Winter Marble Games 2018 – All Events! (MarbleLympics)

Winter Marble Games 2018 – All Events! (MarbleLympics)

Hello everybody and welcome inside the Arctic Circle I am so glad to be here for the start of the 2018 Winter MarbleLympics It’s the pinnacle of marble athletics We welcome fans from all around the world gathered here today, and I’m glad that you are one of them Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the MableLympics Winter Games In our first event – the five meter ice dash- And we get ready for the 5-meter dash, heat 1 of 4 Snowballs Pinkies could be fresh and Team Galactic and put the snowballs be out to an early victory as hosts. Yes, they can They win that heat It got to pretty good start, little collision perhaps or maybe even a block you could call it I’m a near sign of Team Galactic with the snowballs Do you pretty good job keeping off of the wall as best they can here it looked pretty close but Able just to give it that last little push as pinky wakey even jumped in there six hundredths of a second behind To come in second in that heat. I Can tell you the snowballs fans are beside themselves at hosting and a possibility of coming away with Marvel Olympics gold Savage speeders. Are they going to live up to their name? No, look at the inside. They’re gonna be beaten down at the line pretty good time I might add to Take a look at the replay crazy cat sign may be Given a little nudge over to the far side now trying to draft on the savage speeders but just couldn’t keep the draft hooked up well enough that gap starting to grow and it really wasn’t a heck of a lot that They could do in that situation Set keep trying all the way until the end four nine three, the wind goes to the hazers Thunderbolts raspberry racers the old Rangers last year’s champions and the mid night wisps Arrangers off to an early lead watch down below. Nobody’s gonna catch him though easy From the homepages just rock it right off the board. They don’t even hit those back stops Forrest Gump moment just keep on going right out of a stadium To a pretty good start there They recognise that challenge that might be coming from the Thunderbolts and that subtle little movement in front of them Enough to break all of that momentum for the Thunderbolts. They ended up finishing in last 495 that is a good time Thunderbolts though not very happy you can tell the fans just by looking at him missed out on that when mello Yello Oceanics balls of chaos and Momo as a chaos trying to catch the Oceanics and they’re not gonna be able to Question is did. They hold on a second place as well Everybody bunching together we’ve not seen that strategy come together so far Usually the marbles try to spread out as best they can and then pick up the draft instead Nobody wanted to let anybody else get off to an early lead Look at that battle for second place yellow four hundredths of a second behind So close yet so far Results here in the group stage as we move to the semi-finals balls of chaos savage speeders the snowballs and the O Rangers Snowballs I get off to an early lead but watch their left. This is gonna go right down to the line And they didn’t get it snow balls were denied so see here through the first couple of checkpoints in the lead a Hanging pretty close and then eventually at this point here Look at the speed difference ever so slight but it’s just enough to give that advantage by three hundredths of a second Too swiftly from the savage speeders They will advance they’re pretty happy about that pinkies hazers midnight wisps and Oceanics and the hazers get off to a lead wash down below though. Are they going to be able to hold it? Yes, they will From the start we’ve often seen so many marbles that get into the lead early Have been able to hold on to it if they stay off the wall pinkies back behind not able to do that but right now it’s just a battle for first already a couple of links out in front but closing that gap ever so slightly and Then losing a little bit in the final section. The Oceanics can only come that close Now to the final who will get gold in the first event the savage speeders the snowballs Oceanics of the hazers off They go savage speeders take the lead but here come the Oceanics. They’ve got it phasers. Are they going to have anything? No, they won’t First gold of the winter long Olympics to the Oceanics with a lot of tide pride to do that They had to fight back look at the start that the savage speeder Scott, but they were not deterred They kept down the middle that little nudge off the wall might have been just enough To derail the hopes of the savage speeders and enough actually to kick them back into third place So congratulations Oceanics pick up gold and are off to a good start in the 2018 winter marble Olympics Congratulations also hazers picking up these silver and the savage speeders who have thoroughly bronze Take a look at the overall standings Oceanics come in with 25 points 24 the hazers and savage speeders with their bronze snowballs the hosts inform Be sure to subscribe for more as the winter mod Olympics have just begun After the five meter ice – got things underway here in the marvel imp extending out the very first medals of the competition We now take to the skies the ski jump each marble Representing the teams then get one chance at it So all of the preparation all of the training that they put into this it all comes down To this you see that on Olympics record line and the night wisps are not going to get anywhere close to that Bolt Oh from the Thunderbolts does significantly better. I think that’s gonna be be armed 115. Yes. It is 116 three Thunderbolts having a decent showing in the last event If you wake you from the pinkies indicate Conditions pretty good here today. Not a lot of wind That can disrupt the marbles too much or on which pinky-winky will be able to blame that one Yella from the mellow yellows, and that one is significantly better Did that also break 115 right on the dot? 115 is zero Take a look at the first four that have gone so far and it’s Balto from the thunderbolts leading the way Defending champions the arrangers with mandarin in the top now he comes and that very close That is very near to that 1:20 mark At least maybe not the Marvel infix record no.1 19 1 so it’s a little bit short But that is good enough for the tentative lead so far Smoggy from the hazers the team that got the silver medal in the first event and that’s gonna be very close to the record Let’s watch this in slow-mo just 120 point three Four millimeters back. No one that Miz. Well well It’s uh, that’s good that’s got to be difficult when you go right after a marble that has such a good jump as that We look here from underneath the speedy from the savage speeders our bronze medalists from the last event They needed a little bit more speed and height on that one very shallow angle comin in It just clears 110 but doesn’t get much beyond it halfway through Smoggy from the hazers leads the way over the arrangers But still a lot of marbles left to come is anybody gonna break that marble Olympics record? Oceanics they’re not going to do it Our gold medalists from the five meter dash I’m not even gonna reach 115 Take a look and analyze that launched a lot of speed coming off the ramp But the angle may have been just a little bit off Galactic, they’re gonna be in that same range by the look of it We need a little bit farther won 13-6 Not too bad. Now. Remember there are still points on offer. It’s not just getting the medal and that’s it You have to be in the standings throughout this whole event for a chance at being the Marvel Olympics champions obviously some medals would be nice, but you got to think about the long run to Getting into the final few marbles here and in T maniacs with the launch ends a little bit left of center Just short of 1:15 Hazers still in lead Bobo mo for teams mo mo And it’s not a bad jump really and it’s also gonna be in that 115 mark on it’s a little bit short of that. Actually the spray had me fooled Snowstorm from the snowballs here. What can the hosts do And 114 6 so they’re gonna be kind of mired in the pack with several others who are right around that range then ultimate jump Yellow, I from crazy cat sign that’s gonna be very close to the record Take a look and see here all just a little bit short Okay, 119 – so several have been flirting with that one balls of chaos. The last chance here. Can they get the lead and I think they did That could be a new record 121 zero and That is a good win in Now gone absolutely crazy with that record. I don’t play number one bit Goodness also out there. Hey, you see some of the Bulldogs who came up from the Pelican state Welcome to the Marvel of exponents from Louisiana. We are glad to have you and what an event you just witness Congratulations to the winners of the ski jump balls of chaos picking up a goal with the hazers getting another medal to their credit their second silver in a row with crazy cat side picking up the bronze a Rangers in four Thunderbolts mellow yellow’ back behind We take a look at the updated standing so far after two metal rounds and it is the hazers on top with their two Silver medals, but we’re only two events in the marble in pics. So be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the upcoming action We welcome you back inside the Arctic Circle for the next event of the 2018 winter marble that makes the halfpipe The goal to stay in the halfpipe as long as possible So you want your marbles to be higher up than crossing the line quickest natee maniacs doing a decent job of that right now But look at that gap all the way back behind It’ll be the time minta maniacs. They’ve done enough twenty six eight one at the start So three the mellow yellows are gonna cross the line first at this rate as we watch the replay The slowest three times of each of the team’s marbles will count toward the final standings We’ll have two rounds and the overall top time will get the victory Team Galactic in the thunderbolts now you’re in round one these heats and the Thunderbolt Look at that one all the way almost to the top of the halfpipe. That should be a huge time advantage Everybody else is finished there. He comes across the line and Thunderbolts win that one easily by a second and a half My gosh just the right angle to get far up the ramp And you know some of these teams got to test the ice on the halfpipe earlier in the friendly round Also in the training runs before a lot of the crowd reached the stadium And it’s paying dividends for the Thunderbolts so far. They are in the lead Crazy cats eye and a good cheer from the audience for the snowballs Move it’s crazy cats. I put in two Back there compared to one for the snowballs and snowballs catching green. I lost the line. They come this to be closed 2679 crazy cats I get the victory and That remark was far down there the snowballs do And that will hurt them once they crossed the line clock keeps ticking for the back ones and the time gets added on See, they’re almost all across the line One more cat’s eye to go and then the last snowball Hazers and the limas boy. One of the talking points early on in these marble olympics has been the Success so far of the hazers kind of coming out of nowhere Two silver medals to their credit over the first two events of this game and we’re gonna have a decent showing here Yes, they pick up the victory twenty six seven zero by 1600s of a second over the lime errs You see those two Lima is just going off the screen to the right there They’re gonna cross the line early. You can account one of the hazers two of the lime errs Now two of the hazers and finally across they come, you know All of the things that you see the gaps with your eyeball can be a little bit deceiving when you finally look at the times But there we have the current standing so far Twenty six eight one is as close. As anybody can come to the twenty eight three two of the Thunderbolts Go Rangers and Momo you’re in five of eight Down they come ooh, and briefly their mobile is looking in good shape They would have had three marbles back behind with only one Oh Ranger behind them as it is right now We’re gonna cross the line and I think they have done enough. Wait. It’s a tie. Oh my goodness. It is a tie And you see that bolded number down there because the Oh Rangers were the last to cross the line They will get awarded the victory and we count the forth marbles time amazing of all the chaos that you see going back and forth with these marbles see-sawing that it is still Enough to be a tie. It’s amazing raspberry racers in the Oceanics now As berry racers they position to up top With the first two Oh way down there. How’s this gonna work out between a mile look at the spread? It’s actually not gonna be a bad spread but did the raspberry racers do enough with those top two marbles? Yes, they did 2810 They become just the second team to break that 28 second barrier Close to the thunderbolts. That is a pretty good run. You also wonder in the the first round of this How many are planets safe? how many are Easing up a little bit. They don’t want to expend too much energy before you get into the final round Savage speeders in the midnight whispers The night wisp look at those three that they’ve got back there, that’s a pretty good gap Watching in the inset. So all of the savage speeders are done then come the mid night wisps And that should be an easy victory 28 for seven Another time above the 28 second mark and they did it with some good strategy just in Lockstep for most of that run. They’ve got a little side by side there, but You know You don’t want to really utilize the draft So you don’t want to see them line astern the whole way down because you’re trying to be as slow as possible Balls of chaos and the pinkies in the final heat of round one Balls of chaos establishing themselves pretty well on this one Already simple pinkies are gonna be finishing three balls of chaos come across with them in between and 29 for nine We have a new leader balls of chaos Have claimed the top spot and a broken 29 seconds. That is unbelievable Even though they had that little bump right there from the pinkies that did not push their speed up too much Not sure if that was intentional but I would imagine not All right Taking a look balls of chaos and night wisps and the thunderbolts lead the way as we move to round 2 galactic and the minty maniacs The D maniacs and the Galactic’s both send in a marble way up high The minty maniacs taken their time, but look at this gap to the final marble. Was it enough? No It’s not gonna do it And the minty maniacs get the head-to-head victory in this one now, obviously you’re looking at at time differentials as