World Champion Reza Yazdani’s Fight for the Olympics | Generation Rise

World Champion Reza Yazdani’s Fight for the Olympics | Generation Rise

Superstar freestyle wrestler
Reza Yazdani is an Iranian national hero. He’s pushing himself to
the limit to win the most important
goal of his career. Olympic Gold. In the Middle East
and North Africa, the next generation of athletes
rise. An elite force,
exceeding expectation… reach gold. These are their stories… ..through their eyes. (GENERATION RISE – MIDDLE EAST
AND NORTH AFRICA) The closer the Olympics get,
the more anxious I feel. Will I be ready in time? Reza has qualified to compete
at the Olympics, but a recent ankle injury has threatened his
place on the national team. Iran is very good at wrestling. We have had a lot of success. But to be a wrestler requires
other sacrifices in life. Your day consists of training
in the camp. There’s not much time for
anything else. In two days, he must pass
a physical test that will determine if he’s fit enough to join
the national team. If Reza passes the test he will
enter his third Olympic Games as the favourite to win gold. If he fails, his Olympic
career will be over. When Reza entered the arena at
the Olympic Games London 2012 he was reigning world champion and considered the clear
favourite. From the start, Reza’s
technique seemed unstoppable and he won his first round
match, to the absolute delight of
his supporters. My second bout was
with a Kyrgyz wrestler. The first round was easy. But in the second round,
the referee whistled early and my opponent
grabbed my foot. I felt a severe pain
in my knee. I tried to keep going
through the injury. I managed, and went
on to win the fight. The next wrestler was
Ukrainian. I guess he’d realised
about my injury. From the start
he was very aggressive. Then he fell on my knee
near the edge of the mat. And I felt the knee tear. I wasn’t going to
achieve my goal. I wasn’t going to get a medal. I was in complete shock. I really couldn’t cope with it. Inside the National
Wrestling Academy, it’s the day of Reza’s physical
test. After months of
careful rehabilitation Reza knows the
true extent of his injury will only be revealed
on the wrestling mat. I’m pretty nervous
about getting on the mat. Now we’ll see how my
ankle really is. The test ahead is designed to
punish his body and torture his mind as if he were facing his
ultimate opponent. Go. Come on, let’s do it! Quicker! Each stage of the test, examines Reza’s physical
ability to perform expert wrestling
moves. His every move is scrutinized
for signs of weakness. Pushing the equivalent of
two tonnes no man can question Reza’s
almost superhuman strength. So far so good,
his fitness is really good but it’s his injury
that is the key issue and we won’t really know
about that till he gets on the mat. Reza must now take on the most
difficult stage of the test. He must wrestle. With glory in sight,
tragedy strikes. The tear in his ankle
ligament rips open. This pain is with you. You must learn how to
get through it. It will always be with you. Up. Up. Get up. He’s only got 20 days
until he has to compete. God willing he gets there. Fitness is fine, but it’s
still too early for wrestling. We’ll try again in three or
four days. It was a strange pain. I couldn’t control
myself and so I fell. Do you think you’ll get there? I have to. I have to. (REZA RECOVERED IN TIME TO

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  1. the injury didnt stop him btw! the refs and azeri corruption did! look back at his match vs Gazymov they abselutely robbed him!

  2. رضا یزدانی یه قهرمان به تمام معنا بود فقط حیف که کمی بدشانس بود. به هر حال نامش برای همیشه در کشتی ایران زنده خواهد ماند

  3. Reza Yazdani does not need to win Olympics medals to remain the best freestyle wrestler and most entertaining in his weight category. When he is on the matt, he is courteous, sporting, and courageous. He is always the first to offer a hand of friendship and a warm hug of appreciation to his opponents. His behaviour is exemplary and a great inspiration to any budding athlete. Great beloved PAHLAVAN YAZDANI.

  4. رضا یزدانی نه بد شانسه نه ضعیف فقط این علم رودارم و تجربه کردم که اگه بگی میتونم و باید بتونم نمیشه فقط باید بگی که خداکمکم کنه انشالا میتونم مزد زحماتم رو بگیرم و تلاش کنی امید به خدا داشته باشی که خدا مزد زحمات آدم رو میده وگرنه رضا یزدانی با این توانایی ها بهترین باشه حق رضا یزدانی تا به حال دو طلای المپیک میتونه باشه امید وارم حرف های من رو رضا یزدانی بشنوه و قدر خودشو بدونه به امید کشتی های بعد ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????

  5. آرزوز موفقیت رضا جان یزدانی ایشالا بازی های جهانی 2018 می بینیم اون رو

  6. Ive got a great idea, lets take wrestling out of the olympics! The only thing that has America and Iran working together. What bullcrap.

  7. درود بر شرافت مردانه ات شیر مادرت حلال / پاینده همه کشتی گیران دلیر خاک پاک اهورایی ایران زمین جای شیران قویدل و مردان راستین / پاینده ایران

  8. پهلوان رضایزدانی امیدوارم درمسابقات قهرمانی جهان که چندوقت دیگست روتشک ببینمت . سالم وتندرست باشی قهرمان

  9. I'm really proud of my Country, my beautiful tradition, my beautiful people and culture and our tradition sport! long live with my heart ❤️IRAN❤️

  10. هر وقت رفتی رو تشک دل ما رو شاد کردی ممنونیم ازت همیشه تو دل مایی 97 تای تکرار نشدنی

  11. Aside from their big mouths and stupid arrogance, what do the Brits have to present?! This video is supposedly posted by the "OLYMPIC CHANNEL" as this guy calls himself. Why is he even allowed to post such arrogant remarks. That's so Brit! Even though the Brits have gotten their rear ends kicked out of the world stage, their big mouths seem to have gotten bigger. Idiot, athletes are athletes regardless of where they come from. You make dumb statements about athletes from the Middle East and North Africa and interject your stupid arrogant relevance to showing a camel! How is that related, you idiot! I'm from LA, California. I had an English tenant that I just evicted. You guys are so freaking arrogant, which is totally unrelated to reality. Don't talk about things that you are clueless about, idiot!

  12. Respect from California, this guy is a legend and has elite level abilities throughout the world. Unfortunately he was wrestling it only 70% capacity at the Olympic Games in 2016 due to severe injuries

  13. He would have and should have won an olympic gold. Check out the slow motion replay of his final match in 2016. Its a shame he fell victom to geo political politics. Reza Yazdani is one of the best champions of all time and lead the way for more Yazdani's to follow in his foot steps.

  14. I like reza Yazdani bout .i pray to God he should come in Tokyo olympics . I m a wrestling lover from india & had seen a lot of wrestlers in arena but attacks of reza Yazdani are so beautiful which i like

  15. Iran is not related to North Africa. It's located between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. There's no linguistic connection either. This is an ignorant categorization.

  16. Он молодец до конца боролся пока не появился этот боль здоровья ему.

  17. Really bad thing who dislike this emotional , Motivational and painful video..Salute to The Struggle of a Wrestler??❤

  18. Iranians have long wrestling tradition and history and they have been able to produce world class wrestler on the mat. Unfortunately, Indians are still stuck up in akhara khusti and have not done anything significant in the international arena. Indians could learn something from Iranians.

  19. رضا یدونه است و مثل رضا دیگه نمیاد. رضا سلطان و آقا و با شخصیت و یه ابر قهرمانه

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