Wild Animal Racing – Game Grumps VS

Wild Animal Racing – Game Grumps VS

[Intro] Arin: Hiiiiiiiiiii…. Danny: Wild Animal Racing is an exciting go kart simulation game with a twist! Arin: Can you handle it? Dan: Play as an elephant, a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, a rhino, or a hippie! A; *ahem* Both: Hippo. D: Hippo. Sorry, I’m far from the screen. A: That would be very funny, though. D: I would love it if just random- A: Um.. A: Dan, this game has VERY positive reviews. D: Does it really? A: Oh yes. D: People love being animals. A:I mean- loo- just look at these reviews. Well, first of all, theres a fuckin poem.. A: To- to promote the game. D: On the island of Zig-Zag-Zog.. D: In the Sea of Oobedeboo.. D: Oobededoo.. A: Ooberdedoo? D: Some amazing creatures that you would never see in a zoo.. A: Ohh.. D: They walk upright on two legs like some kind of aliens from Mars, -But the strangest thing you would not believe is that these animals are driving cars. D: This does not have good pacing to it. A: *reading review* Look- “Possibly the best racing game ever. I’m an elephant!” D: Ooookay.. D: Let’s do it then! A: But look at these reviews I mean, everyones so- A: *reading review* “cool and good'”. A: This ones in…… A: And then we got this one! A: *reading review* “Better than Garfield Kart.” D: WHAT?! D: FUCK THAT GUY! A: I- I mean- *reading review* “Worth every penny!” D: *reading review* “A true masterpiece.” A: How can ya?- ho- how can ya?- A: ALL RIGHT. D: Oh God! A: Go ahead and take your controller. D: Ohhh, goodness. Alright. D: Lets do it. A: So thats Randy, A: The- the randy giraffe. D: I love him. A: Um.. He is very randy. D: Okay, lets do it. A: Split-screen, baby! D: Ohhh.. No.. A: Now I’m gonna be.. D: Yaayy.. A: HiGh- AYEAHAHA A: AYEYAAYHAAYEAAH A: I’m gonna be…. A: The giraffe! A: No… I’m gonna be the hippo. D: *I’M* gonna beee.. A: Hehuhe! Hullo! D: I’m gonna be the giraffe! A: There ya go. D: Alright, yeah. It’s.. …The one that most looks like my body type. A: *laughs* D: Let’s do it! A: Wow, dude A: I think you’re more jacked than that giraffe! D: Aw. Thanks, man i appreciate that! A: Uh.. Well, we could do a world tour, we could do magical or we could do ralley. D: All of those… Op- Like, all of those sound like amazing opportuinities. A: Why can’t you select- A: Uh- Oh D: Alright nevermind Both: Guess we’re doing roads. D: H-How do you control it? A: I don’t know. D: O-kay. A: Hold the right stick. D: Uh- Yea- A: Right trigger. D: That’s it! A: Wow, man. This is uhh…. D: WOOOOO D: -A fucking MASTERPIECE! A: Yeah, according to… …whatever the fuck his name was A: And do you remember what that.. Person SAID? D: What’d they say? A: They said.. …A bunch of a language i don’t know. D: OH NO! A: Damn! What happened? D: I don’t know, I- I went up the road, and.. D: Oh, now I’m.. D: Now I’m right FUCKED. A: Oof. A: Woah- WOAH- A: They knocked me off th- -…Elephant! A: That was fucked up, in this family-friendly game. D: -God.. ngh- Ugh. A: Ooh, you’re all the way in sixth. D: Dude, I’m a distant six. A: Aw.. shit. D: I am bringin’ up the rier. A: Alright- I’m in 3rd! I’m in 1st! A: I’m in 1st! A: AW- What the FUCK! D: Yeah, dude. A: I think they did the same thing for you! D: Yeah- they ran me right off the road, up onto the little hill. A: This game is BRUTAL! D: I know. D: These animals are bloodthirsty- Woah, there are sharks out there. A: As far as im concerned.. A: As far as im concerned, This is… A: The best video game I’ve ever played. D: It’s incredible. There’s never been anything like it. A: No… Not i- not in a million years. A: Y’know… uegh-h.. This- A: This game created a whole new genre! D: What genre is that, Arin? *WHEEZE* A: Animal.. A-Animal race. D: Wow! A: And theres- s-so many games that have been… Uhhh… A: That have USED that genre, Um… uhg-uhhh A: Flappy’s beach patrol! D: Uh-huh! Oh yeah. A: