WORLD WAR Z Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (WWZ Game)

WORLD WAR Z Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (WWZ Game)

So guys welcome to something really cool so this game looked really promising I know it’s kind of based off the movie. It kinda reminds me of left4dead a lot Focus Home Interactive and saber interactive actually reached out to me and wanted to sponsor The first part of this series and I guess to help me out. All you got to do is click the link in the description The game is available for Xbox one ps4 and PC. That’s really all I have to say So, I don’t know if it’s how many times you click the link I really don’t know how it works. But most of the money I get from this sponsor is gonna go to charity I want to donate more to Children’s Hospital And then you guys also get to pick a charity so I’m gonna give away two copies of the game one for ps4 one for Xbox one if you want a chance to win see the Like the video I’ll leave a comment of your favorite zombie movie Mine’s always been the mm for Dawn of the Dead. I was gonna say if this first part does well, I’ll definitely do more I don’t know what kind of game this really is from what I’m seeing From other people and stuff it just it seems kind of like left 4 dead. So anyways, I’m gonna give it a shot. I Here’s the thing. I want to play online, but I’m playing a couple of days before it actually comes out So, I don’t know if the server’s aren’t actually up or not But here’s how the game looks I’ll go ahead and show you right now you can customize your character This a lot of this stuff. I don’t actually have to show you anything in particular but It I guess there’s different perks for different classes I said it looks like mule-kick back shock troops drop a stun gun and compact SMG. Oh nice exterminator I Remember this movie came out was Brent. It’s blowing Brad Pitt, I think You kind of go all over the world and I think that’s really cool how they’ve got this broken up So those four episodes and I’m guessing that We also brought in Bradley and Comanches Nice so you can do quick play and just do any of them I’m guessing it since there’s broken into different ones will do the descent first. We’ll just kind of start at the top work away down Preferred character you can actually change all that stuff. I didn’t really know that I’m playing on PC just for this video I don’t know if I’ll continued up if I do more than this video. I may switch it up a little bit but Alright descent going to New York first Madness game reminds me left for dead a lot. It’s like I’m gonna see what kind of a brain Not going into subway people were the stories we will stop here the subways our only chance Get to the evac Center and get the fuck out of New York we die here I don’t like him but he’s right. Oh Wow yo check it out game actually looks really good. Oh Yeah, oh man this plays just like the division it kind of has that a division type vibe to it Yeah, I kind of see how this if we had like 20 or 30,000 likes definitely expect me to do more of the levels I guess I would just go down each one Damn, I don’t know anything about the now the zombies ran in the movies Oh My god Yeah friendly fire is on I gotta be careful Now I’m playing with just like sandbox but I was told that the bots in this game early March though No the game places I’m kind of surprised I Wish the movie was a little bit better I remember when it came out it seemed like it was cut up a little bit like it left a lot of stuff out We get some more hold on. I like how you can oh my god Don’t take a long time to apply medkit. I’m at the weight You know this please I think it’s 60 frames I said, it feels like at least Grab what you can and regroup at the elevator Come on scoot back what feed collect stuff in this game. I feel like you you can but Let’s help you all kinds of hidden stuff in this game Zombies are endless. It’s a good time for zombie stuff I feel like I just watched some zombie show like the other nights and then you got days gone coming out and you got this it’s like zombies are slowly coming back in style all of a sudden and The Walking Dead is still ticking so we’re good right? Let me heal up really quick. No applying a med kit takes quite a bit Even I didn’t need to so why would it tell me to he’ll a minute ago and arrested? Okay, so the bar right there I didn’t take any damage yet. I Wonder how often you get met shit I’ll get a bowl. Oh my god Oh What in the world So this is just kind of like a Yeah, it just it definitely has like a left4dead kind of vibe to it. Oh Nice, I got a med kit again. We’re good, but I used the only one I had now it’s like why did I do that? Now I know What kind of learning as I go it’s my first time playing it All right. I’ve got four metkids Oh my goodness that guy’s big get him off, oh, yeah, I got grenades in this game. So you always forget about that Nice I like him I didn’t know what kind of game this is gonna be because I guess it’s cool They can for the different settings because the movie did take place in like several different areas around the world Moving shit Birds All right the atrium oh man, oh we get the melee just draw the Grenada Hey, let’s get it. Oh, that’s funny What up good a melee is machete yah 1xe goes in I’ve been looking forward to like a good zombie game and it feels like this muck is gonna be it This is the month of running zombies, I think On a nut shoot the enemies are not the oh my god, dude What if I throw a grenade at sample, they’ve run out of the way? When it gets closer to lunchtime you play with actual people. I think that The game has a lot of potential for like good teamwork and everything No, they’re just coming out of nowhere. Oh my goodness. I