Why Sport is Bad

Why Sport is Bad

“Why Sport is Bad” Okay, so right off the bat, I just want to
make one thing clear. While I am saying that sport is bad: exercise
is great for you. I would know. I’m mostly going to be talking about the
sport fans in this video, because they are easily the worst part and there’s a lot I
want to get off my chest regarding those… things. Also, I will be referring to soccer, or “football”,
constantly, because that’s the sport that aggravates me the most. BRUTALITY:
We all know that the Roman gladiators and their Colosseum battles were nothing short
of fucked up. Encaging people and watching them attack each
other senselessly from the outside is obviously inhumane and somewhat sadistic, and we should
all be happy that brutality such as that doesn’t exist anymore, right? WELL WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU CALL THIS?! LACK OF BRUTALITY:
If. You. Are. Going. To. Cry. At. Least. Get. Hurt. FirstThis guy, for example. I can respect his tears. Good job, buddy
Dumb-fuck FANS: The good, the bad, and the ugly
Okay, I’m going to be transparent on this from the very beginning: it’s okay to be passionate. Hell, being passionate is one of the best
things about being human. Embrace that shit. It’s not okay, however, to be a fucking maniacal
psychopath. You know who you are, fuck you. Let’s start by commending those sports-fans
who are not irrational nut-jobs. GOOD FANS: Now, a “good” sports-fan is someone
who isn’t blinded by unreasonable attachment to a meaningless game. You know, the “stable” ones. The ones who don’t get upset after their favourite
team loses a match, the ones who see the sport as an enjoyable or entertaining game, and
nothing more. The ones who function properly as a human
being. BAD FANS: This shit actually blows my mind,
right? Some people, after experiencing something
they perceive as “negative” in a sports match, will go so far as to resort to violence. What the actual fuck?! A sphere filled with air hit this net more
times than this one, poor you. I hope you’ll be okay. What’s worse is that this isn’t just some
heated scuffle in a family’s living room; THIS sort of devastation has led to full-on
god damn street riots. That’s some crazy-ass stuff, right? It somehow gets even worse! Some sports-fans have resorted to suicide
as a means to “deal” with a loss… of a game they didn’t play… played by people they
don’t know… against other people they don’t know. On a much lighter note, some grown men will
sit there in the stadium and sob like the miserable, blubbering little balls of wasted
testosterone they are. Look at this. If you can look me in the eyes and tell me
that THIS is reasonable, you’re a moron. Actually, come to think of it, I shouldn’t
use such triggering language towards such sensitive little souls, I do apologize. There there. UGLY FANS:
This joke wasn’t funny the first time “FANS” Just because you’ve played Fifa, NBA,
NHL, etc. – and know some of the players’ names, it doesn’t make you a fan of the sport
by default. Don’t act like it does. This is how it makes you look. Don’t look like this. SALARY:
We all know that athletes get over-paid. It’s nothing new. So with that in mind, let’s play a game:
Guess how much money this guy makes every year:
And what about this guy? And this guy?
The Olympics is home to a wide array of sports – some of which none of us even know the existence
of. Anyone here a die-hard fan of Steeple Chase,
Dressage or Race Walking? Didn’t think so. CONCLUSION:
I think it’s quite easy to say that I’m a little worked up over this. You could say that I simply despise sport
and the people who play it or enjoy viewing it, but maybe I just think these things because
this is me literally everyday” In summary, here is why I believe sport is
bad: You might become one of these. The end. Crash, go to the privacy of your bedroom if
you’re going to watch that filthy smut.

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  1. Why do humans watch sports without being forced,I see no point,there random people doing Artemis knows what down there for a few hours,I could possibly finish the month over due project without a massive head ache and head pains in that time,well no, but I could work on,by that I mean binge watch YouTube with a different window with random tabs on the subject,seriously,sport watching is the stupidest thing man kind has made,it should be a form of torture,or sleep medicine because of how boring it is,and considering if a few hundred nuclear bombs were going outside my house I could sleep threw it happily dreaming about throwing things over the roof,and seeing how far I can throw dead trees,later when its not 5:30 am I will throw more things over the roof,the roofs a grave yard of stuff I have lost there,I am still waiting for my tooth brush and Pen's,

  2. The dum dum's guide on How to start an Internet flame war DO THIS A YOUR OWN RISK. a lot of notifications WILL be included.

    1.go to any vid that has C.ronaldo or L.messi in it

    2. Say that the opposite player of the vid is better than the vid player e.g : video is about Ronaldo = comment messi is better than Ronaldo.

    3. prepare for a shitload of notifications.

  3. there was a baseball game a few years back, i still remember a huge part of that game, during the game a fight broke out between teams and every person on one team that was in the stadium fought against every person that was on the other team thar was in the stadium.

  4. I've barely found this channel and it's safe to say I have watched half of your videos so far, and I'm still going


  6. I can agree with this on every level. I've never understood people who hardcore like a sports team. My parents are that way and I don't know why. I've known people like that my whole life and it weirds me out. Like, if you play a sport and you lose, it's okay to be upset or if you win, take that victory with pride, but if you have no involvement in the game, then just shrug it off. It doesn't effect you and it never will.

  7. I know that you probably won't answer but I want to say that I love your chanel but I forgot if you have done a colab with TheOdd1sOut of not then why don't you?

    I prefer crash than culture <3

  8. 2:45 If they bet money on the match like 100 dollars, then it's reasonable for them to cry CRASH. Btw Crash is my hero, and Culture is one of the smartest people I've ever seen.

  9. No offense really but this video took a fair bit of inspiration from gradeaundera's video on the same topic

  10. Crash? When you were doing the part about fans you done the good, the bad, and then cultures face…. Wasn't that ment to be your face?

  11. When I was 7 our power went out during a blizzard. We had a portable generator with enough fuel to power the house for a week. But the only thing my parents used it on was… the tv. To watch an (American) football game. We didn't need heat or water or gas or power for the rest of the house. Just the tv. Because football is much more important than cooking, or drinking, or staying warm.

  12. The only time I get mad is when it's the finals and the team in rooting for just blows it. (Note more like a "Son I'm not mad I'm just disappointed." Mad.)

  13. My brothers gets violent when their favourite team lose and worse even in fifa gams when they score a goal they scream loud as fuck i cant believe the neighbours didnt get angry or anything bout it

  14. The good, the bad, the dirty? By P! ATD?! Cuz you said “The good, the bad, the ugly” and to me, its a reference to P! Atd! Am I right?

  15. Sport is something that helps young uns from poor backgrounds to stay away from crime, especially boxing so please fuck off

  16. SPORTS ARE FUCKING USELESS. Parents threw me into sports at a young age and I thought they were great and became my life, well, they ended up ruining my health completely. I destroyed my knees due to an obsession with with sports, and now I can’t enjoy a simple walk let alone play the stupid sports my brain still wants to play.

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