Um.. Uh… A: Dylan’s Backyard Wrestling! D: Oh, I think we all know where we were the first time we played that. A: Oh yeah. A: Um… Uh… A: S-Spanky Monkies.. Uh… A: Snake Choker? D: That’s not a thing! A: No, it’s true! D: Spanky Monkies Snake Choker is a thing? A: Y-Yeah! W-well, It was- It’s a- Animal racing game. A: Um… A: Theres also, uh.. Uh… D: Preffessor Pup’s.. D: Morbid… D: Doggy Death Pile? D: uuuUuuUUUHH D: AW…. D: I was- I had you fuckers in my sights, finally. D: But I couldn’t catch up. A: Wait- How was I in 4th place? D: I don’t know. D: Everybody was in a big-ass cluster. A: What the fuck? D: Alright, lets do this again. A: Alright. We got this. This is easy. A: Wait, this is a different track! D: This is a totally different track. A: Now we’re in the jungle. D: Oh, I see it. A: When the jungle’s a f- a non-specific country. D: Yeah. D: Oh- D: Nooo!! D: NO!!!!!! A: YES! A: I NAILED that zebra! D: NOT AGAIN! D: I’m sorry- im sorry i yelled in everybody’s ear. D: I’m sorry about tha- A: Banana peel! D: I’m just very enotional right now. A: Watch out for my banana peel! A: What- DUDE, THEY’RE RUNNING ME OFF THE TRACK! D: Yeah, this game sucks ass, dude. A: WHAT THE HELL!? A: I CAN’T MOVE!!! D: Why did everyone like this? A: DAN, I CAN’T MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: Did this just become a.. like… A joke? like.. D: Like a um… A: I ACTUALLY can’t move. D: Everybody likes this, so I’ll pretend like I like it too.. D: That kinda Reddit thing? A: Woah, Woah, Woah, A: Why am I going backwards? A: WHY AM I GOING BACKWARDS? Stop it! D: Like, now it’s a joke of how good it is? A: Oh! A: It’s like you use the right stick to GO forward. D: Ohh! A: You don’t even have to hold R. D: R? A: Yeah. A: The trigger. D: What’s R? D: you-You’ve been holding the trigger? A: Yeah. D: Yeah.. D: You don’t need to do that. A: What, did you just, like, start going? D: eugh-Nonono D: Well- D: Ye-Yeah D: Just use the left stick. D: That’s all I’m using. A: …Oh. A: Yeah, you have control of your thing.. Or, something. D: Bitch, I’m in first! D: I don’t- I- A: Woah! D: What?! A: You won! D: OH. Okay, cool. Yeah. I was- A: You’re #1! D: Why did i go in 5th all the sudden? A: I got 6th place. D: Okay, cool! That’s th- .. D: So, we got first AND last. A: Woah, you’re really killin’ it right now! D: We got that covered. A: Ohh, look at that ocean! D: It’s gorgeous! A: Wow, would ya look at that lava? A: I mean.. I’ve never seen anything like that! D: Stakes is high, bitch! A: You just stole my question mark! D: (???) A: You A-hole! A: bananapeel A: Don’t do it- Don’t get it! A: Yesss! D: *through laughter* Don’t get it.. A: FUCK YOU- A: Oh no- A: ZEBRA!! A: Z E B R A ! ! A: YOU FUCKER!!! A: OHHHH A: I FUCKED MYSELF D: Really? A: GODD I wish i could see that in real life! D: I know. D: (???) A: Yeah, seriously. D: WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! D: -Oh, that’s me. Okay. A: Damn, dude! I’m in 6th again! D: God, I’m in first again. I wonder what the pattern could be.. A: Is it because y- w-what are you trying to say? D: *mumbling* A: Woah. A: Hold on a second, Dan. D: You say.. there can be only one? A: There can be only one? A: UHBHUuuuuuuuhGBOYh D: Ohhhh my goddd!! A: Fuck you! A: Fuck you, Rhino! x2 A: Ah, damn! A: How come they can so easily run people off the road so easily and yet, i cannot?! D: I know, it’s VERY harrowing and upsetting. A: GOD you’re so in 1st. A: You’re like, as in 1st as you can possibly be!! D: Except I’m in 2nd. D: But with THAT EXCEPTION I am absolutely in 1st. A: Well, you are in first now. D: Yeah! It’s happening. D: What lap is this? Oh, this is the last lap! A: GDI, dude! D: No, no!! D: AAAWWWW… Photo finish! A: Holy shit, wow! D: But stupid fucking lion beat me! A: Not even a second! D: That peice of shit. D: Oh my godd!! A: Wow. D: I didd itt!!! A: That award is flying through your face! D: It is. A: I got very last. D: Aw, they built a second podium for everybody! D: How nice. A: So they ALL feel included. D: Yeah! A: That’s VERY sweet. D: Everybody got the ‘Good Try’ award! D: Good job, Paul Bird! A: Alright. D: You made a game. A: Alright. A: We’re doing the mysterious course or whatever, and I’m gonna be a zebra. D: Alright.. A: I feel like zebra’s gonna give me a real big edge. D: I’m gonna be the ‘rhinineo.’ A: The ‘rhinineno?’ D: ‘Rhinineo..’ A: Now, rhiniKNOW.. A: That you are a asshole. D: Boy, It’s unsettling when they walk around on two legs like that. A: So what’s- what’s the deal? Can i not- A: World tour! Here we go. D: World tour! A: We’re in Egypt.. …Right now.. D: Take my word for it. D: There are the permhids.. A: There they are, A: It’s in the center- polar center of the world or whatever.. A: And.. When the- sun.. Aligns.. A: Then… D: The Mayans will be enslaved. A: There you go. A: Wow, you know your history, huh? D: I sure do! D: Wheeee! D: Aw- i was gonna run that fucker right off the road.. A: I am still.. In the- A: – oH I’m in 5th! D: Yess! D: That’s better than 6666thhhh! A: I’m feeling good! A: I just ran the fuckin’ ‘lephant’ off the road! D: The ‘lephant?’ A: Oh yeah. D: Fuck you, ‘lephant’! D: Ohhh… A: So you’re not pressing ANY accelerations? D: No. D: I am PURLEY.. D: Using the left stick. A: ‘Cuz apparently the zebra just BLOWS.. Nuts. D: God, my (sword?) D: AWWW.. D: Nevermind, i just ran into the fuckin.. A: That’s what happened to me! D: Aw, now I’m going to wrong way! A: Uh oh. D: What’s happening? A: You hit down on the stick! D: What does that mean? A: On the right stick. A: That’s how you go forward or backward, you hit up and down on the right stick! D: Well, isn’t this a pretty pickle? A: Oh my God! D: ‘Cuz now I’m WAY in 6th. A: It’s happening! A: It’s happening!! D: This game is agony. A: Well I’m in 3rd, now. A: No, it’s not! A: It’s FU- A: DAN, THIS GAME IS FUN AS HELL. D: It’s fun, until you start losing and you realize, like, you are not equipped in any way to catch up. A: Oh yeah. A: What the hell- DAN! A: Wha- Wh- A: Oh, no. You’re not the giraffe anymore. D: Yeah. A: Apparently the giraffe is just.. THE WINNER. A: Like- He’s jus- He’s just the best racer! D: Oh, I’m dropping bananas behind me! A: That’s nice! D: What a cool and original idea! A: Yeah! A: Because when you slip on a banana peel, you go: A: “Woowoowoowoowoowoo!” D: WOOWOOwowow A: And that’s that! A: GIRAFFE!!! A: COME ON, GIRAFFE!!! D: You eat the giraffe? A: HOW IS HE GOING SO FAST?! D: (??) D: (???) D: (????) D: (??????) ?: Aw, fuck. A: Aw, yes. OH- A: Bananas! A: Banana- A: Oh, SHIT! A: OH SHIT THERE’S SO MANY FUCKIN’ BANANAS!! A: DID YOU DROP ALL THOSE BANANAS?? D: Oh, yeah. That was me. A: THERES HUNDEREDS OF THEM. D: Yeah, theres- D: THERE’s MILLIONS OF BANANAS! A: There’s about 7. D: Aw, dude, those bananas really took out a lot of people. A: Yeah, well i fuckin… just.. ..TORE UP that track. D: Yeah, well.. D: I’m a rhinoceros with my hands in the air. A: Oh, we’re in Holland now! D: Oh! A: Is that what this is? D: The Netherlands! D: Just look at those windmills! A: I mean, just look at exactly how.. (???) D: Yeah, it feels like im RIGHT back in Amsterdam. A: Wow, those windmills sure are catching wind! …I’m sure. A: Oh- Oh, oh oh oh.. Really? Really? A: Well, now I’m in 4th. D: Yeah, ye- oh yeah, those windmills are fuckin’ unforgiving, dude. A: I do not like it, Sam i am. D: I… D: Am getting SLUGGED right now. A: Oh, dude i- i believe in you. D: Do you? A: Even though.. A: I want so badly to crush you.. And see you dead on the floor WRITHING in pain. D: ‘Cuz i was gonna say.. D: If you believe in me.. D: You’re right ahead of me, and I’ve got you in my sights. A: Cool! D: Noo! D: NO!! A: Yes! D: NO!!!! A: YES! D: !!!!!NO!!!!!!!! A: Wh- WhAUGH! A: Woahohoho.. D: Get out of my fuckin’ face, elephant. A: What does