well So you’re not quite as worried about the head-to-head matchup, so you’re trying to do your best personal? Took a long time for that Team Galactic to get down there Thunderbolts in the snowballs now Already a little jostling for position down the entrance ramp onto the halfpipe the Thunderbolts have the back – Will that work out for him? Yes, it will 26 for 9 to 26 flat Still not up there to challenge in the 28 or 29 second range If you’ll have to see some marbles needing to pull out the stops and Do something a little bit different if they hope to catch the leaders Rasie cat’s eyes and the hazers In the blocks down they go Lasers bumping into each other with those back to marbles the green eye back there for the crazy cats I try to be slow as possible. I don’t know about that one Now the hazers do it again 26 8 1 Hazers just Head to head are so tough to beat Be interested to see how their storyline develops over the course of this marble limp Express and the O Rangers Stadium will get loud. The colors are already loud between them And down they come I Must try to stay back in last if they can do that good little move You will the distance them just a little bit by two hundredths of a second they get the victory that at last little nudge ended up being the difference that Back lie Murr was at one point coming up here about to pass the arrangers and then there that little nudge Decides to back off a little bit it broke the momentum. I think to the relief All the people out there watching for Lyme time Current standings in round two minty maniacs lead the way in front of galactic and the lie MERS, but this is only round two times Mo mo and the raspberry racers Momo’s got the back marble for now Look at that prepare for mo. Mo. Also trying to get behind that raspberry racer, but they’re not going to be able to do it Did mo mo hold on long enough? Yes, they did 27 for zero. So they win the matchup and move up a little bit in the overall standings They got those two right justjust in right center of your screen there But I think they’re trying their best to let that that raspberry racer in front of them But a good job by the racers Put on the brakes a little bit and hold off, but it was not quite enough. They couldn’t do anything about that back marble six of eight now Oceanics and the savage speeders loose of contact coming down there the savage speeders have two of theirs back behind But also two out in front And take a long time for savage speeders to get down there I think that should be enough 28 6 8 and that puts them up into second place. Not a bad strategy Really to put those 4 marbles All right in the middle But you can’t do anything about those back to marbles the farther down you get and look at how slowly they were moving. Yes I realize this is also slow motion, but everybody’s finished and then they’re just a shame their way down the course taken their time That’s enough to give them that victory in a pretty good time to Midnight wisps and the balls of chaos The wisps put down a 28 for 7 in the first round good enough right now for 3rd place and they better it Big grouping in front as they crossed the line. This would be close 26:35 226 1 6 it did end up being those last two marbles that made all the difference as look at this front group Back and forth I mentioned it’s kind of hard to change your inertia your angle Whatever it might be when you’re working down this course and all of that. Traffic is around you there’s really no separation to be had Pinkies and mello Yello in the final heat of round 2 now they come Nagy’s have the back two and They stretch that gap it they are Yes, they are using each other to slow themselves down and the pinkies come away with the victory by well over half a second But it’s not gonna be enough to dethrone any of the top three two of them saw those Two ride in front of them and realize that they were gonna have to work together because they started to close the gap but by working together a little bit bumping Slow and down that momentum. They stayed in the halfpipe just long enough So that means the balls of chaos will come away with the gold medal on this one 4:9 compared to the savage speeders 28 6 8 and the midnight risks 28 for 7 Thunderbolts Just miss out on the podium with raspberry racers back behind pinkies Oceanics. And the minty maniacs back in 8th Mullen. Mello Yello round and out our top 10 So balls of chaos pick up their second gold medal of these games savage Peter silver the midnight whisper odds What a relief it is to them to get back on top this early on in the marble impacts balls of chaos you Look at their best round 29 for 9 So the balls of chaos now leave with marv Olympics overall competition after three rounds with plenty more to come Be sure to subscribe for more Weather in your country, it’s considered a sled a sledge or a sleigh We are ready for this fourth event In the marble impacts the bobsleigh in this event each team will work their way down the course in a custom sled of their own All marbles have to try to stay in the sled because since they’re rolling rather than working on Rails If you pop out of the bobsled that means that you have less friction. So penalty points will be assessed The judges will determine how many points you will get depending on how high up a marble may pop out As we get a first look at the opening run here 1692 for the lime errs As you can see parts of this course extremely slow others Really fast the hazers winners of two silver medals so far sitting in second in these marble Olympics and that bright orange slid Slowing to a crawl. Oh that may hurt them quite a bit that seemed a lot slower than the lime errs Asked the couple cameras you’ll see them get really high on these walls a little bit of a tail slide there Cross the line they come and it’s still a decent time 16 for to half a second quicker Oceanic now in there appropriately blue sled Get off to a really quick start early on all we already have one Pop out that is gonna be a pretty good chunk of penalty points He’s got to try to stay ahead of the bobsled. No there he gets a little bit of momentum It just misses it. Somebody popped out after the line, too But that came high enough up that they’re gonna say that that is two penalty points and it on Who potentially a dangerous situation there? these pom sleighs have so much momentum that they carry because of their weight and because of the fact that all of the marbles are inside of them Just means that steering becomes that much more important because you don’t want to end up At the mercy of gravity our first sub 14 second run to the raspberry racers See the Oceanics and hey, welcome to the Bulldogs from Louisiana. We have traveled all the way from the Bayou Saw them in the stands just there The snowballs down they come Pretty good through that slow section They did not lose a ton of momentum obviously on a downhill run any losses Early on in the course are gonna compound the later on you get down the course Staying right in the middle. Not a bad run, but it ends up only 14 43 Not the best but good enough for second place The thunderbolts off to a very quick start Oh slow down at all banging up against that wall Now they slowed down quite a bit. That’s not an area where we usually see the sleighs get that’s low But they finished with a flurry 1309 and the thunderbolts have taken the lead Mello Yello Nearly halfway through the competition already And they come with a good head of steam getting a little bit high on a couple of those turns Especially the left handers all we’ve got one out One of the mellow yellows is out that is gonna earn them some penalty points Otherwise, it was a pretty good run You see how high up on the wall, but they got and they just hit that rough patch and that was enough Oh, and actually another one came out before the line and then came right back in to might have come out before the line Hence, the judges awarding them a few extra penalty points beyond just the one or two they would have had oh and an early escapement and Getting a nudge from the bobsleigh He’s got to try to stay in front of that to avoid injury and he does pretty easily another one comes out just before the line perhaps or just after I’m not sure which That was before the line in there you see on the replay. So that’s gonna earn them a few penalty points as well So Thunderbolts lead the way in front of the raspberry racers at 1309 is a very good time The arrangers now starting the second half of the competition A little bit ragged on that start you solve it the slate oscillating from side to side as they went down that initial pipeline There we see on almost a point of view shot. This looks to be a slower Traverse and it is 14 6 Balls of chaos In the lead two gold medals and it’s going to be very difficult on this one because they’ve already lost tomorrow now two Couple of them just decide to get off of the course altogether the sleigh still finishes but a hefty five penalty points coming And that is not how the balls of chaos wanted to approach this event Almost a little bit crooked out of the starting gate on that one Love to see how they recover though, and it’s looking fairly smooth so far Decent amount of speed being kept them think y’all they lost one marble maybe even two at the end No, I think the judges are just gonna get him for one Since we see only two penalty points being awarded. No, actually they did get out before the line who Since it is so close at the line. I don’t know you a little bit of discretion at the judges, but my goodness pinkies now Now they come they’ve got a pretty good run going. Oh, they lose once we’ve seen so many other right-handers just pop out because of how rough the upper parts of the ice is it’s it’s just so Jagged up there so difficult Team Galactic now the 13th of 16 teams the tactics slow through this opening sector Trying to keep it as low as possible all they lose one To slay is gonna finish in front of him They lose another one after the fact but since they had crossed the line Just one penalty point being assessed as the judges deem that it did not change their time a ton His judges discretion here now the cat’s eyes Looking mighty colorful in that sled I To keep it off of the high points and they do a pretty good job of that Twelve eight four but they do get a penalty point We have one hop out just at the end now mo-mo Well, they have been looking for anything To get going here Though when they’ve come to a stop. Oh The team that is in last place in the marble impacts and they’re gonna get a redo When this is interesting partially because that run was halted when moe moe moe fell ill they called 14 doctors to come in and apparently Initial signs and symptoms show that moe moe moe having altitude sickness I’d be very surprised if they would be able to continue with this one and then they come across the 1506 from ninth place with MIMO stepping in for that one. Oh, but there may have been another injury We’re hearing on that one moe moe moe moe reportedly knocked out on impact with a corner and was just kind of there for the rest of the ride and medical officials tending to him while Mickey maniacs complete their run There’s is not good enough But we’ll have to keep you updated as we get more information in over the next few days In the meantime the thunderbolts take the victory Fairly close but just two runners in the 13 second range is enough to give those two the lead Midnight whisks by the way coming back for the bronze Congratulations to all of our competitors Many escaped the bobsleigh without incident, but it was not an easy journey Especially when we considered the injuries to team moe moe will have to watch and see if they are continue in these marvel impacts only five points for Team Galactic though How does that affect things balls of chaos still in the lead with the Thunderbolts have catapulted six places up into a tie for? second place with the Oceanics in front of the hazers Hello everyone and welcome to event number five of these winter marv Olympics speed skating We begin though with breaking news from the last event you may recall that team Momo was involved in a pair of Incidents at the start of the bobsleigh course the first one saw mo mo mo taken down with altitude sickness They stopped the run team doctors were consulted and they decided he should sit out for the duration of these marble limping so they brought In MIMO to sit in his third spot in their next bobsleigh run But however three-quarters the way down the course and hit a rough patch high up on the ice and mo mo mo mo the caboose Was determined to have suffered a head injury. He will sit out And in the meantime that puts them into a bit of a predicament as a result They appealed to the International marble index committee And they have decided to join forces with team primary ones who did not make it to this event through qualifications They will combine Bringing in in this event MIMO while the main group of marbles before that They have combined to make will be training for the next event and will fly the flag of team mo meri And we certainly wish them the best That is where we join this event already in place through 15 meters It is all snowballs and across the line. That is a solid time Two tenths of a second off of the marble impacts record snowflake takes the early victory CD Looking at the line raspberry racers and the minty maniacs in the gate and they’re off this track Soars above the venue here in the Arctic Circle. It has been calibrated to make sure that both of the lanes are even Raspberry racers with an early lead through the first few laps of this one. Look at the gap around that’s being gained by minty flavor Flav’s already cut down by a couple of lengths but and he’s bridged that gap further. Yes He can that’s a dead heat into the bell lap Around the final turn they come and Flav will not get there Rosy from the raspberry racers by one hundredth of a second We take a look at these start/finish line camera who? Doesn’t get much closer than that That is unbelievable As berry racers get the victory Clementine and ocean now indicate How they come Rangers you’re gonna have deficit early on in this one, but they fight right back and take the lead OSHA now playing catch-up while links behind Little bit closer down here with just a couple of laps to go there off of Marvel Olympics record pace So that is not going to come into play They’re gonna stack up not very favorably with those first two runs early on neither Down at the bottom ocean not gonna get their Aventine takes the win 31:16 But two lates Ready for the next heat now I was a Kaos crazy cats eye with snarl and red eye and Red eye gets the jump off the line Stretching