Why would you call yourself a feminist? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Why would you call yourself a feminist? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Some have described YouTube comments as a disaster on an unprecedented scale. Well the factual feminist viewers are
very much the exception, your comments and questions are
great maybe the best on the Internet. I’ll respond to some of them coming up.
Now a commenter named Rendar Smith rights in response to the
rule of thumb video, “Christina I love what you do but you
have got to drop the feminist label the movement has failed its filling
society with anti-male bigotry.” Well this is probably one of the most
common criticisms that I get, why call myself a
feminist? Well I became a feminist in high school back in a last millennium. I grew up a with a style a feminism that has
nothing to do with what passes for feminism today. It wasn’t about denigrating manner
fixating on victimhood it was about being a free responsible
self determining being and in my writings I call that style a
feminism equity feminism or more recently freedom feminism.
Freedom feminism stands for the moral social and legal equality of the sexes and it’s
a great American success story. I still believe the world needs a
healthy evidence-based women’s movement, and I
think the major battles for a quality in opportunity in the United States they
have been fought, they have been won. But the work a feminism remains
unfinished across the globe there are women’s groups struggling to survive in
the face of genuine sometimes violent oppression, and despite women’s immense progress in
the US the poverty rolls are still
disproportionately filled with women and children. So I think the unique circumstances
women require special attention and sometimes
protection. Having said all that I am well aware that in the minds of many feminism
connote irrational male blaming paranoid worldview and I admit I’m mortified by all the
fuss about trigger warnings in micro aggressions
and checking your privilege. I mean the spectacle of those panicked
Wellesley women demanding that a statue of a guy be removed from campus because it
reinforced the rape culture, “That a controversial statue of that
man walking sleepwalking, I should say in his underwear is triggering apprehension fear and even
awesome sexual assault.” I mean to my mind that is not feminism that’s just madness. But I’m also aware that men in
the United States as much as women face problems I think it’s hard to say was better off
it’s a complicated mix have burdens and benefits. So to answer the question I fully
understand that many may wonder why I don’t clearly distanced myself from the
extremists who have run off with feminism. Why not commit myself to a more
inclusive cause call it Peopleism Equalism? Well I’m tempted but you know I’m just not ready to give
it up. I think the movement it has a noble
history and it has to be reform from
within, and one last thing if it bothers you that I call myself a
feminist, just remember this, it bothers the gender
warriors at Jezabelle even more. On to the next comment this
one comes from Alice Ward. And Alice Ward points out that the rape culture activists insists it is
wrong to be disrespectful and and to assume that women lie about
rape, but then she says “The thing that has always confused me is
according to these feminists mentor evil enough to rape, murder, commit all kinds of heinous acts yet women aren’t evil enough simply to lie.” Well I think that’s shrewd observation
Alice I would call that the Women are from
Venus Men are from hell school of feminism. Well please keep sending
me your comments and questions I greatly appreciate them and enjoy them.
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100 Replies to “Why would you call yourself a feminist? | FACTUAL FEMINIST”

  1. I so appreciate seeing a feminist who is willing to give an objective point of view on touchy subjects. My experiences with feminists have been awful in that you can't debate with them. Most feminists go into an argument so steadfast in their beliefs that they quickly exhausted of any points and have to resort to insults or claims of sexist/misogynistic treatment just to escape having to admit they're wrong.

    You have to employ a special set of "kid gloves" rules when dealing with feminists. How does that help women feel equal?

  2. Funnily enough, the planet Venus is quite literally a hell. Toxic gasses, extreme temperatures and 24/7 deadly storms. No one in there right mind would ever wanna live on the surface. Lol

  3. Look – I am not from fucking Mars. And I have met an extensive amount of women who sure as shit weren't from Venus in any concrete, psychological or metaphorical sense either. I am no less empathetic than any female I have met. I have no desire to liberate some inner cave man essence. I am not the administrator of some concrete, psychological or metaphorical man cave. Oh – and I do not wake up with a morning boner and an impulse to rape-rape-rape swamping all coherent thought. Well – I may wake up with a morning boner. But it's not from Mars either. Or Titan. Or Pluto. I have however encountered one or two borderline morning pussies in my time that just may have been from LV-426, but I shall be gentlemanly enough not to generalize those experiences …

  4. I don't care what you call yourself, it just shows what the thing is you deem most important and where your roots are from. What matters for me is how you, go about it. Seeing your realistic and objective above everything else and that you can deal with critics and things you disagree with respectful humor and reason earns you my greatest respect.

