Why the Sochi Olympics are the Most Expensive in History

Why the Sochi Olympics are the Most Expensive in History

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  1. I hate some of western media! it gets under my skin…… when some countries do not want to abide by some western ideology they start criticizing them for no reasonable fact.

  2. I'm from Russia and this is totally true, no exagerration in this video. Putin and his gang should be hanged on the top of the tree for the crimes against humanity

  3. how about usa? don't always judge your enemies judge also your best friend,because best friend usually more dangerous than enemy you already now, im just saying

  4. That's lie Mr troll, looking at that your face it tells you are a lie, no reasonable person take you serious Mr CNN and CIA troll, how much they  paid for this nonsense? I need answer. Ignorant man do you have eyes to see  total transformation in Sochi you lie.  Look at all  the contributers in  this stupid video are Jews same group determined to destroy Russia.

  5. One of the things that makes me sad is that one day I spoke with a Russian girl about those Olympics and she said that they where the best of the world … And when I start criticizing Putin and the corruption she began really hungry and told me it was only lies made by European medians because they don't like Russia.

  6. Wow! This was the most anti-Russian programme I've seen in a while. You could show the same kind of thing in any other country. This was just an attempt to make Russia look bad.

  7. Of course Putin would never put all that money for housing, feeding and keeping the russians healthy. Citizens living with good standards don't tolerate corruption and tyranny like the miserable. In places like Russia, Africa and Latin America, the government manages poverty instead of development.

  8. oh, vice have sent a russophobe to cover Sochi.

    I love how the report starts with the Afghan War, then a 25 year old expert, who happens to be a human rights activist from USA, gives his expertise on USSR of 1980… dude, you were work after the USSR collapsed, all you studied is "Russia – Bad, Europe – Good" .

    most Russians know of the problems of corruption, they allow for this to happen. it's a weird deal they have with Put in and his pundits.

    I live in US for the last 18 years, we cN use some hard hitting investigative journalism here as well.

    let's all wake up. 🙂

  9. If your reply to being asked if you are corrupt is "Different people have different definitions of corrupt," you are a moron.

  10. Simon talking to a bunch of bums living in new York subway. best waste ern journalism ever!

  11. I stopped at half way when I heard banksters of wall Street talking about corruption.

  12. Fuck the Olympic committee. Are they so blind to see how countries treat their citizens? Why would you allow an event to take place in those countries. Then again, Olympics are a waste of money. Many would be glade to see it stop. I world greatly enjoy it.

  13. Italy is not exactly known for its low levels of corruption, and they managed to host the Winter Olympics in 2006 for under 1 billion dollars.

  14. Soci belonged to Georgia for centuries, even before Russia existed, we lost it in 1921 to fucking bolsheviks before we were incorporated in the USSR, and now they have olympic games, and are proud of their city ''mother Russia''. Can you belive that Sochi is the warmest place in whole of Russia? Which is 5 miles from Georgian borders, Russia consists only of stolen lands! Sochi has Georgian roots, where it has been found hundred of both ancient and new Georgian monuments, whitch they claim is from the Byzantin Empire. Even Nicopsia were a part of Georgia, now called Tuapse! Fuck Putin and people who support him!

  15. USA is corruption free and there is no homeless ppl Neither do they have crime . American citizens have no problem with there government. That's why they are exceptional  Go USA

  16. Ustedes los medios occidentales solo se dedican a 'tirarle' y denigrar a como de lugar la imagen de Russia., como si en sus países todo fuera transparente y no hubiera pobreza. Son 7na vergüenza para el periodismo.

  17. As an ordinary Russian I may say that Sochi looks way cooler than before, but realizing the scale of corruption makes me sad.
    Country is not poor, the government just won't use money to make people's life better
    I wish we could just call a bunch of politicians from Norway to rule Russia like we did in 862

  18. The man at 5:26 was actually later gunned down in front of the Kremlin, conveniently before he said he was going to release a report on the number of active Russian Military personnel killed in Eastern Ukraine. Putin said he was going to find the killers, in other words those behind the killing were never going to be brought to justice.

