WWE Superstar Vs. Gamers | Fighting Games Challenge

WWE Superstar Vs. Gamers | Fighting Games Challenge

– Yeah, yeah!
– Oh my God! I’m a turtle! – Yeah! ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – I am WWE superstar Xavier Woods
a.k.a. Austin Creed, a.k.a. one third of your boys
the New Day! a.k.a. five time
WWE World Tag Team Champions, a.k.a. host of the greatest
YouTube channel of all time, UpUpDownDown.
I am here because of some people that are comin’ in,
and they’re gonna get challenged by ya boy, right here. – (FBE) So you’re here
for an extra special gaming episode that’s all about fighting games.
– Okay. – (FBE) Of course you aren’t
just a fan of fighting games, we know you’re also
a fan of WWE, correct? – Yeah!
I’m old school. I had the thumb wrestlers
when I was growing up. – I’m a huge fan of WWE. – It’s so cool to see them do
everything that they do. The biggest thing growing up
was everyone was like “it’s fake.” But yeah, but look
at what they’re doing. – (FBE) So since you’re a fan
of both wrestling and fighting games, we thought it would be fun
to have you compete in some of the most
popular fighting games against a professional wrestler. – No!
– So Xavier, come on out! – Hey!
– No way! – Yeah!
– I have his Pop! figure! – Yeah!
– Oh my gosh, dude! – My man, come here.
– No! – Hey!
– Oh, sick! – (FBE) So Xavier,
do you wanna come on out? – No, no no no no!
– Yeah! – Holy [bleep] guys, whoa!
– Yeah! Yeah, what up?
– I’m gonna cry! – What up?
– I’m gonna freaking cry. – (Xavier) What’s going on?
– How are you? – You alright? Bring it in.
– Oh my God! – (FBE) Xavier, you wanna come on out?
– Wait, what!? Shut the [bleep] up!
– Hey, yeah! – Shut the [bleep] up!
– Yeah. – I can’t, I can’t I can’t, I’m sorry.
– Yeah. – Oh my God, I’m a turtle!
– Yeah, yeah, yeah! Ma’am, how are you?
You doin’ alright? – No! (laughs)
– Oh! – I have you on the counter
next to my desk in my classroom. – Yes!
– I do, like I– – In your classroom?
– Yeah, I teach junior high. – Oh, that’s awesome! – (FBE) So we did think about
letting you two play WWE 2K19 today, however we thought that would
give Austin a little bit of unfair advantage,
’cause he’s actually in that game. – This is true.
– Yeah! – (FBE) Yeah.
– Very true. – Oh God! (laughs)
– (FBE) So instead, we loaded up our mystery wheel with four
of the most popular fighting games, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter,
Tekken and Super Smash Bros. So Dionte, you’re gonna
spin that wheel, to decide which game you’re playing.
– Yo, okay! – (FBE) And then, whichever one of you
gets the most KOs at the end will get to smash some miniature
wrestling props with a hammer. – Oh, that’s so fun! – Let’s do the wheel.
– Yes, yes, let’s do the wheel. Wheels, wheels, wheels.
(wheel clicks) That’s a good spin, okay. – (FBE) Oh okay, we’re gonna do
Street Fighter V! – Okay!
I love Street Fighter, I used to play it a lot
as a kid with my sister. She would beat the crap out of me. (wheel clicks) – (FBE) Street Fighter V!
– Ooh! (wheel clicks)
– Okay. – (FBE) Tekken 7, okay great!
– Ooh! Nice, hell of a spin!
– Okay. – (FBE) Super Smash Bros! – Smash Bros!
– Dang it! – I will say Smash is the game
that I played the least out of all these.
– Okay. – But I’m still like
disgustingly good at it. – That’s, there’s no hope
when someone’s disgustingly good. – I’ll go with Kuma.
– I just keep forgetting how pretty these graphics are.
– They’re amazing, incredible. I’m gonna play as characters
that my friends play as. – Okay.
– You play a lot of video games? – Yes.
– What’s your favorite game? – Super Smash Bros.
– Well that’s honestly the best kind of game where you can
sit with your friends and kind of end the friendship
because of a game. – Yeah.
– Like my friend ender obviously, is like Mario Kart. – It’s just like why is this a thing? Why did Nintendo say
“hey let’s do this,” because we clearly want people
to feel some type of way. I’m just like “no!” – ‘Cause they had to be
sitting in the room with playtesters watching them just start to devolve
after playing for like two or three hours,
and they’re like wait, wait, these two came in as friends
and now they hate each other. Wait, why are they fist fighting?
What is going on? – Exactly, it’s like wait a second! – Someone in the back is like
“Yes, yes, this is what I wanted.” Ooh!
