Why Your Great Idea Sucks!

Why Your Great Idea Sucks!

Pat, guess what, Pat?! What? Guess what, Pat! What? I have a billion dollar idea, man! Dude, your ideas suck. C’mon. Yeah. It’s a billion dollar idea. You know how many times I have to hear messages
like this? Pat, I got a billion dollar idea! Pat, we’re going to be the next billion dollar
company! I was on a podcast earlier today. A guy asked me, Pat, what do you do if you’re
18 years old and you got an incredible idea? I said, Stop focusing on having so many great
ideas. Pat, that doesn’t make any sense! Stop focusing on great ideas. Why? I don’t get what you’re saying. Let me explain to you why. Here’s why. Say I have two people here. Okay? On this end, I have somebody who’s got the
most ridiculous idea in the world. It’s the next Uber. It’s the next Facebook. It’s the next whatever you want to call it. Great idea. I have a guy here on this side who spent two
years mastering a skill set, while this guy [on the other side] was just trying to come
up with great ideas. This guy here spent two years learning how
to sell. Day and night he mastered the art of selling. Selling. Selling. If I have to bet on who is more likelihood
to eventually make more money in life, I’m putting all my money on this guy [selling]
over this guy [ideas]. Let me explain to you why. Okay? So I have some examples here for you, which
will validate why I’m making this point to you. We have five examples. And I promise you two of them you won’t even
recognize who they are. But you’ll know once I make a point to you
here. Mark Zuckerberg. Everyone knows, Facebook. December, 2004, they got started. By the way, he didn’t even come out with the
idea. The Winklevoss twins came out with the idea
of Facebook. But he [Zuckerberg] took it. You can call it stealing, whatever you want
to call it. And he started coding Facebook, okay? We have Mark Zuckerberg. We have Steve Wozniak who learned how to create
the computer. That’s April 1, 1976. We have McDonald’s brothers, who started McDonalds,
April 15, ’55. We have Nick Swinmurn – by the way, do you
even know who Nick Swinmurn is? You know, I don’t even know who Nick Swinmurn
is. Do you know who Nick Swinmurn is? Can you guess who Nick Swinmurn is? Stop Googling it! Stop Googling it and just stay with the episode. You don’t know who Nick Swinmurn is, but you
will here, in a minute. Do you know who Martin Eberhard is? Oh my gosh! Martin Eberhard, wherever you are, I hope
you don’t watch this episode. But there is a Martin Eberhard out there. Now watch this, here. All of these guys were great in ideas. Zuckerberg takes the idea from the Winklevoss
brothers. Okay? And he starts coding with his friend, Edward. They raised $18,000 from Edward. There’s so many different stories. And they created Facebook. It was mainly for, you know, the Harvard yearbook
was called The Facebook. You’ve seen the movie before. If you haven’t, you should watch the Social
Network. Great movie to watch. And then all of a sudden, Mark Zuckerberg
runs into a sales guy, named Sean Parker. If you don’t know who Sean Parker is, Sean
Parker was the founder of Napster. This dude knows how to sell. The sales guy, who sold a vision, because
Mark said, this could be a million dollar business. Parker said, no, no. This is a billion dollar idea. He [Parker] sold the vision to everybody. He came in and sold the idea. Now Mark is worth $56 billion. By the way, Sean Parker, the sales guy, is
worth $2.6 billion. You know what the Winklevoss brothers who
came up with the idea are worth? $200 million between the both of them, because
that’s what they were settled with their lawsuit, $140 million and $60 million. That’s what they got. The idea guys. Now of course, you’re saying, Pat, at least
they’re worth $200 million. Yes. I would much rather be the sales guy. Now let’s go to the next example. Stay with me here. Steve Wozniak. I’ve interviewed Steve Wozniak many years
ago. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a fascinating
interview. Wozniak found a sales guy, named Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs knew how to sell. Steve Jobs had no clue what he [Wozniak] was
doing. Steve Jobs, when he worked at Atari, he would
ask him [Wozniak] to do the coding for him because he didn’t know how to do the coding. He [Wozniak] knew what he was doing. He was the idea guy. He [Jobs] was the sales guy. If he [Jobs] was alive today, his net worth
would be roughly $10 billion. I think Wozniak has $100 million – $200 million. Nothing wrong with that. Still good, but the sales guy learned how
to sell an idea to the rest of the people. McDonald Brothers. If you haven’t seen the movie Founder, you’ve
got to watch it. These guys knew how to start a restaurant
in San Bernardino Valley, San Bernardino, which I’ve been to. It was an hour away from where I used to live. I was just there a couple of months ago. They’re doing an incredible job. And one day, a guy named Ray Kroc, who’s a
sales guy, is selling milkshake machines. One day he gets an order. He’s in St. Louis, Missouri, he gets an order
from the McDonald Brothers, saying we need eight machines. He said, “What? is this a mistake?” No, we need eight machines. And the guy hangs up. Ray Kroc decides to drive to San Bernardino. He goes there and says, Oh my gosh, this is
amazing. This is ridiculous. This can be something big. What if we go out there and scale this? And what if we do this? And he starts selling it. He sold vision. He went to investors, country clubs, he sold
the vision of McDonald’s. Ray Kroc. You guys know Ray Kroc. I believe he gave them $2.6 million to buy
out the name McDonald’s and then after he bought out McDonald’s, guess what they couldn’t
use? Their own name, McDonald’s. And Ray Kroc, the sales guy took McDonald’s
to where it’s at right now. I think there’s 38, 40,000 McDonald’s around
the world. When he died, his net worth was $1.5 billion. His wife and him gave the $1.5 billion I believe
to some charity, all of it, 100% of it. That’s the sales guy. Next one here. Nick Swinmurn. Nick Swinmurn. You don’t know who Nick Swinmurn is. Let me tell you who Nick Swinmurn is. Nick Swinmurn is the founder of Zappos! Holy moly. But you don’t know who Nick Swinmurn is. Nick Swinmurn is the founder of Zappos and
he finds a sales guy. I guarantee you you’ve heard of Tony Hsieh
delivering happiness. Tony Hsieh comes in, and he says, we can turn
this thing into a monstrosity. And he does. Tony Hsieh goes from what he was worth to
now roughly shy of a billion dollars. He’s around 850. By the way, Nick was smart. He kept his shares. he’s worth around a billion dollars today. Now, the next one. Martin Eberhard. Do you know who Martin Eberhard is? By this time, I think you probably researched
his name to see who it is because you’re so curious, and you couldn’t wait three minutes. Now let me tell you who it is, if you haven’t
yet. Martin Eberhard is the original founder of
