Why Not to Buy a Porsche – The Worst Sports Car

Why Not to Buy a Porsche – The Worst Sports Car

rev up your engines! Porsche’s they’re beautiful cars, they
have great handling and quick acceleration, and today I’m going to tell
you why you should never buy one, a customer of mine just purchased this one as a
toy, he paid about $7000 for it, it’s only got 68 thousand miles on it and it looks
beautiful, but somebody paid over fifty thousand dollars for this car when it
was brand new, so why oh why did it lose 43 thousand dollars of its 50 thousand
dollar value, when it still looks so good and still runs decently, and here comes
the answer, it’s got a mid-engine which is great for handling, but horrible for
repair, as you can see in this picture the engine is way up front here in the
middle, it’s very hard to work on, you can’t even see it without taking a body
off, so in an actual car that’s all hidden way down in here, say something
like a water pump goes out and when we look under the car, needless to say
there’s not too much working room up there in the engine, this thing is really
something to work on when you have an engine problem, well in a normal car with
the engine in the front, I can do most water pumps in an hour or so, might cost
you two or three hundred bucks, but on this thing, just changing out a water pump is
going to cost you well over a thousand dollars, and literally that’s just the tip
of the iceberg, I had a customer with a 911 Porsche, it needed two catalytic
converters, and the bill would have been over seventy four hundred dollars to
replace them, he just got rid of the car instead, now yes they aren’t really fun
cars to drive and my customer was smart, he got a standard transmission, because
they’re pretty reliable but the automatics, they’re very unreliable as
they age and cost a fortune to rebuild and while they do corner and drive quite
well, they actually have a very rough ride, especially with these low profile
tires, every time I get one and I’m done road testing it, I asked my wife if she
wants to go for a ride, she says no thanks I hate those things they ride
like go-karts, now if your looking for style, hey this might be for you, a lot of
people say they’re beautiful lawn ornaments, now Janis Joplin sang about
how all her friends drove Porsches, but really, following
Janis Joplin’s lifestyle may not be such a smart choice, and remember if you’ve
got any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

100 Replies to “Why Not to Buy a Porsche – The Worst Sports Car”

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  2. Scotty do you recommend getting a panamera s 2010 with 93k mi? The engine is in the front so its no harder to deal with than a mercedes s class right?

  3. Scotty can you give me advice or a video on porsche boxsters with IMS bearing should we do it not do it I have a 2001 porsche boxster manual with 109000 miles should i do the IMS vearing or not thanks in advance Scotty please help

  4. Where’s your white cane blind dog. You have no idea what you’re talking about. The 911 is rear engine you putz.

  5. I’ve had great experience with Porsche, extremely reliable. Although repairs are expensive, the car is so reliable that the are hardly needed

  6. I do my own maintenance on my 170k 2003 911 with like a 5th grade understanding of auto repair. The water pump was 8 hours. I can't make $1000 in 5 hours but I can sure did that water pump with no drama. The boxster allows you access through the top by the way and you can see all six plugs and wires and you can remove the heads without taking the engine out. Porsches on average take less time to do things than you'd think.

    As for the $7500 catalytic converters, you really shouldn't be using the dealership. I can have them done for $1750 out the door with 2 hours labor

  7. The people disagreeing with this video are the kind of people that buy a 2005 M3 or A6 with 180k miles because "German cars are the best driving machines man, it just grips the road" and then they never get to drive it because everything breaks and the bulbs for the interior lights are $6000.

  8. I like how Porsche fans forget how Porsche was in the brink of bankruptcy until Toyota swooped in and helped their asses. Mazda helped too. It was the late 1990s and Porsche factories still looked like a Ford factory from the 1930s.

  9. Scotty isn't wrong! His advice is aimed at people looking to buy a used German sports car that you think you are getting a good deal on until you realize you could have bought something else that doesn't cost as much to maintain. The point is, do your research, just because it seems cool and has a good reputation doesnt mean it is a great idea. Especially a car that costs 400 – $500 to get the oil changed every 10k miles or you cant buy a single part without buying the whole assembly to get that part at a high price, Audi. They don't estimate that the average New cayman/boxster owner makes $300k a year, for nothing. Also, how about that IMS bearing issue in like a decade worth of cars? How many people research that before getting a boxster/cayman? You better not track your car without getting it fixed, or you are likely to blow your engine up!

  10. Doesn’t recommend Porsche but does recommend ford? Yeah I’d really enjoy having to remove the entire truck body to do a $15 repair. Oxymoron

  11. Is that a Porsche Caymen? They been known for issues. The 911 and other models are a lot more reliable. If i was to own a supercar i would get a 911 GT3. Best bang for your buck and reliable compared to other supercars. Btw im also a big toyota guy i love them but sometimes u need a little bit of euro to get your heart pumping.

