Wrestlers Who’ve Fought Each Other In Real Life

Wrestlers Who’ve Fought Each Other In Real Life

For the most part, wrestlers only fight each
other as part of the storyline that plays out in the ring. Every now and then, though, unchecked egos,
misunderstandings, and just plain bad blood can break into legitimate backstage brawls
that are anything but scripted. Here are the stories of some of your favorite
wrestling superstars taking each other on in real life. Kofi Kingston vs. Vince McMahon He’s been the villain of plenty of in-ring
storylines, but a wrestler actually fighting WWE chairman Vince McMahon in almost unthinkable,
especially for a fan-favorite good guy known for pancakes, Booty-Os, and high-flying stunts
like Kofi Kingston. In Chris Jericho’s book Best In The World
(At What I Have No Idea), he says McMahon decided to pick on Kingston during his rookie
days, telling him on a plane, “Maybe you’ll get over one of these days.” In other words, the boss was taking a sarcastic
jab at Kofi’s popularity with the fans – or lack thereof. Jericho approached Kingston and told him he
needed to fight back, and after some understandable hesitation, Kofi confronted Vince and kicked
off some serious trash talk. That’s when McMahon went for a legit double-leg
takedown and a real-life wrestling match was on. A few moments later, McMahon picked himself
up and started laughing, happy that Kingston stood up for himself. It clearly worked out for the high-flyer of
the New Day, but for the rest of us, starting fistfights with your employer is probably
a bad idea. Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho The real-life battle between Goldberg and
Chris Jericho was years in the making. In 1998, Goldberg was a megastar known for
obliterating opponents in under a minute, while Jericho played an arrogant, obnoxious
villain. Seems like a perfect matchup, but it never
happened. As Jericho said in a podcast interview, Goldberg
simply refused to work with him, and Jericho himself refused to lose on regular TV rather
than in a more lucrative pay-per-view match. Years later, when both were in WWE, Goldberg
confronted Jericho about rumors of some online trash talk. Insulted by the accusation, Jericho refused
to back down. When Goldberg went for Jericho’s throat,
Jericho grabbed him in a front-facelock and took him down with no trouble, in a real life
reversal of exactly the kind of quick victory that Goldberg had been known for in the ring. Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty Before becoming one of the greatest wrestlers
of all time, Shawn Michaels was one half of a tag team called the Rockers, alongside Marty
Jannetty. By the early ‘90s, though, they were apparently
sick enough of each other to throw down for real. According to an interview with Jannetty, “Rowdy”
Roddy Piper instigated a fight between Jannetty and Michaels, that Jannetty won quite easily,
saying of Michaels, ”He’s a good wrestler, but he can’t fight.” The brawl was bad enough that the police were
called, but Jannetty credits the legendary Randy Savage for keeping him from being arrested. The Macho Man told the cops the Rockers were
simply practicing for a storyline, and the star-struck cops agreed to let Jannetty go
in exchange for some autographs, and maybe a couple Slim Jims. Eventually, the Rockers would have their on-screen
breakup, but after a stellar career, Michaels is a Hall of Fame legend, and Jannetty’s
name is unfortunately synonymous with the weaker half of any tag team. That’s called winning the battle but losing
the war. Sid Vicious vs. Arn Anderson Arn Anderson’s 1993 brawl with Sid Vicious
is one of the most brutal real-life fight stories in wrestling history, and it’s a wonder
both men are still alive to tell it. During a tour of Germany that involved a 9-hour
flight, a two-hour bus-ride, a long night of wrestling and another ten hours on the
road, the wrestlers were well past exhaustion and tempers were running high. At a bar, Sid offered up an opinion that WCW
was losing money because of older stars like Ric Flair, and his best friend Arn Anderson. Anderson understandably got mad, but a bar
fight was avoided when cooler heads prevailed. For a couple hours, at least. Later that night, Sid broke the leg off a
chair with intentions of clubbing Anderson with it. Anderson grabbed a pair of scissors, and this
time, no one was around to break up the fight. By the time the other wrestlers separated
them, Sid had been stabbed four times, and Anderson over 20. The most amazing thing, besides the fact that
they both survived and continued wrestling for years? Sid would later apologize, and the two men
are actually on good terms today. The Big Show vs. The Great Khali When two seven-foot titans like the Big Show
and the Great Khali decide to take each other on for real, you’d expect the knock-down,
drag-out fight to be literally Earth shattering. According to Show, however, their backstage
brawl was, quote, “the worst friggin’ fight on the planet.” While appearing on Chris Jericho’s podcast,
Show recalled that the fight with Khali broke out over one of Show’s signature moves,
where he’d throw his opponent in the corner, shush the crowd, then deliver a thunderous
chop to the chest. Khali started doing the same thing, and Show
was none too happy. When he confronted Khali, they began punching
each other, and as Jericho put it, no one would break them up because it was like King
Kong vs. Godzilla. They didn’t need to bother, though. The fight soon ended on its own when Show
took a swing at Khali, tripped over a chair, and fell down, somehow knocking Khali over
on top of him. The pile of giants then called the whole thing
off. Of course, If you ask Khali, all the wrestlers
took his side in the fight and he made the Big Show cry. That’s almost certainly untrue, but to be
fair, it’s a much better story than “we both fell over.” The Plane Ride From Hell If you’ve ever had a bad time on an airplane,
you can always be thankful that you’re not one of the wrestlers on board 2002’s infamous
“Plane Ride From Hell.” This legendarily awful flight across the Atlantic
made headlines for a lot of reasons, and none of them were good. One of the most memorable was an alcohol-fueled
mid-air match between the legendary “Mr. Perfect,” Curt Hennig and a young, but still terrifying,
Brock Lesnar. The details are hazy, but Hennig and Lesnar,
both graduates of the University of Minnesota with strong amateur wrestling backgrounds,
apparently decided to see who could come out on top in a takedown contest. In the aisle of a 747. While flying at 35,000 feet. There are about 35,000 reasons that’s a
bad idea, but various reports say that the two grapplers almost crashed into the plane’s
emergency door, which could’ve put a very bad ending on what was already a miserable
flight for everyone on board. Luckily, that never happened, but Hennig wound
up as the scapegoat, losing his job over the whole episode. Lesnar, on the other hand, was spared punishment. It turns out that WWE had pretty big plans
for him.

