Will Lin dan ever play the 2020 Olympics?

Will Lin dan ever play the 2020 Olympics?

Will Lin Dan ever play
the 2020 Olympics? China will be allowed to send 2 men’s singles
player to Tokyo 2020. Will they send Chen Long and Shi Yuqi? or
will they send Chen Long and Lin Dan? The Qualifying period of 2020 olympics has
started. Every player will be playing the maximum number
of tournaments to earn qualifying points. However Lin Dan has not been selected as part
of the team for the upcoming Sudirman Cup. The Chinese badminton association selected
Chen Long, Shi Yuqi and an olympic unhopeful Lu Guangzu. This means Chen Long and Shi Yuqi will earn
olympic qualifying points but Lin Dan will not? Were the selectors not impressed with Lin
Dan’s excellent performance in the 2019 Malaysia Open? He defeated Shi Yuqi in the semi final and
Chen long in Final Do you think this was a fair decision? Or do you think this is a good move by the
Chinese association to let players like Lin Dan and Li Xuerui to improve their fitness
before the upcoming tournaments? Will the greatest mens singles player of all
time ever get to play his last and final olympics? Only time will tell…..

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  1. Totally expecting videos on strategies used by the badminton legends will help.its also sad indian viewers don't get to see many videos nowadays?

  2. Is Lind Dan the greatest mens singles player of all time? I don't think so. For me its always Lee Chong Wei.

  3. Lin Dan's my all time favourite but China wants medals more than any other country so they wouldn't give a damn to Lin and choose the other 2 over him!

  4. Lin dan is the greatest player in history
    everyone thinks that he should join the 2020 Tokyo
    but I think China want their players will have the more chance for gold
    so I think they will let Chen long and Shi yu qi to the 2020Tokyo in the end

  5. Lin dan should go to Malaysia and take citizenship of there. He will be ranked highest of all Malaysian shuttlers???????

  6. China is quite professional in their approach! Of late Lin Dan has not been performing well (except the Malaysian Open triumph). I remember once when Dan didn't qualify for the World Championship (held in China) due to lower rankings, he was given a wild card by the host country & guess what, he won the tournament. He is thug life. He'll definitely qualify.

  7. it's not about LD beating Chen and shi it's about if he can beat everyone to win the gold medal. It's a team event not an individual. China needs a gold medal. Any rational person would bet on the player who can get it not who has been the greatest player of all time.

  8. In my opinion..if superdan follow LCW like what the say,lindan will not play olimpic japan maybe?..cause LCW like cant play any badminton open anymore??

  9. Yeah well seeing Shi yuqui and Chen long s game they r good but Lin Dan's amazing he has past Olympics experience while he also has experience to defeat a player in any kind of situation . It was an mishap with him 2016 Rio Olympics in semifinals that he lost but before losing he took 3 points from 17 to 20 in the 3rd set so we can get an idea that how efficient he is
    Chen long doesn't deserve this Olympics because from past he has not won any single title

  10. Yes!!! Lin Dan won Shi Yu Qi and Chen Long in the 2019 Malaysia Open!! (Thrashed Chen Long, in fact). He's definitely fighting for the Olympics, or he would have retired by now!!!

  11. I think he should be in a team. Because he was a huge experience of winning gold medal ? twice. It's a huge experience. Even he has started preparing for the 2020 Olympics. ❤️ The young players adore him as an idol.? It's unfair if he doesn't play for 2020 olmpics.

    And about the points and ranking, the UPS AND DOWN ARE VERY COMMON. What matters is his previous performance and experience!!?✌️

  12. Shuttle flash I have been watching your videos from the very beginning……..and want to continue to…..but the videos of your second channel are not available in india……can you please make them available……there are a lot of players here who love you watch your videos and learn?

  13. Title of video has serious gramatical error… ever is used for something that repeats i believe …

  14. Anyway Momota or Legend Lee Chong Wei will take gold and silver, so what’s the point whom China ?? sends… ?‍♂️ I don’t care ? I mean LCW, gold?

