WWE NEWS – EDGE On His WWE Return/King Of The Ring 2019 Finalists Revealed/ Jim Ross About Vince!

WWE NEWS – EDGE On His WWE Return/King Of The Ring 2019 Finalists Revealed/ Jim Ross About Vince!

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August 17th News
King Of The Ring 2019 Finalists Revealed
Jim Ross About Vince!
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We’re kicking off with some news
from Edge today, as the WWE
Hall of Famer shocked everyone with his appearance at Summer
Slam earlier this week. On the kick-off show for the biggest
party of the Summer, the Rated-R
Superstar speared Elias, the first time Edge has been physical
in the ring since his final match at
WrestleMania 27 in 2011. On the podcast he hosts with
Christian, Edge explained how the
appearance in his native Toronto was organised last minutes, and
said there are many misconceptions
about the severity of his neck. During the show, the pair joked
about Edge returning to the ring
tomorrow, but admitted that WWE almost certainly wouldn’t allow it. With that said, Edge also said his
doctor says his neck could be
quote “relatively healthy” within next five years, and that he him
self has been looking into Stem
Cell Therapy. The therapy, which was recently
praised by fellow Hall of Famer
Kevin Nash, could definitely see Edge’s quality of life improve
dramatically, but it should be
mentioned that all the progress he’s made is because
he’s not been bumping. Edge concluded by saying that
doing an occasional bump, such
as his work at SummerSlam, is but being constantly physical
would be very dangerous for
his health. From a legendary career that has
come to an end to the stars of
tomorrow, as WWE’s NXT brand could be undergoing a major
change. According to reports, there is a
chance that the company will
move NXT to the USA Network, would put the popular show in
direct competition with All Elite
Wrestling on TNT. On this week’s Wrestling Observer
Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that
Vince McMahon is taking the new promotion very seriously, and still
regrets giving WCW a footing by
allowing them to sign Hulk Hogan and other Superstars of the time. Therefore, the WWE have done a
lot to prevent AEW from getting off
the ground, though didn’t think too much of the new show
as Meltzer explained: “I don’t think they didn’t even think
it was that serious until Vegas. The
Vegas sell-out I think was interesting, because they could
never sell out Vegas for anything.
The big one was the Chicago tickets.” It should be noted that McMahon
has already made the same mistake
as when he warred with WCW, as much like when he let
Hogan go, he did the same to
Chris Jericho, believing the 48-year-old was too old to make
much of a difference. The Chairman also reportedly
went hard to sign Kenny Omega
and the Young Bucks, but didn’t count on the group turning his
contracts down. Though the boss was hoping to
avoid a war, it seems like a conflict
is inevitable, as this time the War will be fought on Wednesdays,
not Mondays. There’s more news from AEW now,
as the company continues to sell
out arenas across the United States, with both their Boston and
Philadelphia TV events selling out
in roughly an hour on Friday. The approximate 4500 seats in Boston
University’s Agganis Arena sold out
in 57 minutes, and though this is very impressive in its own right,
Meltzer said the sell-out would’ve
been much faster if not for technical issues. The October 9th show in Boston
will be the promotion’s second
event on TNT, and will feature the Young Bucks vs. the Private Party,
and Chris Jericho taking on Shawn
Spears. The October 16th TV event in Phila
delphia would hold approximately
7,700 fans in Philadelphia’s Temple University’s Liacouras Center,
which sold out in just over an hour,
and this should will feature title defences for the both
the AEW Heavyweight and AEW
Women’s titles. Back to WWE now, as the company
is preparing for it’s King of the
Ring tournament, and has announced their first-round
brackets this week. On the RAW side of things, Cesaro
will take on Samoa Joe in what is
sure to be a heavy-hitting contest, whilst it’ll be a clash of
styles when Ricochet faces
Drew McIntyre. Cedric Alexander will have his
hands full when he faces Sami
Zayn in the first round, whilst The Miz will battle Baron Corbin
in the former Constable’s first
match in over a month. For the blue brand, Kevin Owens
may pick up a title on his route to
the crown when he battles 24/7 Champion Elias, whilst it’ll be a
meeting of former 205 Live stars,
when Ali battles Buddy Murphy. Old tag team partners will face off
when Chad Gable takes on Shelton
Benjamin, and Apollo Crews and Andrade will hope to take the
final place in the second round,
when they face off. The tournament will begin on next
week’s RAW and will be a multi-
week event, with the semi finals taking place on the September 9th
and 10th episodes of RAW and
SmackDown inside Madison Square Garden. Looking at the brackets, it seems
the winner of Cesaro Vs. Joe will
face the winner of Ricochet Vs. McInyre and so on down the list. This will all culminate in the finals
which will happen at WWE Clash
of Champions as fans will be able who will be follow in the footsteps of
stars like Triple H, Brock Lesnar,
Steve Austin as the next King, of the Ring. One Superstar who isn’t in the
tournament is Bray Wyatt, but that
hasn’t stopped the Fiend from being one of the most-discussed
Superstars of the year. Since returning at SummerSlam,
Wyatt’s merchandise has been
flying off the shelves, and with his popularity impossible to deny, a
title run could be in the near future
for the Eater of Worlds. WWE obviously know they have
something special with the Fiend,
and this week, Brad Shephard said that the company recently
discussed giving Wyatt a custom
title, if he wins a title. This certainly implies that the com
pany has something big planned
for the Fiend, and hopefully we’ll get a better idea about Wyatt’s