that lead snarl has nothing for him at least through the first couple of turns now he’s starting to come back a little bit red eye Stretches it out. Look at the speed that he has nobody else in the picture for a little bit 4/10 ahead ABBA laps to go and that gap is just growing further Red eye gonna coast to the victory in the belt lap and across the line Not a great time in the overall 30 90 and still a dominant win here 37 7 is the leading mark 38 7 just one tenth back blue lime in yellow Weimer’s edge ahead right out of the gate that advantage lost briefly now reclaimed in the first couple of turns at the 5 meter mark You’ll I’m continuing to prices advantage as much as he can than the lie MERS hold on to this one this gap is growing You are navigating this course, beautiful Final turn they comes an Easy win blue lime and the lime errs. 31 7 4 it’s not going to be up there with the leaders But it’s a statement Cheer from the crowd on that one. We get ready for the next one Nemo as we said in the blocks while team Moe Mary decides to give the other team members some rest and some time too And get things put together for this event. Nemo has been a quick marvel as we’ve seen before in the past There’s a little bit of a deficit to makeup on Cosmo Team Galactic now up to 3 4 lengths that continues to grow can MIMO fight back Not looking like it so far Vinyl turns Cosmo from Team Galactic half a second off the Marvel Olympics record time is gonna get this win easily MIMO called in and having to do some extra work Not able to come away with the victory 31 for 2 MIMO maybe that lack of training being an alternate marble played a part in this one Olympics you have to be so in tune Your body and with your mind Volta rapidly Savage speeders getting the early lead on that bottom Lane Laughs down through the 5-meter point and look at this nine hundredths of a second off of marble impacts record time and The savage speeders live up to their lame. They’ve cut it down to 6/10 1577 two turns to go There ahead of marble Olympics record time rapidly around the final turn on the bell lap and across the line. It is a time preferably equals the record Thirty point five seven and the savage speeders by two tenths of a second take the lead in this event There’s early games that you get on those first couple of laps really pay dividends later on is that gap just kept getting whittled down? Further and further can anybody beat that and there are just two competitors to go? So the sandwich speeders are guaranteed a medal now the hazers for the unpredictable team Really? They’re off to a good start here leading by four or five lengths And misty stretch that gap any further. Yes, he can every turn in fact, he’s ahead of marble Olympics record time fifteen six for two turns to go Now over a tenth nearly two tenths Will miss T from the hazers reset the marble its record. Yes, he will Thirty point for and that is gonna be good enough for gold medal for the hazers the hazers unpredictability Continues this time. It’s on the positive side They are a team to beat this event and perhaps in the entire rest of the marble impacts gold goes to the hazers now have a pair of silvers and Gold on top as we sit beneath feet flame here in the Olympic Stadium Speed skating the hazers the savage speeders and the snowballs gratulations to our top three finishers snowballs from the negative 15 plates 20 for the savage speeders and the hazers 30.3 for that is a new marble Olympics record Nearly two tenths up Almost from the record that have just been tied as a result now the hazers jump to the top of the standings in front of balls of chaos and the savage speeders after five events in These winter marm olympics the emphasis of the Team Pursuit is on Team 4 marbles apiece will head down the track 20 meters in total The first three marbles to cross the finish line will count So the fourth one can’t go a little bit But the first three have to be on point get across these 20 meters and beat their opponents head to head As we get ready for our first group in the blocks now the hazers and the raspberry racers off They go. We only have three from the hazers. That is a false start Then is blown and they will reset in the blocks and we’ll get this one underway one more false start though And that team will be disqualified There’s a clean getaway and the raspberry racers off to an early lead around the first turn a good charge back from the hazers Who lead the barb Olympic standings right now? Their unpredictability has been these stuff of a lot of stories lately But they have a gold and two silvers to their name and are four points clear of the next team As a Chaos now Though these three getting a little bit strung out there They all come back together, but the raspberry racers have used that opportunity to stretch their lead to over two tenths Around the final turn they come and it will be the raspberry racers across the line first with a 32 9 8 33 8 twos at second time So there’s the benchmark 32 9 8 Pinkies and the new team team Moe Mary Combination of team Momo and team primary the latter of whom did not make the marble impacts the former did With a spate of injuries find themselves down on numbers They are not down on anything right now they lead but for how much longer Here come the pinkies up on that top lane team Oh Mary doing a good job of trying to stay out in front Oh, oh, they’re getting a lot of separation between that first marble in the second remember? It’s the first three that crossed the line That’s your total time Down they come and it will be team mo Mary 33:56 to 3371 there you see the red numbers are the Gap between each other the green numbers in the far right column the gap to the marble limpets record Balls of chaos in the O Rangers getting going now with the arrangers in the lead for the first two turns tight formation Balls of chaos up top And push and draft off of each other and conserve a little bit of energy That they can use in the bottom part of this course And is only going to happen if they don’t let the o Rangers get out – too big of a lead And then should they be able to come back from this? Arrangers one turn to go And they come across the line they spread out just a little bit that’s a 33 7 6 3 32 or 5-1 That is the slowest time of anybody that we’ve seen so far the liners and the mid night wisps now halfway through the heats Climbers decent bunching the what a lead. They’ve gained just over the first few turns 5 meters they nearly have a second lead and That is only growing This is a huge lead. They are still Now only one and a quarter seconds up and they are still close together They might be ones to watch later on in this knockout tournament Lost the line for an easy victory 33 77357 7 for the midnight whisps that is the slowest time so far So there you see the advancing teams from the first four heats mellow yellow in the Oceanics a good start for both Rudi even through the first turn now starting to stretch things out as mello Yello up top Well, she annex just a 10th back now they get their form back together That form is paying dividends. They are closing this gap This turn in fact, they have the lead now, yes, they do by two hundreds of a second Oceanics have the lead and they’re gonna have the win in this heat 29 9 4 you kidding that is a new mother Olympics record by nearly two seconds That is the kind of performance of all of these fans in the stands came to see Matt throws down the gauntlet a little bit for the next round In Galactic how to an early lead fell back Now their lead marble is out in front But remember it is the top three marbles that count for the time that third marble crossing the line Stops the clock and right now that goes to the minty maniacs As I say that they switch back around the final turn. This is gonna be close. It’s gonna be very close photo finish Watch the third marble. That’s the key and it will be the minty maniacs 30.5 eight to thirty and 6-0 Those are two of the three fastest times that we’ve seen all day Crazy cats eye in that upper Lane getting out to a colorful leads so far through the five meter mark 2/10 ahead of the Thunderbolts Thunderbolts tight in formation though slowly trying to claw that back Thunderbolts sitting in fifth In the standings right now one goal to their credit one bronze to the crazy cats eyes Through the final turn easy victory Look at this twenty nine nine six two hundredths of a second off the marble limpets record. Oh, Look at this Oh a crash down there in the bottom One of the Thunderbolts came out that I think I’m hearing that there. Okay So desperate to call back as much time as they could but Wow gotta be careful at the bottom of this course Snowballs and the savage speeders coming down now Snowballs the hosts of these games big contingent of fans cheering them on and they of course Want to make all of their fans proud? 23 5-1 they’re doing a pretty good job of that right now around the final turn they come And oh look at this look at the separation there early on it was Warmed to these teams If you had the lead marble and the fourth marble beyond them final oranges tracked down there That risks too much separation, and you may be disqualified In this case there. Okay, let that be a warning to them in the next round Now into the quarterfinals raspberry racers and Timo Mary Racers up top mo Mary dead, even with them go Mary a lot more separation though now they clean that up Raspberry racers three hundredths of a second ahead in those couple of turns did wonders for him Gotta try to bring both teams do their team members right back together Heading into the bell lap Still raspberry racers out in front raspberry racers will coast to the wind 31 for six Timo Mary still try to put this team dynamic together figuring out whose role is what? What they can do if the winds go Rangers and the lie MERS My MERS on the bottom arrangers up top falling behind by a couple of marbles Remember, it’s the first three to cross the line and all three of the liners are out in front of the arrangers first to 10 to the second lead Into the Bell laughs they come limas rounding the turn one to go And the arrangers not going to have anything for them the Library one three six and a crash after the fact to watch the liners down on the bottom They hit with such impact. They jar one of their own teammates loose We’re hearing they’re okay, though I’ve already seen so many injuries over the last season and then into these marble impacts. You don’t want to see anymore IMC and others taking great care to make these games as safe as possible for these marble competitors Good matchup for the first couple of turns but it’s been all Oceanics down here in the second half of the course Two turns to go when they lead by over half a second they got to bring that separation down just a little bit there They go not an issue In two maniacs good form, but they come up just under half a second short the Oceanics Another one pops out at the bottom there hopefully the competitors are seeing that especially in this case like the crazy cats is Trying to arrest some of their speed before hitting those blocks This is a good matchup starting here snowballs better form, but now a little bit behind now. They’re inching a little bit ahead That form break for the crazy cats I did that cost them momentum did that break the draft enough They’re trying to get it back together and see if they can nudge ever closer to the snow balls At our hosts leading by nearly three tenths they’ve gained some ground, but it’s not gonna be enough the snowballs take the win Just seven tenths of a second off of the marble ethics record which was set in the first round of this particular event Now on to the semi-finals the two that we will have lie MERS and raspberry racers the Oceanics versus the snowballs Tension building here inside the stadium these two teams big rivals of one another Natalya must relish the chance to face each other in an event head-to-head. That’s exactly what we’ll get for 15 more meters of this one dead heat Liners and raspberry racers down to the hundredths of a second we’re tied These two are very close ly MERS with an early to leave just a little bit now They’re bringing it together, but watch the raspberry racers down below Now they’re coming back that separation is really hurting the ligh MERS Raspberry racers edging ahead. They’re gonna come across the line barely taking the win two hundredths of a second Now it’s the top lane that loses one, but I think that might just be out of a little bit of frustration more than anything The second of two semi-finals the Oceanics and the snowballs remember the Oceanics setting the Marvel Olympics record Earlier on in this event and it’s a good start that we have from both teams right now the snowballs edging ahead just a little bit two hundredths of a second and They hold on to it Snow balls getting together line astern stretching their lead a little bit Down through the 15 meter mark, and it’s up to two tenths of a second and the snowballs bring this one home Yes, they can Easily half a second over the Oceanics the marble impacts record will scare them Us the line they come So now we look to the third place match the liye MERS and the Oceanics matter whom surely frustrated that they could not take the early success that they had and translate that into A chance at the finals instead. They’ll try to settle for bronze here But the lie MERS not making it easy on them to hundreds of a second where the Oceanics lead I think that’s come down. Now now it’s stretching out a little bit five hundredths Oceanics spreading apart a little bit Trying to collect themselves through these final turns two tenths. They’re up. Ah, there they go not gonna catch them Those final ten or fifteen metres huge for the Oceanics and they win bronze by half a second Now on to the final in Team Pursuit the snowballs and the raspberry racers As for your racers and the leads for the first turn now they’ve lost it snowballs Down through the five meter mark, they’re up to a five hundredths of a second lead They’re holding clear all three of their scoring marbles out in front of the raspberry racers Could the snowballs? Be on the weight of their first gold medal of their own games His last turn will decide it. It’ll be close, but they get it the snowballs win gold For hundreds of a second separating the raspberry racers when the top step of the podium versus the silver medal Third marble has to be the one to come across the line The snowballs have done it Prior to this one bronze medal to their name through the first few events of these marble impacts But now they will join the raspberry racers and the Oceanics on the podium for the team pursuit