WWE Backstage HEAT On Star! Original WWE Smackdown Live Plans REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2019

WWE Backstage HEAT On Star! Original WWE Smackdown Live Plans REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2019

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of Raw and Smackdown? Oli and I will be going into detail on these and AAA beating them
in the ratings in tomorrow’s WrestleRamble. But before we get into the big stories of
today’s news, there are still some questions about the Superstar Shake-Up. Despite last week WWE telling us that we’d
know which brand everyone is on by the time Smackdown finished, it was revealed earlier
this week that Andrade, Zelina Vega and Aleister Black had moved from Raw to Smackdown. PWInsider
reported that Andrade and Vega were moved because Fox want Spanish speaking wrestlers
on the show when it moves to their station this October, and it’s also been reported
that the company did not want to separate Andrade and Charlotte Flair, who are dating
in real life. This is also why Black was moved over to Smackdown, as he and Vega are married
IRL. Tuesday also saw the return of Jinder Mahal
to Smackdown Live – better watch out Kofi – and it’s been reported that The B-Team
have also moved to the Blue Brand to bolster their tag division, which has been hurt by
The Usos jumping to Raw, New Day involved in the WWE Championship picture, and The Bar
being split up now that Cesaro is on the Red Brand. Dave Meltzer has noted in the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter that Nikki Cross is also now on Raw too, though WWE.com still doesn’t list
her with a brand attached. Meltzer notes that if Cross does end up on Raw, likely her real-life
husband Killian Dain will also end up on that brand as WWE doesn’t want to split up couples.
Which means despite splitting them up last week ¾ of Sanity will be on Raw. And someone else who’s moved brands is Dean
Ambrose – only he’s been moved from the current active WWE roster to their alumni
section – in between Dean Malenko and Dawn Marie. But yeah, pretty sure this is all still
a work. Those Smackdown moves all seem to be part
of a bigger picture, with Dave Meltzer reporting what the Blue Brand landscape would have been
post-Mania. According to Meltzer, the original plan for
Smackdown was to see Daniel Bryan have a rematch against Kofi Kingston at Money in the Bank,
but that was scrapped when Bryan went down with an injury following WrestleMania – an
injury that is a closely guarded secret within WWE according to PWInsider. With Bryan out,
WWE reportedly looked to have Kofi face either Randy Orton or Rowan at Money in the Bank
for the WWE Championship as they were the brand’s other top heels, and also considered
cancelling plans to move Samoa Joe to Raw, possibly move across Drew McIntyre, or have
Kofi Kingston face Baron Corbin for the title, because it’s all your fault Baron Corbin. Bryan’s injury instead changed plans for
Kevin Owens, who was originally lined up to the be the brand’s number two face behind
Roman Reigns prior to Kofi Kingston catching fire before Elimination Chamber. Meltzer writes,
“The original plan for Owens was to be a guy next door babyface, who ate junk food,
had the same problems everyone else had, had kids, but could kick ass, and was given the
ultimate modern WWE babyface finisher, the stone cold stunner”. Meltzer adds that Big
E’s injury also pushed forward these plans to turn Owens heel, which was decided a few
days after WrestleMania. And it’s not just Big E and Daniel Bryan’s
injuries that are changing plans… But those aren’t the only plans WWE changed
this week. Last week Kenny McIntosh made the unfortunate
announcement that his planned Q&A tour of the UK with The Undertaker had to be altered
after Taker signed a new deal with WWE that prevented him from doing any public appearances
for companies not affiliated or endorsed by WWE. It was then reported that Taker flew
to WWE headquarters to convince the company to still allow him to do the meet & greet
with fans but not take part in a Q&A, which instead will be done by Mick Foley who will
be talking about his feud with Undertaker. This all stems from Undertaker being announced
for Starrcast II, which takes place in the run up to All Elite Wrestling’s inaugural
show Double or Nothing. While not an AEW event, it was reported that Vince McMahon felt they
were affiliated enough that he didn’t want Undertaker on the show – with Dave Meltzer
first reporting after it was announced that Vince took the news very poorly and was doing
everything he could to get Taker pulled from the show. Foley himself confirmed in a statement
that the decision for Taker to not do the Q&A was entirely one made by WWE. It’s been reported that Undertaker felt
that he was done with WWE following Super Show Down and Crown Jewel last year, but his
announcement for Starrcast II made Vince try everything he could to get Taker pulled from
the show and back in a WWE ring for their next Saudi Arabia show which will likely take
place in June. And it looks like he was successful, as Starrcast
announced this week that both Undertaker and Kurt Angle have been pulled from the event,
with Angle signing the same deal Taker did. Starrcast promoter Conrad Thompson told Sports
Illustrated, “I had an agreement in place with the talent. Without exception, I dealt
directly with the talent or their management, they set their terms, and I complied. First
class travel accommodations were made and marketing was done. Now, thanks to the influence
of WWE, the performers are missing out on substantial income and the fans are being
punished.” Thompson adds that a friend within the company
spoke to Vince McMahon – gee I wonder who that friend might be – and Conrad was told
that there was no heat on him or Starrcast, but the feeling in the company is that Undertaker
shouldn’t be doing these sorts of appearances – and was told they would offer replacements
for both Angle and Undertaker from the WWE roster. So like a total badass and in a completely