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  1. I was wondering if Andre the Giant had done something untoward would Vince Mcmann have had the nerve to sack him?

  2. One time in the early 90s close to the mid 90s a bunch of wrestlers came to my local high school to wrestle.
    Iron sheik was in the bathroom peeing next to me and I ran out scared to death.
    Jim Dugan put me on his shoulders and took a pic with me and I still have that even though I haven’t been a wrestling fan since I was like 8 years old.
    In the pic he looks cracked out and we both had or tongues out lol
    That wasn’t even the best part of the night.
    The best part was he came over to our house and beat everyone in arm wrestling while getting hammered lol

  3. Jericho whooped Goldberg ass in that fight they had. And what abt Booker T and Batista… Batista got his ass whooped

  4. Goldberg you may be big as shit but Y2J went to the Hart Brothers School of Wrestling, Goldberg you are severly overmatched

  5. Sid Vicious was right they were losing money because of Ric Flair Ric Flair was a part of the rabbit racist groups that caused a lot of people to stop watching wrestling but it was also people like Shawn Michaels Triple H and Randy Orton

  6. I love the Rocker's, I wasn't aware they had a problem in real life, I love them because of my Dad, he love the Rocker's we have so many Rocker's videos collection, I had watch them all, Shawn Michael was the babe, and Marty was so good looking too, the music is awesome.

  7. Brock should get special treatment- but he didn’t. Think about their real life personalities. Brock is super nice easy going and nothing like his character. Perfect was an arrogant bully who was testing the new guy maybe even jealous of his push. You can put the rest together

  8. Nothing like a scissor fight to start a lifelong friendship. Here in the Uk we use glass as a verb such as "I'll glass you" Smashing pint glasses over each other and using the remains as a weapon.

  9. Chris Jaricho takes no prisoners!
    But is he more Bad ass than Booker T?. Ask Batista.
    Even Show was afraid to smack talk with Booker.
    People didnt mess with the likes of Chris Benoit as well..

  10. These guys need a fact check! The Sid Vicious/Arn Anderson fight didn't happen during tour of Germany. It was a UK tour. It happened on On October 27, 1993 at the Elsinore Hotel in Blackburn, England.

  11. Sid was right !!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in their right fucken mind would wanna see OLD fucked up lookin' useless wrestlers like Ric Flair and Arn Anderson ?????????? Random note – I used to tell people that Sid was my uncle in high school; mind you…I'm not White….but everyone believed me 🙂

  12. Jannety may have whipped Michaels but he got his ass kicked backstage by Sid Vicious in KC.  Ambulance and cops called.  Jannety went to hospital.  I was there

  13. One of the only matches I've seen was he great kahli versus eat mystirio or how ever you spell it and the second I seen kahli I was like Ray is done

  14. You know even if they crashed into the emergency exit door it is physically impossible to open during flight because the pressurized cabin it would be like trying to open a car door at the bottom of the ocean you can't

  15. Holy fuck. Jericho has got some balls. I mean if what he's saying is true. If I were him and an angry giant like Goldberg approached me like that, I would be like "yes it's true but I'm sorry please don't hurt me" lol

  16. I was thinking I am going to see Steve Austin's pod deal, then the gay thing I heard throws me in confusion

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