– Aw damn! (screams)
– So close, so close. I gotta get him talking more.
Let the Street Fighting commence. What’s your favorite movie?
– Of all time? – Of all time, favorite movie. – Okay, the Mortal Kombat movie.
– The first one, yes? – The first, yeah, not Annihilation.
– The second one, I’d be leaving. – I like Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.
– Ooh, great movie. – And I like The Last Dragon,
that is probably my favorite movie. – ♪ You are the ♪
– (both) ♪ Last Dragon ♪ – ♪ You possess the power ♪ – I like this, great movie.
When he pulls him like “Who’s the master?”
He’s like “I am”. Oh my God, hah! And then the little kid
break dancing at the party. – That kid was the best!
He broke dance to get out of chains! – Catches bullets–
– (both) With his teeth! – Mmm, please!
– (laughs) I’m glad you censored. – We’ll let you,
yeah of course, of course. Okay, so I won the first one.
– (announcer) Mika wins. – That’s what I do,
I distract with conversation, but it’s good conversation.
My better game is Tekken. So I’m glad for you
that we didn’t spin to Tekken. ‘Cause that would have been…
– No matter what, I’m gonna get wrecked,
but we’ll see. Sometimes I come in clutch,
and I pull it off very well. – Since you’re looking
for wrestling school, this would be your first lesson.
Never ever, ever, ever say that you’re gonna lose or that
you even have a chance at losing. Even if you know
that there’s no chance. Always the utmost confidence.
– You’re gonna get real wrecked. – There we go!
– (announcer) K.O. – Oh you won most offensive.
So there you go, let me see that most offensive.
Yeah, I won. – Yeah, well, we got one more.
We got one more. – There’s a new one.
I’m a Kirby guy. – Okay, wow.
– He’s the only person I know how to do anything with.
– Alright. I’m gonna go down and go Ken.
– Okay, okay, perfect. – Dude.
– No, I gotta stay away from, he’s got a hammer and a star.
Nah, nah, nah, nah. No no no, get away, get away,
get away, get away, get away get away, get away!
Here we go! – (Kirby) Hey!
– (Ken) Hadouken! – No!
There, oh, I shrunk. Hit him, yes, yes, yes, yes!
– No! – Yes, bam!
Ooh! Now, when you’re,
the kids that you teach watch this, what are you gonna tell them
about losing to me here today? – (laughs) Oh no! – So as a teacher who’s teaching
kids in junior high… – Yeah.
– …in this day and age, how do you stay cool,
and make them want to listen to you? Aside from just being the teacher
that they need to listen to. – Right.
– But having them like you as well? I won that one.
– Yeah. Um, honestly, for me
it’s being open and honest, I weave stories from my childhood,
and what it was like when I was in school all the time.
So they always wanna hear the stories. Or the former students come back,
and like “have you told them the dead squirrel story?”
– The Miz uses Steve Fox. – (announcer) Steve Fox.
– Oh wow, how is he? – He’s great, very nice guy. Of all the people that you’ve met,
we’ll take me out of this equation. Of all the people that you’ve met, who do you think
you got most excited for? – Probably Scott and Mitch.
– Yeah. – I was kinda hyperventilating
during the episode itself. – Just losing it.
– Just like oh my gosh, this is great! It was funny ’cause it was like
okay, don’t cry in front of them. Please don’t be that ugly fan
that’s just like crying. – I don’t know if I wanna do that.
– It makes no sense. I’m like you don’t have to do this, sir. – Who do you think
you’d go craziest for? That you haven’t met yet.
– Beyonce. – Beyonce?
– Yes. – Alright, so line that up guys!
– No, please don’t! – I think I would lose it
for Lenny Kravitz or Jackie Chan. – Okay, you know what,
that’s accurate. – Those are my, when I was a kid,
those were my idols. I mean, as a grown man,
they still are. So, ooh, hmm, I won that one again. – I was kinda more distracted
by Shaheen’s outfit. I could see myself wearing that.
– You’re like this kinda works! My favorite movie is White Chicks.
– Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. – To me, that is the greatest
cinematic experience of all time. Some people have yelled at me,
because I enjoy the movie White Chicks so much. And they say “that’s not a good movie,
you should pick like Tombstone,” or something like that. – Or you should just like
the movies that you like. Why do we keep
yucking other peoples’ yum? – (laughs) Yuck others’ yum. – Or like real gross, yuck,
but like that’s someone else’s yum. Why would you yuck their yum? It’s okay to express on the internet,
“hey, this is not a thing I like,” but when you go
into someone’s mentions to be like “your ideas are trash,
but I’m a big fan!” – I won that one as well.
