World Record Breaker | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E12

World Record Breaker | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E12

[Laughter] [Music] [Music] morning guys it is I don’t even know what I think it’s Thursday morning I think it’s Thursday morning it was a big swim yesterday we did 13 miles in a single tide which is a good swim for us so I’m having to fend for myself this morning and make my own breakfast which means two pizzas so while one is cooking one thing I’ve learned in the 70 days so far at the great Bruce whim is mother nature just doesn’t care about your pace and strategies she has no regard for your tactics and strategy for that day which is which is hard for me to accept coming from a sport science background because with any insurance of them you have everything meticulously planned from your pacing your nutritional strategies you know the timing everything in that race you have plotted and planned but the ocean just doesn’t care it really doesn’t care it will throw fairies at you it will throw whirlpools in Scotland at you so I had to start what was a 13 mile swim yesterday by sprinting the first two hours can is lactic acid that burning sensation in your shoulders it’s just like your shoulders are on fire your joints are like what are you doing what are you sprinting 30 miles and then you almost have to have this conversation with your body saying look like I know this is wrong and no this makes no sense from a sports science point of view but I need you to just sprint get us around this headland and then I promise we can just cruise for another ten miles but what’s crazy is people have lost their lives in the Irish Sea and I’ve got such a newfound respect for the ocean you can be the best swimmer in the world and the ocean just doesn’t care it really doesn’t care so pacing strategies aside it just shows that you can have a plan and the ocean will look at that plan rip it up and at best it will slow you down and make sure that you don’t necessarily get the miles that day and at worst they could just bring a halt to the whole great british whim altogether so every day that I don’t quite hit the miles I always think it could be worse [Music] one thing I want to talk about this week was the less tangible factors of the Great British swim and what I mean by that is this kind of idea of self-imposed swimming solitary confinement I’ve concluded that the great very soon it has very much two sides that is the swimming and the sailing for example if your swimming area have a very different view of food navigation and the weather compared to if you’re sailing around break room when it comes to food and looking at the menu the crew will quite often think in terms of flavors and seasonings and what foods go together whereas me with my salt tongue I’m just thinking just give me calories and carbohydrates that’s all I want in any form that my tongue can tolerate next in terms of tides matt is a genius when it comes to currents waves whether he just understands every single metric whereas me when I’m swimming I’m just thinking in terms of you know shoulder biomechanics how I’m swimming vo2 lung capacity lactic threshold haven’t eaten enough and it’s this constant contrast but also teamwork to make sure that we actually manage to get all the way around great breath and on that note when it comes to the weather if you’re saving around the coast of Great Britain you want blue skies and you want plenty of sunshine whereas with me I don’t want too much sunshine cuz I’m gonna get burnt to a crisp equally if there’s big waves the boats and they’re going to do this whereas that southwesterly zand I’m heading north and then I’m just basically body surfing my way all the way to Cape ruff and around the Johno gross finally if it’s raining it’s probably not going to be that Pleasant go and sail around whereas with me it honestly doesn’t make a difference I’m wet anyway one of the hardest things about the Great Bear Swim is this self-imposed solitary confinement I didn’t know how hard it was gonna be and you know for the crew if you’re sailing around you absolutely should go and see some of the mountains like the castles it’s gonna it’s stunning you should go and see the scenery but for me if I’m not staring at the bottom of the ocean barefoot for 12 hours a day sometimes it means I just return here and I’m sitting in the cabin which brings me on to probably the most frequently asked question of the Great Britain so far what do I think about when I’m staring at the bottom the seabed for 12 hours a day this is where it gets a little bit weird you have to almost find yourself funny swimming just telling yourself jokes and I always say swing with a smile but if you’re gonna be in this self-imposed swimming solitaire can find them the only person it’ll make you smart is yourself so you almost have to enjoy your own company now this is gonna sound so weird but everything from just like making funny noises which sound really funny when you’re underwater if I’m honest we had a journalist come and join us the other day and I saw swimming I saw that they were taking pictures and everyone was really intently watching him I was just doodling to myself because that’s all swimming I was thinking grab an apple in your pocket and I was giggling to myself because it was it was such a private joke or I get on the boat I’m my boss that’s that’s not normal that’s not normal behavior but the reality is you shouldn’t have to go to these pretty abnormal places if you are going to try and swim around the coast of Great Britain and what could be well over 100 days [Applause] yeah one of the amazing things about coming up really the Hebrides is that roses challenge is to go swim around mainland Great Britain which means there we get the opportunity to duck and dive little bit in and out of the islands to the west of Scotland this one particular coming up it’s a really small island called seal the channel between seal and the mainland is actually really tiny little channel so small in fact that there’s this lovely little old bridge which have been built across it’s called the bridge over the Atlantic it’s gonna be visually really amazing but it’s quite narrow the current runs through it’s beautiful inside there’s this lovely old stone bridge over top of it so yeah so we can’t actually fit through on their big boat so it’s gonna be tired sup i’m harriet on the rig that we’re going through the Delta Ross and we’ll be going around the outside [Music] what’s up guys it’s a big day it’s official as of today as of this swim the great British wave has become the world’s longest staged sea swim it sounds crazy to say just because it’s so easy when staring at the bottom of the seabed to lose track of what’s going on outside and distances covered any metrics of success it’s really easy to lose sight of that so today was amazing for media guys all came on the boat we were talking about the swim I’ve got a plaque never had a plaque before that’s pretty cool I really wasn’t expecting this I thought it would just be like a few guys with got to spray some champagne which was awesome I don’t I don’t usually do that I panicked and then I just thought just so champagne over everyone took some pictures and it was it was really cool I’ve never celebrated with champagne no one teaches you don’t teaches you to do that but you have to also take that and think we’ve got probably 900 miles to go we’ve got 50 to 60 days it’s so weird because everywhere from Land’s End to arriving in Wales Island Isle of Man Northern Ireland we’ve wanted to celebrate but you just can’t allow yourself to you there’s so far to go so that’s why I’ve kind of remove myself from everybody upstairs and and sort of thank them all for coming but but now it’s it’s back down to reality wetsuit is in the toilet wetsuit still wet chafing still a little bit of an issue salt Tong you know it’s all still there I think the other thing as well is speaking to the president of the the world open water swimming Association and the crazy thing is is everything that we’ve just done all the way from Margate swimming to Sky will be considered irrelevant if you don’t finish it’ll be it would go down as a DNF it did not finish so although we’ve set the world record you have to actually finish what you said you were gonna do so you have to say you swimming from point to point and anything less than that as great as it might be is considered a DNF so it’s a weird mindset to be in so that’s it for this week guys been a great week it’s always gonna be a good week with there a world record in the bag but the reality is still got some cold hard Scottish miles to swim so as always you can follow my progress on the red bull tracker where I go through the Hebrides and over the top of Scotland and fingers crossed weather permitting I’ll see you next week somewhere a little bit

