women’s world cup – India women vs South Africa women highlights

women’s world cup  – India women vs South Africa women highlights

in CNN she will be facing some marshal
Asolo nine run to win six deliveries Harmon Precor facing down the ground can
she find the boundary no she comes back for one cannot come back for second
Poonam Yas has to cross over and she misses her mouth gone India lose the
ninth wicket 236 for 9 where it was important parliamentary score to get
back on strike ah did she need to I think she had to she sacrificed herself
she barely actually crossed you know the bats wound had hardly crossed by the
time the stumps were broken there they had I was watching but the last batter
coming out now she did a good little job Poonam didn’t she see you had to
sacrifice herself there had to come back if the throw had been have been white it
would have been two runs it was a risky one there two boundaries needed now oh
what a finish we got here absolutely I agree that must have been a chat up for
the one of the other than haven’t we’ve got out there that I will push it to the
boundary be ready to come back for second yeah it’s just too little
comfortable for Chloe try on because she managed to pick the ball up bender had
the throwing in time good discipline no firmer Chloe yeah try and that’s not
Chloe trying that’s the skipper who must be quite happy with this situation now
eight runs required five deliveries swinging a mess well it hit the body rolling our arms over Charlotte swallows
been very much experience to these situations I mean asked to give the
bowler from the coffee of the meeting that they must have had I was exactly
how to take the face of the ball and still be on target a little discussion
easy walk back gather the thoughts yet again where is it going to be the next
one surely not down the left side can’t be a free hit for a Herman please call she’s hit that down the ground and her
said note she doesn’t want the run so three balls remaining eight runs she’s
got to find the boundary twice or maybe clear the boundary and get a single knot
with tie things oh my word here we go clever bowling but that sir
why did down the legs side will it be signaled did it flick the pad must have
flick the pad yeah just made over the borders haven’t
peep did this flick the pad though and between a legs still past legs thump
could have been signaled wide two balls eight runs will be looking to get a big
6 out here she can manage dancing down the wicked might be hard went with corn
and she’s got it it’s in the air and it’s over week six she’s cleared
midwicket would you believe it the skipper’s can’t Oh huge six to two win
off the final delivery could you get a better finish to a tournament than this
do we have a super over I don’t think we do think we have a tie so they love us
gonna taking the helmet off now be at number 11 so she can run quicker she’s
taking the pressure off additionally guy quite a big fence well
dressed because she knows that she’s not going to be facing just taking a little
bit of time and look at that shot some Harbin pre score beautiful anticipating
what the swallow would be bowling obviously look at this she knew very
well that she’ll be rolling a fingers over Chancellor ROM
well expected to walk down the wicked and take a big swing all she had to do
was clear the field backing her abilities harm entry score look at all
the chatter one ball two runs has it flipped over
I said this game can go to any side who’s it going to be ship number smile
just keeping things pretty quiet that Marcella fellow will be boiling the last
delivery we’ve waited two weeks for a close finish and you can’t get closer
than this deep extract our long off long on deep midwicket all patrolling the
boundary it’s in the eye it could be caught it’s short if they
gotta run they’re hurt hurtling back what a finish
what have finished do this ICC was qualifier for the World Cup excellent
finish and look at the smiles they’re Harvard priests called being huddled in
all the players coming out rushing to other and look at the celebration look
at Speer apart for this little girl can a funny cook the youngster leading South
African team oh my word what again you

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