WWE 2K20 Adam Cole vs Brock Lesnar vs The Fiend Bray Wyatt

WWE 2K20 Adam Cole vs Brock Lesnar vs The Fiend Bray Wyatt

got that making his way to the
representing weighing in
the Seraphina to win two title back right and then
becoming the North America
in NXT he have continued that xD incredible athlete bragging if you can back it up on the big stage its and his opponents
Minnesota 200
the don’t you tell me emotion destruction Brock lesner one of the baddest men of I have never seen anything like this in
my what exactly is that his proudest under
I feel stunned this uncomfortable feeling has just taken over the
don’t Uwe universe his presence felt
it’s such an eerie existence weighing in at 218
but WWE Universe yeah looking at it’s like a nightmare you
just can’t wake up from the superstars are ready in solar way
here we go Brock Lesnar’s still enters as the odds-on favorite yeah I would
never predict a letter loss Saxton because you can enter suplex City but
you will never come out the same this is how you punish your opponent Holly this
Brock Lesnar with a nice reversal courtesy notes look at that spray Wyatt do just been doing it guys look out brutality hi my goodness the vertical big slam Dalia’s good slam right to the back why in unleashing a
facade kicking some serious tail here that’s the impact nice amateur takedown Oh 1987 Richfield Ohio the very first
Survivor Series and look at the quickness by Wyatt would you look at
this it looks like they did their homework heading into this way I’ll set about Oh Oh with the release loosening strikes but
what Brock Lesnar is a beast in every way you
can imagine whether it away we’re about to take a trip gentlemen
this less nerds at all you can do it here it breaks the pen the Florida Keys what a sequence that the mountain for
short by our jobs lower back now back to the right right tonight pussy forward now go ride is controlled
the tempo smash the oven is
is cooking he had seen these superstars face
they’re in serious pain at the moment bad that hurts before three the Beast won’t stay down suplex the tension the drama this is electric
and of coal look in the address another kick-out what a kick-out Lester with a nice reversal nicely done if I was Brock I would quit messing
around with people’s minds and start messing with his opponents body instead he’s in big trouble here is Bray Wyatt in position now these guys feel no love for each other
here’s another look this match wasn’t exactly a barn burner but we can’t
expect every superstar to be on their a-game every time I guess you’re getting
after here here three another went on the resume when you put
three superstars the caliber of these guys in the ring together you’re gonna
get an awesome match and that’s exactly what happened here tonight
another amazing match in the log and story history of Survivor Series

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