WWE 2K20 “Cocktail Party” commercial

WWE 2K20 “Cocktail Party” commercial

[MUSIC] Cold one. [MUSIC] [SOUND]>>Sorry about your ceiling.>>Nice work man. [MUSIC]>>Step inside and be the man. [MUSIC]

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  1. Roman back in a awful attire perfect I love when u can’t see his logo it’s matching the color of his ring attire

  2. 247 mode where sometimes r truth or who ever wins the belt will come down with belt running from someone random and u have a chance to win him or just keep beating up your guy pls make that in game XD

  3. Oh this metaphor.

    Becky bashing in the glass ceiling to the main event, which was a mens club for decades by now. "Blocked" by all these former main eventers and (soon to be) legends.

  4. Would of been funny if Becky and Seth were the cover and later after game is released they had broken up, no wonder Becky and Roman are the cover

  5. releases 22 Oct 2020? glad they're taking another year to take this horrible looking game back to the drawing board

  6. fr a million dollar company they really cannot afford a new game engine even the ps2 graphics looks better than this

  7. There's one legend that is also included, that has not been figured out yet; but I have figured that something (legend) out as of this moment. Can you guess who it is? Hint: He was in 2K19. You can also re-watch the video, which helps more. Listen closely.

  8. I understand the ceiling thing and women's revolution stuff… But hmm where are they? Only becky at the spotlight as always.

  9. I love this commercial with the superstars with Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and etc. Love Roman & Becky my favs ?❤️

  10. They are going to make it so that you can team up with the girls but really who going to do that. 2020 will be the worst one.

  11. Is it just me or would It be nice to be able to see the superstar in move-set creations and not the ugly same twins? It would be easier to see how the moves will fit the superstar if we could see them while editing the move-set or am I the only one wanting this?

  12. The fact they don't give us more info or gameplay footage, gives me fears that the game ain't even finished, and they will sell an incomplete game where two characters look great and the rest look like poorly made caw

  13. Cringey Lynch SUCKS, P.S don't listen to the crybaby trolls in the comments, 19 was the best Wrestling game so far in literally every aspect.

  14. After Watching This WWE Ad, I Wouldn't Be Suprised That Our 1rst Jane Bond, After Daniel Craig Retires His Liscense To Kill, Turns Out To Be The Man !!!

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