But we saw a marble infix record fall earlier in this one And it ends with the snowballs picking up 25 points Oceanics now Catapult three spots up to lead the games by one point over the Heiser snowballs pick up four and move into third We leave the confines of the Arctic Circle Stadium and head outside to the frozen tundra for event number seven in these 2018 Winter Marble Olympics You see the trench that has been dug that will play host to the snow marble rally two races each race giving competitors number of snow points sixteenth for first one point for last and The marble that has the most snow points after two races wins this event There are any tie breaks then we go to fastest time between the two runs it so Rangers out in front right now But the savage speeders go low and they’ve take the lead as the left-handed chicane and down they come now already 20 seconds into this race several marbles riding high up on the edges of this track savage speeders have done so well in many of the speed based events a little bit of snow on him here trying to Keep that lead as large as possible. The arrangers ever dangerous the winners of course of last year’s marble impacts in the summer Finish line in sight savage speeders gonna take this one easily or Rangers have been past Pinkies get around them Thunderbolts nearly get around them as well The Rangers come in third Look at the spread some of these marbles have cause of chaos. I think we had a DNF on that one That was only 15 marbles that made it across the line. Who did we lose ah the minty maniacs Indie swirl somewhere on the course got stranded and ended up in last so savage speeders picking up 16 points Remember, it goes all the way then down to one point as we get back into the blocks here for race number two Off they go Oh Nearly getting high up the wall. I’m going right off the course been able to stay back in. Nope. There goes one of them I think that was the pinky’s I think pinkies just jumped the wall and are stranded I won’t call it beached because well this is snow But I think the pinkies are out of this race Question is who is running up front? I see Timo Mary up there. I Think a lot of people would love to see Timo Mary get back up on top finally getting some good results after their team being broken apart and reformed a Little bit of contact with leaving midnight wisps how they spread back out again Karl to a stop mulberry in the lead Can they hold on to it? Watch that third place? Mo. Mary’s gonna get it Snowballs steal second right at the line by just about a second just behind Timo Mary And we should have At most 15 finishers, I believe and that’s what we do. Oh she annex come in last not good for a team That was sitting toward the top of the Marvel epic standings coming into this 16 points for Timo Mary I Believe that might be enough Combining the two. Yes, it is Timo Mary have their first gold of the winter marble impacts savage speeders and midnight whisps getting silver and bronze respectively That’s a huge relief to the team Oh Mary fans those made up of both Team mo mo and team primary, of course What an event for team mo Mary listen to that ovation. I Tell you what the fuck that they have shown they’ve gotten so many fans Working through adversity and to come out on top in this one a little bit of vindication I would have to think as we take a look At the overall standings in these marble imp ixnay the savage speeders with another silver their third move up to first they jump five spots one ahead of the snowballs hazers in third Oceanics fall all the way to fourth a different type of challenge awaits our competitors in event number eight of the Winter Marv Olympics the snowboard cross in the previous event the savage speeders catapulted five spots up to the top of the marble if Extends now with three silvers and one bronze to the credit with the host team that the snowballs back in second phasers and Oceanics Fighting for that third spot in this one two races will decide who makes it to the finals top four of each race will advance and we have race a And the blocks and off they go Back and forth they come Timo Mary with a brief lead now as The models try to establish a rhythm going down a quite varied course here in the snowboard cross You will see a lot of contact a lot of physicality and maybe some clever tactics as we go along It’s a Rangers out in front right now pinky’s briefly saw second place, but several marbles getting caught up into that tricky section They’re losing out Thunderbolts now into second place balls of chaos up into third galactic trying to make a charge to get ever closer Thunderbolts gaming ever so slightly on the O Rangers galactic into third place now and they have another go and making the second balls of Chaos, watch them up top Thunderbolts come across in front of the arrangers then Falls a chaos back in third pulsar the final transfer spot for Team Galactic and the pinkies just miss out and eventually Yelp finishes so those are the four moving on from race a we will their competitors be there in the blocks right now the top four will advance and race beat off they go and It’s the snowballs out in front quick Hazers getting bumped out of the way by the raspberry racers who now take the lead we snaked on by these snow balls as well, but it snowballs and savage speeders in Third hazers and forth and night wisps battling back with the liner’s Savage speeders and snowballs raspberry racers those three all together now Snowballs try to go up top raspberry racers keeping that lead back and forth. They just have to finish in the top four So the real fighting is going to be for that fourth spot savage speeders were there for a split second now they came back up front the same thing with climbers midnight wisps shove snow balls out of the way and snowballs at this point are not going to transfer and They will not transform raspberry racers ly Murs savage speeders and the mid night wisps will move on into the final snow storm from the snowballs comes up just short 3/10 back This course a treacherous one I’m going to look at those who have finished in the bottom half of the order their points have already been dictated No consolation round to make up here Starting lineups, who will it be for gold and they’re off Balls of chaos taken that early lead with the mid night wisps and the savage speeders post behind But I think you’ll see this course will stratify these marbles quite a bit as they work their way down it Savage speeders up into second place trying to hold off a big drain of marbles and they’re not going to be able to do it Mid night wisps, they get around balls of chaos, and now a shove from savage speeders They’re up into the lead lie MERS into second balls of chaos into third Thunderbolts back and forth now They briefly move into the top three down here in the bottom part of this course, who will it be four gold? Balls of chaos are out in front right now can savage speeders have anything for more one about the lie MERS? The lie MERS there go up top and they’re neck and neck coming down here at will be the lie MERS the lie MERS will get gold and Falls of chaos, hold on for the silver Thunderbolts making a good luck at the end To grab the bronze savage speeders after leading a good chunk of that race or at least in second place Come up just short and the lie MERS their first metal in the marble limpets, and it’s gold their fans. Absolutely That’s rightfully so what away Get in the metal column To stand at the top of the podium here in snowboard cross an event number eight of these marble limits We enter the homestretch now these final few events with curling up next Before we move on though We take a look at the points from this event lie MERS netting 25 for their gold As a chaos and Thunderbolts silver and bronze respectively savage speeders. They stay up at the top of the standings But now balls of chaos up into second in front of the snowballs the Thunderbolts moved to fourth The history of curling goes all the way back to the 1500s and it’s appropriate that it was included in This year’s winter marble impacts ahead of what should be a fantastic Event after several practice rounds gave these teams a little bit of a feel for the ice ahead We start in the first match of the day Mellow yellow and the Thunderbolts Eight matches in this first round mellow yellow will come to the nearside And go out the back of the house That’s not going to be quite enough that will not bounce back in. That stone is behind the tee line and out play Thunderbolts Also miss the house now remember that blue ring is worth one point the white inside of it worth to the red three and on the button is five This is the kind of drawback. That mellow yellows were hoping nestling in the two-point ring to give them an early lead a Little bit different than conventional curling, of course we’re gonna see as much sweeping and the points-scoring a little bit different as well for the marble imp –ax Good at adapting all of these sports and we’ll see what the end result is And mellow yellow’ put another 1 point on the board. It looks like they will Notch it up to 3 Bowl – from the thunderbolts bounces off the near side wall crosses the house off to the far end Is he gonna roll back in at all? No, that’s a zero Thunderbolts are missing everything right now Yellow, he’s gonna Bank against the wall Can he hold in that? White ring? Yes. He can 5 now for mello Yello Bolte this needs to be on the button And It will not mellow yellow’ wins the first event here in curling And their fans quite excited about that. That’s a good start now Timo Mary and balls of chaos Oh Mary what a job they did a gold medal in These marble impacts but a fortune and they sit all the way down in 12th so far while balls of chaos Second they jump three in the last event now two gold medals and one silver On ninety two points to their credit that is just two points overall behind our leaders to savage speeders Timo Mary leaves one out the back after getting two on their first Also chaos a nudge up at the front of the house, but it’s not gonna yield any points for It really doesn’t change anything. In fact Mary from Team mulberry Right out of the house That drops him down the marble does settle in the one-point ring But they did have to look at this a lot of backspin and that’s not gonna get anywhere close I’m not sure what the plan was there Molo straight down the line having a go at that button just across it And he hold the two-point ring no Does give them the lead so far out of balls of chaos respond, they miss They were trying to hit nose on contact and maybe cut back toward the button if they could off the ricochet But instead they go straight out the back So Timo Murray two to one gets the win here Now snow from snowballs Why MERS with the hammer in this match and they might need it with a tidy three points to start Sublime or The lie MERS how did they respond bounce off the back? One point Unfortunately leaving it out wide like that makes them a little bit susceptible to be knocked out. Oh Don’t worry about it. I guess if the snowballs are gonna knock themselves out that was a huge mistake Do they even get one out of that the initial the word from the judges? No Lie MERS lead one-nothing That one does not make it back into the house Oh snowflake just misses And ends up outside of the wide ring for another zero Weimer is actually looking in pretty good shape here Especially if they can get some more points on the table and that one’s not gonna do it Strategy’s not playing out well here for either of these teams. One point is all the difference Snowballs gonna try something different and maybe settle in front of the house. No, they settle Way out in front of the house. That’s a zero still Lemon lime for the lime errs We have this one wrapped up. They play it safe Go down the sideline and let it bounce where it may as a result It does come in for two on the official score does give the snowballs one point so that ends up being a pretty big deal That last throw I don’t think they even realized that they were dead even Two to one the final in that one Halfway through now match four of eight Minty maniacs and the raspberry racers an unorthodox path for the minty maniacs gives them one to start off This is a team who would desperately love to get some good points here. They have 52 points overall. That is 42 behind the savage speeders no medals so far Raspberry racers on the other hand won silver to their name. They sit in seventh Two to one after three stones thrown Glanced off their own marble and is that gonna help or hurt? It’s actually gonna work out Okay, they will have to in the two points circle T maniacs they go down the far side bounce off cross right over the button. Can they hold it in the house? No Just off to the side the bounce-back will give them one And they cut believe four to two Asbury racers miss on that one, but look at this creative curl back into the house Not a bad move at all chalk up two more 50 swirl they actually have a pretty good angle if they want to try to get a Twofer there, but instead they miss everything Minty maniacs settle on the far edge 6 to 3. So raspberry racers just have to be careful here and they hid themselves Oh and that takes them out, but where will that one marble and it’s in the one-point ring? So we readjusted and they still barely managed to come out on top and this one 5 2 3 But that was a little too close for comfort The Rangers and the pinkies match five of eight Straight down the center line Settling in the three-point ring Rangers the winner Bullwhip is an odd angle and a bounce that just killed all momentum over their pinkies barely got it halfway That will act as quite a guard But I was saying arrangers the winners of the summer barbed Olympics heading here in the winter though They are square in the middle of the pack Take heed income down with a lot of speed They be able to get that curl back. No Rangers off the back wall and a little nudge Almost gets both of those marbles into the Rings Settle for one of two and a five to nothing lead so far Pinky Rosa, we’re on that far side and just can’t get the curl back Rangers need to play it a little bit safe with the point total they have Their final marble just comes down to the near side It’ll be very difficult to get a double here if the pinkies are gonna try it. And yes, they will they just barely glanced I think that marble on the centerline it’s not gonna work but a crawl back along the button would help instead They just settle in the three-point ring. That’s not gonna be enough or Rangers in the way with the victory crazy cats eyes and team galactic Green eye with the start One point job done or will it be knocked out by