WWE 2K17 Royal Rumble Masked wrestlers WWE/WWF WCW Lucha Underground NJPW

WWE 2K17   Royal Rumble Masked wrestlers WWE/WWF WCW Lucha Underground NJPW

Welcome to a very special Royal Rumble with masked wrestlers from different wrestling promotions Max Moon – WWF 1992-1993 First portrayed by Carlos Santiago Espada Moises (Konnan) and by Thomas Boric
(Paul Diamond / Kato) The Max Moon character only lived for about 8 months Lince Dorado
Born : San Juan, Puerto Rico – 1987, May 11
Promotions : Chikara, TNA, CWC, WWE Dorado has been a professional wrestler since 2007. He took part in the Cruiserweight Classic last summer and was eliminated by Rich Swann in the 2nd round. He is now a member of the WWE Raw roster. Abyss
Real name : Christopher Joseph Parks
Born : Washington, D.C, 1973, October 4 Vader
Real name : Leon Allen White
Born : Lynwood, California – 1955, May 14 The Patriot
Real name : Del Wilkes
Born : Columbia, South Carolina – 1961, December 21 Gran Metalik
Born : Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – 1988, November 3 Abyss eliminated by Gran Metalik Lince Dorado eliminated by Vader Rey Mysterio Jr.
Real name : Óscar Gutiérrez
Born : Chula Vista, California – 1974, December 11 Max Moon eliminated by Vader Mortis
Real name : Christopher Klucsarits
Born : New York City, New York – 1970, January 4
Death : Suicide – 2010, April 2 Gran Metalik eliminated by Vader Argh, i was looking at Mortis for a second and lost focus The Patriot eliminated by Rey Mysterio Jr. Jushin Thunder Liger
Real name : Keiichi Yamada
Born : Hiroshima, Japan – 1964, November 30 The Sultan
Real name : Solofa Fatu, Jr.
Born : San Francisco, California – 1965, October 11 Rey Mysterio Jr. eliminated by Vader (his 4th elimination) Sin Cara
Real name : Jorge Arias
Born : El Paso, Texas – 1977, September 5 Kato
Real name : Thomas Boric
Born : Zagreb, SFR Yugoslavia – 1961, May 11 The Sultan eliminated by Mortis Jushin Thunder Liger eliminated by Sin Cara Vader eliminated by Mortis Mil Muertes
Real name : Gilbert Cosme
Born : Bayamón, Puerto Rico – 1975, May 25 Kato eliminated by Mortis Kane
Real name : Glenn Thomas Jacobs
Madrid, Spain – 1967, April 26 Mil Muertes eliminated by Sin Cara Fernando
Real name : Orlando Tito Colón
Born : San Juan, Puerto Rico – 1982, March 24 Sin Cara eliminated by Fernando La Parka
Real name : Adolfo Margarito Tapia Ibarra
Born : Querétaro, Mexico – 1965, November 14 Kalisto
Real name : Emanuel Alejandro Rodriguez
Born : Chicago, Illinois – 1986, November 14 Ultimo Dragon
Real name : Yoshihiro Asai
Born : Aichi, Japan – 1966, December 12 Mortis eliminated by Kane Son of Havoc
Real name : Matthew Capiccioni
Born : Brecksville, Ohio – 1980, December 31 Kane eliminated by Ultimo Dragon La Parka eliminated by Kalisto Ultimo Dragon eliminated by Kalisto Shark Boy
Real name : Dean Matthew Roll
Born : Dayton, Ohio – 1975, January 18 Kalisto eliminated by Shark Boy Prince Puma
Real name : Trevor Mann
Born : Alton, Illinois – 1988, October 11 Fenix
Born : Mexico City, Mexico – 1990, December 30 Prince Puma eliminated by Fernando Fernando eliminated by Son of Havoc Pentagon Jr.
Born : Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico – 1985, February 26 Son of Havoc eliminated by Shark Boy Mil Mascaras
Real name : Aaron Rodríguez
Born : San Luis Potosí, Mexico – 1942, July 15 Psicosis
Real name : Dionicio Castellanos Torres
Born : Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico – 1971, May 19 Mil Mascaras eliminated by Shark Boy Mankind
Real name : Michael Francis Foley
Born : Bloomington, Indiana – 1965, June 7 Shark Boy eliminated by Pentagon Jr. Diego
Real name : Edwin Carlos Colón
Born : San Juan, Puerto Rico – 1982, December 21 Pentagon Jr. eliminated by Diego Fenix eliminated by Mankind stand
through Hurricane Helms
Real name : Gregory Shane Helms
Born : Smithfield, North Carolina – 1974, July 12 Psicosis eliminated by Mankind Hayabusa
Real name : Eiji Ezaki
Born : Kumamoto, Japan – 1968, November 29
Death : subarachnoid hemorrhage – 2016, March 3 El Generico
Real name : Rami Sebei
Born : Québec, Canada – 1984, July 12 Diego eliminated by Mankind Hurricane Helms eliminated by Mankind (his 4th elimination) Mankind eliminated by El Generico Hayabusa eliminated, El Generico wins!! Thank you very much for watching

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  1. you forgot the manchine,who(hitman),kwang,conquistadores,taurus,tiger one ,killer bee,superstar mask,destroyer,dos cara etc…

  2. Sorry dude but your Max Moon needs work. I made a better one. You need to include the circuitry markings especially on his chest of his outfit. It looks like he may have them somewhat during the match, but you forgot to copy or add them to the entrance attire. And their are much better boots to put on him. Your Max Moon looks like a cheap rip-off.

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