World’s First Sideways VW Camper Van

JEFF BLOCH: The best thing about this van is that there is nothing else like it on the planet. JEFF BLOCH: This is the Trippy Tippy Hippy van. So, the inspiration for this van was
to do something no one has ever done before. And that’s a tough thing to do. You have
to be able to see through the roof and through the undercarriage in order to do that. So,
you have to use a van. The coolest van I could think of would be a Volkswagen Camper van:
classic, iconic, cool-looking. COMM: Jeff, known as Speedycop, built the eccentric vehicle with the Gang Of Outlaws.
It took them 1000 hours over the course of 5 weeks to complete and prepare it for its
racing debut. JEFF BLOCH: So, we raced it last weekend for the first time and it ran all weekend. We
did a total of 224 laps on a 2-mile road course. So, this van is powered by a 1.8 liter 16
valve GTI engine, makes about 120 horsepower. It will push in to about 100 miles an hour
and does 0 to 60 in about 8 seconds flat. COMM: The secret to the Trippy Tippy Hippy van’s unique driving style is that it’s
actually built out of 2 vehicles. JEFF BLOCH: It’s a 1976 Volkswagen Camper van mounted on top of a 1988 Volkswagen Rabbit.
So, the Trippy Tippy Hippy van is mounted on the Rabbit in a bunch of places. Both bumpers
have welded mounts and then there’s some various mounted points throughout the body.
Both of these doors are still hinged and work. The window’s tint, so you can’t see inside
quite as easily, so it doesn’t give it away so much. We had to have visibility coming
through the roof to be able to see out for the race. So, we’ve used one-way vinyl on
Lexan sheets. Both driver’s and passenger’s side are hinged for easy exit if there is
an emergency during the race. We have got our vintage Nordia Italian steering wheel
off of a Maserati in there. Car handles surprisingly well, it’s top-heavy for sure, but it’s
really grippy. In fact, some of the corners where I was cornnering really hard, it was going well up on two wheels, totally controllable, lots of fun. JEFF BLOCH: So, on the right side of the bus, which is the undercarriage, we have a vinyl
imprint of an actual bus undercarriage and that’s on one-way vinyl on Lexan panel.
So, you can see out the entire passenger side of the vehicle while you are racing. In the
front you see a one-way vinyl Lexan panel that allows us to see out, but you can’t
really see in. We added a second Volkswagen grill for airflow at the bottom. The windshields
tinted to kind of hide the vehicle inside and the roof is pushed out a little bit to
create more clearance for the front tires to turn on the Rabbit. JEFF BLOCH: People see this thing driving and their faces just melt. It’s awesome.

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