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  1. Let me know your reasons for being vegan (or not) in the comments below!

    Ps. I am painfully aware that I forgot the letter in my sign

  2. I've been vegetarian for 43 years. Did it from practicing yoga, learning about ahimsa (nonviolence) and wanting a healthier diet. Also did it because so much grain was being fed to animals being raised for slaughter. Have eaten mostly plant-based for the last five years.

  3. Great video! Same opinion about dogs. 🙂 Looking back it blows my mind that it took me so long to see that their personalities are just as complex as ours and that we should extend that onto any other animal we share this planet with. I´m never turning back! And yes, 7:25 balance is everything. Love your beanie 😀

  4. John, brilliant video, & message- hats off to you, especially being a pro athlete.
    As for your question, dropped all meat a few years ago, and then went vegan just over a year ago. My reason for staying off meat? It's too frighteningly close to cannibalism. Look into an animal's eyes long enough, and you'll feel their heart beat as your own- you said it- they are sentient beings too.

    There's an NF show with a famous child star, who's diet is humans….This makes my stomach turn, TV is after all, the ultimate programming device.

    Ending on a positive note, it seems more Britons are choosing the vegan route. Cheerio to that!

    Thanks again John, keep shining. ~

    PS: a very peculiar question people ask when they learn that I don't eat meat: "Do you eat fish…?"

  5. Hey, John! 12 years as a vegan (awesome, right?). It's worth learning the steps going forward in veganism. I went for this lifestyle for all reasons. I couldn't go back to eating animals after seeing graphic images of cows and pigs being murdered. Thank you for committing to the lifestyle and the animals! You are wonderful! Greetings from Chicago!

  6. I went veg/vegan 36 years ago when I stopped to think about it. The simple conclusion was if sentient creatures dont want to die then i dont want to kill them ..I naturally do not want to harm others, soo i stopped immediately I've also been involved in regional sports all my life and led an exceptional physical life not once has my diet been an issue

  7. New sub!!
    I love your channel! New favorite!! 👍✊👏🙌✌️

    P. S. Veganism is definitely about being open-minded. I've been vegan 2 years and it started because similar to you I realized the connection between animal products and cancer. My father died from colon cancer and going through what he and my family went through I don't want for anyone else. But then I made the animal connection and how what we do to them is for no logical reason. And the impact of the animal agriculture on the environment sealed the deal for me. I became an animal rights activist shortly after going vegan (challenge 22 Mentor, anonymous for the voiceless volunteer, among other things). Now, I am definitely vegan for everything and for life!! ✌️

  8. I am 90% vegan and transitioning to 100% this week. Thank you for this video as I am excited to show it to my husband…he knows the vegan lifestyle is healthier/better but is finding it difficult. I think hearing your story, especially being a professional athlete will really help. I think he will find your video easier to relate to. Looking forward to your future videos.
    P.S. Your dog is adorable. 😊

  9. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂 I also made a video about why I'm still vegan. It's so important that we share our stories to let people know how sustainable a vegan diet can be 🙂

  10. Great video!! And yes.. being vegan is a lifestyle. And a moral stance. If u eat your own pee for two years no doubt u will be feeling aweful.

  11. Became plant based for health then learned the Ethical side of things. Once you see it you cant unsee it you can just choose to ignore it and i won't, VEGAN FOR the Animals, Health and our Planet!!!

  12. Vegan for the truth! It happened pretty much overnight for me 12 years ago when the veil was suddenly lifted.

  13. Thank you for this video, it breaks my heart every time I see a “why I am not vegan anymore” videos.

  14. I became vegan June 23, 2011. I had just finished listening to Dr. Neal Barnard speaking about a vegan, plant-based lifestyle. I had no idea that it was possible to live (and thrive) without consuming animals. I stopped right then and there. Best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve never veered from it or regretted it.

  15. I’ve been vegan for almost 3 years and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! I initially went vegan because of the environmental aspect and now has developed into so much more than that. The horrible treatment of animals, the negative effects of the dairy industry and animal agriculture, and the health benefits that come along with this lifestyle are more of a motivation now. And i literally died at “cold tofurkey” hahaha

  16. Love this video, and your commentary about "former vegans." It seems like they were either doing some pointlessly extreme version, refusing to supplement, or had a health issue that wasn't related to veganism at all, but rather than consulting a doctor, they just decided to go back to animal products. Or they saw a "nutritionist" or "naturopath" instead of a real registered dietician or MD. Probably because they had been wanting to go back to eating animal products for a while, and found it to be a convenient excuse that their non-vegan followers would believe.

