100 Replies to “WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship – Reveal Trailer | PS4”

  1. Гавнецо… Такими темпами не новые части лепить, а работать над улучшением физики, механики, а потом уже и новую цифру лепить…

  2. To be honest, there is nothing about this trailer that excites me. Yeah, the weather effects look cool but thats a small part of the overall experience. The driving looks very "arcade" like, and WRC's major problem is the lack of vehicles in the game. Compared with DiRT or Seb Loeb Evo, you certainly seem to get more for your money. But even comparing their launch trailers with this one, there are a variety of camera angles, and a sense of excitement. I cant see myself rushing out to buy this unfortunately.

  3. i could say wrc6 was better than wrc7 and wr7 is better than wrc8 too. graphics are not much needed in rally games imo. controls are getting weak by years.

  4. wicked..looks tight!
    it just needs to be wr7 with a brighter colour scheme to be amazing, so any further improvements will be great!!!!

  5. Stunning looking game. Unfortunately physics will be no where near the level or DR 2.0, looking forward to it though,

  6. the terrain and world looks great af, the car physics clearly need some work, and the dust pickup is barely even there. nothing like the other WRC games. rally gets alot of dust and dirt picked up, gotta include that.

  7. I'm always amazed at how many people can judge the level of realism of a game… When you think that 99.99% of them have never been in an actual WRC car, that's pretty funny… Let alone the fact that judging this one game based on a reveal trailer is completely irrelevant. Anyways WRC7 was realistic enough for me, so I'm definitely looking forward to 8 over Dirt 2.0.

  8. just give the license to Codemasters… IMO, the graphics looks way behind what Dirt Rally offers, and its 2019.. never been a fan of WRC series since PS2

  9. Can't you just let codemasters take over wrc 5, 6 and 7 were awful games the track layout and graphics looked like they were ps2 or at best early ps3 games they were far more easy then dirt rally and didn't even had classic rally cars only modern wrc r5 and r2 cars

  10. Add H pattern with clutch option if you wanna win over dirt rally fans that way you cater for both parties. I love realism but I just enjoy racing with H shifter to much to let go of it so I'm willing to make exception and know there are thousands of people out there that would agree with me it's a win win

  11. This game looks great im keen as for this. Dont worry what these millenials are saying. People have lost gratitude and appreciation.your team have worked very hard for us the players Thank you ? cant wait to tear some gravel up ?

  12. Look at all the Codemaster fanboys in the comments. Too bad they wouldn't know what a real rally game was like if it smacked them in the quarter panel. It's hilarious they think the 'Dirt' games are anything like a real rally game.

    Will buy this once it comes out, I have 4,5,6 and 7 on Steam, not going to stop buying these now.

  13. What is the function of progress bar on the left when you driving a stage? When the line is green , Im the fastest in this section or what? And when is red ? Im not the fastest, right?

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