Witnessing the 1st ever International Football Match | Chennaiyin FC vs Colombo FC | AFC Cup match

Witnessing the 1st ever International Football Match | Chennaiyin FC vs Colombo FC | AFC Cup match

hello good morning and welcome you all to my channel JK Vlogs So, right now i have also reached ahmedabad and the time is 12:30 I’m also tired after travelling in train so slept well here at home for 3-4 hours Now time to go out somewhere to get freshen up Right now i’m here in restaurant to eat Gujarati Thali so guys im right now in a restaurant named called shivshakti kathiyawad for Gujarati Thali So hope it tastes well and now lets wait for Thali so guys, eating food is done. Now let go to stadium Its 3:10 right now so might reached there at 3:40 Now lets go. Todays vlog will be interesting to shoot so i’m also fully excited I did one mistake also that i forgot my camera charger at home Then also ill try to vlog full journey if i can Now lets go. I have also put my eaphones to follow the direction of Google maps Because i also dont know which way to take for transtadia so lets follow google i have finally reached here at Transtadia Stadium This big thing at top floor is stadium now lets go, there is lot of parking problems here to watch the match Lets buy ticket first then we will go to other place where the team is coming and supermachans were also there So, this is my match ticket but had to buy physical ticket to go inside so finally got my ticket here now lets go to another gate where my friend is at Gate No. 7 lets go there, today’s vlog will be interesting and you guys also going to have fun to watch this Its a lot of fun to travel for football and this is my second journey for football. The 1st trip was for Mumbai match So guys, do you saw that? That was the chennaiyin FC team and yes we are also going inside stadium after some minutes more The camera is not allowed inside the stadium. so i’m going to shoot on my mobile it will be a little low quality But vlog will be there thats the main thing Finally inside the stadium and this is the ticket which is teared down. arre its for checking purpose So behind me is the whole stadium as you can see Right now its empty up here but after sometime it will be packed Here the banner preparation started by the Supermachans Say Hello, YO That is Chennaiyin FC team practicing in Blue colour And the yellow coloured team is Colombo FC from Sri Lanka Here the chant practice started So, I’ll continue my vlog after the match starts Right now, we are also practicing for chants and players down there are practicing Today’s vlog will be interesting and yes if you love this video then please hit that like,share & subscribe button So teams are ready preparing to come out from tunnel And we are also ready by holding the banners and being one of the supermachans also now Here the teams are coming out BELIEVE The game 20 minutes are finished and score is still 0-0 A chance missed by the Thoi Singh here for chennaiyin FC and time is 24-25 minutes Here the thoi singh gave the pass to mailson alves and it was missed by him Here, the 1st half finished and the score is still nil-nil Many good chances are created but still struggling for the 1st Goal Lets see what happens in 2nd half The 1st Goal finally scored by chennaiyin FC and the time right now is 68 minute and goal scored by jeje The 2nd goal was scored but it was called off side and the score is still 1-0 still 8 minutes are left of the match to end hoping that away team does not score 1 goal Here the match comes to an end with the score of 1-0 because the 2nd goal was called offside now lets go outside fast because still had to return back so match finishes here and score is 1-0 finally and 2nd goal didn’t work because its off-side now let’s go outside somewhere to eat something because still had to catch bus at 11 PM to return back porbandar so now we are also outside here and time is 9:35 and to eat something because we had a bus to catch at 11 PM lets go in hurry. now no need to hurry because came outside early now, lets keep mobile inside otherwise police will caught me so guys again back in the bus for porbandar and time right now is 10:35 and it will reach probably 6 AM So goodbye and lets end the vlog here and yes if you love this video Hit that like button and if you are new viewer hit that red subscribe button GOOD BYE Will meet you again in next vlog

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  1. Request to u bro.. plz come again with large number your frnds family bcoz its international cup organizing 1st time in gujrat indian football.. 7th match india vs Tajikstan.. online ticket are out just fir ₹100 … Need full support from gujrati brother and sister

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