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  1. I love how they put the percentage of birds of the VP type. What a nice detail. And the presentation is gorgeous.

  2. I've been really excited about this runthrough because I've had my eye on this game for a while. Does anyone know if it's the first big euro by a female designer?

  3. I love the extra attention to detail in the production. I play a lot of board games so these extra things really stand out. I love the theme too – so different.

  4. At 23:30 you had done the draw bird action to get the Ibis. Also later, the automa drew another card with a blue cube on it, shouldn't that have given them 3 eggs, tying you?

  5. So excited! Ordered my copy first thing this morning along with the meeplesource upgraded tokens! This is the most excited I have been about a board game I think ever lol. I LOVE the art and theme. I am a sci-fi/fantasy guy, but sometimes you just want something "real" and this is beautiful!!!! Prediction: Wingspan will be my most played game of 2019

  6. I'm glad games like this are still being made versus your standard worker placement or city building or fantasy driven Warfare kind of games… And I'm glad you find them and you plan for us thank you

  7. Jingle bells, bushtit smells, Rahdo laid an egg… Sorry; that popped into my head as I was watching. Game really looks fascinating; might have to check it out

  8. I admit: I did not get the rules but it's Stonemayer Game. 'Nough said. They have the best customer care in business and deserve every penny they make.

  9. I really love the look of this game. It reminds me so much of the art from herbaceous which I'm pretty sure it shares one of the artists with.

  10. Hey Richard, I have been watching your reviews for years and just heard you are back in the Washington. We are in Portland OR and my husband and I can't seem to find a great convention around here. Have you been to any board gaming conventions in the PNW?

  11. You don't have to discard the card to get the extra food @21:03. It seems like you are agonizing over what to do, but it's an optional perk that you can do, not a requirement.

  12. Oh good, I'll get to practise on my own before I play with my spouse so maybe he won't beat me like he does with most games. This game just checks so many boxes: beautiful components, original theme, solo variant, mid-level complexity, and not super expensive. No wonder it's generating so much interest.

  13. Oh and about the “production”… of course it looks/feels great but tell me, if the game was $40-$60, with std quality parts/printing (like found in most board games) would this game still be worth playing solo? You get what you pay for right? The super-high quality production of this game comes with a HIGH price tag. I just want to know if the game is worth buying if planning to play solo only. I wish they made a snake or spider these. Birds… not a fan of birds but the game looks interesting.

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