Wimbledon 2018: Organizers bank on tradition and enhanced fan experiences | CNBC Sports

Wimbledon 2018: Organizers bank on tradition and enhanced fan experiences | CNBC Sports

You can’t always guarantee sunshine during
the British summer, but one constant here in South London every single year
is two weeks of top class tennis. Nearly half a million fans are expected
through the gates of Wimbledon 2018 with its famous grass courts, crisp white outfits,
and of course strawberries and cream. 166,000 punnets are sold every year,
28,000 tons. It’s a key part of Wimbledon,
people love the strawberries and cream. In addition to the strawberries
last year’s championships saw 320,000 glasses of Pimm’s sold, 29,000 bottles of champagne polished off, and an incredible 4,850 pounds
of bananas eaten. Wimbledon is proud of its colorful look and has historically resisted the
temptation to cash in on sponsorship. Organizers maintain they’re in a strong
position to keep its grounds unspoilt. The way we present the championships,
we think, is getting increasingly unique. And we think that’s great for us. And we think the more
sponsorship there is in other venues, the more special it makes Wimbledon. And actually, to be honest,
that makes us more valuable. That’s not to say Wimbledon doesn’t
want to keep up with the times though, with the fan experience of
those inside the gates and watching around the world
still integral to their brand. The gates still look the same,
Centre Court still looks the same, but so much else has changed,
the way that people queue up, the way that people can
experience the grounds, the way that the boards around the
grounds give you the live scores. And of course the other thing that’s changed
is on a rainy day we close the roof and we have play on Centre Court and in a year’s
time we’ll have play on Number One Court as well. Centre Court has played host to some
of the sport’s most iconic moments. Roger Federer and Martina Navratilova are the
most decorated players to grace this hallowed turf. At the center of it all though of course,
are the traditions of the All England club, and they hope that by
keeping things the same, they can continue to be different. Hi guys, Adam here.
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  1. The only types of fans they are going to be getting with their elitism and 'tradition' are 70 year olds.

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