Tesla. He started Tesla. Elon Musk is not the founder. He [Eberhard] is the founder of Tesla. he
started Tesla. Elon Musk shows up. And he says, this thing can be bigger than
any one of you guys think it is. Because he sold the vision, because he’s a
sales guy. He sold the vision to the world. You and I bought it. Tesla is now worth what it’s worth, and Elon
Musk is worth somewhere shy of $20 billion. We’re going to put his name over here. So what’s my point here to you? Oh my gosh. If I get another message with another person
telling me they got a billion dollar idea that if I team up with them, we’re going to
go out there and do this and this and that, all this other stuff. Great. I like it, because I know how to sell a vision
once I buy into a product. I’m all good with this. I don’t have a problem with that. But I’m talking to you. I also want you to make a lot of money. Focus on becoming an incredible sales person. Focus on communication. Focus on how to sell. Focus on looking at stuff where you can go
out there and communicate it to other people. Focus on seeing the vision of something being
able to sell a product to somebody else. When I got out of the military, I couldn’t
sell anything to anybody. I couldn’t sell anything to myself. I was the worst salesman in the world when
I got out of the military. I looked like a body builder because that’s
what I was at that time. My body was incredibly fit at that time. But I couldn’t sell a membership to anybody. I worked at Bally at Culver City. When I worked at Bally at Culver City, it
was the worst gym, from all the Ballys because it was in a basement. The place smelled. It was old school. It was Nautilus gym, Sports Connection gym. But we worked there and the manager there
was a guy named Cisco, who was phenomenal. He knew how to sell to anybody. And one day, I’m like, I can’t sell. I got to give up. I can’t even go out there and do this. Cisco pulls me aside and he said the following
thing to me. He said, “Patrick, before you quit the game
of sales, I believe you can do good in sales. But I want you to do something.” I said, “What’s that?” “You need to go and learn how to sell at Fox
Hills Mall. Fox Hills Mall was a mall in Culver City,
okay? So I said, “Dude, if I can’t sell memberships
at a gym, with all the equipment here, and it’s a 36-month contract, you want me to sell
memberships at a mall when no one even sees the gym? And you want me to sign this 36-month contract
with credit cards?” Yes! Okay. I go to Fox Hills Mall. I’m standing on my booth at Fox Hills Mall,
and I don’t want to talk to anybody. I’m frightened of rejection. I don’t want to talk to a single soul! Then all of a sudden, these two other guys
I notice were around the booth. I’m behind the booth, because this is my hiding
spot, comfort zone. So slowly, I also come around the booth and
I’m still trying to stay as close to the booth because it’s a safe place. I saw these guys selling a couple of memberships. I’m like, “wait a minute? They sold a membership at the gym? That’s crazy.” That person signed a 36-month contract at
the gym? I would have never done that. Then I said, “Maybe people will buy.” Then I came out. I started talking to people freely and then
all of a sudden, one girl sat down. First girl that bought a membership from me
at the gym. $75 down, $33 a month. I’ll never forget this. I said, if this girl just gave me her credit
card, I can do it to everybody else. Then I started walking around the stores. Hey, have you been to Bally Culver City? How come you never bought a membership? Are you a member with us? Why not? Then all of a sudden, a month later, I became
the rookie of the month. Then I became the rookie of the year. Then I realized, I can sell, because I believe
in the product of working out. This is so easy for me! Then the next thing was, I liked financial
services. Then I knew I could sell it. But I didn’t come out with the product of
insurance. I didn’t come out with the product of annuities
or stocks or bonds or mutual funds. I didn’t invent those ideas. I learned how to sell. Then the idea kept getting bigger and bigger
and bigger and bigger and bigger. By the way, I’m here to tell you, the more
you focus on learning how to sell and you improve that skill set, you are always on
demand. People always need you for the rest of your
career. Remember that. People always need a leader with sales who
sees how they can move an Army to a direction. They’re always going to need someone like
that. You need to focus on mastering your skill
set and stop trying to come out with the next Apple idea or Snapchat or Facebook or any
of that stuff that’s going to turn into this billion dollar idea. I’m not telling you don’t come up with ideas. But I’m going to tell you, we got a good idea
here, with the person that knows how to sell very well. This [the person that can sell] more than
a person who’s got a ridiculous idea but has no clue how to sell. No one’s going to invest into this. This one [sales] is going to do much better
than this one [ideas]. All day, every day, twice on Sunday. So guess what my recommendation to you is? Stop trying to be all these guys that think
they’re going to come out with the next idea that they’re going to be the next Uber of
whatever. Or the next Facebook or Snapchat. Spend a year or two, work under somebody who
knows how to sell, and learn how to sell. Learn how to be an incredible communicator. Put yourself out there in front of people
that’s a little bit uncomfortable. And see what happens to you in the world of
business. Because when you have to choose here, you
can choose who you want to be. Do you want to be the McDonald’s brothers? Do you want to be any of these guys [ideas]? Without these guys [sales], none of this happens. I suggest you learn how to sell. I suggest you learn how to sell and you become
the person that knows how to communicate a product to somebody else. Anyways, you got any questions, any thoughts,
any other stories here that you know about, that you want to share that are similar to
this, comment on the bottom. If you’ve got any questions, thoughts, also
comment on the bottom. Take care everybody, bye bye. Hey, thanks for watching this video. Let me make a case for you why I believe you
need to subscribe to Valuetainment and also join the notification squad. Look, there’s two ways you can learn about
business. One of the ways is go to college. Learn a bunch of theories by professors who
have probably never ran a business before or you can watch Valuetainment, ran by entrepreneurs
who have built and sold businesses and you can learn from our mistakes and what we do
right. And by the way, I’m willing to bet anybody
who goes and takes this boring route vs. watches Valuetainment, I’m putting my money on this
person who watches Valuetainment is going to beat the person who goes to college. You don’t believe me? Test me on this. This is why I’m so certain you need to subscribe
to Valuetainment and learn the content so you can also be a successful entrepreneur.

