So, this generation has had a pretty good
run – we’ve had some cracking titles over the last 7 years or so. But, perhaps more interesting than the highlights
of this gen’s interactive entertainment is the dark nadir of games best left forgotten. Join me, as we venture into the gloomiest
depths to uncover… the worst Xbox 360 games ever. Now, for the purpose of this video, we’ll
be talking about full-price, boxed releases only – and we’re basing critical reception
on the aggregate review scores of Metacritic. Kicking off our shameful selection, and with
the dubious virtue of being the least-worst of our selection, Shellshock 2: Blood Trails
scored an impressively low thirty percent, putting it at number ten on our list. Unsurprising, given that it’s a threadbare
first-person shooter with last-gen graphics, clunky mechanics and a rather comical sprint
animation. The concept is an interesting twist on the
already gruesome arena of the Vietnam war – an injection of shady medical ethics which
could have been used to great effect, but simply fall flat through poor exposition and
tired mechanics. Next up, at number nine it’s lacklustre offroad
racer Score International Baja 1000, taking the dubious honour of being the worst racing
game available for the Xbox, by virtue of its Metacritic score of just 29 percent. Despite its unimpressive graphics, the game
doesn’t seem much worse than any other run-of-the-mill racer – but after a couple of laps the cracks
start to show. Handling is comically bad, with your steering
input taken as an idle suggestion rather than anything important to react upon in a responsive
manner. There’s also a crippling lack of tracks – you’ll
start to rue the repetition, as the nondescript circuits drive you round the bend. At number 8, Jumper: Griffin’s story escapes
the label of ‘worst movie tie-in ever’ by a hair, with a less-than-enviable Metacritic
score of 29. Punctuated by banal comic-book style cutscenes
and presented as a sub-par brawler, the repetitive action is differentiated only by the teleport
mechanic, a defining feature of the film that does nothing but reduce the game into button
bashing tedium. Each of the four coloured face buttons corresponds
to a different attack direction, so even basic movement is taken out of the equation as you
mindlessly mash your way to victory. Later enemies prove marginally more challenging,
but by this point you’ll only wish for the ability to teleport a better game into your
console. At number seven on our list is Truth or Lies,
scoring a paltry 28 percent. A microphone-driven party game that styles
itself on a polygraph machine – a lie detector, in which you answer a sequence of questions
intended to provoke, embarrass or reveal your inner secrets. Were it to function with any degree of accuracy,
it would be naught more than a novelty, and not much of a game – but the fact that the
soothsaying ability of the Xbox is limited, to say the least, rather spoils this game’s
already restricted potential. Upon uttering words into the microphone, the
black box within whirrs and chugs away for a moment or two, before proclaiming the speaker’s
veracity: but the thing is, it simply doesn’t work. Should you avoid this game? True! At number 6, Rebellion’s second entry to our
list – Rogue Warrior – has a layer more polish than their other offering – but falls even
further from grace, with a rating of just 28 percent: earning it the hotly contested
title of ‘worst FPS this generation’. The protagonist is Navy Seal Richard Marcinko,
and is portrayed as a reckless, foul-mouthed operative – with voice acting provided by
none other than Micky Rourke. Rourke provides an impressive performance
– your character giving an x-rated play-by-play of the trite events that unfold: this narration
sadly wasted on the North Koreans you slaughter by the dozen. If the controls weren’t so clunky, the bombastic
string of expletives that spew from the main character would have B-movie appeal – but
with no substance to stand on, the humour is nothing more than adolescent emission. Next is the first of a string of Kinect games:
Deca Sports Freedom is our fifth worst game, with average reviews of 26 percent – making
the lukewarm Kinect Sports looks like game of the year by comparison. While not every game for the xbox’s motion
control camera is necessarily bad – they do seem to have a solid representation at the
bottom of the pile. While there’s nothing fundamentally wrong
with motion controls, least of all for a sports game – when basic control functions become
a frustrating affair, any enjoyment quickly withers. There’s a whole decathlon of sports to choose
from, and almost certainly more on offer than you’ll ever want to try: while the game might
have sufficient variety, the loose controls will mar your virtual athletic career as long
as your endurance holds out. At number 4 is another Kinect title: Hulk
Hogan’s Main Event is a cartoon-esque wrestling game that attained a Metacritic score of just
26. It transposes the showmanship of professional
wrestling onto Kinect’s motion controls – in which you must hold poses before entering
the ring, and subsequently mime to the theatrical acts within the squared circle. Fights are little more than a series of stunts
– sequenced beatdowns, throws and pins leading to chairs to the face and interminable Irish
whips. Its simplistic art style can be forgiven as
a stylistic choice, but again the loose controls detract from what little interactivity is
on offer, and the repetitive moves might lead some to break kayfabe, if not the game disk. Number 3 is a painful revisit to an otherwise
dead franchise, dredged from the seedier side of PC gaming of the late 1980s. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust features
the original Larry’s nephew in a low-budget open-world sandbox romp that attracted scathing
reviews across the board for a Metacritic score of 25 percent. The Leisure Suit Larry series has always had
a reputation for appealing to the prurient with its suggestive themes of an adult nature,
but seldom delivered anything but cheap laughs and a slip of titillation. Box Office Bust steers clear of the explicit,
and in any case the participants are too ugly – both in grotesque appearance and detestable
character – to hold any appeal whatsoever. Tack some awful gameplay and a poor excuse
for a plot onto this ensemble, and you have a truly execrable excuse for entertainment. From the puerile to the puellile, with our
second worst rated title – and lowest-scoring movie tie-in this generation. To be fair, I doubt the expectations for ‘Hannah
Montana: The Movie’ were very high – but nonetheless it attained a less-than-lofty 25 percent. To be fair, for fans of the popstar the major
criticism is the short length of the game, although what little content there is can
only be described as mediocre at best. It’s an odd fusion of rhythm game and farming
simulator, amongst a few other minigames. To its credit, the game is varied – although
there is a worrying emphasis on clothes shopping. Still, if you can stomach the saccharine presentation
and can abide the rampant consumerism – the Hannah Montana game is probably one of the
more playable titles on
this list. Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – our
final entry, collectively deemed the worst ever game made for the Xbox 360… …is Self-Defence Training Camp, this Kinect
title comfortably at the bottom of the pile with average review scores of just 21 percent. It is perhaps ironic that the motion controls
here are the keenest of all three Kinect titles – surprisingly responsive and with a good
degree of tolerance in the moves. Presentation is pretty slick, too – the menus
are clean and relatively easy to navigate, and while the graphics aren’t spectacular,
they are far from ugly. This game’s major failing is probably in the
overwhelming lack of any game-like features – there’s no real challenge, and no variety
whatsoever. In essence, it amounts to little more than
a genital-kicking simulator: as you perfect the so-called ‘moves’, time and time again
you’ll find yourself interacting with your assailant’s ‘genital triangle’. Of course, simultaneously shouting ‘That’s
my purse, I don’t know you!’ is entirely optional. While going for the groin is no doubt effective
in a self-defence scenario, one has to question whether the lethargic pace of this training
is true to a real-life assault scenario – I have my sincere doubts as to the practical
benefit of these routines. With no real usefulness, motion controls,
repetitive gameplay with little challenge, and otherwise being devoid of any merit whatsoever
– it is perhaps small wonder that this title scored so poorly. And thus concludes our compendium of the ten
worst-rated full price titles available for the Xbox 360. It is safe to say that none of these games
are stellar, although perhaps not all deserve a place in the fiery depths
of gaming perdition. All ten have their merits, even if it extends
only to easy achievements – or a reminder to be grateful for the better games we’ve
had the fortune to play. And spare a thought for the people behind
these games: brave souls who struggle against impossible deadlines and deliver despite knowing
their efforts might not contribute to anything resembling game of the year. These critical missteps serve as beacons for
those who follow, marking bad design decisions and poor gameplay so that others might learn
from their mistakes, and that we might reap the rewards of better games. Well, that was fun. We should do this again
sometime. Thanks for watching – and until next time,

