Wrestlers Who Fought Each Other Outside Of The Ring

Wrestlers Who Fought Each Other Outside Of The Ring

For the most part, wrestlers only fight each
other as part of predetermined storylines on scripted wrestling shows. Backstage, everyone is usually pretty friendly
with one another, but wrestlers are human too, and occasionally tempers flare and give
way to fisticuffs. When Ken Shamrock entered the World Wrestling
Federation in 1997, his victories in mixed martial arts had already earned him the nickname
“the World’s Most Dangerous Man.” That’s not exactly the kind of guy you’d
think would get beaten up by the Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Saggs, but it happened,
and Shamrock lost badly. Long before the UFC or WWF, Shamrock was training
as a pro wrestler on the independent circuit. He says that one night, he confronted the
Nasty Boys in their hotel room for groping a fellow wrestler’s girlfriend at a bar. One of the Nasties attacked him from behind
with a phone, then the two bigger wrestlers battered Shamrock beyond recognition. They moved on, but Shamrock never forgave
or forgot. Years later, after he’d become a superstar
with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Shamrock and a few other wrestlers encountered the
Nasty Boys at an airport. He confronted them and threatened to beat
them senseless, knowing that this time he absolutely could. Fisticuffs didn’t happen. “And he goes, ‘If you hit me, it’s a federal
offense.’ I was like, ‘That’s it?!'” The realization that Saggs wouldn’t fight
him, even in front of other wrestlers, was victory enough. Smoky Mountain Wrestling is where Tracy Smothers
and Dr. Tom Prichard both made their names, but they weren’t really friends. While working for the WWF in the mid-’90s,
that lack of friendliness exploded into an all-out brawl that almost landed them in jail. As Prichard explained, he felt that Smothers
kept legitimately hurting wrestlers when the whole point of wrestling is to, you know,
not actually do that. While traveling to a show, Smothers confronted
Prichard about this trash talk, and the two began fighting right on the side of the road. Since that’s another thing you’re not supposed
to do, police officers arrived to break the ruckus up. Prichard said the two were simply practicing
for their upcoming wrestling match, and the cops somehow believed them and started to
leave. That would’ve been the end of it, but before
the cops left, Smothers told Prichard that he was lucky they were there to save him from
a major beating, and the brawl was back on until the cops threatened to take them to
jail if they didn’t leave. “Buff” Bagwell was known for his ego while
he was working for World Championship Wrestling, but when he was brought into the WWF in 2001,
his pride proved to be his undoing. He only worked a few matches before getting
fired, but even in that brief period, he managed to get into a real-life fight. His opponent was Shane “Hurricane” Helms,
another former WCW employee. We don’t know what triggered the fight, mostly
because Helms wouldn’t say, but it started as a verbal altercation and quickly escalated
into a physical one. Bagwell apparently attacked Helms from behind,
and Helms responded by throwing a water bottle at him, which somehow resulted in Bagwell
falling over, cracking his head on the pavement, and needing 20 stitches. As for Helms, his surprisingly dangerous water
bottle skills earned him total respect from his peers. It’s hard to imagine a brawl bigger than
a fight between the Big Show and the Great Khali, two seven-foot titans who took each
other on for real. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t always
have the drama of the ring, and according to Show their backstage tussle was, quote,
“the worst friggin’ fight on the planet.” Show recalled the fight on an episode of Chris
Jericho’s podcast, and revealed it was over one of Show’s signature moves. He’d throw his opponent in the corner, shush
the crowd, then deliver a thunderous chop to the chest with a frying-pan sized hand. When Khali started doing the same thing, Show
confronted him about it, and as Jericho put it, no one would break them up because it
was like King Kong taking on Godzilla. Not that anyone actually needed to break it
up. The fight soon ended on its own when Show
took a swing at Khali, tripped over a chair, and fell down, somehow knocking Khali over
on top of him. The pile of giants then called the whole thing
off. Of course, if you ask Khali, all the wrestlers
took his side in the fight and he made the Big Show cry. That’s almost certainly untrue, but to be
fair, it’s a much better story than “we both fell over.” In 2006, Dave Bautista learned the hard way
that acting like you’re a bigger star than the people you work with is always going to
cause trouble. “You just need to find a woman who’s pathetic,
like you.” At the time, he was getting a huge push in
WWE, but his in-ring exploits had also inflated his ego. Things peaked when Batista declared that Smackdown
had risen in ratings solely because he was on the show. Booker T, a veteran who had been main eventing
for a decade at that point, confronted him about his stuck-up attitude, which devolved
into a fistfight that lasted about 30 seconds. The fight didn’t need to last any longer than
that. While Booker suffered a black eye in the ruckus,
Batista’s face was completely cut up, and his pride evaporated. It’s hard to act like a big deal after getting
beaten up by someone smaller and older than you. Hopefully, Batista took those lessons into
his future battles, you know, the ones against James Bond and Thanos? Even if you prefer prestige television to
pro wrestling, you probably know Awesome Kong, aka Kia Stevens, from her role on Netflix’s
GLOW. She’s one of a handful of actual pro wrestlers
to take a role on the show, but the drama doesn’t always stop when the cameras turn
off. In 2016 Kong was changing in the locker room
at Total Nonstop Action when fellow wrestler Reby Sky entered and attempted to change,
too. The two rarely got along, and Kong was outraged
that Sky would dare change near her. She kicked Sky out of the locker room, and
when Sky later returned to grab her belongings, Kong went after her, allegedly grabbing her
by the throat. The worst part? Sky’s young son Maxel was nearby and watching
the whole incident. Kong was released from the company shortly
thereafter, but with the success she’s had on Netflix, that might’ve been for the best.