  17. Of all the sports football definitely has the least amount of vegans, respect for your choice to be vegan when it is not the norm in the sport. I've been vegan for 14 months now, was mostly vegetarian before that.
    I believe most of the ex-vegans are just causing drama so that their channels will get more traffic, they don't care if they get good or bad comments, more views gets them more money.

  18. I just discovered your channel and I am loving your videos! You are relatable and I believe you will help others on their vegan journey. Your ethical connection is admirable. Thank you for being a voice! 🐖 🐄 🐟 🐓 🌱

  19. I feel the same way about my dog. Therefore, my dog represents all animals on this planet. I have been a vegan bodybuilder since I was 18. I am now 56. I chose being vegan for the animals, and have reap the rewards of excellent health, and many times over people think I am 20 years younger 🙂
    Keep going! I wish you all the best.

  20. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your videos and also that you decided to make a YouTube channel. I have just recently become fully vegan after being vegetarian and I’ve been trying to find someone that is the same type of vegan as me. Not an extreme fad dieter or someone that isn’t physically active and realistic about how much time you actually have to cook and prepare food. Thank you for sharing your journey and being so humble ☺️

  21. What made me go vegan was a YouTube video titled “If you are a vegetarian you are worse than a meat eater”

    That really caught my attention because I had been a vegetarian since birth. No meat, fish, eggs or seafood in my life. Don’t even know what it tastes like. Never thought about it as food.

    So for me to read that was very shocking. I thought “ok these people (vegans) are on crack, how could a vegetarian be worse than a meat eater? that’s crazy”

    My curiosity got the best off me and I am thankful that it did. I watch the video and learned how terrible and cruel the dairy industry is and it just blew my mind. I felt so stupid that I had never even thought about how milk doesn’t just come from a magical cow that makes milk for us.

    It still hurts to think that a cow has to be pregnant just like us woman for months and months and suffer so much for this milk to be available for us humans. My heart sunk and it hurt so badly and it still does today. Despite this, I struggle to give up cheese and it still took at least 6 months to give it up. It wasn’t until I started attending vigils outside the slaughterhouse that I just finally stopped consuming that nasty and cruel product and made the connection.

    Association was key for me and gave me that last push. I met so many friends at the vigils and felt amazing being surrounded by all these people with a common denominator.

    Now I think cheese is disgusting and to be honest I don’t even care too much for vegan cheese either. If it smells or tastes too cheesy, I find it gross lol. I’ve really come a long way. I used to go to Italian restaurants and have my famous Rose Pasta with like 7 table spoons of parm cheese. I used to tell the waiter to park the Parm plate at our table. I can’t even believe that shit.

    My go to now is a table spoon of tahini in tomato sauce; makes a nice rose sauce. And vegan parm; grind some cashews add nutricional yeast, hemp hearts, garlic powder, Italian seasoning and salt.

    Here are the links that also helped me seal the deal from vegetarian my whole life to Vegan for life 🌱💚




    And my fav till this day



    Enjoy and share the links 😉

    P:S my IG because a girl can never have too many Vegan Friends @Toronto_Earthling_

  22. I became vegan 4 years ago because it was a kind of call. All my life I had been attracted to plant-based food but I grew up in Italy and prosciutto, mozzarella, parmigiano etc. are considered to be normal food. I didn't like seeing my father kill chickens and rabbits but I thought it was necessary. His goal was to provide his family with natural food grown in our land.
    My siblings and I had to feed the animals and clean their pens. My father treated them like objects so I kind of did the same. I hated having to help my mom with cleaning a chicken. Scalding it in hot water made it stink so terribly and plucking its feather was not a pleasant thing to do as well. My mom did the rest. I hated the whole process. The only thing that made me forget it was the way my mom cooked it.
    I tried going vegan many times in the course of my life. I tried it for a month 30 years ago when I was a student but at that time there was no Internet and it was not possible to find a lot of information. I ate mainly vegetarian food.
    However, one day my daughter told me that she was not going to eat meat if I was going to cook it because she had become a vegetarian. Something changed inside me and I decided to go all the way and become a vegan.
    Thank God there are a lot of resources now. I'm trying recipes and collecting the ones that tasted good. I would like to give them to friends and the students I deal with because they always ask me what to cook anyway.
    Now I could never go back and eat animal food. I find it so gross even when it is cooked. I can finally do something that has a positive impact for the environment and last but not at all least, I understand and love animals so much more.
    I once saw a pig in a barn in Austria. His eyes had a scary look. I wanted to go out, far from him. I thought pigs were really dreadful animals. Now I understand that he had been growing up there in the dark barn for a long time. He had never seen the sun. Who wouldn't have a crazy look like him in that situation? I feel very sad when I think about that encounter.
    Anyway, I wish you all the best on your vegan journey!