100 Replies to “WORST XBOX 360 GAMES EVER!”

  1. I find the kinnect incredibly alienating due is the complete absence of tactile feedback. With not anchor point to hold on to or buttons to feel a press it really serves little purpose as a gaming device

  2. Learning a routine slowly does have its benefits.

    You learn slowly to master the movement then speed up as you progress. However the game does look tragic

  3. for the last one, what do you do if your attacker is female?

    are you allowed to hit them in the groin?

  4. IDK it's not fair to have that self defense thing on here, as it sounds more like software than a game. There is something to be said for such a product.

  5. "Where is [game]?"
    Hmmm, perhaps not here because it's very obviously sorted by Metacritic ratings from years ago. ?

  6. Where is Sosic '06? (yeah, I made a mistake in the tittle, because I cannot say this is part of Sonic franchise). This is one of the worst games ever made in game industry, even worse than e.t.

  7. I'm glad you didn't censor the swearing like you did in your BFG 9000 video, I love Rogue Warrior. So many epic lines.

  8. Makes me wonder how make many fellas have gotten kicked in the groin b/c of this game. Ironically this game does deserve worse game ever….lol!

  9. Kinect should have been abandoned during the inception phases.

    Side note: Never kick with your toes. That's a good way to get them broken.

  10. 1). Inspiring how Panic Button went from making one of the worst 360 games ever to making some of the highest quality ports there are for the Switch.

    2). Rebellion… I really hope they can give us a Judge Dredd game that is the quality equivalent of the 'Nolanized' 2012 Dredd film. The only game I have played of theirs was the 2000 PC version of Alien Vs. Predator, admittedly a game I truly enjoyed.

    3). The Burger King games, while cheap and only available for purchase as new at participating Burger King dumpst… I mean, resturants, were technically 'available at retail' and were 'full priced' (even if that price may have only gotten you 3/4 of a BK Quad Stacker). I am pretty sure GameStop had an easier time selling loose copies of Madden 2004 then any of those Burger King games.

  11. "Fly off to the right and explode. Fly off to the right and explode. Fly off to the right and explode. Fly off to the right and explode. Fly off to the right and explode. " Sorry….flashbacks.

  12. Rogue warrior wasnt even that bad lol, i fucking hate metacritic, i mean seriously 69 points for rogue trooper?

  13. I have to say I was surprised when I saw Panic Button on the list. I mean, considering the amazing job they've done as of late.

  14. In 2010 my gf and I were high and browsing the Xbox Live marketplace when we stumbled across a game called Maids with Balloons. It was the most surreal thing.

  15. You could have done one for PS3 games, but I doubt they'd have such low scores. Sony direct crazy amounts of money and dedication to their exclusives…

  16. I have that Larry game on PC. It's entirely playable with a mouse and keyboard. Certainly no masterpiece, but was worth the playthrough.

  17. Baja 1000 was fucking awful, but Baja : Edge of control is excellent. Too bad some people think they're the same game.

  18. I love how even in Ahoy's early days of clickbait-y titles and thumbnails, there was still a sense of calmness and professionalism usually not seen in other gaming videos.

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