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  1. Just tried being ross edgely yesterday. Swam 10 km in a pool and now my shoulder joints hurt. How are your shoulders not fucked up?

  2. In my mind it doesn’t really count, because if you’re only doing daily swims then sleeping on a boat, how is that any different from me going to the gym every day & then saying I’ve done 1000 reps over a month?

  3. Ross I'd never heard of you before this swim and at the beginning I thought it might be a big PR exercise. As I've followed you I've nothing but admiration . I have a couple of questions. 1) How do you stay so positive. It does not seem there is ever a negative thought in your mind. 2) You've broken loads of records but your half way. Do you feel confident in finishing? You are smashing it lad. We need more episodes!!!

  4. Hearing you laugh after taking such a beating everyday, being inside the water with hundreds of miles behind you… Man that's fucking inspiring.

  5. Hey ,my birthday is on the 20th of August could you do a mini shout out please , keep it up I believe you can finish it ❤✊✊✊🤘🤘🤙🖐🖐👌👌👌

  6. I have two questions Ross. What was the most difficult area to swim through so far? Also what area of water are you most afraid of in the future? Also your so close man good luck but at this point you don’t…. nope I won’t jinx it you. You know what I’m gonna say though

  7. Big achievements already Ross you like big old whale just chugging along covering great distances 🤙you did look a bit shy about the champagne 😂

  8. I usually don’t post comments but you motivated me to get back into nature after a disc basically exploded in my lower back, now I’m training to for rugby at grad school and pushing for more. Your down to earth personality and drive are two traits that are hard to find, especially together.

  9. This reminds me. I've been here since the beginning and I can't recall: has Ross taken any Zero Days where he hasn't swam at all?

  10. At the start I thought you were just a nutcase swimming a long distance. I personally can't swim so the thought of doing this is scary. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I still think your a nutcase swimming a long distance but the planning, logistics and heart you have and do is something worth acknowledging and inspiring to.
    Also watching from New Zealand, you should swim around us for the next big swim

  11. 0:34 boi get that rainbow outta here why is it in front of the mountain and not behind I thought it was a circle explain plz