the bubble do? A: Okay? D: i think it slows you down, actually. A: What? D: I dunno.. D: It doesnt do much. A: ‘Cuz the bubble’s stupid. A: I’m just gonna say that right now. A: I’m gonna put that out in the universe.. D: Yeah, see what happens. D: That son of a bitch, lephant.. A: Oh, that lephant is gonna fuckin’.. He’s terrorize you for the rest of your life. D: Maybe the bubble makes you immune.. ..To everything. A: Oooohhhh… A: But you could pop it prematurley. What does that mean? D: Are you the zebra? A: Hell yeah, I’m the zebra. D: My God, you are CRUSHING this round. A: Dude, what can i say? I have a strong grip strength. D: Oof, man, I am middle of the path. A: Sorry, buddy. D: No, you know what? It’s okay, I still got my gold medal from when i was a young giraffe. A: Yeah, just enjoy your Minecraft grass. D: I gay paree. D: I feel like I’m on Champs-Élysées. A: Oh, im droppin’ so many bananas, dude! D: Yeah, you’re really.. A: HOLY SHIT! D: Way too many bananas. A: That was amazing! A: That was waaaaaay too many bananas.. D: Yeah.. I’m not gonna let you win this one. A: Mmmm… A: I don’t know about that. D: Foof! A: Woah, woah, woah, woah! A: What happened there?? D: I don’t know.. A: Did I get hit by a bananer? D: I thi- I think you might have slipped on your own nanner! A: Ohhh… Not my OWN nanner. hugUgUHGuahaH D: WOAH, WOAH! SO MANY NANNERS! D: Aw.. A: Yeah, see? A: It’s hard, isn’t it? D: Very hard. A: AH A: Oh.. My own bananers! A: Gotta watch out for those! D: Boy, these nanners are- A: Boy, I got some GOOD nanner placement. D: Yeah, it’s like right in the middle of the Arc de Triomphe. (???) D: I’m gonna go the opposite way, and try to fuckin’ plow people as they- A: WOAH DUDE LOOK AT THIS I’M RIDIN’ ON MY SIDE WHEEL! A: LOOK AT THIS I’M RIDIN’ ON MY FUC- A: OHH MY GODD THAT WAS AMAZING D: Oh, you are blowin’ my mind right now. A: Dude- I’m so good at this. A: Holy fuck. A: I don’t mean to toot my own horn but- A: TOOT TOOT D: Yeah, it’s gettin’ tooted. A: Oh my god, im getting tooty as hell. D: I don’t know what’s happening- A: Oh man, I just Rooty-toot-toOted the whole fuckin’ stage! A: I was a whole 2 seconds ahead of Mr. giraffe! D: Oh, i missed everybody, i missed everybody, i tried to take everybody out. A: Dan. D: I’m goin’ the wrong way. A: Dan. A: I really wanna.. D: I refuse to finish this. A: Oh, youre not going all the way. A: You’re going the wrong way. D: Yes I am. D: I’m undoing all of my good work. A: Well- y- you see.. you know.. this is how- this how- this how a loser acts. D: Yeah, i hadn’t thought of that. D: Alright! A: wh-a- Dan. D: 6th place, please! A: Alright.. A: I just wan- D: Doesn’t matter, I made it on the podium! A: I just wanna ask you one thing. A: Oh, you didn’t get 6th, you got 5th! A: Even when you were trying to lose, you did better than my last round. D: That’s a pri- that’s a present. D: You broke the 3,000, dude. That’s INCREDIBLE. A: Now i wanna ask you, Dan. D: Yes, please. D: Good game, or best game? A: What happened? D: What happened? A: Yea- You went from 1st to 5th? D: Yea, you dropped a bunch of bananas… ..On the ground.. and then i went from being a svelte, lithe giraffe, -to a fat, useless rhino. A: Well, he’s not useless, you got 5th place, it’s better than the giraffe. A: I would say the giraffe is useless! D: Alright. What, with his crazy scary brow that casts a horrifying shadow.. D: I feel like I’m at Chuck-E-Cheese right now. D: Like if these things were trying to sell me pizza like, we- we would be there. A: Well, next time on GameGrumps. D: I AM FRIEND RHINO. A: HELLO- A: HelLO I Am FRiENd RHIno. D: Oh God! A: I L O V E Y O U D: Next time on GameGrumps! A: Next tiiime. watch more gamegrumps bitch D: I didn’t appreciate the overt sexual tones of that game. A: Yeah, and like the the very Christian messaging was was just- you know, it’s like keep religion out of my game! D: Yeah.