ballsy move, Conrad asked for the replacements to be Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Vince
McMahon – adding that he would donate 100% of the proceeds to Connor’s Cure – a charity
set up by Triple H and Stephanie – and match the donation himself. This, of course, is
very unlikely to happen, but it does mean that Conrad has set up charity owners to turn
down donations for their own charity. And while WWE have said they would provide
Starrcast with a replacement, it’s being reported that it won’t be anyone from the
current active roster. Conrad told Sports Illustrated that based on this he asked to
keep Angle booked, and have Shawn Michaels replace Undertaker so they could do a screening
of his WrestleMania X ladder match against Scott Hall – because Hall is also booked for
the show and they could provide live commentary for fans. However according to Thompson, he’s
been checking in daily with the company for over a week, and he’s not heard anything
back from them. Perhaps they’re too busy pursuing their
next signing for NXT. In a rather shocking piece of news, it’s
been reported by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE recently reached
out to Joey Ryan to offer him a position in NXT. While it is surprising that WWE would
want to sign a man who was recently offering fans a chance to have their photo taken next
to his penis and pay for the privilege, it shouldn’t be too surprising since Ryan is
the only guy featured on Being The Elite who isn’t officially signed with All Elite Wrestling. Meltzer writes that WWE contacted Ryan earlier
this week to offer him a spot wrestling on NXT for a few years before moving into a trainer
role at the Orlando Performance Centre. However in order to do this, Ryan would have to take
a massive pay cut from what he currently earns on the independent scene. Meltzer writes,
“The way it was explained to us, was that he would have absolutely taken the offer if
he was 29 years old, but at 39, taking a pay cut to start with WWE (or anyone offering
less than what he’s already making) is probably something he’s not going to do.” And as we’ve seen with The Young Bucks in
the past, turning down WWE can get you some heat in the company. Speaking of heat! Bobby Lashley and his hype man Lio Rush were
not a part of Raw this week. And while this could just be because the show was reportedly
finalised four minutes before it went on air, the Wrestling Observer are reporting that
there is backstage heat on Lio Rush. It’s being reported that Rush is a very
confident man which can often rub people the wrong way, with Meltzer writing, “The story
goes that he’s made it very clear to many people that he thinks he should be the top
guy on the brand, and hasn’t been shy about saying it.” For what it’s worth, Bobby
Lashley did come out for the dark match segment after Raw, but didn’t have Lio with him. This wouldn’t be the first time that Rush
has found himself in hot water with the WWE locker room, with him making an ill-timed
joke about Tenille Dashwood being released from the company in 2017 which got him heat
with a lot of WWE wrestlers. Rush himself has taken to Twitter to address
these rumours, writing “The fact of the matter is that you don’t always know the
facts and that’s ok.” He does also seemingly confirm the report that he believes he should
be a top guy on either Raw or Smackdown writing, “The fact of the matter is that I am a passionate
African American male in America who takes my passion seriously and will do whatever
it takes to change me and my family’s situation.” Lio Rush to AEW confirmed. Someone who might have some heat on him as
well is Dean Malenko, with Justin Barraso of Sports Illustrated reporting that the long-serving
agent has quit WWE. Barasso doesn’t give any reasons for why
Malenko has left the company, only noting that he’s been an agent for WWE for the
last eight years booking tag matches – suggesting that he could be a good fit for All Elite
Wrestling. Dean Malenko to AEW confirmed. This also ties into a PWInsider report from
last month after it was announced that Arn Anderson had been fired from his role as an
agent, with Mike Johnson writing that WWE were shaking up their backstage employees
– bringing in the likes of Abyss and Sonjay Dutt from Impact Wrestling as well as Gregory
Helms. Someone we do know who wants to quit however
is Luke Harper, who publicly requested his release from WWE last week. Harper has been frustrated with his position
in WWE for the last month or so, posting on Twitter his unhappiness about only working
Axxess over WrestleMania weekend and how Smackdown writers didn’t even know he was cleared
to wrestle. Harper joins a list of WWE wrestlers who have asked for their release in 2019 – including
Tye Dillinger, KENTA, Dean Ambrose, Dustin Runnels, The Revival, The Kanellisi and more
recently Sasha Banks. And while WWE granted the releases of Dillinger, KENTA and Runnels,
Harper falls into the category of wrestlers who WWE think could sign for the competition
and be beneficial to them – hence why The Revival, Mike and Maria, and Sasha Banks were
all denied their release. It’s now being reported that Luke Harper
has been told to sit out the rest of his contract, which was set to end in November. However
because he spent six months of last year on the injured shelf, WWE have reportedly added
that six months onto his contract meaning he can’t go anywhere until at least after
WrestleMania next year. And if WWE don’t use him in that time, they could just keep
adding more time onto his contract the same way they did to PAC when he tried to leave
in 2017. Sadly, this is the same news for Sasha Banks,
with Meltzer reporting that, “The attitude right now from the company side is that she
can go sit out the rest of her contract if she wants to. The bad part of that is that
if she doesn’t wrestle and tries to sit out, they can freeze the contract as well.” Meltzer theorises this is WWE’s way “to
dissuade people from going public and saying they’re unhappy”. The opposite of unhappy is happy, and you
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