  12. I think that you're on track with the mental game and coping with the grind and isolation. I haven't achieved what you have Ross, but I have had to go through some tough times where I was quite isolated. I too found the inside jokes and being able to enjoy my own company a good way to carry on, however on a bad day where the mind is falling apart that hasn't always worked. If you were to get to that point, maybe you could try what got me through. I got through by just keeping on for no reason. Basically just laughing because I hadn't died or otherwise became physically unable to advance myself if only by a finger. I wish I could explain it further, but honestly it's not a pleasant state to be in – it's complete hopelessness and manic amusement of still daring to challenge the universe to hurt you more because, "look! my toe can still move me an inch at a time!" (Hysterical laughter here because the universe is no doubt going to brutally remove said toe.) Anywho, maybe I'm just crazy, maybe you have a mental game beyond myself. (can no longer tell if I am weak and have struggled at things that others would've aced, or survived things that others wouldn't) That having been said, I am quite confident that you will continue to cope and progress to the end. I wish I had something quite inspiring or just maybe shorter to write lol, but I can't think of anything other than my presumptuous advice and that you are the inspiration here. It's silly, but I hope to meet you one day. Have fun playing with ocean apples! Cheers mate!

  13. Боюсь представить, что в голове у человека, во время заплыва?!!😱

  14. These videos are so helpful, I’m feeling pretty down myself just now and this shows that there is hope and happiness and I admire what you are doing and hope you can keep going and get back too Margate

  15. #jokeforross let's give Ross some more stuff to giggle about whilst swimming

    Two guys walk in to a bakery
    The first man immediately steals three pastries and puts them in his pocket.

    He says to the second guy, "See how good I am? The owner didn't see a thing."
    The second guy looks at him goes "well that was cool…but check this out:"

    He goes to the owner of the bakery and says, "Give me a pastry and I will show you a magic trick." Intrigued, the owner accepts and gives him a pastry. The second guy swallows it and asks for another one. The owner gives him another one. Then the second guy swallows that one and asks for a third pastry to accomplish the magic trick and eats that, too.

    The owner is starting to wonder where the magic trick is and asks angrily, "So what did you do with the pastries?"

    The second guy replies, "check out my friends back pocket….."


  16. I never understood how people can swim that long in saltwater. When I would do 4-5mi swims off Coronado, CA, my extremities were swollen to the point that I could barely close my fists. Superhuman effort bud, congrats.

  17. Congratulations on your record. What you are doing is amazing. I love the blogs & the humour. The world is watching & cheering you on

  18. Ross, don't focus on the end goal, just go day by day, and eventually it will come to an end, and you will be at the finish line.

  19. Ross you are absolutely inspiring, I'm having on a bit of an endurance challange next month and you are really helping me focus my lifestyle and trainin, keeping up!!

  20. #RossIsABoss

    Congratulations Ross!! I've been
    watching your journey since day 1 and it's truly incredible what you're doing! And clearly you're stronger than the ocean💪🤙👏

    Keep going buddy, I always thought I was an amazing athlete/swimmer but I would never attempt what you're doing!!!!!! You may not notice it now but you're inspiring so many people!!


  21. I gotta be honest buddy lol You'd expect a world record holder to be like Michael Phelps….you're literally achieving greatness! As a soccer/football fan the way I see it is you're the Liecester City of swimming! Nobody at the start thought you'd place 1st….nobody thought you had a chance.

    But here you are with the World Record, you're still swimming, you still have a very positive attitude! Many of us would have given up after 2 hours of swimming 😛 99% of people wpuldnt even challenge you knowing there's Jellyfish in the water! You're an animal Ross! 👌🤙🤛✌👏

  22. Ive always wondered… do you get your food every day? Does your crew go to shore for you everyday or do you have supplies on board. Or are you living off those cakes people swim out to you? Lol

  23. You are the man Ross, Keep up the good work, a true warrior. Got a question for ya: Do you have any tricks for spotting whilst open water swimming, in order to take the most efficient route (a straight line, point A to point B)?

  24. I have watched each week, what I love most is your positivity but also remaining humble. You're not banging on about how great you are despite you clearly being great. Really inspiring stuff, people can learn a lot from you. Keep it going, and all the best

  25. Why are you getting sunburnt? It looks like your face is underwater 90% of the time.

    Also can you touch on your diet? Just curious how many calories it takes a day to swim all day in cold water.

  26. Everyone at Grantham Water Polo Club is following your progress Ross……you have come a long way since the early morning training sessions. Awesome!!

  27. You are doing fantastic Ross . Such an " inspiration " (im 61 yrs) you have made me decide that i will do my longer swim coming up Sep . Cant wait to see you finish. AMAZING and Matt and all crew.

  28. Would you be drinking red bull if they were not such a key sponsor of this trip? Do the energy benefits outweigh the health benefits​?

  29. Been watching since the beginning and honestly so happy for you and your team! Youre nearly done and you can honestly do this. Watching from New Zealand. 🙂 <3

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