  19. I bet if they made a series on life in America they'd paint it out to be a magical wonderland where everyone is rich and not point out a single flaw with the pathetic country.
    But because it's Russia you go out of your way to make it look horrible…Propaganda.

  20. ha ha ha … i am the citizen of Sochi..just now found this funny movie.3 year gone, and i am grateful that Olympics Games were held in here..i mean,that people, you are welcome to Sochi, we will be very happy if you can see everything around here yourself

  21. Полкй смокв тад йд коипла? Тые окмбгн рес сутра, а одна коий бра ватрапламен.

  22. hahaja 4:54 i dont know how bad i want to get on a ganjala that may have been built on sheer corruption, what a duche

  23. Boris Nemtsov, the politician who speaks out strongly against Putin and corruption in this video, was assassinated about a year after this video was uploaded. He is amongst a large group of those who speak out against Putin and his regime and end up being killed. Coincidence? Definitely not.

  24. For the fuck sake, this documentary is about Russia and it's problems and I don't really understand why everyone compares this to US???? listen fucktards US has nothing to do with bloody corrupted Russian government and pity people that are affected by propaganda, and if you still compare US and Russia look at basic things such as living standards of people or GDP per capita, health care, education, it is clear for everyone that US has done some fucked up shit but at least their people have worlds one of the highest living standarts , unlike Russians and Russians have done a lot of cruel and unacceptable things as well e.g. Ukraine, Georgia,Moldova, Chechnya, ww2 Ckraine genecodine of people and so on. !

  25. Simon ovstrovsky why don't you go fuck yourself to US? You've been criticizing Russia for so many years yet you live there full time. Get the fuck out

  26. poor people suffering every where in the world no only in Russia..
    I also can found couple of homeless family in new York & get an interview

  27. I believe the people who say they are not aware of the full cost. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Is how the real world functions, which is hard to believe for those inexperienced…
    How about this for a disaster waste of money. Many years ago, our stupid Prime Rib at the time ‘Rudd’, was foolish to buy into the “global warming sham” and allowed some corrupt company, built a desalination plant in the major city. However it started to rain again, as usual and the expensive plant has been waiting in a state of “none use” for the last 10 years. This corruption is more prevalent at home than people know.

  28. $50 BILLION….. for sking?
    Ppl here in the US hardly even watch sking. SKING ISN'T EVEN POPULAR!! THIS INSANE…$50 BILLION!!!! Olympics cant even bring in that amount of revenue!!!

  29. Everything that happens in Russia is either corruption, bad or evil….nd the opp. is true to whatever happens in the west….come on budddy…is there not one single thing positive that happens in Russia

  30. что про Крым, что про Сочи — лживая русофобская пропаганда! Сёма с ворованной фамилией хорошо подтасовывает и монтажирует

  31. well it's not secret there is a problem with corruption in russia. vice should do a documentary on how u.s senators become multi millionaires on a 174k salary

  32. Western media releases an article/video not praising Russia.

    Russians in the comments: This is western propaganda.

  33. Any dictator will be jealous of the U.S. Media. Their uniformity in pushing out silly propaganda is crazy. No wonder they are losing credibility.

  34. He comparring UK and Russia ? u can't comparre Russia to country of size as it UK, that's how this journalist is stupid

  35. How about VICE does a story on the fifa world cup in Brazil. Try that for human rights crimes. As far as Russia goes. You want to play in the most beautiful place in the world you must pay for it.

  36. "This is the biggest crime in the history of Russia" …. you have to be pretty stupid to think that, or unaware of the Gulag maybe.

  37. LOL! Most of that money went into the pockets of Putin and his oligarch friends. Anyone with two eyes could see they didn't spend 50 billion on these Olympics.

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