Don’t know what scares me more zombies that run or this look at that. Oh my god It’s just like the movie when they’re climbing up that oh my god Oh My god Oh my god, big guy all together I can’t move Yo, this is nice I Did there to be so many zombies on this guy? Like I know the movie had a lot foot Firing from the hip. Look at this. It just not stopping ever Give it. No, you don’t have it looks of pistol bullets This gun does go in You know what I would do they’re just using each other Endless waves how many on the screen give me there once oh my god. They just so many they’re still moving I’m out of everything. I got like nothing on me. I need a hill – That’s not good. I Don’t know if it’s just endless or what. I feel like it’s endless Let’s go over here Okay, there’s still only a few left yo I cannot believe that they have that many zombies on the street at one time remember oh my god, I Kinda see what’s in this crate here. Oh, we’re gonna met kid nice. I actually need that They’re all doing great. I’m over you’re getting rekt Around me please All right, we got grenades we got more med kits. I wonder if they’ll heal up themselves, you know, oh my god We got a new weapon to me So you just change the weapons completely nice Cool All right descend to the ground floor, I wonder if the whole line levels call the centenary Value to this game is this game is top nuts. I think it’s really well done Don’t make a sound What if we need to be stealthy to use this When we get out tonight don’t stop into how to be quiet Now this is gonna take over I don’t want to use the shotgun or the assault rifle for that Automatic turret oh nice. Ooh So you get this pick between I’m about sorry, yeah. Oh my god figure this out All right deploy barbed wire, oh, okay nice. Well, here’s what I’ll do First things first. I need to heal up. Oh, no, it’s healing this. Let me help myself first. All right Now this game is fun, I wasn’t sure what to expect really, you know, I Need to go back and get more my my guess is if you’re playing with people they will actually get They’ll also pick up that stuff and they’ll also set up everything I don’t the begin the battle yet. I’m gonna put up some barbed wire Axe, I’ll do this on this side too. And then I go back and get the turret It’s gonna be sick already see a spot for the turret. Why is it? Oh my goodness Something up there, hold on It’s that thing it jumped on me, I believe I could be wrong. I don’t know See open crates see if there’s anything else I can get Let’s grab this turret before we start we got 25 seconds not to give me up time to grab this as well Let me see what’s in here More men kids. Oh There’s the big guy Let’s put up the tur right here It’s the auto turret so I think we’re good I did as much as I could for being by myself Here we go, yo, this is gonna be sick I want to go back and get uh Yep, oh my goodness guys. I’m telling you. This shit is crazy Oh my God Look how many zombies are on the street at one time I Think behind his – I do the same one, but from earlier. Oh my god Job like freaking out right now. I can’t believe how well the zombie design in this game is The fact that there’s not much lag if any and it’s like Hold on All right If there was this many zombies on how you survive man you’d have to just be Rambo for a minute First blood oh Come on We’ve almost got all of them I feel like grand and I said that earlier when they were climbing that decided that the atrium and I was like thinking we were good, but they Always got to have like a big scary zombie, you know, I’ll make him shoot through glass Oh I gotta try this out. I think this is a grenade launcher Thanks, take care of yourself Dan it’s a better times over Raise the gate here we go There good night I don’t know how long this first part will be but I’ll make you kinda long for you guys just to give you a feel For the game and all that I’m just surprised of how well this game holds up. You know, I Should have grabbed that combat shotgun. I’m out of bullets. I should’ve grabbed some extra ammo I’m gonna try the grenade launcher this first chance I get You really go though the level structure reminds me not only have left for dead but Rainbow six siege chat. Ugh, I Guess the DLC Why don’t you try oh This is delayed I don’t like that I’m about to be out of bullets though. I might as well just use it all all while I can Nice I love about the zombies fly up when they get hit with grenades or the grenade launcher, you know, oh My god, I’m completely out of everything guys I get grenades All right, well here goes nothing I’m just going in with this machete My reputation precedes me alright talk to the train driver you get us to n wood With goodies, bring him to me For our first things first, let me get this LMG you can get a secondary. Oh, man Hold on Alright so I gotta my secondaries now a shotgun, I don’t know how I feel about that cuz that pistol has been really really helpful All rights go up here and grab this I’ll keep the SMG on I think it has a suppressor on it, too Raven will succeed Chet a UH Kind of zombies fillet outbreak or something. They had that for a while That’s like the mission structure kind of reminds me of that a little bit Jump Has a suppressor it does if it does it’s just very loud Okay, I can pick up more than one at a time another box time to go Oh, no, I got to go back one and okay. This is where having? multiple people play They said I might have trouble if I was trying to play early early Getting a match because I don’t know how many people actually have the game right now. So it’s all good, though It’s the first of five my guess is just got to go back grab the other one For you It’s all good though get some exploring in you no creeper