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  1. "Play as an elephant, a lion, a zebra, giraffe, a rhino, or a hippie!"

    And now to grab a towel to wipe my drink off my screen from when I spat it everywhere with laughter.

  2. Has Dan ever backed up a real car? Because watching him in this game makes me think he doesn't understand how to do it correctly

  3. i fell asleep watching the one-offs playlist, half woke up, saw dan driving a car as a giraffe, thought i was hallucinating and went back to sleep

  4. Oh god…right around 12:55, Dan's driving gave me flashbacks to "Action Girlz Racing" — "I'M IN THE DAISIES!"

  5. When you finally find out his steam name is Egoraptor backwards. I was wondering what in the fuck Rot Paroge was.

  6. Tbh, give the graphics a bit of polish and the animal characters slightly more refined, unique designs, and it could be a very charming game.

  7. This is like a weird amalgamation of Rascal Racers, The Zoo Race, and 64 Zoo Lane. I love it.

    I can also definitely understand the comparisons to Action Girlz Racing.

  8. Really UnExpectedly Low Graphics and The Concepts Sounds like some kind Bully Method maybe? This Game is.

  9. Um… about the windmill track… I'm Dutch and I can confirm… This is the Netherlands in a nutshell. ? Thanks for the introduction, Now people will finally love us XD

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