100 Replies to “Why Your Great Idea Sucks!”

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  8. So the flaw in your point is that great ideas often don't succeed and if they do, they need help to get there….. which is true …. but the pay out is higher.

    The salesman vs the creator conversation is that one has a set avenue of income and the other has to actually strive to be great

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    Heck for me its been something ive been trying to think of how to do for 6 months, (Thinking how can i get a 30-45 minute meeting set up with someone that has a lot of leverage in an industry im passionate about)
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    My success rate at job interviews is over 80%, it's like they are selling me the jobs.
    The guy that is honest and doesn't promise what he can't deliver is the one I work for, frustration and lies aren't worth the extra money.
    I really enjoy pleasing clients & my company and have learned how to manage them through difficulties, maybe I will have another crack at doing something myself again. I'm in my 40's now and people seem to give you more credibility with age, it never helped looking 10 years younger than I actually was. I was even told straight at some job interviews that I didn't get the job because I looked too young. Not sure if having a Norfolk farmers accent helped either but I would resent having to speak with a generic London accent.

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    Being naturally, introverted, the thought of becoming a salesman is intimidating but doing so is the only way I will ever have the resources. I know what I have to do now. I'm going for it. I'm too late in the game to punt now and it already keeps me awake at night thinking I could lose out on something that will make someone else rich.

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