  5. When and if, all of the Nigerian school girls that were taken by Boko Haram are rescued; they will be rescued by men.   The Sisterhood is not going to man up and do it themselves are they?  There will never be a group of chicks with assault rifles patrolling through the bush and villages looking for the MEN who took them.  Let alone ever "rescuing" those school girls.    That is Men's work.  When (as recently) and if it happens it will be men doing that stuff. That shit is no small thing.  TV and Film is not real.  The Feminati need to show some bloody humility.  Women in general (especially feminists) need to show a lot more humility about what they are capable of when compared to men. It is not them doing "Men's work".   I am not talking about the (air-conditioned) cherry picked "privilege" stuff from the (male) Western White Collar world.   In actual fact they, feminists, like most women in the Western world , have ever done a proper days work in their lives.  That is what men do, a lot.  That is why 99% of the built environment is made by men.  Same as it ever was.  Being a Man is no small thing.  Many feminists (not the winsome and gorgeous lady above) may well look and act a lot like men but they have not spent  5 mins being an actual man.  They all to often do not bring much femininity to the table in anything they do and also  think that they can do what most men do.  They however do not or have not done those things themselves.  Somewhere out there, apparently is a chick who can.  But not them.  Such chicks if they exist at all are Unicorn Outliers.   How is that third wave of feminism working out for the Sisterhood, shot any one lately?  “We are lucky that feminism is so disorganized and incompetent or society would be worse off than it is alreadyis.”

  6. Just for the record, if any feminist haters sees this comment. Please dont hate on feminists, hate on the extreme feminists/man haters. I say this because most people calling themselves feminists simply want to tell the world they are for equality, wich is a good thing. They dont deserve hate for that. Please tell them about the extreme feminists and all that, but dont start hating on a feminist before you know they are actually a man hater

  7. I call myself an MRA for the same reason. Men and women both face specific problems and it isn't wrong to focus on one or the other. Just make sure you are not spreading ideas of superiority while doing so

  8. I have to give you a huge thank you for your work here. I label myself as a feminist and many of my high school piers are extremely quick to point out that feminism is just "crazy man-hating women on their periods" (everything in that phrase is already stupid) and that since I'm what they'd consider "the one good one" that I should drop the label entirely. People seem to forget that the loud minority does not represent the majority or what this movement stands for, and I thank you for pointing out the truth, lies and exaggerations of this movement to clear up confusion. I sincerely look forward to more content from you.

  9. IT sounds a bit like how there are guys still willing to call themselves nice guys despite the fact that 'nice guys' have a terrible connotation nowadays.

  10. I'm really glad you responded to the Feminist label issue. I also usually identify as an "Equity Feminist" if only for lack of a better term. I've spent most of my life fighting against Gender Feminists and it makes me really angry when people lump me into the same category with them because of a word. I have been called a "stupid bitch," a troll and several other things when I commented on Anti-Feminist postings. I really do think that Feminism is in the interest of women and men. We are all screwed up and have so much trouble communicating because of our Judao-Christian heritage which teaches men to view women as "purity symbols." They see their job as protecting the purity symbols of society but the flip side is they all have problems about where to direct their sexuality if the women are the purity symbols. We are not taught to see each other as people first and symbols second and so it's hard for us to work things out. Things will never really change until women and men see themselves as partners and address the issues that have divided them. Both Gender Feminists and Anti-Feminists are making that more difficult.

