Witness Western Europe’s Glorious Waves | No Contest

Witness Western Europe’s Glorious Waves | No Contest

[Music] tarantula Portugal France different Portugal that’s easy France 11 bunch of Dana for school no Portia look city maybe I like forks go what split it down the middle and just fine Portugal Oh 6e though French [Music] [Music] they call it the grabby air because it’s like hitting gravel instead of getting washed in you pop up and you’re in the exact same spot in the Shoals only like 10 feet away if you have a good session out there then you just covered in sand today [Music] France is a very special place because you got the tides you know the banks you got the wind so it’s really hard to time it right and yes sir afternoon it was those days that just comes on all the way and I’m tired was high and that’s what we need over here the Wayne State offshore the whole day which rarely happens he’s like this wouldn’t get him often and when it’s pumping even if I might have energy over here as long as I’m not passing out I’m gonna stay out [Music] [Music] [Music] to explain nor if it’s it’s been tricky if you are a nerd in the best message group wherever I’m saying oh there is everyone can like it but they all want to like keep it secret [Music] you know it’s like the main street of a cigar pretty much everything up in here if you show up here at night there’s always people they will tell you where to go where the party arse and everything so if you were here you’re fine if you’re like on the other Street try to come back here I like this place it’s like picture-perfect as well for Instagram everyone from the quickie Pro are you coming here because good copy so they’re using almond milk and because friends are like loving this cow milk and like all day and of course to VIN it’s like your second place if you just open do is such a legend you will make you try every single t-shirt chicken may have there’s a curiosity of yourself and always the best welcoming and now this time with the area to be crowded because of the quickie probit it isn’t that it’s like empty and everything’s closed and you can’t do anything and it’s normally rainy so yeah it’s really pretty [Music] these are some of the best aerialists in the world saying all of them though for sure these guys are all the best aerials in the world for sure these guys are the best a good chunk of the best guys here for sure yeah they’re all the best aerialists in this town the best free surface in the world the best for your surface is the water probably the best aerialist in the world I went and I came if I didn’t think I was gonna win it I’m the thick yeah I don’t want to pick anyone because I don’t want to give them none of my little gieux jewel of luck so you know obviously they’ve got the best of the best guys here and it’s really cool to bring it to the best biggest platform in surfing basically it took me like a couple of years to really get this thing going off the ground it’s kind of my baby of sorts you know so I got to grow up in this era of airshows back in the early 2000s and then that kind of filled to me into the tour and me I don’t think I ever would have been or got to the stage I would have got to if I hadn’t have had the air shows and basically you guys are all chosen to be here to all the kids to look up to and that there’s two rounds everyone surfs twice six man heats and you’ll be mixed from your first round heat to your second round eight best to airs across you – it’s like leaderboard format there’s gonna be no priority so gentlemen’s rules and so best to as the your best air is doubled if someone gets eight it’ll beat someone with and doesn’t get a backup it’ll beat someone with two fives you know to get into that excellent range it’s got to be something that you guys would drop on your video parts and stuff like that LAN LAN so that I could free the mind [Music] [Music] give her little funds to the area verse no job I did the modern day top hop stopped it I understood like kind of a punt on to the flat was a modern day chopped off no I was like a quick just slow grounder the huge I got it too that’s sick you guys all made the final so you qualified for the tool for next year [Applause] [Music] you pretty much sealed that thing in like the first three minutes of an our final home I’m talking about how my snake down he’s over me look at him he’s dead I’m done the driver was like oh you should step off oh good Griffin city is yelling at me giving me the finger cuz I snagged and con I don’t even know where push goal is from here can you dive probably better to drive how far is the drive I’d roadtrip I don’t even know where we are on them on the map I’m preferred to draw it sometimes fly something’s driving [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] San Sebastian is right here France is over there my name is Adelaide I’m India I am the second generation of a company that is called pookas this used to be the pookas factory and on June 19th 2017 we had a short circuit you know that little wire that went crazy in the hottest day of the year and when I arrived I could see that flame so thick so big coming out of the window and the fire you could see that from the city of San Sebastian of course from that out and even from France I mean the smoke was huge it was devastating to see that because it wasn’t it’s only the new product that it’s coming out of the factory but it was also all the history all the boards are having used we had board from Dane Reynolds from Kalaheo from Gabriel Medina from the very best so many ridden Abuelita weight tokoro Chile DHD Maurice call nowadays it’s made by others Chris Christensen you know it’s the very best I guess from all over the world and it was actually my dad we started you know making surfboards as her living with the bunch of friends that was 1973 then it was my mom was really in love with my dad she started suing bikinis so as we speak now always his pukas his sous boards and bikinis it’s it was it was closed for a lot of people but the good thing is after that it was I guess that same night that everybody was already like thinking how we start doing suit boards again not in a month no no tomorrow this has been running for 45 years already and so we’re looking forward for another chapter maybe 45 maybe 50 65 I don’t know but I mean we love surfing that for sure [Music] yeah just put the stigmata they’ll just like let’s just start speaking for Sheila you just we’re speaking for she’s here we’re not translating anything and you figure it out all right so it’s pretty much I mean I don’t really know how to explain it that well but it’s egg custard if you do a direct translation patch them in Portuguese a Pashtun so I like the one that’s more burnt it tastes like Porsche the way like the chairs are set up the way like everywhere everything is it’s like really like warm and welcoming and I feel like it’s made so like people can interact with each other you know Peniche is sick I think it has I mean for me it’s like some of my favorite waves in the world like with the beach picks and everything but somewhere in the middle with you Sarah 25 minutes away from Lisbon 45 minutes here to Peniche an hour to Nazare it’s an obviously there is ways you know there’s Beach right this reef rigs are slabs that’s why it’s good you know it’s like it’s fresh I mean paradise I never want to leave and and you know it’s nice good I get to surf a bunch and hang out and have survived [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. First comment of any substance. Portugal alllll the way – Arrifana, Amoreira and Nazare! You can’t beat the west Atlantic surf! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  2. Love this vid, it reminds me of the old VHS vids you’d get with uk surf mags back in the late 90’s early 2000’s, and Victoria, 😍😍😍😍

  3. Alors les gars ?? ça vous plait le style français ??

    be careful … cannabis is not allowed in France , only french wine

  4. Why the hell would you get a "flat white" in the land of "noisette" and "capuccinos", and why in the hell would you get a "poke bowl" in the land of excellent french food? Is this made by some Australian?

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