Wingsuit Flying Off The Troll Wall | Jokke’s Adventures Part 1

Wingsuit Flying Off The Troll Wall | Jokke’s Adventures Part 1

Are you guys doing a countdown? Yeah. It’s time, boys. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One… go! Oi, oi… Aagh, almost jumpable. Almost. So, this is the wall, unfortunately
you can’t really see it right now but the plan is to be
on top of those clouds. Fly out, go vertical, head down
carving with the wingsuits, fly out, do some fun stuff
before pulling our parachutes land and celebrate one of the
best jumps of our lives. The Troll i think is quite spectacular, because i mean.. You have a wall that is a thousand
meters vertical, straight down. At one of the clearest points you can
throw a rock straight down and it’s 20 seconds until it hits the ground, so it actually
makes it one of the safest places to do a base jump. As well as… you know, the whole formation
and structure of the mountain in itself. It’s so.. it kind of has that little bit
of “troll” to it, it’s a little spooky, it looks scary and once you’re up there you feel so small. My crew? I mean we got Espen Fadnes, who is always ready. One of the best mountaineering guys around here,
so he’s going to be quite comfortable up there. And Felix, he’s like.. he’s getting there now,
he’s a little beginner on the freeflight carving. But right now we’re just down here to kind of..
assess the situation and plan it a little bit so we’re feeling more ready when
we’re about to get up there. I think like.. my main challenge is just to stay focused
and know: “Ah, ok, that’s the wall, i gotta shoot that way”. We need to fly about a kilometer, little less
than a kilometer horizontal to get out there. You’re not even going to see where we are. Yeah, it’s this one. Because if we shoot
out here, we’re gonna land on this one. Aww, dude, i’m so stocked. I’m a little nervous about
climbing the spire, cause me being afraid of heights.. especially when it comes to the climbing 
part, where you’re like.. very exposed, that’s when i get a little nervous, to say the least. You kinda have to just swallow it and go for it and not be
too focused on how scary it is to get up there, because once you’re stepping off.. that feeling,
that jump in itself is.. it’s very special. It’s 11:30, we’re about to start this beautiful hike into the
Trollwall, and uh.. wow, i love Norway in the summertime, ey? You got this, Felix! The most memorable day in my life. Yeah, for sure. Now it starts a little more serious, the beginning of this part
isn’t too bad, but once we get to the very top of the spire up there it’s gonna start getting a little more..
exhilarating or exciting, to say the least. Right now we’ve.. started the climbing section,
i can feel my nerves starting to like.. Oooh, flowerpower in my belly right now. A lot of emotions going on. It’s time, boys. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Go! Yeaaah, boy! How good did that feel? That was sick, boys. Huh? That was sick. Congratulations, boys. We’re safe from the landing. That was the moment we were waiting for. We got down on the land!

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  1. свободные птицы.рассправленные крылья сколько бы, не было нам, лет, мы не бросим это из принципа.

  2. I can't believe these guys are still alive. I've been watching Jokke and Espen videos for years. So amazing. These guys are living the dream.

  3. Hey RedBull, this is an illegal jump. By showing these kinds of videos publicly it really doesn't help the Basejumping community. There are many legal cliffs in Norway that are just as beautiful. It would really help show the Basejumping community you care about them by taking this video down, or better yet replacing it with one showing legal sites.

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