  11. Can you do a video on the different waves of feminism? Some say we are in the fourth wave and not the third, the current wave starting around 2008. That makes sense to me because a lot of what I am hearing here and online is a very different version of feminism that I recall from the 1990's- which appeared more egalitarian and balanced with men's issues (otherwise I never would have considered myself a feminist). And as a result today, I no longer identify with the feminist movement, I don't recognize it…and what is the point of identifying as feminist if the preceding waves or versions are so different from one another, even appearing at opposition from one another?

  12. I admire how you are restoring the movement, and hope feminism starts focusing on real issues, like the ones women face in the middle east

  13. I do applaud your effort at saving this sinking ship and I understand your approach. Its way easier to change a system as an insider than an outsider but so far we didnt see any change whatsoever within the feminism cult that it is at the moment. I just hope for your sake and your health, we want to enjoy your wisdom and inetlelct as long as possible, that will leave the ship before its too late.

  14. Call yourself an egalitarian when talking about first world feminism. When you are representing feminism for third world countries (like most of the ones in the Middle East) call yourself a feminist. Feminism shall only prosper where it's needed.

  15. Dr. Sommers, let me start bay saying, I love you and your show (and your talks). I was first turned onto you by Milo, and I'm grateful for it. I understand why you call yourself a feminist and of course you are more than welcome to label yourself whatever you wish (you've earned it, and I can't deny I love the spite aspect). I think of you more as a "factualist" only concerned with the truth.

    I agree with you that sensationalism and made up "facts" doesn't help anyone, it divides us when we should be working together, and detracts from when there are TRUE issues that need to be resolved (feminist that cried wolf). It's like a breath of fresh air to hear your viewpoints, I love that you look at men and women as a team, not one against the other. Of course, every large group has their bad apples that make the rest of the group rip their hair out and scream, but by in large, I feel that other men like me LOVE women and take NO pleasure in seeing women harmed in ANY way. We love strong, smart, confident women (and yes being attractive doesn't hurt). Most men don't see women as their adversary, we want those women on our team. At the same time, we don't appreciate being labeled as misogynistic, rapists, oppressors, abusers…etc. One can see how being constantly attacked by those labels would make one unsympathetic to a cause (in this case the modern feminism "cause"). So again, thank you for saying what I am feeling. I'm not sure in many circles I would be able to get away with saying the things you do…not to mention you say them much more eloquently than I do. I love you and your shows, as long as you keep making them, I will keep watching.

    P.s. As somewhat of a sidenote…I feel I know your opinion well enough that I don't lump you in with what I am about to say…but in general, whenever someone segregates themselves with a label based on a non-intellectual quality i.e. Black Lives Matter, Feminist…etc. My first instinct is NOT to believe that the said person is "fighting for equality", but more their own personal interests. I acknowledge that in many cases, those labels are in direct correlation to a specific concern those people feel needs to be addressed and those people may have the best of intentions. It's not a major gripe of mine, I will still listen to their viewpoints and judge from there, but I admit it puts me off just a little at first. My train of thought is always "in this time when we should ALL be pulling together to fight an injustice…why do you distinguish yourself into a smaller group? …then act amazed when people treat you differently?"

  16. I love the balance The Factual Feminist provides. Not only in statistics and logic, but in topic choice. Whether it's education and incarceration rates, or a trending commercial and hashtags.

  17. that statue to me is to promote awareness of sleep walking. a dangerous sleeping disorder whic i think, based on my sketchy knowledge and based on the image of the statue in the snow, can lead to injury, as well as the common risk with walking around with no concious awareness of your surroundings

  18. Christina, to your remark on "today"'s feminism being "nothing like the feminism" of the good ol' days… Typing in the words Who Stole Feminism into the search engine here at YT reveals that you were bemoaning the state of the "movement"(odd, because even you seem to contend that the ideology in question isn't and never has been monolithic in nature)back in the early 90s. Doesn't seem reasonable to believe that this "first wave" of neo fascists who were apparently already dominating academic life at this early juncture didn't also learn their egregious ways from some forebear. In other words, "equity feminism" isn't and never has been the only game in town.

