my journal I saw okay
I am the masked papa and I have come to fight you
what are you doing and the masked Papa and today we’re going to fight the mask but you need to stop this tonight
Wrestlemania box for it be there or be square just what Jake Jake what is going on oh
what’s up what’s up is you just broke into my room and started fighting me
finally look look I’ve been in here the whole time I’m watching my penguin movie
buddy who’s a way I could have been in there you’re telling me the mast Papa
isn’t you what did you just say no it can’t be
you’re telling me the mast papa was here he was in your room Jake who’s the mast
Papa the mast Papa who’s who I signed you off to fight tonight at the WWE box
for he’s the most legendary WWE wrestler of all time look he has never been
beaten Jake what do you mean you signed me up for Wrestlemania Papa Jake’s
WrestleMania thought you got the notice we’re gonna be building a box for
wrestling arena and having our own wrestling match with tons of different
characters and if the mast pop was already here to pay you a visit that’s
not good buddy you better start training cuz he’s coming to the basement soon
Barrett very soon right now is you guys to see it it’s open we do not have a
wrestling ring yet yeah I don’t know why Jake signs me up for things like this we
could not wrestle on this so what we need to do guys is we need to build a
wrestling a box for a wrestling ring box for that is completely out of cardboard
with a comfy floor that we can wrestle on that all the contestants can come and
battle it out but before we do that you guys got to make sure to hit the
subscribe button hit the bell button and then no button just like that and then
we can build the box for it so go do that no idea how to build a wrestling
ring but I know we can build anything out of cardboard so a wrestling ring
shouldn’t be that hard plus I can’t wait to wrestle all right car boy to bring
down all right guys it is time to build this wrestling ring let’s do it in three
two do you have any idea how big a wrestling ring is because I don’t know I
think we should make it like this big okay all right so what I think we’ll do
then guys is we’re gonna get a bunch of pillows from our couch and lay the
cardboard over top like so then we do a body slam you could and I’m
thinking for the ropes we’ll use tape and string it along every
side of the box board all right now let’s build this in three two one so check it out we’ve been working on
the ropes you can’t you can’t actually bouncing got a lot of bounce to a lot of
gifts so I think all we need to do is finish putting on the rest of the rows
below grabs a minute I don’t think you’re ready to take on the mass pop I
mean that guy’s legit he’s got some crazy wrestling moves you might need to
warm up a little bit I mean we don’t know Jay guy could be a wrestling pro I
don’t know bro a lot of guys some ass pop that guy
hey so Jack to use – he’s like he’s ripped Jake Jake Jake that’s foxing that’s not
wrestling but your boxing right now that’s all wrestling wrestling no oh I
buy these gloves I don’t know okay done guys okay but it is soft enough for
wrestling I love the teeth but I think it’s time for the WrestleMania main
event to start down here we’ve got the ring ready we’ve got the contestants
lined up it’s now time and guys be sure to let us know in the comments who is
your favorite contender and who do you thinks gonna win the championship Jake I
even had my wrestling outfit on you can start it right now
Mikey station Oh our first contenders of the night will
be Miss McGillicuddy she might be home she might be a
schoolteacher but she is ready to wrestle basekappag as mr. Gil Akane will be the
one the notorious the bear Jews hold your booze because these two
are going to be fighting here tonight in the box for Wrestlemania i’ma teach this teacher it’s time to her
time gentlemen the Baron has been disqualified before the match even start
yes follow me to the ring and has knocked himself out miss macgillicuddy you have won the
match you won the match I don’t want that patch not the patch
you won the match you can go home now miss macgillicuddy
it’s bedtime all right ladies and gentlemen get ready for the next event
we have two competitors going head-to-head in one corner we have the
fabulous the educated it’s the principal principal P so it’s principal P principal Pete’s competitor it’s a fan
favorite it’s box man and it appears that there is just a box
on the go but wait hold hold on folks folks man is getting out of the box it
looks like he was shipped here in a cardboard box plastic box man he looks
like he came to fight blocks man is honestly just so weird but I kind of
think he might win this one all right it looks like box man is entering the ring
principal principal Pete is waiting for him would you go oh this match is about
to get heated up oh this is getting heated up here nicely Pole
putting on the chair befox men don’t seem to care and they’re going on each
other look to the first off and it looks like what’s the next move
gonna be principal heat is what we’ll be doing is leaving the ring No yes summon
boxman to detention by these box man cannot leave principal Pete is watching
this is this is Bernie box man you do not take it
Oh looks like principal Pete’s getting back in oh boy just going on at
principal Peters in trouble please to do something right now
we’ll get boxman Oh take it threw away the rich physical
heat is backed up plug is a feat not cool bro you’re being a bad student
would take boxman egging him on with some sort of I don’t know what that is
but it’s something all right looks like box man is making a move here on
principal P oh he needs to get up all principal people for the signature dance
dancing dancing is not about the box man he can’t handle principal he’s dancing
oh this isn’t good this is a good box man he’s in trouble
what is he gonna do all the take bockfest rolling out of the cage
looks like box man is up to something what is he oh no no he’s got the block
oh he’s bringing the box into the ring all this is not looking good now for
principal P Oh what is this what is this oh wait what is this principal P is in
trouble that’s what it all it looks like our champion is box man ladies and gentlemen that was a crazy
match but it looks like the fan-favorite box man has won and will continue on but
now it is time for the main events the mass Papa versus Logan
and coming to the stage right now it’s Logan Jacob I don’t know about this
Logan you got this I believe in you and facing off against Logan is the
mysterious no one knows who he is mass joking I’m going to destroy you
let’s get ready to fight buddy it’s pound time though King you versus
the mast papa dekes not here to save you this time
wait a sec you’re not you’re not a lot of boxing gloves or mess I don’t play by
the rules they would need come on hitch play all right I got this what you got oh no it’s like bogan was going into
meditation here up to something weird this ain’t over Logan I’ll be back for
the next WWE match

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