  12. The problem with luxury cars is that they're super expensive to repair and any wear & tear, any nicks, scratches, tends or tears makes their value plummet. People want perfection. Nobody's dream is to own a rusty or dented Porsche! People may overlook dings & scratches on an old Ford but it seriously impacts on any luxury car.

  13. My wife owns a 1997 Porsche boxster, no problems over 17 yrs of ownership, change fuel pump once, shock absorbers and usual service…so far no other problems..

  14. German. Luxury. Sports.

    Of course it's the worst thing you can get if you are living off a 50k salary as a high school teacher.

    However, if you are in the stock market, I'm not sure how a toyota is a better choice than a porsche.

  15. Some issues that come to mind… IMS bearing failures happen often in this car and cause the engine to grenade. Coolant tanks (happens on all models) that constantly rupture and leak — i'm sure this boxster has had a few replaced already. Hollow suspension bushings in the control arms designed to fail before 75k miles. What version of coil packs is this Porsche on? Last I heard they were on revision 20, not exactly confidence inspiring that Porsche knows what they are doing. Yep, coil packs don't seem to last in Porsches for some reason, I think they are designed this way (constantly break) so Porsche can collect a dividend payment from their customers. Does this car blow white smoke? If so, time to do the oil separator, again! Besides those problems, this car is just as reliable as a Toyota. haha! Seriously, I love Porsche, but people need to be honest with themselves. Don't purchase one unless you can work on it yourself, because the fact is they are not reliable cars if you use it as a daily driver. That's a lot of smiles for only $7k, and I can't think of a better way to spend that money on than a used Boxster.

  16. Buy italian cars instead. You develop muscle pushing it off the road every few months when they break down.

  17. I'll let you in on a secret scotty, you keep the car until the warranty is almost up then upgrade for a new one.

  18. Toyota scotty, we get it , you dont have the capital to drive nice sports cars. Dont hate the player hate the game.

  19. My '84 928 had a Mercedes Benz built 4 speed automatic. It always worked perfectly 145,000 miles no problem. It even had a drain plug on the torque converter. Have you seen that on anything else? That transmission was probably a design built for a 5,000 pound Benz being used in a 3,000 pound Porsche.

  20. You should buy a Porsche because they are a great company and they are hand mad German car if you don’t like then go buy a Prius

  21. Don't be with a hot chick because that would increase the chances of being cheated. Get a bit ugly but reliable girl instead…

  22. … funny when Americans trying to explain how German Cars works … but , it’s ok . Buy your US Models , Porsche is Porsche and proudly not from Detroit ??

  23. Thank you Scotty
    My mechanic agree with you
    He said that Porsche cars are unreliable And very expensive to maintain and I would have to take it to Porsche for repair and services because of everything you said in this video.

  24. In 2016 Janis Joplin 1965 Porsche 356 C Cabriolet was in the TV show Chasing Classic Cars. Even her sister and brother were in the show. When it went up for auctian and it sold for over 1 Million Dollars. Before it sold at auctian a owner of a car museum he had it for displays for years. And even it was up for display for years it still ran and drove very well.

  25. You are a dumbo.  I owned one, mid-engine and all, and guess what?  It never had an engine problem!!  Hahaha.  As for harsh ride like go cart … I solved that problem by placing a comfortable pillow on the seat.  You dig?  Use your brain.  The only real problem with it is what?  It's a 2-seater and it's hard picking up 2 street hookers at 3 am.  Hahahaha!!!  Oh … and I bought mine new from my first wall street job in finance when I was 26 yo.  He he … the value of education.

  26. Mechanic complaining about price of Porsche. LOL.  You don't see plastic surgeons complaining about Porsche prices.

  27. if you can afford to buy one new the you have to money to maintain it but if you don’t have the money then look somewhere else, they are expensive for a reason. Expensive cars aren’t just expensive to buy their expensive to maintain, bc of their amazing quality and craftsmanship that is put into them, so don’t complain that it cost a lot to fix a Porsche or any other expansive sports car, what did you expect everything to be cheap no. Quality comes with a price!!

  28. Ive have had one for over 15 years and had only to replace the water pump. This car is actually easy to work on, from underneath. I lost your respect pal, what a bunch of BS. I did the water pump myself, and have little experience in cars.

  29. Thing that must be removed to gain access to the water pump bolts on this Porsche 986: Plastic cover underneath car. Engine cover behind seats. Serpentine belt. Coolant. One coolant hose. I did the job on mine in 2 hours with no experience. It is true that Porsche mechanics will rip you off, but these cars are NOT hard to work on.