  19. so
    1) "freedom feminism" you grew up with which actually had good cause and not wanting to give that up
    2) 3rd world countries need feminism
    3)More targeted ways needed for helping homeless women/children.

    That is honestly the most rational thing i have ever heard from a feminist.

  20. I appreciate your effort to regain the feminist name for good. But just like communism you need to throw it aside and find something new or better or align with something that already exists. Egalitarianism for example.

  21. Well, you talk about the comments section and how great your comments are and I'm a big commenter. You'll notice that there aren't many comments from me because you said it all. The way you put it is always perfect.

  22. She should definitely call herself a feminist. She is a role model for young women and in labeling herself as a feminist she is a a shining light of truth in a social environment that is honestly pretty messed up. I respect her a lot. I also respect her courage to staying very sensible in the face of a lot of hostility against many of those with whom she identifies.

  23. there is like 1k comments so nobody will probably see this but amyways, love your channel. Very good arguments in all of the videos, and i understand that you wont just give up the same movement you fought for in the hope it will change. I do as well hope for this, but under todays circumstances of the movement I will not call myself a feminist

  24. I'm glad that you've kept the Feminist Title. Feminism needs a strong example to represent it and you're my favourite representative of the feminist movement, you're the reason why I still have faith in feminism as a whole. I agree with the fact that the world needs Feminism, the west doesn't need Feminism as much and out of all the Feminists in the world, I reckon that you have the Chutzpah and Moxie to direct Feminists to fight for the rights of women being oppressed in misogynistic countries. The World needs more Feminists like you Christina.

  25. It's funny how feminism loves to demonize the west, but when the middle east or parts of asia are brought up, they just look at their feet and awkwardly mumble to themselves.

  26. "And just remember: if it bothers you that I call myself a feminist, just remember it bothers the gender warriors at Jezebel even more"


  27. I have so much respect for what you do. It's so refreshing to see someone finding a reasonable middle ground in a debate that has descended into such ridiculous extremism. I make a point of not associating with crusades, groups, labels, political parties, or organized religions. It's too easy to take a few good core values and then make them into a Spanish Inquisition. The belief that all are people are equal and entitled to a fair wage for honest work is a good principle. Now let's put a label on it and what do we get? Communism. That's generally why I steer clear of labels, but I respect that you want to represent what feminism was and should be about, and add some balance to the insanity that dominates social media. Keep up the great work!

  28. Dr. Sommors, what are your thoughts on all these gender politics and "gender neutral" clothing? I don't I have seen you discuss this yet. It would be nice to hear what our based mom thinks. Thanks in advance

  29. I've actually looked up to you for not giving up the feminist label in spite of what other feminists say and do. It really shows strength to me, a strength that I didn't have.

  30. I'd still prefer "egalitarian", because the word "feminist" has the part "femi" in it. What if everyone, who is for equal rights, should be a "men's right activist"? Who would say it's the men's right activists that promote education for girls in developing countries?

  31. Dear Christina! Thank you very much for your videos, they gave me so much new information, and most of all, I've realised I have a lot of learning to do in many different subjects, and I haven't really developed my critical thinking enough.
    Thank you very much again for making these videos, I'm glad there's people out there speaking out against the kind of feminism that wants to destroy masculinity in men. I very much like masculine men, and I want them to stay 🙂
    I hope you keep on making more and more of these videos and I'll keep on watching them!
    Have a good day xxx

  32. Women are from Venus, men are from hell? Based on the astronomical facts that we know about Venus's environment, it is the closest of any planet in the solar system to the concept of hell you probably have.

  33. Shouldn't the fact that youtube comments under your video aren't a disaster like under many other videos raise your awareness that your detractors are more rational and less emotional than you think?

    My hypothesis is that the usually emotionnaly-rooted morons who usually make the disaster elsewhere just agree with you, which turns them into inofensive puppies…
    But that deserves to be tested to make sure we have a very rationnal, hypothetico deductive approach (lets wait for the comments under this post).