  15. I suppose we want Lin Dan to play and win in the 2020 Olympics, but we should understand that this matter is likely to be decided by badminton politics. Yes, badminton involves politics too, just like real life.

  16. But i have a question, for 2012 3 players from china went Chen Jin who lost in the quarter finals, Chen Long won Bronze and Lin Dan won gold, Sooo……….

  17. Hope Ginting or Christie from indonesia be a Winner and take a gold medall in the 2020 Olympic Tokyo…

  18. I'm not sure between lin dan and chen long, but Shi Yu Qi should definitely play. Good experience for him as a player, because remember, lin dan also played in his first olympics when he was 20

  19. No way….. he's a legend
    Sure he will play the Olympics but won't be able to win it…. because LCW is going to get the gold. Btw love both the players ♥?

  20. If Lin Dan and Chen long goes for Olympic 2020 its opportunity for China to get Gold in Mens singles

  21. Lin Dan and LCW used to dominate in their time. They are legends and will forever be legends. But I dont think LCW and LD will get high positions in the 2020 Olympic anymore because you have Kento, Ginting, Axelsen, Chen Long, and many more players

  22. if Lin Dan play badminton as powerful as 2008 Beijing Olympic Final match with LCW, he can win Chen Long easily

  23. I think that Lin Dan and Shi Yu Qi should go to the 2020 Tokyo because based on Lin Dan’s gold medal winning experience, he will be able to play like he did in the Malaysia open and defeat most of the players, Shi Yu Qi should also go because of his outstanding performance against Kenton Momota at the Sudirman Cup Finals whilst defeating Momota in a 3 set game

  24. lin dan is a next level player .his game is still the best but the thing is his body does not take his side and participate less

  25. 積分是現實的畢竟再單一國太多競爭者誰勝出才是公正 就看林丹未來幾個月表現就知道 但也希望林丹能挺進 雖然少了一個可觀蘇盃積分 但接下來印尼公開賽日本公開賽到世錦賽就能看出端倪

  26. He just need to be ahead of Chen Long in the ranking. Really hope Lin Dan will be playing in the Olympics 2020 instead of Chen Long.

  27. I think shi yu qi and chen long has to play because shi y qi has never played Olympic games and he is also in good form this year and chen long should play because he still have that same consistent game and lin dan is not in a good form this year

  28. Lin dan win all big event… 2x olympic.. 5x world champ .. 5x all england…what do you want?
    If me,i just retired.hahahaha

  29. he deserved to be in Olympic. i hope the chinese team give him another chance, but it's all about his motivation though. with LCW already retired, i doubt lindan would still have motivation.

  30. I think he is gonna retire I mean look at lcw, taufik, Peter gade, plus ever since lee Chong wei retired from nose cancer Lin Dan is the best in the world I mean who could beat him think fast

  31. in my opinion Lin dan dosen’t try. look at these matches he walks. I think he is giving young player a chance to play in the Olympic.

  32. I think Lin Dan really wants us to think that he is no more a threat. His still going for his last shot at Tokyo. If things goes according to his plan, he will be a dark horse at Tokyo.

    I really hope my speculations are true, or else he is just getting old.

  33. As long as Chen Long is under performing and Shi is getting tired by the world tour I can see Lin Dan getting his chance to PARTICIPATE.
    Winning GOLD is another story..

    HE would NOT be a favorable seeding and will have to fight more aggressive and determined opponents.
    Nowadays even his defenses are restricted due to his movement speed reduction.
    One or two long rallies and his consistency tend to break.

    China Team don't want to see his selected player throw away matches like he did in some tournaments to save his form. They have to be realistic.

  34. Lin Dan is a big match player…n great experience in condition of pressure games.Olympics…will b full of pressure for every player…So Lin Dan has good chance of showing the world his talent..n yet again prove wrong about his ageing criticism…..Lin Dan is Goat

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