WWE 2K20 News: ALL ORIGINALS DLC PACKS ‘LEAK’! New Themes & NXT DLC Roster Hints, Breakdown & More!

WWE 2K20 News: ALL ORIGINALS DLC PACKS ‘LEAK’! New Themes & NXT DLC Roster Hints, Breakdown & More!

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel into some more WWE 2k20 News keeping you up-to-date on all the latest
and on this video we’re gonna be talking the latest new information regarding the
2k originals that are gonna be coming out after the release of the game we got
the names of the supposed DLC pack which gives us a hint of what’s to come and
what team they’re going for on all of the downloadable content that is going
to be released for the game we’re also talking some of the recent reveals that
we haven’t covered just yet but before we get into it you guys already know
make sure to elbow drop but if you have been enjoying the coverage and hit our
notification to be fully up-to-date on all of my upcoming coverage we are a
month away from the game’s release so hopefully it’s gonna be crazy busy with
a bunch of reveals which I get to cover for you guys nonetheless I let’s get
into it so this is a supposed DLC leaked so take it with a pinch of salt because
it hasn’t been fully confirmed just yet but this gaming retail Italian site are
listening the remaining three 2k originals and when translating the site
indicates the following it has the statement that we already heard before
WWE 2k originals took a 20% a series of showcase episodes with unique content
and themes which will offer new arenas superstars towers unlockable parts for
characters and much more follow up with the new information additional purchase
is required for WWE 2k originals no man’s land WWE 2k originals a soft part
Regional Wrestling and WWE 2k originals the Empire of tomorrow each soul
separately of course this disclaimer is been indicated because the first
original DLC pack is technically free if you preorder the game the other three
we’re gonna have to buy separately as indicated here or if we got the leg so
the collector’s edition it already comes included again there’s no confirmation
but let’s go ahead and dive in a bit into these packs and what exactly they
could be the easiest one to speculate on is of course softball regional wrestling
which is by far the best series that WWE giving us on the WWE Network if you guys
haven’t check it out definitely do so it’s funny sketch but a lot of our
superstars that we ended up loving like John Cena the fashion police Chris
Jericho rusev Lana Seth Rollins AJ Styles Luke Gallows Kerr
Anderson and so on they all have their own hilarious characters in it even
Chris Jericho I hope WWE gives us at least another episode of this because it
was awesome with every single character showcasing something different from each
superstars in a very hilarious way so we could be getting the original DLC of
tags of Ferguson aka Luke Gallows and so on it’s also worth mentioning that these
are very popular in community creations so you might be able to find some
popular ones already for the no man’s sky I’m not necessarily too sure
but maybe has an apocalyptic Thai feel to it so I’m thinking super stars like
the Ascension alternate versions of the Viking raiders
and more super star with dark feel to them again I’m not necessarily sure just
speculation and then for the Empire of tomorrow this one certainly feels like
it’s gonna be a regular DLC pack that maybe has some of the new NX e & NX e UK
superstars in it I also get the vibe that we probably get alternate versions
of like Roman reigns and of course Empress of tomorrow osku which when you
think about it this DLC pack should be all about
Aska so just give me like 20 versions of osku a whole showcase if you want to I
don’t even care and I’ll play through it again guys let’s not forget that with
all of these original packs we’re not only gonna be getting alternative
versions of superstars we are also getting new arenas story-based
2k towers episodes of showcase which probably are all gonna have their own
unique story to wear and other unlockables definitely let me know your
thoughts down in the comments below as for the other bit of news WWE 2k and
they’re posting a Roman reigns talks about WWE 2k tower video which wasn’t
received well by the community because once again we only got like five second
worth of a gameplay of Roman reigns suplexing drew McIntyre on the Monday
rowena and in it we got a glimpse at the motto of Jim McIntyre well he is rocking
the attire that he had at this year’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view so really
nothing too crazy of a reveal there but I do hope that we get more as we are
only thirty days away from the game’s release it stands to reason that every
week hopefully WWE games is gonna give us some big awesome reveal and again
guys I’ll be here to cover it so hit that notification and if you enjoy the
coverage hit that elbow drop on the like button anyways you savages we are on the
road to 200 thousand subscribers so much of T Yahoo did you