  23. If someone hasn't been vegan ever and they say that they can't be vegan because they live in a food desert or the food list is just too small, I'm not gonna judge 'cos I'm not their doctor. Whatever. Also, I do understand that relapses happen even if you're vegan. I've gone through my fair share of relapses since I have mental illness and an eating disorder. It sucks, but I moved on. But if you're going to go on a month long only water fast, or eat only fruit for over two years, and then you wanna blame your health on veganism… you should probably get smacked upside the head, ha. That's not a fault of veganism. That's just your own damn fault.

  24. Just come across your channel and it really resonates with me, especially this video. These vegan YouTubers have made their name on the back of veganism but followed terrible fadish diets. Keep making your amazing videos. 👍

  25. I've been vegan for 1.5 years. I went vegan for my health at first, then watched a few documentaries and finally made that connection. I've still struggled a bit with learning (as everyone does with major change)

  26. Have been vegetarian since i was 10 years old (so 22 years) and vegan for past 8 years(didn't like cheese that much , continued with eggs tough) For me to stop eating meat was enough that my friend asked me if I know where does the meat come from , am I aware that so many animals are being killed ? 
    Never before heard anything about vegetarian diet, I have stopped eating meat since that moment. That was incredibly frustrating to my family and extreme difficult for me to find out how to balance my diet so at first I experienced so many problems with vitamin and mineral deficiencies (had no internet or even books, not to mention that there where no vege products out there to try )with time I have learned how to balance my diet , I was pretty much doing everything my own with small help of my mum and whats for me amazing is that I understood it as a child … felt that was right ting to do… in age of 10.

    Even as a child with health problems I refused to go back to eating meat , and believe me I have experience many times very unpleasant moments where people laughed, telling my am crazy , criticized my choice + pointing out how unnatural that is …

  27. Thanks for making this video. I think it is important to remind those that are click bating with titles like "Why I am no longer Vegan" is to remind everybody that Vegan is not a diet it is an ethical and moral stance and way of life. They should say they are no longer trying some version of a Plant Based Diet. If you quit eating Jewish or Buddhist food you wouldn't come out with a video that says "Why I am giving up being Jewish or Buddhist".

  28. I went vegan for the animals 3.5 years ago, but little did I know that change would improve my health drastically. I used to drop courses in university due to health issues but after being vegan, I was able to take 18 courses and get an average of 4.0 in every semester!

  29. I have been plantbased on and off again since 2008! No matter haow hard I tried I could never stick to it. And I firmly believe that the reason I always reverted back to animal products was because I was doing it as a diet and not as a compasionate lifestyle. I recently had to force myself to watch animal agriculture videos because when you do it for the animals, it means more and I believe once you've seen those, it becomes so much harder to compartmentalize. Great video, thanks for sharing.

  30. I'm vegan for the animals and the environment. I've been vegan for 12 years. Just subscribed from watching Edgy Veg. Great video!

  31. I’m vegan for the animals and planet. And whole foods plant based for my health ✌🏼. I’m raising my vegan since conception daughter whole food plant based and a ethical vegan. She’s thriving 💕. I’m so grateful for going vegan 5 years ago. Best decision ever

  32. You are so handsome and knowledgeable! I changed my eating habits and became vegan 🌱 on January 6, 2019. My reasoning on this is one morning I woke up gasping for air and I thought I don’t want to die. I felt lighter about a week in and have had great digestion! It is very hard because you have to be conscientious about everything you put in your mouth, but I will never go back to eating meat 🥩 it made me so sad to see how these animals are being tortured and killed! It made me nauseous and now I don’t even crave steak. I used to eat it pretty regularly now i don’t. Keep doing your what you eat daily because it gives me ideas on food choices! Thank you handsome man!!

  33. Great video! I just found your channel and I am loving it!
    I am wondering what you feed your dog. Is he vegan as well? Sorry if you addressed it in a video already.
    I’m not vegan yet, but I’m working on it!