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  2. Seriously?! Awesome Kunt really ran to attack Reby with Maxel near by?…ahhh man serioulsy fuck her what a bitch!!!

  3. Vinces' bitch Big Show probably cried. Kong/Sky is to low on information to say anything. Would have pay to see Shamrock take down Nasty Boys, hopefully Ken can get them in the ring(Blackman can tag with him, or Rowdy Ronda).

  4. It's a shame Bagwell was such an idiot because he was soo talented. Dude had the great look and personality to make a damn good World Champion but he was his own worst enemy.

    Also got himself fired in WWF. He would have been a great part of Raw or Smaackdown around 2002-2004.

  5. The 2 guys in WWE that could beat the shit out of everyone else in real life would be Kane ( in his younger days) and Braun Strowman. Could be wrong but Strowman (Adam Scherr) seems like he isn't too hard to anger while Kane (Glenn Jacobs) is the opposite and is generally a nice guy.

  6. Kong seems like a pig fighting someone for getting dressed and in front of their child. Shes mud tier at best doesnt deserve gar own dressing room, she probably was embarrassed of her big hairy smelly pussy.

  7. Booker t smaller then batista? Yea, he is. But not termendesslly. Plus booker t is legit anyway. Don’t think there is any shame in losing a fight to booker t.

  8. Shamrock is not a superstar! He was never over at that level and no one could buy him as a champion! And he still thinks he should be brought back and given the title ???

  9. @3:35 damn the video Godzilla sliding on his tail to do a sliding dropkick was priceless! I remember this when I was a young kid watching this particular episode of Godzilla and I thought this was the coolest shit I've ever seen in my life! Big shout out to Godzilla and the sliding dropkick!!!!!

  10. I never became a pro wrestler, thats why i say that two grown men fighting for real is rubbish. Why would you do that? More could be said about this but i am not going to do it.

  11. Shamrock would've put fatboys on they asses if it wasn't for the cheapshot lol. Nasty boys to fatboys real quick ?

  12. Nah bro, I've never heard Booker T flat out won the fight with Batista. They went in a room, fought it out, agreed to disagree, and moved on….Why embellish it like a little kid?

  13. Kalie does not fight he is very riligous and denys these lies he could not hurt a nohter person and you have destroyed the kind soul that gives millions to the needey people of india

  14. Nasty Boys will always be able to say they kicked Shamrock's ass and have been proven to do so while he has no fighting victory over them.
    I've heard the story from him and them and Shamrock got what he deserved that night.

    no one is surprised the former criminal Booker T beat up the muscle head batista.
    I mean Booker might be a pro wrestler but he has a legit background in hood-style.

    Awesome Kong was DELETEd from TNA!

  15. Shamrock got jumped from behind with a weapon and hit in the back of the head. Not really a fight that is just assault .

  16. Ordnorff vs Vader, Brody vs Sammartino (although it didn't develop into a proper fight), Dynamite Kid vs Jaques Rougeux (is that the right spelling), Arn Anderson vs Psycho Syd, there must be loads of fights off camera back in the day

  17. See the B.s. they sell but when it comes to realize life is more immediate then fiction a problem with someone else is nothing to laugh about in a business where you're supposed to be the strong man but it's off man on the streets and honest man on the streets Carter said than done in the real world you are one or the other you have to stand strong and have a peaceful head but some people are not peaceful and you will Clash Reality Bites back you have to be at attention.

  18. Don’t think Ken was “worlds most dangerous man” when he was in mma. At least I never heard it once until he went back to pro wrestling

  19. Well, they are called THE NASTY BOYS so it’s no surprise that they’d sucker Shamrock with an old phone (those of us who are old enough to remember those big assed hotel phones know they’re like a fucking small anvil). And they’re friends with Hulk so it’s no surprise they’d wanna sue when it was time for their comeuppance.

  20. By the stories I've heard, if 6 foot 10 150kg Nathan Jones went ballistic any of these wrestlers would be in trouble.

  21. Booker T is a LEGIT gangster though, former convict from ghetto ass Houston. I'm not surprised that he whooped Batista

  22. It wouldn't brake me to be beaten by someone smaller and older. Smaller means faster older means more wise. Ao yea id be happy i at least gave him a black eye

  23. You forgot to mention Shawn Michaels who got into so many brawls outside the ring he needed a bodyguard.

  24. You'd think these idiots would know, when you threaten to kill someone. Going to jail is the least of your worries.

  25. U forgot chris Jericho koing Brock lesnar, then Shawn Michaels getting beat up by Bret Hart and marty janetty

  26. If you think small children stops Blacks from fighting you need to watch more “Chuck E. Cheese” YouTube videos.

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