Woven Xbox One Gameplay Trailer

Woven Xbox One Gameplay Trailer

They entered a world of metal through
and through. Shadows moved above them, what were they getting into? [MUSIC] In a soft world of wool, once filled with
life and joy wanders a ragged and lonely soul. He has climbed across mountains
as high as tall towers. in search of life, in search of colour and mostly in search of: pretty flowers Now Glitch wakes up and sees the world
for the first time, filling him with wonder blazing. That’s when Glitch saw
the moon and felt its immediate pull. That was by no means an ordinary moon
suspended in the sky, so close it could almost be caressed. [MUSIC] Now what is this
metal machine doing here, looking lifeless and all wrong.
The machine came to life it was made for knitting. With the right pattern glitch could make any fabric fitting. Why would a machine containing a stuffy knitting pattern be here? Was there a connection with all these knitting machines near? Ah… A new shape could have other abilities. That was pretty neat. This new blueprint
contained patterns for those strong arms, and powerful feet. Useful I’m sure [MUSIC] Woven An epic tale awaits you [MUSIC] Under you! Danger! Now move both of you! [MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. I find something really unique about this game; can't exactly put my finger on it, but it's got that special kind of magic that's seldom seen in video games today. Day one purchase!!

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