But just see you guys know I’m rocking this I think it’s on Fucking everything on high like the settings and quality and all that But I think then I’m not gonna clone console I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be good though cuz It’s a pretty straightforward game like it’s not overly complicated. Is that on too much going on? I mean granted there was like 200 zombies on the screen a minute ago, and there was no lag so while that was kind of nice At green gasps man good gracious Our hardwired megaphone screamer, okay calling waves. Okay. That’s what that is. I did what you said Did I say stop we gotta go? Don’t you love that like movies and games like did There’s always I hate go but a bunch of errands for me before we do anything It’s like I got it I got Nothing in here I set up my excellent stuffing on the couch right there. Oh Wow, we got to go all the way down here There’s only two here’s oh, hold on. I got something here. What is this? Hobby a medkit? All right, nice hang on to that yo there helps its kind of low act somebody have them Check this maybe I can order I’m pop-up. You see something real quick. Can I order them to pick up something? I Don’t think you can Can’t go through there. Okay, we hear you have to go back the other way. Alright, I might Hill them the first chance I get Y’all look at them pouring in Creamer Plus the reload time on this not enough to bad really There it is I’ll back up back up It’s kind of scary like sort of got the hazmat suit on you know, you said Go grab to someone really quick So you’d still have to do two trips overall, I guess if you if you were by yourself just over here to be a lot more stressful because you’d have to You’d have to do too much. Let me try this LMG. I got harder rounds in one clip Found another box time to go There goes nothing, you know, I like how you set up shop before you use it, oh my god get running Most joins and the Bronx must be sitting in drawers by now. I Did what you said? We gotta come all right last one Let’s go let’s go let’s go time to go. All right, I should do it. Oh, what’s up? Barbar done Jaws that bite the claws that catch Nice no, it shows the post-match and everything. That’s kind of cool I’m just curious how this all is like worked out cuz I like that you you’re not able to like actually pause it So it’s all just happening really fast All right level two got some change on that too Almost a level three. So you unlock impact grenades. I guess it’s per class as well And it’s per weapon. You actually use you get experience. That is cool So anything you use if you want to upgrade it you just keep using it it sounds like oh That was cool Change episode. So did we? Do do the whole thing, or was it just descent I’m pretty sure that was just the one mission we did I kind of want to do one more in this video Even if it is a lot longer of a video I couldn’t change my character up Does really matter I guess it would be her or So, yeah, I guess it really doesn’t matter looks like four characters right now All right. Let me see since we did start in New York. We did descent. Let’s try this one out Been kind of a long long part one, you know Investigate why the Train stuff. Alright. So each level has three mints. So it’s three things in one level So that’s really gonna be I guess if there’s three parts to each one There’s like four episodes. So you get about twelve different levels in this game at least for right now I’m sure though add more down the road Well, it appears my associates on the other side of this door is I have a passed-out drunk or deceased Stay on the radio Everybody’s held up nice. I Thought it would just keep going so it’s like its own story really You ain’t alone What is this hold on Double-barrel shotgun for the secondary nice Might as well use it, right Art activate, okay. Nice First one I Figured what I’ll do is out get towards the end of this I Guess this section of the episode and then I’ll probably stop the video there And if you guys want more I’ll just kind of see how the first part does Alright guys So this actually you have to do it in a certain amount of time Which I can imagine when if you have a full party of people. It’s a lot easier but since its since it’s some offline early access play I figured um I’ll just have to do it. I can can’t go under there The last one is back this way, but the problem is there’s no I guess maybe just dude here Here I want to get to it fast Get up oh my goodness. All right, let them kind of protect me for a second So I’m actually playing this game on my laptop so I’m really surprised that runs a smooth smooth Alright find a central door It’s gonna be a medkit it always is Yeah, it’s like I like cuz she said well wonder what’s in here Heavy write comments on sniper rifle what? Oh my That makes that’s gonna be kind of hard to control I would imagine in this game. Oh My goodness guys, I Love this it’s like an explosion almost when you shoot it Yeah, I like this game a lot I wasn’t sure like how its gon start but I gotta be real like this I didn’t shoot them It’s smooth. It’s fun It’s light left it’s like if we got a left 4 dead 3 I’d imagine it’s something kind of like this, you know Hold on I gotta try this out Coddled or doping Dan this thing is weird man Oh, we’re gonna take the rocket loss instead. I Said lemonade, hold on Oh my goodness You know, this sucks it this is honestly like Gotta be one of the previous things. I’ve seen in a game like look at him just pouring it’s just like the movie. Oh, my god guys It’s like they’re not even fazed by the grenade either. Oh my goodness, I Don’t need to go back get that chainsaw really quick they’re pouring on both sides down Let me grab I’m just curious like Here goes