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  1. So is 2048 the release date? It's the only date in the video. Yes the date is in the description. However, YouTube on the ps4 doesn't show descriptions or comments for videos, even ps4 exclusives. How about keeping the ps4 YouTube watchers informed too. Is it really that difficult to put the release date at the beginning or end of the video?

  2. Yaaaaass!! I love wipeout, I suck at it but it's so much fun!
    I used to listen to nirvana and foo fighters whenever I played this

  3. Nice. I hope Sony has plans to revive the Jet Moto franchise and give it this same treatment. Also hopefully a remastered in 4K Motorstorm collection and/or Motorstorm 4

  4. I'll never get over losing you, Liverpool. 🙁 [and Wipeout PS4 that was in development at the time…]

    But I can't wait to get this.

  5. Please Playstation . Allow Xbox to publish it for Xbox one too . There so many WipeOut Fans who have just xbox one . I grew up with WipeOut and it hurt me to know that i can't play it . Please Playstation…..have a heart for XOne users

  6. So you killed Studio liverpool/Psygnosis, killed WipEout and now try to milk the carcass for every last penny you can?

    Even worse, it's the post Pure WipEout games that get remade, while they are still perfectly playable on Vita and PS3 and hold up to todays console graphics quite well.
    Why not port over the classic WipEout games, 2097 and Wip3out?

    Thankfully BallisticNG has that PROPER WipEout itch taken care of, it's on PC and it's free, you all should check it out.

  7. Finally, some actual 2048 footage to show off what the machine can do in comparison to the Vita, how about a side by side comparison to see how much you've enhanced the game?

  8. it's finally time to get back into what is one of the most fast paced and good looking future racers out there, step aside F-Zero and Formula Fusion, the kings have finally returned.

  9. June 6th? This is an early birthday gift for me!!! With WipEout!!! I'm really excited guys, it's the return!!!

  10. I'm going to buy it and all, but please don't make this the only Wipeout game to come out for PS4. I want something new new.

  11. I can't believe we are getting 2048 in this collection. I still play 2048 on my Vita when I am taking my siblings on errands (usually school or doctor appointments). Once they leave the car I just whip out my Vita and have an adrenaline rush until they get back. Only problem is once they come back, I feel a need to floor it back to the house. Need to break that habit…

  12. Great… how about creating a NEW WIPEOUT game instead of re-releasing the old ones for the nth time. give STUDIO LIVERPOOL some money and let them do wonders.

  13. Cool ! Ca faisait longtemps. Ca va être génial de refaire des courses à très grande vitesse.

  14. hey can someone or even Sony help me out? I pre ordered this and it told me the release date was the end of this year and my friends who pre ordered it as well their release date is June 6???

  15. Why redo the 3 most recent ones when we have a nice collection of the older generations to choose from? Just curious.

  16. if it was in 1080p it would be 4 player split screen but no 4k for some bizarre reason, do you know anyone who actually has a 4k tv? Well a decent one that is? That's why I've got a switch to actually have fun playing with people in the same room

  17. 4k Resolutions and Playstation don' exist. Not even prescaled. It's an a poor excuse for an a fake illusion.

    Maybe if this Remaster / Remake comes for Scorpio and PC, It will be an a interesting achievement.

  18. Al jugar en modo carrera dos jugadores y seleccionar la misma nave, en resultados aparece el nombre de la nave y no player 1 y 2, en una carrera la diferencia de tiempo fue tan poca que no supimos quien ganó porque no aparece mas información que el nombre de la nave. Como saber quien gano?

  19. The test of hardware technology has always been the standard for wipeout! 4K in its greatness beauty, with minor tweaks in "old" games. I hope this is just a warm up for a upcoming fresh wipeout. For convinience (i own all wipeout titles) and for historic perspective it could include (at least) the original trilogy. I'm waiting for more!

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