  30. Porsche is amazing u just don’t know ho to treat a good car get like a lawn mower to drive there better for u to drive u don’t know how to drive

  31. Scotty im a student in highschool and I work in the Canadian armed forces I bought one of these and haven't had any problems not only that but you said the car was hard to service but it's not I can easily do it my self

  32. This guy is crazy and has crazy reasons why not to buy it, my uncle said his biggest regret was selling his Porsche and you can ask anyone that has a porsche and they will say they love it

  33. Next video: why you shouldn’t enjoy a good life? Because a good life costs a lot of hard work, which is not worthy.

  34. Porsche is literally the most realible german car and supercars
    Also you can replace with Volkswagen/audi parts
    Also vw/audi so you can take it to an independent lube shop

  35. If a Porsche is driven like the sports car it is, it will probably wear down more than your average sedan. That is probably one reason it depreciates more. I have seen old men drive sports cars very very slowly, those are probably the best people to buy Porches from.

  36. I love you Scotty, but I defiantly disagree with you on this video! I have 4 Porsches and I do all the maintenance. They're not that bad to work on and built way stronger than all other cars on the road.

  37. Think I see your problem. Shell oil in the floorboard. Honestly working on a 986 isn't that difficult. The idea of it is but when you actually get down to it, it's a very easy car to work on.

  38. Don't even know what to say, so many things wrong in this video.
    If you buy a car for 7000 what do you expect? You are saying that coz your friend had a bad experience with a cheap used Porsche one should never buy one? That's like saying i bought 5year old shoes and i have blisters in my foot don't buy shoes!!

  39. Why not to buy a Porsche ? Because you cannot afford it and use lame excuses after watching this video .

  40. You’re the reason I’m still driving my old shitty Honda Civic. Thanks for shutting on every car I want to buy ?

  41. I own a brand new GT3RS and I have the old one and it lasted forever I just wanted the new one because it’s faster and I’ve had zero problems with my Porsche ever since I bought it I don’t know why he haves such a hate for the brand they set the worlds fastest time on the track and if you want to comfortable ride by the cayenne or macan.

  42. Porsche is owned by Volkswagen Grp so no surprises there (although this Porsche Scotty is reviewing is pre merger)

  43. I don't believe I need to buy Porsches. I just wanted reasons to why it isn't necessary. Personally, if I want fast cars, I would choose between a Mclaren with deadmau5 or a Lamborghini for both style and speed. If I want something with style and look like an agent, then I would do an Aston Martin James Bond car.

  44. i had toyotas hondas lexus jaguar mercedez bmw rang rover ect ect but my porsche i do the maintnance my self and it never breaks best car ever


  46. Totally agree Scotty my brother in law has a few years older X5, he limp mode to a BMW dealer. It was the water pump and it cost him a small fortune. He was so embarrassed he wouldn't tell me how much he paid.

  47. Has Scotty ever actually worked on a Boxster, or looked up how to do things on it? It's actually very well thought out. For that dreaded water pump job, you just pull the seats, remove a cover from behind them, and Shazam there's the front of the motor with all the accessories. Belts, water pump, alternator, all of it. Compare that to something like a Ford Escort, where yes you just open the hood, and then UNDO MOTOR MOUNTS because the accessories are all so close to the shock tower you could get your credit card stuck. I would rather do a water pump on a Boxster than do one on just about any FWD car. In my simple, easy-to-wrench Dodge Dakota, you need a 4ft socket extension and a proctologist to change a set of plugs. In a Boxster, take off a wheel and a cover, and they're right there.

    So you can easily access the front accessories, easily access both heads, easily access the underside. But yeah if you want to look at the intake manifold for some reason, you will have to do 20 minutes of digging first. Oh me oh my. How will we survive such hardships?

    They can be expensive to service because Porsche mechanics mostly service rich peoples' cars, and so charge rich people prices. But if you can wrench on a Corolla, you can wrench on a Boxster or a Cayman or a 911 no problem. It's not a Ferrari. Hell it's not even an MR2. Porsche are the Germanest of Germans. They do things properly.

    There are 2 reasons 986 Boxsters are so cheap. First is people hate the headlights. Second is the IMS bearing fracas. But if the Boxster you're looking at has had a clutch job anytime in the last 10 years, chances are very high the IMS has been remedied.

  48. I own the next generation of this car (987 Boxster)… Scotty is right about parts and maintenance.. whatever you do don’t go to the dealerships unless it’s your last resort!!! Where I disagreed with him is about the reliability. I bought an 05 almost 3 years ago and have put almost 50,000 miles on it since. The thing has been really reliable. All told I’ve spent about 2500 bucks on repairs/replacements. Not a car for a high schooler to get as his first car for sure, but for us old guys who always wanted one, my 987 hasn’t been a bad deal so far.. if it blows up tomorrow I take that back!?

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