Team Galactic? Contains lactic hold that one point ring. No, they can’t yellow I Exacting a little bit of revenge perhaps now he’s gonna come to your side Colonel back across can it stay in? No, it won’t Yellow eye that’s a zero Starry comes in just high of center Back in on the edge of the three-point ring, that’ll be a two team galactic. Take the lead blue eye now opting for a very different line Just wants to make sure that that back marble for Team Galactic is not gonna come into play later on while getting them one point in the meantime Bank off on another nudge their galactic will not add to their total red eye final stone for the crazy cat sighs Almost glances off his teammate that helps If you can come back just a little bit. No, it’s still two points. If that gives them the lead. What can Pulsar do With the final stone rock that green eye knocking him back into that blue point ring That’s gonna be a tie So we look at the closest to the button in this case Starry closer to the button than red eye. So Team Galactic Comes away with the win the one time that in this version of curling. We do look at distance to the button And it works out to team Galactic’s advantage Savage speeders and the oceanic savage speeders the leaders of the marble epics three silver medals already and one bronze Their two points ahead, but that’s in the overall standings right now in this match their one point behind Oceanics a good opening throw Rapidly from the speeders creeping his way in through the one point into the two now back into the one So they tie it up at three Oceanics Right down the center line Not sure if they were gonna try to bump the savage speeders out the top there, but it didn’t work And that’s a flank Swifty also goes center line right back pounded in the other direction and that didn’t work at all Such a game of finesse When you get it wrong It doesn’t have to be by much but you pay for it Good bank shot here for the Oceanics extends their lead to three now four to one knocking the savage speeders out Wizzy all ends up hitting off his own guard Nothing doing there Oceanics have to be careful here not to clear themselves out. Otherwise, they’re gonna get an early victory And yes, they they go up top there And just take it easy so Win for 2-1 Oceanics over the savage speeder sets them up to the matchup in the next round Midnight wisps and the hazers now in match 8 of 8 here in the first round While these marbles positioning themselves for the next round of competition in night wisps an early one It’s come straight down tries to arrest that momentum, but can’t quite get it under control One-point lead is held Whispies turn now off the far wall and the back into the house and that’ll be another two Establishing yourself early on in this sort of event Getting those points on the board It also means that if you’ve got marbles in play it forces the other team to try to decide what do they do to they? Go for complex bank shots. They just take one out at a time risking giving themselves a zero in the process hazers, I think make the right choice in this one trying to get a two pointer for the midnight whispers respond and go back up by three a two for two and then the hazers make a mistake and knock themselves out, but They recover nicely. They actually somehow gain one point off of that Not how the coach probably drew it up The night wisps you’re gonna put another one in the one-point ring that at the deep back part of the house Thank and the hazers knocks one of the wisps out That’ll even up the score just a little bit, but it’s not going to be enough. So It’s five to four that’s the final the balls of chaos and the pinkies Getting an advantage because they are closer to the button than the snowballs and the minty maniacs if you’re wondering how the tie breakers work out in those so we look ahead to the quarterfinals semifinals and beyond The opening rounds of the curling event have been completed and as we head into the quarter finals the tension only Ratchets up now that all of the marbles have had a chance to test the ice. We expect to see a lot Curling this time around and those who made it in the top half of the results there. You see the bottom there we take a look at the quarter-finalists beginning with Timo Mary and mello Yello Both of these are bottom half teams. They would love a very good finish here In fact, most of the top teams did not advance to the quarterfinals So a chance for some of these competitors to make up some ground as we head down here into the final homestretch of the 2018 winter marble impacts Mellow yellow’ banking hard off that back wall. I have to think setting up a guard out in front Forcing mo Mary to change their strategy a little bit centerline on this one will curl back behind that guard Yellow It’s an interesting schedule look at this gonna curl way out in front another guard out there they’re really putting a team o Mary in an interesting spot forcing them to have to curl a lot more than they’re used to How will they respond I’d say pretty well on this one two-point ring stretches their lead up to three Yeley a bank off his own teammate and that helps Pretty good strategy on that one puts them in the two-point ring as well Momo they go high look at his curling right back to center around those two marbles nearly gets into the three point ring and Timo Mary have a 5 to 2 lead I’d say forcing mo Mary to go on that upper line Did not pay off five to four the final in this one Mo Mary will advance over. Mello Yello Lie MERS and the raspberry erasers again, they meet each other Raspberry racers we’re strategy a lot of contact They are not shy of ramming square into the other marbles and let’s see if they try to do it right off the bat They do Over that lime or end up and the two-point ring that didn’t work out too. Well for the racers this time Initial score has them outside of the one-point ring interesting. So this is two to nothing Lime, are they going to set up a guard out front and it’s a little bit too low to be that effective Rezzie’s gonna go up high Off the back wall candy curl it back into the house. Look at that that last little flourish gets them into the one point ring Cool. I’m right across the button and a subtle little nudge out there One more point added on three two one Is he from the raspberry racers responds in kind and knocks him right out the side make that only two two one now Lemon Lions gonna come low avoiding all the marbles at first off that initial ricochet get some help from his teammate Can he hold it in the blue? No Leaving the door open here for the raspberry racers a hard impact knocks him out the back and Huazi ends up hitting sublime who then bounces back in and hitting rezzie and it gives them the point So raspberry racers on the last shot taken full advantage of the hammer And Galactic opens things up now, they one pointer to the nearside Arrangers dip down the middle Just gonna go over there and maybe cover nine city stops short two to one starry from Team Galactic Round his teammate You can split the two marbles and sneaks into the two point ring as well Team Galactic takes the lead 3 to 2 How do the Oh Rangers respond Effective curl that’ll settle also in that two point ring So the lead keeps see-sawing back and forth between these we’re gonna attempt hard charge ends up knocking the arrangers on to the button almost And it get will be three Five two three our total The Rangers for the chance to add to that lead and they do Would be one or two, it’s very close Pulsar Clear them out. No, can you curl back in also? No So the O Rangers are gonna take this win if they just stay out of trouble here Slow steady rolling the nice little bounce right back into the groove just to tack on another point for the heck of it 7 2 3 your Rangers up in Team Galactic The hazers and the Oceanics I tell you all anybody can talk about is Misty’s Shot with the hammer in the opening rounds a call that I admittedly missed math. Not my strong suit But the hazers can still move on here with that momentum. They want gold Oceanics just outside of that one-point ring Right on the border there and score says that if you are directly on the border You have to be at least 51% inside of it for it to count Oceanics ride across the button a nice tidy shot for three to take a 3-1 lead, but foggy says not so fast Clears him right out at least off of the three-point ring. They both settle back in the blue two-to-one hazers lead Oceanics trying to take the lead with a two pointer and they do Misty the MVP from the opening rounds But not going to be very effective this time The Oceanics lead three to two. Oh And a little bit of contact there. Is that going to reach the blue ring? If so that has big implications It does not otherwise, that would have tied this match instead Oceanics narrowly get away So we’ve reached semi-final a and B raspberry racers and team O Mary Razzie starts things off Skimming the wall on the near side And eventually curls back in but will it stay in the blue ring? Doesn’t look like it Timo Mary interesting strategy up top also fails to make the blue ring But is out there in a good enough position to wear any sort of a nudge might get them in it Tries to help out the teammate but doesn’t do so nobody finding the house so far Krim is gonna bounce off the wall hit his own teammate that might create just enough chaos that that will get them some points yes, it will one shot ends up getting them three points from two marbles and Timo Mary have the lead As Barry racers nice curl off that back wall into the white circle Lead down to one Mo mo we go right in between the marbles for both teams and just make sure that that One from the raspberry racers is not going to be counted on the blue ring Grill out in front. That’s also going to miss the mark Mary comes down with the hammer It’s one of the other teammates Did that actually improve things really it will not Either way, Moe. Mary comes out with a three to two lead if that would have just trickled over into the two points circle Obviously that would have stretched up to four to two but as it is Timo Mary are into the final You arranger starting things off here in the second of two semi finals with a zero aqua from the Oceanics now Near side back wall tries to curl into the house, but instead goes the opposite direction Leaving the door open really for both teams a Slow roller tries to get that curl early on and does a Rangers lead one-nothing See from the Oceanics How do they respond just one-upping them a little bit two to one now Mandarin See trying to I up any of those Oceanics marbles, no not really fact that misses the mark completely Margins so razor-thin when it comes to the marble if it’s especially when you are this close to getting a metal subtle little bump knocks one of the arrangers even farther out of range and Settles in the one-point ring three to one the oceanic sleeve Arrangers need to make something happen here Doesn’t get the bounce off that back wall that they had hoped So the Oceanics come down with hammer now and just come off to the side to make sure that nothing untoward Happens to them and they guarantee that they will make it into the final. Why not? Add one more point on to that one four to one Oceanics down the arrangers Rangers and raspberry racers neither one out of a metal yet this for the bronze Razzie On the high sign in front of the house Then the tin comes the opposite sign another with a slow approach the arrangers liking this strategy and it’s working fairly Well form they just hold on the back there. No, just out the vacuum Resi off the far wall Has to nudge the arrangers out the back misses that one and can’t curl back into the house either Three marbles have rolled zero points so far Another miss Half of these teams have gone and they’re yet to find the house Also a miss Don’t wonder what the psyche is for the teams when they get into a bronze medal match In this case nerves might be getting the best of them Oh Rangers thought they were gonna have one there but instead that moves off to the high side for a zero Rossi from the raspberry racers final chance for this team and make contact in the back in either marble come into the house Yes raspberry racers lead by one Andrew and has the hammer though. I Don’t think he’s gonna get there a Misplaced nudge and another podium missed for the arrangers obviously disappointing for their fans, but mathematically still in it Congratulations to the bronze medalists the raspberry racers now for Gold team Mo, Mary and the Oceanics who will have the hammer in this end Where he starts things off with a two on the near side aqua Costly trying to knock him out and Does pushes him out under the one-point ring? No, they managed to come back in but the Oceanics in the meantime make it into the red. So it’s three two one Go from Timo Mary trying to set up a guard perhaps down there. It’s a little bit close to the wall to be super effective See from the Oceanics eyeing up Timo Murray down there misses Enough momentum has lost that they’re not gonna be able to make it back into the house They still lead by two. So mo Mary with some work to do Trying to get that curl on at the end on a bank off the back wall. It’s not gonna happen Three two one it remains sure now There’s high sign Off the back wall, and this is going to be adding to their lead. Is it one or two? It’s two Five to one now Mo mo for Timo. Mary gotta make something work here and does not misses everything in fact Disappointing showing here in the gold medal match for Timo. Marry the Oceanics just play it safe knowing that they have that four-point lead But hey, why not send one right on the button in the end ten to one and one away for the Oceanics to get gold? The first marble that we have seen in this entire competition Land on the button and it comes with the hammer in the final match the Oceanics have captured gold Timo Mary Settles for silver a little bit disappointed perhaps but the raspberry racer is happy to get bronze What an event the Oceanics 25 points boom Oh Marie raspberry racers arrangers just off the podium The Oceanics now jump five spots up to the top of the leaderboard in front of balls of chaos savage speeders down in third and a reminder to stay tuned for the next event the biathlon as we near the end of the 2018 winter marble Olympics it puts an emphasis on performing well When you have to certainly the Oceanics did that from the last event jumping five spots into the lead overall marble epic standings today The biathlon it will challenge marbles on several fronts Not only do they have to navigate their way down a treacherous course that has quite a few obstacles in it But this relay race event will be judged