nothing they’re still pouring into But you can change like aside you’re looking on a lot of games don’t even have that option it goes nothing Let him pile up let’s go Well, they come up here like this stuck almost I Just get let’s just get some Can’t imagine a double role shotguns good for zombie apocalypse if I had to pick one gun, it’d probably be like a silenced pistol or something less less noise or I go the Daryl Dixon route and use a This is I think it’s one of the coolest things because there’s so many zombies on the screen It reminds me of Dead Rising a lot Granted they’re just kind of standing around in that game This game they’re crawling. They’re doing everything I’ll be perfectly honest. Like I had this game that has surprised me a lot It not only doesn’t run smooth. It’s been it’s been fun. Even though I’m by myself like I know that I thought that might kind of kill the way the game is but It bends it’s a good game Double girl goes in That all of them finally there’s a train let’s go Yours push buttons maybe the vents are connected I’m gonna take a look There’s a symbol, okay Figure to each levels kind of a similar thing all this nice Can you go through here hold on. Oh you can nice I Make the fan. Come on it maybe This game this it’s a lot of fun just mess around with Mike others not really much of a story that Is perfect for a game like this to kind of be released right now Your what oh, there we go Oh My goodness Chainsaw is absolutely nasty. That’s so much ammo compared to the other heavy Now it’s over here nice, okay Well how simple the levels are you know like it’s not overly complicated Yeah, I could not reload that fast on anything We’re still searching around for the key. All right probably gonna be about last area we looked at Of course he doesn’t that would be too convenient Ron’s when I was playing vampire, cuz I haven’t used this laptop since then. I love this bed. I Think I’m just happy you can also play offline if you feel this has to be it we got it. Nice. Let’s go back So I’m guessing the third one is also gonna require a key or we gotta fight a boss or something to get it unlocked the standard level We just hop down there I’m just gonna take a step threat before we get all extravagant That was some series auto-aim I totally didn’t get that right Alright so to go down there in the Gaston That’s the only problem Well here goes nothing I guess I Got a hurry man. I don’t know like this being down here. Oh my god Got a I got to get the source man there. Oh, come on come on, come on Please P. This one got it. Nice. Let’s go back. Let’s get out of here. Yo No, no, no no look at my health bar. Oh my goodness. How are they not taking health? That’s kind of strange. Oh My goodness They not have a med kit they can hand over that be nice. Oh We can go down through there now I gotta crawl into the key. Oh my goodness I just keep going. I might get killed here in a minute. My health bar is extremely low. Oh We get the crossbow let’s get it Always a medkit Small hill uphill. Oh, come on. Oh Nice they gave me a lot I Think we’re good. What a close call there for a second Then we get a bucket man, let’s go Well, I just realize this I thought of the crossbow was a I had no idea okay, it took I thought it was a heavy I Didn’t even look properly on that one That’s cool though, so now I can just kind of use it oh my god get off me No, get up here Oh, what’s that gun over there? I want it Let me just I gotta close this door, man Where’s the switches here it is. Okay where I thought I was gonna happen automatically That’s funny dogs going crazy We’re going to apply this really quick Note here, it goes nothing Listen to that noise man Oh I can put the auto turret there. I forgot I grabbed that earlier. Let me go ahead and put this down Big gun step. Oh, let’s get it I’m telling you this is Jim making this game the way it is is perfect because it’s just like the movie. Well, there goes that Zombies are breaking into the train. Oh, they’re right there. They’re not breaking Let me just try something There we go. Takes care of that You know where they coming from oh, I’m gonna scoot back some hold on Angel needs some medication. Hold on What I have any but I did maybe I can’t dance on Miami story anymore, I think I used it earlier oh My goodness I don’t have time to go get a Turin man. I just he does It better not be on both sides Dissect the source so I can go after the source, I guess and all the zombies will stop but I’ve almost got them all anyways Oh Mike you kidding I Gotta get more ammo man break train all you want buddy Yeah, they’re on both sides now I couldn’t find any ammo over there No sense of humor now hurry up. We got a bloody train That was awesome Alright guys, well on that note this is it for now I’d only plan on doing one video But if you want more of this game, which I would definitely love to play more of it I guess just destroy that like button I’ll kind of see how we do if we hit like twenty or thirty thousand definitely expect a part two and I’ll finish up the New York level I just think it’s cool each weapon you use that’s why I was trying to use like a variety I’ll give you different amounts of XP and stuff Yeah, it’s cool So right now we’ve done so the episode one is New York and we just did tunnel vision and descent Hell and high water will be the last one. If I do a part two, it’ll be that and then you got these three Tokyo Oh Tokyo’s only got two nevermind But it’s probably too long levels That’s awesome. All right on that note guys. I love you. Thanks again Just all the support you drop on this and if you want more of it, let me know Alright guys will love you. Take it easy

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