WWE Going Non-PG?! WWE Buying TNA?! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. Dolph Ziggler’s Next Feud
Dolph Ziggler’s gimmick on Smackdown as of late has been parodying famous wrestling
entrances – like Ultimate Warrior, Shane McMahon and even Bayley – and pointing out wrestling
isn’t about elaborate walks down to the ring; it’s about…well, wrestling.
On this week’s episode, Dolph mocked Shawn Michaels’ act, prompting a fan to ask…
“Im sorry but @HEELZiggler spoofing hbk entrance on sd..wasnt that your whole gimmick
for some time? 😂” [TWEET IMAGE] “No. When Im in shorts I’m copying Billy
Gunn, but I do the exact same thing in pants, I’m a complete ripoff off Shawn. Got it?”
[TWEET IMAGE] Cage Side Seats are the latest to report Ziggler’s
storyline will eventually become a feud with Bobby Roode, with the former NXT Champion
being kept off television until that program starts around Hell in a Cell time. And going
by the advertised card for WWE’s Starrcade show, Ziggler’s feud after that has also
been revealed – facing off against Booby Roode. And Booby Roode might not be WWE’s only
non-PG move. WWE Poll Fans On Attitude Era Programming,
TNA & More WWE have sent out a survey to current, past
and potential subscribers to their Network to gauge interest in options for a new premium
tier. Currently, the WWE Network costs a flat rate of $9.99 a month for everyone – country
permitting – but the company have been exploring higher price options since the start of this
year, and answers to the survey’s questions “will be used to help improve our fans’
WWE Network experience and to continue vetting a potential premium tier.”
The survey asks fans to rate how interested they would be in “some potential new programming
ideas” for this premium version of the Network – which includes:
-Tournaments, like King of the Ring, or the mouthwatering idea of WWE vs. NXT
-Original scripted comedies like Southpaw Regional Wrestling or WWE’s version of The
Office -And an extra audio channel that could act
as a Director’s Commentary for shows Put me down for ‘Very Interested’ in all
of those. Because I’m saving ‘Extreme-ly interested’ for these next ones.
-The return of non-PG programming to WWE with a “new” weekly version of ECW or another
“edgy” new promotion rated TV-14 -Historic and new programming from TNA / Impact
Wrestling / Global Forc-even WWE don’t know what it’s called
-And content from other promotions like PROGRESS, ICW, New Japan and Ring of Honor.
Deals with independent British promotions PROGRESS and ICW have reportedly been in the
works since March this year, but Vince McMahon keeps changing his mind over whether he wants
non-WWE programming on the Network. New Japan seems like a non-starter, but there were reports
of WWE being in talks with Ring of Honor in April. Those negotiations, however, “are
considered dead” according to the Wrestling Observer.
The option for more adult-orientated wrestling content has been speculated on since the Network
was first launched. With the TV-14 rated show behind a paywall, WWE wouldn’t struggle
so much with offending sponsors in the mainstream, and, after all, the Attitude Era and ECW are
available to watch in their entirety to anyone with a Network subscription already.
The TNA question is arguably the most intriguing, especially two weeks after Sports Illustrated
reported the promotion is “hemorrhaging funds”, with its parent company Anthem Sports
and Entertainment looking to get out of the wrestling business – although that has since
been denied by Anthem Vice President Ed Norholm. The wording of having both “historic and
new programming” for TNA suggests WWE are at least considering buying the promotion
and running it as their own show. The survey’s press release does caution
that its questions are for research purposes only, and thus not an indication WWE are currently
acting on these ideas. But that didn’t stop former TNA wrestler Matt Hardy to find the
whole concept DELIGHTFUL: Looks like #TheFinalDeletion, #DELETEorDECAY
& #TotalNonstopDELETION will be on the @WWENetwork before ya know it. WONDERFUL!
Did Kevin Owens just cut his best WWE promo yet?! And Jinder Mahal’s new gimmick is
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