62 Replies to “WWE 2K20 News: ALL ORIGINALS DLC PACKS ‘LEAK’! New Themes & NXT DLC Roster Hints, Breakdown & More!”

  1. Good to know beside I'm definitely gonna get wwe2k20 because I think this game is going to be good especially the dlc superstar which I have to pay for

  2. Any one contractually obligated to WWE are place on disc with the exception of the 20th Anniversary Edition. 2k originals has exclusive characters as alt. Gimmicks and wont use nxt upcoming talent as the passes

  3. Even the DLC, you have to pay for sucks. Damn I didn't know that there was that many people into the tower modes, 2k putting all their focus on it instead of Universe Mode. Personally I don't like tower mode at all, I don't care about the additions in tower mode this year. The game additions so far are really disappointing for me, still waiting for that gameplay to trailer to see if they improved the gameplay. If not, won't be buying the game.

  4. Nooo no no no lol this is not the route to go..give us superstars who aren't on the rosters not people in alternate universe attires ??‍♂️

  5. Has it been said yet if the originals characters will have alternate move sets to their wwe wrestler counterparts? It seems like it would be more crazy move sets for this mode, but haven't heard anything about it yet.

  6. Originally I thought that every dlc pack would be holiday themed pre order is Halloween the next one would be thanksgiving 3rd would be Christmas 4th would be Valentine's day

  7. This is suck man they're going to have the same duplicate superstars with different attires this is what's going to make the roster my seriously man 2K really went this route wow I can't believe it so they going to replace DLC Packs to bring in more Superstars to have the same Superstar the ultimate eye isn't stupid wacky s*** that has nothing to do professional wrestling this is why I to Kay's going to f**** fail

  8. if this truly is their dlc for this year LOL i'm so happy i decided to wait till black friday and get deluxe for $60 instead of buying day one

  9. This is a terrible build for a 2k game! I haven't pre-ordered it yet and I may not because it looks weak! No full roster yet and if this is the DLC then I'm not getting the deluxe edition and I'll wait until the holidays and get it cheaper and there's no reason we can't get kushida? But this is a terrible DLC because this is what you find in the community creation so I'm disappointed so far

  10. Honestly I can see why wwe 2k doesn't do much on the game its obvious wwe fans are gulliabale to believe something small can fix the game ?‍♂️

  11. I probably won't buy this game. I didn't buy 2k19 think ill get 2k19 instead….originals is just stupid who would want that

  12. If the rumors are true, and WWE 2K20 has a Southpaw Regional Wrestling pack, then a third season has to take place. Little question, if you see this: Who would you see take the roles of Clint Bobski (Chris Jericho), John Johnson (TJP), Porkchop Jones (Jason Jordan), Frantic Frank (Rhyno) and other guys I missed, because I don't remember the faces and the roles they had (who either in WWE anymore)? I'd see:

    Adam Cole as Clint Bobski
    Otis as Frantic Frank
    Apollo Crews as Porkchop Jones
    John Johnson is the one I'm the more torn on, as I see either Johnny Gargano, Roderick Strong or Kyle O'Reilly.

    Any other guys I missed? Feel free to give your opinion.

  13. Sorry this shit is lame. I would prefer more classic and current superstars, arenas and move sets along with custom music not this trash!

  14. I always preorder the collector's edition of the WWE games because it usually comes out around my birthday. So I'll definitely be getting all of the additional content, it's the main reason I buy the collector's edition the autographs and other extras are just icing on the cake for me. So I can't wait to dive into these new towers/story lines and see what they've come up with.

  15. The Asuncion who's that lol bruh they need on wwe and actually do something and make it good a lot of people and tag teams need thia

  16. T No Man’s Land has to be an all female pack, it says it in the title No Man’s Land and it fits in with the Female Revolution.

  17. This will be the first wwe 2k game that I'm not going to buy, just the same old song and dance. 2k doesn't care about making a great game anymore, instead just releasing the same game over and over again. R.I.P. Smackdown series, maybe some year we'll get another great game.

  18. I hope WWE 2K20 has another match type Six Person Mixed Tag-Team Match also I'm mad the 2K isn't giving us a four-day release like they did for 2k19 this sucks they was the good part we got to play it earlier then everybody else

  19. Ok so by now there is nothing what could get me to buy this game. There are no more 8 men Battle Royals this year, we don't know the roster yet and I really don't give a damn about those lame DLCs with Zombies and Southpaw nonsense. So come on and try a little bit harder 2k

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