both on time and also how well you shoot at the end of it a colored grid awaits these marbles at the bottom where the anchor leg will move onto it and The color on which it stays at the end will determine points and the points correspond to how many seconds will come off the time You’ll see when we get down here down into the anchor letter The farther onto that colored grid you get the more points you receive blue back there with five green four Yellow where he stayed in this case gets three orange two and red one. So you saw the overall time on that one three points Garnered at the end there on that colored grid so three seconds will be taken off the time Again, you’ll get it as we go So now we know the time to beat to start off And you’ll also see several things going down the side of this course sometimes like these ball bearings Just a little added fanservice out there in the meantime as to head on to that colored grid Where will they end up they have to stay in that yellow at best? Ah still second one point seven two seconds Now on up to the mid night wisps in heat three of sixteen Good night wisps trying to beat the top time but also that Marvel epics record time as well. That’ll be Only achieved I would imagine through really really good running in this course, but also through superb shooting down at the bottom We look at the time down in the bottom half to shoot well Off that back wall All marbles so far staying in the yellow and look at this Twenty six one six subtract three seconds for the three points off and you have a new leader Team Galactic heading down the course now already the first part of their relay has been handed off Team galactic in this overall season contests. It’s down in eleventh. They have a Silver medal to their credit and that’s it It’s the only thing that they have 73 points to them compared to the one hundred of the Oceanics They can help things here with a good shot and It looks like we’ll have our first non yellow and it will be green that puts them into second place the night wisps Though still out in front with that 23:16 the time that these marbles are chasing Balls of chaos down the gate they come and on to this biathlon course Not every member of this team has to be a really good shot Just the fourth member Will they run the final part of this relay? Important thing is though your teammates have to get down to you in a good enough time Otherwise that pressure mounts if you know that you are behind the clock and you have to force something down here onto the color grid it may end in tears and This one may be an example of that only two points that puts balls of chaos down in fourth nearly two and a half seconds behind The lie Murs 13th place in the marble lymbic so far this season they have got a gold But otherwise the results just haven’t gone their way Climbers o is in their big battle with Asbury racers and so many others I Would love to have a good finish to this marble impacts so they can head home with their heads held high We need to pick up the pace a little bit though And a green will help I don’t know if that will completely no, it won’t eight tenths separates them from first So a good shot clawed back some of that time but not quite enough Now the pinkies almost halfway through the heats here in this biathlon event event number 10 in the 2018 Winter Olympics Pinky’s actually one spot below the liners in the overall standings and They jump ahead of them into second place or and they even get up into first The time they have to beat is a 23 16 Shot on its way. Will it hold the yellow? Yes But that is not going to help with a twenty seven eight one for their initial time With the deduction that puts them in fifth Now crazy cats on Another one of our bottom half teams that have been trying their hardest just to string together some good results They realize they can’t right the ship completely in one single event But boy, it would do wonders for their final two events after this Hockey next on the gamut by the way Final marble onto the color grid And they get some draw back now. It’ll stay in the yellow and With a twenty five five three that puts them at a twenty two, five three and into first place Sixty three hundredths ahead of the midnight wisps So now a new time to beat At 22 5-3 by the way is a new marble infix record I don’t believe that we saw that on screen, but that is a new marble epics wreck the old 122 6 8 And this event is not even over Sometimes it helps to have a number in front of you So if going late can sometimes be advantageous because you know what you have to get And in this case, oh I thought we were gonna get our first blue our first five pointer but instead it is a four for the Thunderbolts enough to put them into second place a Similarly blue marble the Oceanics our championship leaders in the marble Olympics Sure, they would hate me for comparing the shades of blue Oh and And is this a fan Marvel’s got on the track and totally interrupted things? How did that happen my gosh the fan marble? The guards coming down to arrest them now some of the other fans in Block L. They’re also trying to stop things from escalating My goodness The the Oceanics are going to get to redo their run but you have to wonder how much of their energy had been expended Early on oh my goodness, whenever you run a course like this so many twists and turns and entries and exits I can see where this would be an issue but security really gonna have to clamp down on this Oceanics would hate to see their marble impacts championship disappear because of an oddity like that Two golds and a bronze to their name so far in these games They hold the green and then back up into the blue we get our first five pointer, but unfortunately the time Puts them in fourth Even shaving five seconds off was not enough to elevate them and that’s a little bit of a surprise. I’d have to say Mello Yello The basement team in the Marvel Olympics 16 out of 16 no medals, and 52 points that is two in back of the minty maniacs who sit in 15 That little hesitation getting shot way back there is only gonna hurt their time even more they’re gonna need a good shot here Not bad shooting but that time really did hurt them ninth place Down into the final quarter of heats the raspberry racers Sixth place team that managed to jump up to that spot with a good finish in the last event one silver and one bronze In total 88 points What a good finish they can jump the snowballs who sit ahead of them by just 2 points if they want to go one point Beyond that they have the hazers in fourth place But for now raspberry racer is going to depend on shooting Control, they get here who the farther out. They drift the fewer points. They’re gonna get ah, Just two points that puts them back in fifth so crazy cats I lead the way right now the Thunderbolts and then the midnight whisps Back with the hazers now the fourth place team in the marble limbic so far One gold and two silvers A little bit slow on that transition. Can they pick up the time here through the second leg? Set a little nudge you a good third like so far physically you can see the speed building How accurate will they be on the grid Just three points your overall slow time puts them midfield The arrangers in heat 14 of 16 They’ve been there time through a twisty top sector Or Rangers seventh place in the overall standings And click out of that shot Down they come onto the color grid Backing up holding green so far. That’s gonna be pretty good second place for the arrangers with a 2306 That means that with just two competitors left to go the crazy cats eyes are going to be guaranteed a medal Question is what color will it be Timo Murray resurgent of late and they continue on with that momentum Mo momentum dare I say Timo Murray the 10th place team right now in the 12 Olympic Games a Little hesitation back there going all the way to the back stopped before embarking down onto this final leg Drifts to the near side that’ll be a yellow 8th place so crazy cats eye. It’s looking better for them all the time They’re guaranteed at least a silver medal Now the savage speeders our final runner Savage speeders third-place team And they use surf crazy cats eyes up at the top in another speed based event This isn’t totally speed bass. You have to be accurate on the range down at the bottom Getting a little bit out of the track there and they call back the time compose themselves It’ll be yellow not good enough for shooting or time the crazy cats eyes have come away with the gold in biathlon arrangers get the silver and finally after all of those podium misses They get to step onto the second step of that podium feel a little bit of vindication Congratulations also to our bronze medalists the Thunderbolts So crazy cats a Heinz only three points on the range but it time-wise was enough Oceanics maintained their spot up at the top But the arrangers have jumped up into second place arrangers in front of the savage speeders the next event ice hockey no winter competition would be complete without the addition of ice hockey in this case in a format and fitting of the Marple Olympics in this event teams will stream down onto the ice to try to collect Several ball bearing pucks that sit in the neutral zone and launch them past the different teams spare marbles into their goals Down they come hard impact for each team will on a piece to start things off there Look at all the snowballs that fell back into the defensive zone to stop that one puck From coming around the corner in this case a good push by the savage speeder sent several over there that really forced the snowballs Back into their defensive zone to try to keep them collected Said we will end on a draw now if any marbles go through into their own goal That does not count that does not matter. It’s all about the pucks Second match in Group A the top two from each group will advance then they come on impact to right through for the midnight wisps The pinkies do get one past the goalie on the opposite side Whisps them right into the zone and onto that marble at center ice. They actually knocked the goalie back into the goal as well For the pinkies two to one midnight whisps come out on top each win By the way worth three points a draw worth one a loss worth zero Those all-important points that will get you on to the next round if there are ties then they go to goal differential Watching a couple here. Finally one goes through on the snowballs end Even though the wisps Were really quick down there it took a while before the ball bearings And finally went in and boy another one of those pucks almost sneaked its way around the corner But managed to stay still one to nothing narrowly the wisps win the match Savage speeders and the pinkies Savage speeders are going to allow a couple of goals Pinkies will win this one, even though the piggies were a little bit late getting into the neutral zone. They knocked several in that direction One sneaked right past the pinkies goalie but two came through and you can see the savage speeders trying to react to that and Come down to the near side. It’s not gonna be quick enough pinkies come away with a two-to-one win pinkies right back into the gates Facing the snowballs this time snowball send one right through can they get another one? No Those snowballs get the way on this one First to center ice they sent one on a beautiful trajectory right past a Near miss over on the far side Look at the snowballs falling back into the crease to try to stop that one puck on the near side From going into the goal and they did a good job of preventing it Savage speeders and the midnight whisps the final match of this one speeders actually need a win there if they hope to advance Take a second. And finally a goal goes through. Oh But another one goes all the wisps gave up one right at the end with the help of another puck that was still moving Watch this on the left side. We get our first goal and One on the other side but watch that puck on the high side creeps its way down and it just nudges the one enough that it gets behind the goalie and in and crucially that’s a two to one win for the savage speeders and They do advance Tie it on points tie it on goal differential. So we look at goals for Four to two allows them to advance Now we move on to group B Oceanics and raspberry racers. Oh We’ve got a draw on this one nobody scores Couple of those pucks staying exactly on center ice pretty even impact both teams falling back defensively just in case but not needed One point apiece for them in the standings for a draw crazy cats on the minta maniacs now and One immediately goes through and will they get to yes, they will Indie maniacs will come out two to nothing on this one You know, they’re only a little bit later They hit a couple of those pucks Just at the right angle and watch this one from the top side Bounced once off of one of the crazy cats eyes and across the line two to nothing. I Know win is a win. But remember when it comes to ties that goal differential could make a difference Maybe cat’s eye. Can they bounce back on this one? They do they get a couple of goals They give up one as well all the weight another one goes in at the end. Oh, do we have a draw here? There’s two on the left side one has already gone in on the right for crazy cats, I look at yellow I Just decides to go join his teammates and in the puck goes. Ah, it’s a draw 2-2 – Raspberry racers in the minty maniacs now Down they come law out of pucks over onto the right side But only one of them goes through so far we get another on the left And two maniacs able to sneak one in right at the end And you’d open as much chaos as there’s been I’ve had my hunches a couple of these in other matches have actually been own goals One to one the draw in this one I Think you’ll see a lot of that even the replays so fast so much action going on here. It’s tough to tell sometimes We didn’t want to go in there we do And we’ll another one, oh it holds up there on the bottom Since it’s solid contact, but Minty maniacs for them they aren’t able to get any in on the other side and lose this one one to nothing Good job by the Oceanics Doesn’t always take a lot of pucks sent down toward the goalie, but just the right one at the right angle can get by and We get to when we get to also on the other side. Oh, look at that job by the goalie crazy cat sigh Scratching out. It’s got to be all the way across the line Couldn’t quite stop the first one Will watch the second one coming in here crazy cats. I stopped it. Otherwise, that would have been a draw instead two two one It’s not enough for him though. Ah, they come just sure Oceanics and minty maniac will advance out of the group stage On a group scene the