Wreckfest – Official PC Launch Trailer

Wreckfest – Official PC Launch Trailer

listen up now and listen up real good because what I’m about to say I’m gonna need you to understand see I’ve been in this game long enough to know that there were two types of endings to these tales there are the ones that make it out alive survivor Zeus beasts of Steel grinded their names into the hearts of every man woman and child out there and there are these the ones that ended up as another sad sob story to remind kids to steer clear with his life so now that I have your attention let me ask you a question you think you’re cut out for this world because in this pool of sharks him a lemon a they all smell blood you see this is a hell raise in death chasing hope smashing and dream crashing life and it won’t take no prisoners so as they get ready you better be sure because with ten tons of steel and fuelling about to smash into you at highway speeds you’re gonna need every bit of that conviction because if it don’t it will become your coffin you better hold on to that wheel like life itself go fast RAM first died last you think you’re winning think again because that’s when the Reapers come and that right there is where you learn to drive them but if you do you might just get to see another sunrise got speed

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  1. I love this game and I will continue to love it for a long time, but this game will never compare to Test Drive: Eve of Destruction

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