  34. i love your series and i respect you greatly and i am extremely grateful for how you helped me figure out that nagging question of what the difference of 1st and 2nd wave feminists from our more recent disasters is. however, i cringe every time i see fox news on a channel that is heavily fact based! lol

  35. I don't know how to start this without it sounding so very wrong. So i just fire away and hope it's a little less offensive in the end. Also please excuse the bad english.I think of myself as an Anti-feminist because the term in itself is wrong. It creates an ingroup. And as we all are well aware our ingroup is always better than the outgroup. Let's look at the other side. Masculism or masculinism. People still argue about how to differentiate the 2. Those who know of their existence at all that is.Commonly it's often described with mysagony patriarchism etc. So since I'm clearly against that im anti-masculinism as well i guess? For me both terms imply that the other groups needs are less important or that they deserve less attention, because that's the consequence if our group needs more attention. It's not men or women who deserve attention, it's people.But even if I don't agree with your label I totally agree with your philosophy. You talk abou females and males but never do I get the feeling you value one over the other. It's comforting to listen to you but never to the point of "listen and believe". It's just good to know that someone is getting it and presents a positive view amidst all the hatred and bashing no matter what he or she decides to call herself/himself.

  36. honestly in north america feminism is not needed,i mean most stuff are for women only like violence against women act even though men suffer from violence too

  37. Christina, you are one feminist who is not a Braindead lefty idiot. any chance of you doing any speeches in my hometown of Sydney, Australia?. Wayne from Sydney.

  38. I ask a similar question, namely should I call myself a liberal? I used to be happy to do so, because to me liberalism was all about tolerance and individual freedom. But over the years liberalism has become associated with forms of political correctness that have little to do with freedom (much as feminism has). What do you do when a word or movement that used to represent your beliefs now means something quite different in the public mind? Do you jump ship and start a new movement, or do you stay in the existing movement and argue your case from within it?

  39. I'm seeing alot of criticism regarding the women in poverty part. to those confused because more men are homeless than women remember that you can be living in poverty and not homeless. poverty line varies but is based on the income of a household. love the videos

  40. This made me laugh along with you, especially the comment about the SJWs at Jezebel! These videos are excellently done and a much needed breath of fresh air in this country where #welivetheonion, and you are a delight to listen to, I'd love to take a class from you or sit down and have a drink and a stimulating and hilarious conversation with you.

  41. Thanks Ms Sommers. I think you are right to keep the feminist label. You are truly a "gender egalitarian", not only promoting female agendas, but pushing for men's rights and issues as well. And that's what you say feminism is about.

    I'd argue that the term "feminism" is a bit of a misnomer for what you stand for, but not for what is needed. The term feminism connotes elevating females–which was fine when females were not treated equally–but now that in law and general social beliefs of the US/UK/Canada etc. it seems incongruous to use a term that semantically points toward the female agenda.

    However, there are still many, many parts of the world where feminism is needed. We won those fights here, true, but there are women elsewhere who need those same rights and the same changes to society. They still need to be lifted up and afforded the same rights and opportunities as men.

    So, keep on being a feminist in the original sense. Be a model of the sort of clear thinking and honest inspection of ideas that feminism today should be including. Sure, keep on being an advocate for male issues as well, we need your support, but that isn't at all at odds with your vision of true feminism.

  42. Same reason I still call myself a feminist. I was raised by parents where dad is very male and mother very female in their ways and behavior, but they are also 'traditional' feminists, in that they share every burden and have want equal opportunity for people, no matter gender. They don't like this new wave of so-called feminism.