Oh Rangers and the hazers I’m still bouncing around the arrangers get one. Will they get to know just the one that will be enough though? This will come from all was it an own-goal I think it was watch that marble that nudges one of the pucks on the high side. I Don’t think any of the O Rangers touched that one? But they still get credit for the goal and the win three points to the o Rangers in the standings Timo Mary and the lime errs Long contact oh That one hangs up right behind the lime errs gold does not go in. We’ve got a draw It took a little while but that Final puck on the near side. They’re over on the right hangs up. Just outside of the crease can’t go in nil nil Arrangers and Mo Mara halfway through Group C The Rangers get to the pucks first and get one in but they give up three How did that happen look at how quick they were to center ice I’m not wasting any time at all One is in two is in now watch this Look at how many more Rangers are back there in the defensive zone, but they’re just slow to react three two One the wind goes to mow Mary Hazers and the limas they just trying to pick up on Fuli form from our ballistics and they do they get two goals in the Liners finally shift over and stop what looked like possibly two more from going mean lava lemurs did get one in just knocked the goalie out of the way make that two Oh, Didn’t even see that go in so subtle The nudge there knocked the goalie out of the way and instead we have a draw Lie MERS in the arrangers match five of six in Group C We’ll be contact a bunch headed toward the liner’s goals two of them get in And that will be enough I believe we’ll watch this on the right side while that one make it around the corner no Rangers and lemurs pretty even out of the gate Look at how many pucks are headed toward the liner’s goalie compared to the arrangers Only so much you can do Yes the team eventually shifted back to try to lend a little bit of a hand but Two to nothing Oh Rangers come out on top in that one Hazers and Mo marry Hazers quick to the pucks send one in that’s all she wrote enough to give them the win Beating them out of the gate haze are so quick Hazers goalie also shifting over and stopping that one puck from getting there. He read that play really well One to nothing So we take a look then at the standings and it’s arrangers and Moe Mary moving on hazers tied on points but down on goal differential Group d balls of chaos in the thunderbolts Balls of chaos, make one in and Two but none on the other side Two pucks immediately one pass. Oh good job by the falls of chaos. Goalie to stop one puck that was surely going in And it’s 2 to nothing Team Galactic and mello Yello? Oh Look at the goals on that I either side I Think we might have a draw on this one or did they get two in? Did they get to pass Team Galactic? Following that puffs all the way through now they don’t they only got one One two one When you need several sets of eyes to watch each goal on this one balls of chaos Team Galactic One goes pass balls of chaos will – It should be enough to give Galactic the win Oh balls of chaos nudged that one puck right past I think that counts as an own-goal What a turn of events to lose a match on that one one to nothing That last little nudge did come from their own team Thunderbolts and mello Yello Knocks the goalie back. We’ve got to go on each side actually Watch this look at how far ahead they were to get that early Contact two pucks hit off of each other the goalie trying as hard as possible but just so much momentum on that puck drives him back into the crease and over the line Thunderbolts Mello Yello both get one. You have a drop Mello Yello right back into the gates this time against balls of chaos Down they come mello Yello sends one through but one responds in kind to go through So mello Yello Already sending two pucks in the offensive zone Goldie managed to stop the first one. Look at that But then the other puck comes through and just too many to handle Splits the goalie and in they go mello Yello comes out on top two to one Thunderbolts and Galactic final match of group play Impact one right out of the gate two out of the gate oh, but Galactic responds at the end It’s not going to be enough though Sent those pucks on us good trajectory one right past the Team Galactic goalie And then that one bounces around and cruise in behind and through but then same thing happens on the other side Slow to react was the goalie on that one in it goes but it’s still not enough the Thunderbolts come out on top two to one Not enough for them in the overall though Team Galactic move on along with mello Yello So looking at the bottom of the order that is where they will stay marbled limp explains awarded for them As we have set up the quarterfinals if there’s a tie in the knockout phase another match will be played until the tie is broken Down they come with wisps and MoMary MoMary gets one through can they get another one? No, but watch on the right side one goes in on it stays there the Wisps got their first, but they really didn’t have solid contact with the puck to send it down toward the goal But look at the defensive job that they did on that backline trying to keep that puck out Wisps doing a good job preventing a draw Oceanics and galactic Golde trying his best but gives up two goals Could impact galactic trying to create a lot of chaos and Wreck the Oceanics not doing a lot to help themselves even goalie blocks the first but just can’t keep them out and the teammates are To the near side when they needed to be more in the crease instead Galactic comes away two to nothing Impact here the arrangers and they get on the board so far. Nobody has to watch that side one gets in Oh, that one does on the right – we’ve got a draw So because it’s a tie They reset the ice Move the pucks back into the neutral zone and they redo the match Late goals on both Cannot get complacent here in the tie break. We try again. What goes through on each side? Do we have another draw? O’Rangers actually nudge the puck in on their own Another tie break again savage speeders knock one through and look at the defensive surround that they put on that puck over on the far side to stop it from going in and guarantee that we’re not gonna Have another tie break through to the final Mellow yellow and minty maniacs quarterfinal dee Pucks bouncing around to go in minty maniacs are gonna come away with the win and advance Its being extremely pretty good job, they spread pretty evenly offensively and defensively Whereas it’s a total defensive effort for mellow yellow’ but it is not enough to – nothing Mellow yellow’ will not move on Semi-final a and b we start with galactic and the wisps I send one through but they also give one up at the same moment the Lactic got there first and already started to send the pucks in that they couldn’t shift over quick enough on What was a beautiful shot from the whisk right past the goalie? That was a bullet but over on the right side one did sneak past one to one We go to a tiebreaker And we get a go over on the far side wisps are gonna advance On a bumping there, but another rocket of a shot by the wisps And then they fall back defensively to try to guarantee that they don’t give up an easy goal. They nearly did That defensive zone standing strong minty maniacs and the savage speeders now As around bouncing brew we get a goal over on the far side two of them actually and the minty maniacs another good offensive output Will send them to the final Who the minty maniacs bumping into their own goalie and a little bit of miscommunication In the defensive zone for the savage speeders So the minty maniacs win that one to nil They will be guaranteed a medal as they head off to the final but first for the bronze savage speeders and Team Galactic X average speeders send one through and they hold strong on the other end and the savage speeders have won bronze The savage speeders got their first cent one on a beautiful trajectory on past it goes on Just kind of plays a little chicken with the Team Galactic goalie before trickling over the line All right back for the final Wisps and the maniacs who will it be for gold? Wisp sending several over there and they caught two over the line and They give up none that’s about as well as you can do Internet sending three pucks immediately the goalie tries to stop one it still gets passed and then he’s all out of sorts for the second one the midnight wisps a Great performance from start to finish in this match. And in this event they come away with gold the D maniacs a little bit disappointed with silver but They played so well up until that point There is reason to believe Midnight wisps win the gold over the minty maniacs savage speeders come through with the bronze Speeders happy to salvage a metal actually was looking a little bit precarious for him the wisps strong throughout Into maniacs they had them on their heels maniacs tried to Respond offensively, but they needed a little bit more defense instead 25 points for the wisps Still a good haul for the minty maniacs with 20. How does that shake up in the standings? The oceanic still lead savage speeders have jumped the arrangers into second But the wisps moving up six spots after a long delay The competitors are finally ready to close out these winter Marv Olympics here in event number 12 after a long delay those actually caused by a blizzard We’re back for the final event in a temporary stadium this time with kinetic sand instead of snow So yes winter Marv Olympics, but you have to make do with what you have Here we have our first heat the top to advance the arrangers the highest in this group one of 10 Who could still win this champion? The Rangers on behind they’re gonna get eliminated your mellow yellow’ They’re up in front snowballs take second and What implications that has an early nudge off the wall and getting caught up in everybody else that probably means the O Rangers Will miss out on the podium all together They come into this event in third But just barely by two points yellow line smoggy minty fresh and ocean Crazy cat side with a brief lead now the Oceanics take it back minty maniacs in second They lose out watch on the near side of the hazers sneak by and take the win What a move that was look at the hazers here all the way back in last by several lengths in fact But the top three jostling so much between them The hazers stay on the bottom stay clear and they will advance along with the Oceanics And d maniacs and crazy cats eyes. They’re done Ly MERS galactic savage speeders and the balls of chaos Down they go Balls of chaos out in the lead savage speeders trying to hold on for a second and they do So taking a look here galactic off to an early lead but too many impacts Gotta be smooth and you’ve got to stay controlled and they did not do that galactic comes in last Lie MERS also down there both of those teams We’re out of the top ten anyway, and could not win this event Thunder bolts pinkies raspberry racers and the midnight wisps When they come midnight wisps out in front raspberry racers off to the high side They can’t get there and they finish in Second the mid night wisps a good victory and they had to do a little bit of blocking on that one but in front Almost losing the lead almost losing the lead now They’re gonna drift back to the left just in front and that tiny little nudge on the raspberry racers Translates to two tenths of a second down at the line They will still advance the arrangers though. Ah They are disappointed So taking a look at the overall standings now This will result if the arrangers will miss the podium. They’re gonna drop at least three spots the oceanic savage speeders and some others are Still in it. Oshi annex balls of chaos mellow yellow and the raspberry racers Now they come raspberry racers out to the early lead mellow yellow fights back now they take it the battle is for second Oh, it actually almost is a battle for first And that was close ocean is eliminated Now the oceanic nickens did win the marble impacts, but that’s big because they were the leaders coming into this 120 points just two points ahead of the savage speeders. So it’s really gonna depend on what the other marbles do So any final beam midnight whisps the hazers savage speeders and the snowballs? Down they go savage speeders out to an early lead midnight wisps up in a second. They fend off a challenge Can they get up there mid-thigh wisps take the and they will advance they could have stayed there They didn’t have to make that last-second lunge to get up in the first place You will still advance into the final since the top two Getting launched over there to the high side where the hazers on that one smoggy Never really able to recover after that six hundredths of a second though is the boom for the midnight wisps So fifth through eighth that’s set the green Points still to be awarded the Oceanics and still win if the savage speeders missed the podium and if the mid night wisps get bronze All right. We are back the grand final Wizzy and wispy are the two main ones savage speeders in the mid night wisps Who will take it who will win the marblelympics? Off they go midnight whisks out to a big lead right off the bat can anybody fight back savage speeders gonna try it though? It’s not going to work the midnight wisps now does They needed just two gold medals and three bronze but they have won the 2018 Winter marv Olympics They say during some parts of the year that it is perpetually midnight in the Arctic This is one of those times and the midnight list will be partying until the break of dawn 139 points They win over the savage speeders by one point The Oceanics third with 130 points and they will qualify for sure for the 2019 winter marv olympics the midnight wisps win the event Five nine to the fastest time of anybody just figures that it was also For Marvel and picks gold and a marble limp exchange a chip Also reminder before we go we will have new marble racing events soon Like the sand marble rally season starting back up again Please subscribe to this channel to stay tuned and for the whisked fans now You can purchase your high quality championship gear from the online shop this includes limited edition championship mugs shirts and more and check out the other items including the podium merchandise to celebrate these savage speeders and the Oceanics accomplishments again, it’s je ll e shop comm with the link in the description Take a look at the final standings the midnight Whistler Over the savage speeders the Oceanics dropped two back to third Thank you so much for watching these winter marble olympics from everybody involved in these games. We’ll see you next time So long everyone

