’ll tell ya, it hurt like. I woke up
in the middle of the night and I couldn’t breathe. – I was supposed to laugh
at you at this point but I wasn’t supposed to laugh later. – I see, I see. Yeah all right. Now. – Yeah now he kicked me like hard there and I’m like wait a second. Hold on. What are you doin’? And then this you can hear it. (loud slamming) This was supposed to be the
final move of the match. Him jumping off the top ropes. Oh my god! It was so bad. (loud slamming) (triumphant screaming) – Oh! (cheerful laughing) – So now the match is supposed to be over but I don’t know that I have to play dead. So I keep moving around. I’m like, “Ah!”. And like he’s not done beatin’ me up. Now he’s gonna hit me with a fuckin’ elbow that actually knocked me into a blackout. And I showed this to Jason Ellis and he said, “Dude that
is not a WWE elbow. “That is an MMA…”. (light chuckle) Fuckin’ dude look. (slow motion slamming) And I’m like begging him. I’m like, “Please stop doing this to me.”. But that means that he
has to keep doing it because I’m movin’ around. (loud slamming) I don’t remember leaving the ring and they just cut to a commercial. – When we did leave the ring, we went down the aisle. We
went to the control room and Vince McMahon is in there and he’s like, “Yes!”. He was so stoked. They could’ve stressed the
importance of staying down a little bit more. – Right! I mean dude this got really ugly. Turn the camera on there. Look at… (loud laughing) That’s not a face that I make. I mean come on dude. It might have been the
greatest match ever performed. – It was. – Fuck yeah man. That’s my first reaction video. Boom! Before you go, make sure you follow Chris
Pontius on Instagram. Where he’s just regular
old at Chris Pontius. – On all of them.
– Oh on all of them. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. – Especially Instagram. – Ah yeah. (light chuckling) All right dude give me a hug. – Awesome. – That was rad. – Super rad.

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  1. 4:00 dafuq was that laugh? It sounds really forced,like "damn,thats ridiculous but apparently its funny to some people" sorta laugh
    Quit playing along if you ain't into it bro

  2. remember watchin dis one when younger and my dad a Christian man and who didn't allow to see any of these type of movies but he would watch and was a big fan of WWE and when he happened to walk in the room while we were watching the jackass videos he sat down next to us to watch this one and he was done actually stayed for the rest of the whole other jackass movies LOL he really couldn't stop laughing like if he had just sparked his first joint lmao

  3. Chris Pontius is such an adorable little smiley thing. I just want to smooch all over his smiley cheeks. I wonder if hes as genuine in real life or if its some sort of persona.

  4. After this video i'm starting to question whether Steve O's stories are actually true, since we all know WWE is obviously real…

  5. Woah, that's super intense. I was out to sea at the time this aired so I missed out on this awesome episode. Thanks for showing us this

  6. I think I just binge watch every YouTube video you've uploaded. How didnt I know steve o had a channel! It's great to see you clean man❤

  7. MAN!!! When O jumped over the guard rail!!!……His face is priceless…looked like he had sticky teeth…if ya know what i mean.

  8. Just imagine SteveO fucking and sucking on your cock and then licking your nut sack until you explode hot white cum all over his glasses and tongue. Yea that’s wassup. ???

  9. I've been clean nearly 20 years now. I have been there and judge no one for any reason. Other than the content of their character.
    I'm so proud of Steve-o. I know how hard it is to overcome.
    Drugs are just a long suicide.
    Umaga struggled with drugs too. It cost him his life.
    RIP Umaga.
    I lost many friends along the way myself.
    I'm blessed and honored to be a 41 year old family man now.
    Being a loving husband and caring father has been the most awesome adventure of my life.

  10. Remember back in 2015 when people were leaving comments on those Rolling Stones videos saying they thought Pontius had brain damage? Well, I guess this goes to show YouTube commenters mostly aren't doctors.

  11. Brou I'm high asf and he saidd something about secrets and now I'm just sitting here thinmking what could be behinnd that covertyt

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