  43. There's a great deal of value in Christina's refusal to give up the Feminist label. While it does connect her to principals and ideas many (including her) despise, it creates a unique opportunity for positive change rather than increased polarisation between feminists and anti-feminists. If we can get more feminists thinking like her this might give us an avenue for a long term solution. If anti-feminists can align with factual feminists then the united front could present a far more cohesive and powerful opposition to the raving whackjobs that make up the feminist majority

  44. I appreciate your position on the label of feminism and if I saw more feminists like you, I would probably identify as one too. Presently though, I can't help but think of feminism as anything but it's current perversion, hence calling myself an egalitarian. The idea that it angers the sjw's is a great argument for it though…

  45. damn i feel like something has happon here some one is thinking. i help run a cleaning service and i see a lot of things. first off there are more girls then guys in offices even when it comes to construction. i have heard more times then not it is to nasty make the boys do that job. girls get mad over conversations about copulation when they walk in on there conversation but its ok when they put hands on a man in any way. then
    feministfrequency came out ish. so it is my fault. everything bad is man and everything good is girl. i have just about shat my pants till now. The Factual Feminist. at first i heard this and said hell well what is it know man stumps baby's and that i should have never have been born. but this is great some body who is positive saying that everyone is nuts and to fix the ish and these are the spots. girls need to fix there ish just as much as boys but you numb skills boys need to get off you'r butts or there will be no place for you. i like it

  46. just looked up the sleepwalking man statue… i don't know how it's got anything to do with rape-culture but it's pretty fucking terrifying!

  47. I fully respect the choice of each, as to dropping the label or retaining it but clarifying. I will take this chance to point out why today's nonsense has brought me to be more against the F-word than for it. I can cast it as the old lore of King Canute: no common mortal could hope to command the tide not to rise.

    However, there is no doubt that Factual Feminist is a great label and also that you are a Wonderful Woman.

  48. Hi Christina,

    I would first like to say I’m a a fan of your content. Your sensibility, common sense and fact backed presentations are a breath of fresh air amongst what seems to be a world of extremes. I find it reasonable as to why you still call yourself a feminist. To keep this short, I think by now the majority of people view modern feminism as quite petty however, it (even in its shrinking numbers) still holds a large platform. My question for you is, would directing feminists energy onto the mistreatment of women in the third world and or, Muslim countries be a much better use of their resources? If one is to fix a big problem should you not start at where it is at its worst?

    My belief is if feminism is to restore its once noble title it must have to achieve a much more noble task. What could be more noble than bringing equality to the far far less fortunate women of the third world? Perhaps you could be the starting point Christina, you have a growing following and great potential to achieve this.

  49. The world needs human rights, not feminism. Factual Feminist' goes completely against the ideology. And more than a dictionary definition, it is an ideology and political movement.

  50. Hi Christina keep the feminist label. You are a 2nd wave feminist. It's an honest label. If it drives the other feminists and anti-feminists crazy then so be it.

  51. I'm not a feminist, but you're probably my favorite feminist. You speak truth and you seem more like an egalitarian, than a feminist. I'm not telling you what you are, I'm just saying that your views goes along egalitarianism. You're great.

  52. As a side note, that sleep walker statue was creepy af, call me old fashioned but a statue should look like some kind of stone

  53. I love your series. It gives me hope. I have often said I would identify as both a feminist and men's rights actitivist if it weren't for everyone else in those groups. Thank you for reminding me that sane intelligent feminists exist.

  54. I prefer the term "egalitarian". It's not a hated word in many circles, and also I'm a guy, so I feel the term "feminism" doesn't describe my beliefs and values. Of course, your reasoning makes enough sense, and the "factual" part pretty much negates the typical assumptions around the word "feminist".

  55. These videos have been interesting & informative, i am curious; do you think feminisms primarily focuses on womans wellbeing over equality for both sexes?

  56. Eh i dont thinks its fair that she has to stop calling herself a feminist. She was one of the original old school feminist. 3rd wave feminists are the ones who need to give it up.

  57. I agree with CHS on her choice of the use of "Equity Feminist" to describe where she stands on feminist.  I share that as well.  I think that aligns more with "humanist."  But I am for equal opportunity for all without denigrating others.

