WipEout Omega Collection | How the Anti-Grav Racer Changed Gaming | PS4

WipEout Omega Collection | How the Anti-Grav Racer Changed Gaming | PS4

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  1. This really deserves to be a full-length wipEout documentary. Still so sad about Studio Liverpool's closure 🙁

  2. Feisar or Harimau ? who will be this season's champion? i heard both have new engine this year.
    Edit: Triakis want to make a comeback too this season.

  3. PS BABES ARE SO HOT TOO GETTING WipEout Omega Collection,
    E3 PS WINS
    AND finally CRASH B GAMES ETC ON JUNE 30TH BABY cant wait. 29 days left baby.

  4. So I'm starting to think that having Sara Cox playing Wipeout and showing that exact same poster on the latest episode of Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit wasn't a coincidence. Someone probably paid for that.

  5. Give us a DLC known as the Alpha Collection with some of the best known courses from the PS1 and PS2 era of Wipeout and this'll be much better.

  6. Remember playing the original back in the day on my new PlayStation, fell in love with the game straight away & have since been a massive fan & own them all still as I'm a collector, gutted that the recently released media only special edition wont be available to real fans like me,to say im pissed off is an understatement & rightly so seeing I have supported the series with my hard earned money & would of been willing to do so again for the chance to own a model of the ship on a rotating platform ? Criminal

  7. You didn't do anything though, I don't know why anybody would re-buy 2048 after abandoned it once already.

  8. Everyone is just talking about her boobs and yes, they are nice but what i wonder why she has that costume in the first place? 😛 Did she come straight from the Wipeout Omega Collection commercial shooting or what? Or did she get so obsessed with the series that she thinks she is a Feisar pilot and uses that costume as her everyday clothes? xD

  9. Thank you, Sony, for giving us more wipE'out'', but at the same time, f*** you for disbanding Studio Liverpool WITH A HALF READY NEW PS4 wipE'out'' UNDER THEIR BELT (which was said to be "dramatically different"). Yeah. Sony. Go think about what you've done.

  10. To all the Legends out there… Important message (FOR SCIENCE & RESEARCH)
    Whose this Feisar chick with them big jugs?

    I must conduct my research immediately

  11. guess what? i was nuricom and triakis fan, but now i will play faisar… especially with this one (insert lenny face)

  12. How about giving us the option for custom soundtrack so we can play our own music rather than have to put up with the ordinary ingame music.
    This game has the worst soundtrack of any wipeout in history just btw.

  13. I loved Wipeout back in the day! The one that had The Prodigy's FIRESTARTER on it…LOVED IT! I can't wait to own this

  14. It will never sel good if they don't return the to Wupeout 2097 and W3 ship physics floaty feeling.I stopped playing wipeout when fusion came out.It' a shame they don't realize how stupid the new physics are.I can rant for days.I only play the originals emulated to VR.

  15. ого, русские субтитры. спасибо, сони. и за то, что закрыли студио Ливерпуль, тоже спасибо.

  16. The Leeds Studio created Wip3out. Sony took over what was Psygnosis Leeds after the studio released two great games; Wip3out and Colony Wars – Red Sun. Leeds had several new games in the pipeline, but Sony subsequently canned them and shut down the studio in 2001! A similar thing happened to the Liverpool Studio, which closed in 2012.

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