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    Event 3: Halfpipe – 13:55
    Event 4: Bobsled – 26:07
    Event 5: Speed Skating – 34:12
    Event 6: Team Pursuit – 42:30
    Event 7: Snow Rally – 56:54
    Event 8: Snowboard Cross – 1:00:38
    Event 9a: Curling Part 1 – 1:05:20
    Event 9b: Curling Part 2 – 1:19:00
    Event 10: Biathlon – 1:33:21
    Event 11: Ice Hockey – 1:47:00
    Event 12: Sand Mogul Race – 2:08:00
    Closing Ceremonies – 2:13:33

  2. I love it even when my favorite teams: Team Galactic, The Thunderbolts, midnight whisps, and the oceanics loose.

  3. I’m a die-hard Chaos fan, but I have to admit my heart went out to Team Momo/Momary. So much turmoil behind the scenes, but they still soldier on and try their best

  4. (Hazers VS Oceanics)
    HAZY:I think we will win
    Or not
    SMOGGY:HAH 1 Point
    SEA:Ha but 3 is mine
    FOGGY:Not so fast!!!
    HAZY:Nice one foggy
    SHORE:Ha i think we win
    All Hazers:What?
    SHORE:2 points babe
    OCEAN:No reacher babe

  5. Has anyone noticed that Oceanics (among others) had run times so that when the penalty time was added, it came to the actually run time? Oceanics should have a total time of 16.73 – which would put them in 13th place when everyone is scored correctly.

  6. In another video I claimed to like the Raspberry Racers, I have to retract that statement due to not knowing ALL the teams names. Is there a list of all the teams??????

  7. I'm with everyone else wondering why I'm watching this, only to be so into it that I won't even pause it to go get food!

  8. Loved the whole thing, I even got front row seats a few times! Perhaps I can form a team to compete in 2020, Had to back the Hazers though! #HazeAmaze

  9. ok, I'm going through and finding all of the hidden marbles in each event. will be updating as i go:
    EDIT: Finally done! it only took 8 hours of continuous watching.
    E1: 3:41 almost dead center of the screen, to the right of a security guard.
    E2: 13:04 Top left of the snowballs fans area.
    E3: 22:24 Bottom left, just before leaderboards pop up.
    E4: 29:59 very bottom of screen, just to the right. Next to an orange marble.
    E5: 42:20 very left of screen, next to a snowballs fan. Just before leaderboards pop up.
    E6: 55:35 right of screen, appears in-between the circular black foundations at the penultimate turn.
    E7: 59:58 upper center of screen, right in front of the podium display.
    E8: 1:01:23 appears in between two of the glass barriers and crosses the screen.
    E9a: 1:13:55 in the O'rangers area, third row down from the top, in-between the third and fourth marble from the right.
    E9b: 1:33:12 pops up on the left, in-between leaderboards.
    E10: 1:34:55 top left in the additional footage, appears out of the little tower wreckage.
    E11: 2:05:55 near the top of screen, behind the glass barrier. (Not too sure about this one, but I couldn't find anything else)
    E12: 2:13:32 bottom left of screen, underneath stands. Next to Limers area.

    P.S i am planning on doing this for 2019 as well.

  10. You know you've lost your marbles, when you've watched so much MarbleLympics, that you can see a marble and name it's team by heart…

  11. I love how whenever the O'rangers are in the event the crowd yells

  12. Oh, man! That finish in the 5M Ice Dash looked bad for the ORangers. Did Kinnowin suffer an injury on that landing? He went off pretty fast! O.O

  13. When this channel pops up: This is so dumb.

    After 1 minute: I want to watch this over and over again.
    Also go #Hazers

  14. The Pinkies look so different then normal? Usually they’re more faded in color, I guess so we don’t confuse them with Snowballs

  15. Me:*Watching MarbleLympics* HELL YEA! | Mom:I WANNA WAJ | Me: Ok. | Mom:*Runs and Quickly Explodes PC* XD G3T R3KT nOOB | Me:NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  16. Am not 3min. in, and have to say that this is some of the finest production value and high quality audio/visual stimulation rivaling anything offered to date.  Well done to you and your crew!

  17. I just realized something… in the 4th event midnight wisps had a penalty point but it didnt count so raspberry racers shouldve got 3rd

  18. I'm pretty sure you accidentally deleted your channel before. But look, it's now half a million subscribers ++! Just shows how awesome you are, Jelle and Greg Woods! #orangers

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