  34. I went cold tofurkey 3 years ago because once I realised animal products aren't food, I could no longer eat them… I knew I'd be vegan forever because, let's be honest, there's no other way to be vegan. However, I definitely wouldn't recommend doing this, a gradual change will be much easier on the digestive system, haha.

  35. Great video! To be honest, I can't even look at meat or dairy anymore without seeing the animal that suffered. All I see are shelves lined with dead carcasses. It didn't just happen overnight, but when it did, it was like a veil was removed and all I can see now is the truth. Thank you for sharing your story, we need more videos like this 😊😊.

  36. I eat vegan because I listen to my body. Over time I didn't feel like eating meat, years later dairy, years later eggs. Never felt like eating honey.

  37. 👍🏽That’s awesome “Going vegan tofurkey!” 😎 Initially i went vegan 20 years ago for health reasons. I couldn’t be happier or healthier. 🌱Vegan for life 💜

  38. Well done on your channel! I was a pro athlete and turned vegan for all the reasons you stated. Left a message on EdgyVeg but I am forwarding it to you. Changing the subject, I am sick of the crappy dog food out there, what do you feed your dog? I have a huge Great Dane and in search of the perfect diet for him.

  39. This was an amazing video. Saw you on Edgy Veg's video and came here to check your channel out. This video sold me and I subscribed. Super soulful, honest, informative, and encouraging.

  40. I say I eat mainly plant-based food. I have 22 chickens so once a week I have eggs and rarely eat cheese. I will convert to 100% vegan, I am just not there yet. My chickens are pets. They are loved and pampered. We rescued 2 great pyrs, like Bone, just to protect the flock! Of course, we then fell in love with those awesome dogs!!!
    Veganism is my goal because of all the points you so eloquently stated. My health benefits are an added bonus.BTW, what supplements, aside from B12, do you take?

  41. Went Vegan for my health but have loved learning about all of the other benefits of being vegan (animals and the planet) Both of my parent's passed away in their 40's from cancer and I'm determined that's not going to be me! Advice on being the only vegan in a family full of carnivores would be helpful 😀

  42. My rescue greyhound is a big reason I became vegan. I would find myself looking into his big eyes and say to myself…could I eat you?!…the answer was of course not. So I began to see the cognitive dissonance in my behaviour when eating/wearing/using animal products. I'm not perfect, I will always be learning about how to lessen my impact. Hopefully for the rest of my life. I just stumbled upon your channel today. You seem very common sense and open/non judgemental in your approach to veganism. I've subscribed :).

  43. My family of 5 went vegan 6 1/2 years ago I was motivated for my health and my weight I showed my husband and kids (19, 17, 11 at the time) videos on the science and health benefits and that my body felt best eating thus way (I had done 9 months of a high raw foods diet). They were on board my husband was motivated by health as well. I had lost a sister at age 36 to breast cancer, my mom had an autoimmune disease and died from lymphoma at 59, my dad had angina starting at age 60 my mother in law died at 56 from esophageal cancer, my father in law had a stroke at 60, prostate cancer 62 and died from unknown cancer that had spread to his liver my hubby and I felt that if we continued to live and eat like our families odds were we were at increased risk of dying from same diseases. After being vegan for a bit we strengthened our commitment for the animals and the environment. I have kept my 50 lb weight loss, my hubby lost 3 pant sizes and has maintained it and we both now run and cycle. Feeling better than I did in my 30s and 40s . Love your channel

  44. I just started watching your videos and love the honesty. I have been vegan 3 years and my bloodwork is better than it has been for years. No more medications for high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I went vegan for the animals, then learned about the other benefits. It was definitely a challenge at first, but so worth the effort.

  45. Found you via edgy veg and absolutely LOVE THIS VIDEO! you couldn't have put it better! Thank you for sharing and can't wait to watch more of your content 😊

  46. thanks for sharing your story! I've been vegan for 11 years now…started eating just fruit and veg because it was easier than learning how to cook meat haha
    now I'm vegan for my health, the animals, planet and my for my own self love and consciousness <3

  47. If I weren't vegan, you surely would have made me become one. I am aligned with 100% of what you said 🙏
    Ps: Booooone ❤

  48. I had vegan encounter through reading in papers then I discover vegan through the spiritual journey of faith I discover it in Sacred Scripture in the book of Genesis,Deutronomy and Leviticus especially in the book of Genesis “nothing out of blood is Eaten “ by Grace I eventually succeeded, is like purification of body ,mind&soul rigorous trials overcoming by faith,now Joyful 😀 Existence in Reality.

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