direction as he’s scheduled to
appear on the next two weeks on Monday Night RAW. We can only speculate on what
WWE has planned for the new
Wyatt, but for now, we’re just with what’s been given to us
by the company. Over to MMA now, and though Daniel
Cormier took the Octagon by
storm during his career, it seems the rumoured dream match
between him and Brock Lesnar
isn’t going to happen. In case you can’t remember, the
two stars had a confrontation at
UFC 226 in July of last year, moments after Cormier won the
UFC Heavyweight Championship. Celebrating in the ring, Cormier
called out Lesnar, a former UFC
Heavyweight Champion in his own right, and the duo got into a shoving
contest, leading to speculation that
the Beast was ready to rejoin the world of MMA. Now retired, Cormier has a lot more
free-time, like Lesnar himself, and
spoke recently at a media day for UFC 241, about the
potential fight between the two. The way Cormier sees it, Lesnar
didn’t want to risk a return to the
Octagon and losing to DC, saying: “Brock decided to stay in WWE
and I think it’s smart, right? You
either go and perform or you come and fight me. It just makes more
sense to stay in the WWE.” Though fans may not see Cormier
Vs Lesnar in real life, expect DC to
be a very popular downloadable character in the upcoming WWE
2K20, when the new video game
releases in October this year. SmackDown news now and though
WWE are pulling out all the stops
to make their October 4th debut on FOX a night to remember,
there’s one legend who won’t be
appearing. Earlier this week, WWE announced
plenty of big names who will be at
the historic debut episode, though The Rock wasn’t part
of the list. WWE obviously wants The Rock on
the list, but according to the Observer,
the Brahma Bull hasn’t committed to the event just yet. One thing that is working in WWE’s
favour though is the fact that the
Show will be in Los Angeles, somewhere the Great One spends
much of his time, given his
Hollywood career. Fans will have to wait and see whether
The Rock does appear, though there
are some reasons why the company may choose to not
have him on the show named
after one of his catchphrases. As a former World Champion and
leading man on the big screen, The
Rock is a huge draw by himself, and having him be the solo guest
of an episode of WWE TV would
be enough to pop the ratings. Having him on the October 4th
SmackDown would be fun, but
given there are so many legends already announced, including Kurt
Angle, The Undertaker and Sting,
there’s a chance the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Enter
tainment would get lost in the
shuffle. From one legendary career to one
that is just getting started, as though
Lacey Evans hasn’t been on the main roster for long, she’s
certainly made plenty of enemies
in her tenure. After coming up short in the main
event of Extreme Rules, the Sassy
Southern Belle hasn’t been seen much on TV, but is still working at
live events, competing with the
likes of Becky Lynch and Dana Brooke. On Twitter this week, Evans got into
quite the argument with Brooke
after the former Marine lost an earring in a match, and after
blaming Dana for it, Brooke
said she wanted to smack Evans harder
just for that. Describing Evans as “classless” in
a Tweet later in the day, Brooke
certainly held nothing back, as it seems a feud between the two
could happen in the near future. Back to RAW now and this week’s
show saw Elias capture the WWE
24/7 Championship for the third time, but is finding out the hard
way the perils of holding the gold. After the success of his first album
Walk With Elias, the singing Superstar
returned to the studio this week to work on his follow-up, was
instead ambushed by Drake
Maverick. Maverick, a four-time 24/7 Champion
was nearly able to capture the gold
with a schoolboy, but found himself on the receiving end of
a beating by Elias, who sent Maverick
flying through a glass partitition. It seems Elias is going to be a much
tougher champion that Maverick
though as we said earlier, it’ll be interesting to see what will happen
when he takes on Kevin Owens in the
King of the Ring tournament. We’re going back in time now, as
though Vince McMahon is the
leading force in professional wrestling today, he isn’t the most
popular man. Speaking on his podcast ‘Grillin JR’,
the Hall of Fame announcer spoke
about going to a meeting with Bill Wats back in the day, at a time
when the WWF was growing and
doing real damage to the NWA. During the meeting, Ross went to
the bathroom, but found himself in
a unique situation to say the least, when he heard some of wrest
ling’s biggest promoters at the time,
talking in secret. “I go into the first available stall in
there… and here comes a bunch
of guys walking in off that meeting. Some of the most famous
men in pro wrestling history, are in
my little bathroom.” Hidden away in the stall, Ross could
not help but overhear what they had
to say, as Ross revealed: “Anyway, they start talking about Vince.
So one voice, very distinct voice says,
I could have the mother f****r killed for $700. Why
don’t we just do that?” Telling Watts what he’d heard later on,
the legendary Cowboy calmed Ross
down, as JR told his listeners: “I said ‘Cowboy, well that was inter
esting’. He says, “What?” and so I
told him. He says “Aw sh*t. They’re just flapping their gums. They
ain’t gonna do sh*t. They couldn’t agree
who’s gonna put that $700 in.” Obviously, McMahon wasn’t murdered
by NWA hired assassins, though it
does make fans wonder what the wrestling world would be like
today, had the Sports Entertainment
powerhouse had been snuffed out. Though the boss has made plenty
of enemies over the years, with
many members of the WWE Universe turning on the company’s
founder, it’s safe to say that no
disgruntled fans will be making an attempt on the boss’ life
anytime soon. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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