Women Test The Fit Of Sports Bras

– I feel like a sports
bra can be totally fine when you’re standing still,
but when you’re in motion it’s a completely different thing. – I am a cyclist, so I spend
a lot of time on my bike and the gym. – I’m really excited about this, because sports bras are, like,
basically my favorite type of bra. – I do yoga, so I just hope
my nipples don’t fall out. – I have really high
expectations for this. – This one looks like lingerie. – It’s like, squeezing me in an effort to push my boobs up. – I like this bra. It’s soft. – Pretty good support, though, really, like it didn’t really hurt. – It’s like a bra-bra,
not like a sports bra. – I feel like we’re at capacity. Like if the fire marshal came, he probably would kick a few people out. (camera shutter clicks) – This bra feels like
it doesn’t even need me. Like it’s already good to go. (laughter) – I am literally shocked. This bra is awesome. – Just cuz I’m wearing Victoria’s Secret, it’s automatically sexier. – This one’s like, a joke. – When I’m moving around,
it all moves together. – And it has a clasp, like a real bra. Who wants to deal with that? – When I looked at it,
I was like “Oh hell no”, but then I put it on and I was pleasantly surprised. – This is not what I was
expecting from this bra. (camera shutter clicks) – This bra is beautiful. But I feel like it’s not
something that you could really wear when you’re working out, like I wouldn’t wanna sweat in it. Cuz it’s gorgeous. – This kinda looks like cat’s cradle. – This is the MVP. I would buy outfits
just to match this bra. – Nope. I actually like the
Victoria’s Secret bra better, which is a sentence I
literally never thought I would ever say. – Whoever thought of
this must also be like an engineer. It’s amazing. – This is a mess. This is like a Rubik’s cube. – It doesn’t feel as secure. – (laughs) No. – I don’t know, maybe I’m
biased cuz it’s so cute. (camera shutter clicks) – I get it, like this is
the good old-fashioned squish down your boobs and
like, pray for the best. But this sucks. – My boobs look so sad right now. – Like the slightest
movement and I’m like, ow. – It’s cute though. I think the shape is cute. I like how low the back
is, I think that’s nice. – I feel very exposed right now. – Also, if I get cold at
all, everyone will know. – This is pretty nipply. (camera shutter clicks) – I like ones that have like a funky back, like the Lululemon one. – My favorite one was the Nike one because I love the black, but it
was also super practical and kept me together. – If you had told me 30 minutes
ago that my favorite bra was going to be a Victoria’s Secret bra, I would have said you
were full of baloney. – There are a lot of different
kinds of sports bras, and you don’t always have to
just pick one out at Target and pay 15 dollars for it. – I would also just buy that
Target seven-dollar one. – The thing I take away
from this is that even if you have some sort of
prejudice against a brand, you should just try it on. (funk music) – (all) Sports bras! – Oh… (laughs) – It’s just so sad what’s
happening over there. – Oh yeah, mm-hmm. (whoosh) Hmm. You don’t know the half of it.

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