  58. I disagree with Factual Feminist that feminism has a noble history. From the first, feminism ignored all the privileges that women have and all the attrition that men suffered in the workplace and on the battlefield. Indeed, the same feminists who advocated equality passed out white feathers to men who were not in uniform during the First World War, stigmatizing them as cowards, even though many of these men were needed by their families on farms or were otherwise disabled. Several felt compelled to sign up just to avoid the white feather shame. Those perished on the battlefield to please these feminists.

    But if there was no noble history to First Wave feminism, Second Wave feminism was even worse. From the first, it reversed the goals of early feminism to abolish sexual display. Early feminists refused to dress for sexual show, they adopted men's dress, long pants, plain hats, flat shoes, etc.

    Second Wave feminists, refusing to renounce traditional femininity and its Erotic power over men, rejected their feminist predecessors and actually normalized femininity instead of abolishing it. Sexual display, the root of sexism, now became, in Second Wave feminism, a sign of female liberation and empowerment, a pretense that continues to this day, with "slut walks," "twerking," and the normalization of sex workers and the sex trades, thus increasing polarization between the sexes, based on the sexualization of women's bodies, rather than eradicating it.

    Whereas before Second Wave feminism women who entered the sex trades, or who brazenly sexualized their bodies, forever excluded themselves from polite society, much less the professions, in the wake of Second Wave feminism's rationalization and thus normalization of the Erotic, women are actually celebrated for the sexualization of their boides, now considered "empowerment," "women's emancipation," etc. In short, femininity was not eradicated, as it should have been. It was merely rebranded as "feminism" and "radical politics." One early Second Wave feminist strained at gnats like Miss and Mrs but swallowed feminine fashions such as the miniskirt. Instead of becoming an outcast, she became an icon! Yet if the gender binary of address, such as with Miss and Mrs is sexist, how much more so is the gender binary of dress sexist?

    Thus to call the history of feminism a "noble history" seems to me rather short-sighted, as indeed is the definition of feminism as the "moral, social, and legal equality of the sexes." That was precisely the epistemic trick that feminism executed to make it seem like women were truly oppressed. For it excluded women's SEXUAL POWER and REMUNERATION from the equation, as Factual Feminist does in her definition.

    If it's true that women are "the second sex" socially, men are no less "the second sex" sexually. If the Gender Wage Gap favors men, as claimed, in the workplace, the Gender Wage Gap clearly favors women, and by a far greater income disparity, in the remunerative sex exchanges that favor women.

    The issue with the statue of the naked man that feminists feel threatened by, as reported in the video, is a case in point. Why are women threatened by male bodily exposure while men are not threatened by female bodily exposure. In fact, they even pay for the "privilege."

    Even the word "exhibitionist" when applied to women and applied to men changes meaning. When applied to women it denotes a woman's narcissistic exposure of her body as a mere "tease." When applied to men, it means a clinical perversion and a serious sex crime, often landing men on the Sex Offender Registry for the rest of their lives. Women end up being paid ten thousand dollars for a spread in a girlie magazine.

    This is what hominism means by the way that the feminist episteme decides what constitutes "knowledge," and what is excluded as knowledge, about sexism. In this way, we don't really see the world as it is. We see the world, as one women's series has it, "through a woman's eyes."

    That's not empiricism. That's not philosophy.

    That's apologetics. That's ideology. That's a knowledge-power apparatus that controls what we see as sexism and what we do not see as sexism.

    Thus why embrace the word feminism? Why not embrace the word hominism, and identify as a hominist instead?

  59. Just discovered your channel and love it, thanks! If you're answering questions, can you please comment on this thoughtful video:

  60. I admire your belief in your feminism and it's noble to not give it up. This radical feminism right now is sadly overshadowing your genuine cause. You might be the only feminist I support.

  61. Why don't you EVER mention the feminist SCUM Manifesto 'society to cut up all men' demanding male slavery ending in extermination 'in our lifetime'. ???
    Gloria Steinem calls it THE feminist doctrine and author Valeri Solanus? "the perfect feminist". It is even offered on Amazon download for FREE.
    And YOU never even mention it?


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