Wreckfest – Console Release Date Trailer

Wreckfest – Console Release Date Trailer


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  1. Oh great, not only did I waste $80 backing this garbage now I can't even have all the content without buying a console.

  2. Is this like burnout(not Paradise eww) cuz I been waiting for a game based on crashing into cars n doing crazy since since I stopped playing burnout on my ps2.

  3. For PC owners wondering….. On August 27 Wreckfest will receive a big free update, including:

    3 entirely new tracks and 1 new derby arena

    3 new crazy challenge vehicles

    1 new reward car for finishing the career

    New & improved career events

    Several new paint-jobs for existing vehicles

    Additional daytime's for all tracks

    … and some more cool stuff to be announced!

  4. Seriously, you guys might just be the best videogame publisher next to CD Projekt Red. Keep the titles coming!


  6. Игре пиздец, сырой шмат говна, но на консоли мы выпустимся, как и дейз..

  7. from Aug 27th 2016 for a backer, Xbox One: Weekend Smasher.. How will my copy of Wreckfest be delivered? Email or Xbox message?

  8. Yes, YES, but there is a question will I receive e-mail with code of the game if I preordered 2.5 years ago? 😀

  9. Hard to believe it's finally coming! It's been 12 years since Flatout: Ultimate Carnage on Xbox 360 and 6 years since Bugbear announced the Next Car Game thing. Thanks to everyone involved!

  10. Guess they couldn't get the rights to the actual song… Yet the same publisher can get a Rammstein song for a Destroy all humans remake trailer

  11. I like how just yesterday I listened to a video that said "wreckfest for console would forever be delayed"
    Littleraly yesterday

  12. Why are you wasting your devs on this generic garbage!? We could have SpongeBob AND Destroy All Humans THIS year if it weren't for your screwed up priorities! Who cares about Darksiders!? And do we REALLY need ANOTHER racing game in the market!? Use your brains! Or else Krypto might as well eat em!

  13. I Fucking love you guys!! I've been waiting for a Demolition Derby game like this for years…Fantastic!!!!!!!!

  14. I know thq didn't make the Simpsons hit and run but by god since your remastering games from our childhood and creating new ones for the love of god get the rights to remaster the Simpson hit and run or make a sequel to it I'm convinced that you are the only company who can pull it off

  15. I pre ordered the game for my Xbox one in december 2018. Will I get the bonus car even if it was before the car was announced?

  16. This is gonna be so awesome! I would try to buy that game on PS4 for real and absolutely destroy career mode and get that beast of a bonus car!! I bet the graphics are gonna be fantastic on the console platforms too! ?☠??

  17. These phrases from the trailer are a reference to a Johnny Cash song called God's Gonna Cut You Down. beautiful reference, THQ.

  18. Finally! I've been wondering if the console version would ever see the light of day! I'm really looking forward to this now! 🙂

  19. I have original PS4 and Xbox One X
    I'm thinking if it's not X enhanced, should I get it for PS4? Any console version 1080 60p?

  20. when I grow up I would like to make a video game croosover with high quality graphics with animated nickelodeon series, dreamwokrs movies, and netflix series this last one I am going to focus on adult things. in the style of kingdom hearts so that thq is the new disney squarenix

  21. I hope PC get's that pre-order car. Not so much because I want to use it, but because I like having every car available. Also looking forward to the DLC pack! I already want to use Outlaw.

  22. I pre-ordered this game on Xbox and it says I am supposed to be able to play it a day early but I'm trying to get on it and it keeps telling me I have to wait

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