Why Sports Authority Went Bankrupt

Why Sports Authority Went Bankrupt

– Sports Authority is a huge legacy. It was amazing when I
was skating in the 90s, Sports Authority was it. I mean, you have such an incredible legacy and we’re not telling that story, you’re not connecting with
me any more emotionally than you did when I was a kid. And so I chased them down for over a year trying to get a meeting with the CMO, and finally after being
pretty brazen he was like, “Fine, I’ll give you 10 minutes.” I said, “Alright, sure, no problem.” You’re spending the vast
majority of your money on traditional marketing,
print, TV, radio. You’re doing very little
in the way of digital and what you are doing
on digital and social, you’re not storytelling. He said, “Listen, Brian,
well, while I agree with some of the things
that you’re saying, we’ve actually tested this extensively. We’ve spent millions
and millions of dollars testing this and using data and analytics. And for Sports Authority,
Sunday newspapers actually outperforms everything else by far, substantially crushes any
result that we’ve ever seen on Facebook. What do you
have to say about that?” Who the fuck is doing
your Facebook advertising? 48 hours later is when they
missed that bond payment that kicked them into bankruptcy. That attitude, that thought
of, “We’re just gonna continue to do it the way that we
know and we’ll literally even prove ourselves right
until we go out of business.” That’s scary. This is one of the biggest
opportunities in the history of business, in the history
of marketing right now.

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  1. wrong. top five guys get 40 million in bonus. 100 million for the bronco stadium. and stupid ass people running the company. why does a ceo get a 20 million dollar bonus when you are under performing. owning asic. company 23 million dollars. . foster green who bought them took it private off the stock market so they can what ever they wanted without stock holder saying no. do some research

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