So uh, when people feel the need to just go hard left
negative into things, and it’s like but why can’t you just
like the things that you like and talk positively about those. Are you a SparkNotes person
or a CliffsNotes person? – More Spark.
– Really, why? – I have no idea,
it’s just what I looked up first. (both laughing)
– (announcer) Round two, fight! – I remember those were the jam. And now we’re giving secrets
that we shouldn’t be giving. Kids, always study
and do well in school. – Don’t wing anything,
make sure you’re prepared. – No, no, but don’t read
Wuthering Heights, ’cause it’s the worst book
of all time. – I’ve never read it…
– Good! – …and I’m doing
pretty well in life. – Wuthering Heights,
I’m in I don’t know, maybe 10th grade. 11th grade,
and we have to read the book. We have to watch a movie on it,
we read like a different version of it and I hate this book. The book that we had to buy
for the class, I kept it, and I said on
the happiest day of my life, I will burn this book,
and then two years ago, on the happiest day of my life,
the day my son was born, I called my best friend
and I said “it’s time.” She goes “we’re burning the book?”
And she came over to my house, and we covered it in lighter fluid, and burned it on the day
my son was born. I kept that book for 15 years.
– That’s beautiful. – That spite.
Don’t be like me, kids. – Sonic.
– Ooh, okay, Mega Man vs. Sonic. This dead squirrel story.
– Okay, I was in third grade, and one day I’m walking home
from the bus stop, and there’s a dead squirrel
in the road. So I thought I need to
bury this squirrel. So here’s this weird kid
in this Orange County neighborhood, ♪ (triumphant music) ♪
burying a dead squirrel. I don’t know how much time went by,
but weeks, months later, one day I’m walking home,
and I’m like I need to, I think it’d be cool if I could
bring the squirrel skeleton to school one day, impress my buddies.
– Oh my God. So you remembered it months later?
– Oh yeah. So I’m like,
I’m gonna dig this squirrel up, when I’m going home one day. And I had not taken into account,
like you know, decomposition, and all that kinda stuff.
– Yeah! – So I’m digging in the ground.
– With your hands? – No, with a stick, I had a marker.
So I find the spot, and as I’m digging, it’s filling up
with like this ooze, or this goop, and I think I’ve struck oil.
– Oh no, I got rich! – Yeah, this is frickin’ awesome! Only to realize that I had punctured
the squirrel’s like, belly, and its innards were liquid,
and all over my hands. Never got the squirrel skeleton. Every time we go back to Orange County
my kids are like “Dad, we should just stop,
there’s gotta be a skeleton now!” – See if it’s grosser.
– I went screaming home, I swing open the door, my mom’s like
“hey sweetheart, how was your day? Would you like a snack?”
I’m like “noooo!” I just run straight
to the kitchen sink. What in the world, and try and scrub
with the hottest water possible. – I was gonna say,
they don’t make water hot enough! – I was in my room the rest of the day
like traumatized that afternoon. – (announcer) Time!
– That’s time, I win that one too. – Gosh dangit, man!
– These stories, yeah. Get him going.
So since I won, I get to smash things now.
Technically I won. – You won, you did!
– I’m gonna smash, but if you wanna help me
get some of that anger out, I would love to give you
a couple of smashes for yourself. – I would love that!
– Aw, it’s tiny stuff! (Xavier laughs) – Aw, this is so cute.
– Just gonna do goggles over glasses. That works, right?
– Yeah! I’m from the south,
and down there they raised us right. So even though I won,
my lady, please take the first swing. The first swing is yours.
♪ (Rossini, “William Tell Overture”) ♪ – I get to smash a thing? – Yeah, but smash,
like try to break this table. – Oh no!
– Yeah, yeah, let it out! (laughs) Jesus! (laughs) – Yeah! – (screams) Ow!
It broke, yeah! (hammer clatters to music) (screams)
– Oh! – Yes! Yes! – Oh!
(Scott laughs) – You’re, the second piece.
– Oh you took the legs out! – Yeah, I took this one up.
– Yes! – Oh my God!
(hammer clatters) – Yeah! – You okay?
– Let it out! Don’t yuck on my yum!
– Don’t yuck our yum! – Don’t yuck my yum!
– Don’t yuck his yum! – Thank you guys so much for watching. If you want to know more about me,
Xavier Woods, a.k.a. Austin Creed, you can check me out on Twitter
and Instagram @XavierWoodsPhD. On Snapchat, it’s Usedfood,
’cause I’m the shh. On YouTube, you can just search
UpUpDownDown, there’s a channel there. Thank you so much for watching,
and remember to always and forever keep it tight!

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