World Cup (FIFA) – For Americans

World Cup (FIFA) – For Americans

[Music] the World Cup what’s the fuss all about while games which involve kicking a ball existed in different cultures for thousands of years it was only in the mid nineteenth century that a unified set of rules was created this led to the official separation between football and rugby the global reach of the British Empire back then led to the universal recognition of these rules football became an official international competition in London’s 1908 Olympics the fact that only amateurs were allowed to participate encouraged the International Football Association FIFA to form an independent tournament which included the best players in the world the first tournament took place in Uruguay in 1930 only four european teams ventured the long and expensive trip across the atlantic and a total of 13 teams took part in the tournament yep the Americans were there to the home court advantage came in handy – lura guai who beat Argentina in the finals and became the World Cups first champion since then the tournament has taken place in different locations every four years except for when there was a world war the World Cups cross national popularity turned it from the get-go into far more than an ordinary sports event and matches between adversary countries always drew special attention in one case a match ignited a war which resulted in 2,000 casualties the number of teams participating in the World Cup increased over the years from 13 to 32 the teams are divided into eight groups with the winners advancing to the knockout stage quarterfinals semifinals and finals Brazil has been dominating the World Cup having qualified for all tournaments and winning five times Brazilian stars also hold important world records the World Cup final is considered the most popular sports event in the world and the 2010 finals were viewed by approximately 700 million people across the globe so if you happen to come across a growling unshaved zombie like man screaming on your sofa don’t panic it’ll all be over in a month [Music]

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  2. Argentina did not play that first world cup. Actually, Uruguay beat Brazil 3-0, leading to the (in)famous "maracanazo" Check your fucking sources

  3. the cricket viewrship has also gone up . in 2011 the SF match between india and Pakistan was views by 1.4 billion people . the finals was views by 800 million . Cricket will soon overtake Football.

  4. You missed a whole round of the world cup out, after the first group stage the top 2 teams go through then there is a round of 16 then the quarter finals

  5. is the picture of the. vídeo 's thumbnail is when iniesta scored that last minute vs The netherlands in 2010 world cup final!

  6. El Salvador and Honduras didn't go to war because of soccer they had other issues between these two countries, it just happened that Both were schedule to play a important game when El Salvador and Honduras declared the hundred hours of War.. stay educated don't believe in fake news

  7. England and germany arent proper rivals. Only the english think so. Ita germany vs the netherlands that holds a proper rival on both sides.

  8. Germany is the best Team in the world and there is a Football/Soccer Counter where Germany is also on top, Brazil lost 7 – 1 to Germany

  9. Very nice video. But Brazil wore white at the first World Cup. Could've mentioned the Jules Rimet Trophy

  10. Not "Yoguslavia" but "Yugoslavia"… We have beaten Brazil in their first game ever on World Cup by 2:1.

  11. Brazilian here, loved to see United States on 2014 World Cup. It is like a huge party that you guys were not enjoying before. But then we saw Americans being very supportive of their team and thats the beautiful thing about football. Greetings from a country where crazy fans already won matches for their players!

  12. americans are too stupid to understand it unless involves knocking some guys teeth or having a large overweight person grabbing the opponents head and knocking him to the ground making sure he has a concunssion

  13. I am American and I know all about the World Cup.The Winners of this year's world cup will probably be either Belgium or Brazil.

  14. yeah except for the part where we placed 3rd in the first world cup, yep America was there, bitch please

  15. 0:31 the uk tried to invade argentina but didnt succeed. Why the fuck is there a british flag there???

  16. this is Football

    not that NFL shit
    we should apologize for stealing the name football

    maybe actual football (soccer) will become more popular since Trump hates the NFL

  17. dominated brazil? i mean germany were also in every wc since 54 ,and no other team played so much finals n semi finals like germany,so where is bra dominatingßthey have just one more title than germany n italy….

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