Why Hollywood Wants No Part Of Hulk Hogan Anymore

Why Hollywood Wants No Part Of Hulk Hogan Anymore

You may not recognize Terry Gene Bollea by
his real name, but you may recognize him by his wrestling name. “Ladies and gentleman…Hulk Hogan!” The Hulkster became a fixture of American
pop culture thanks to the popularity of the WWF, which also opened the door to his brief
career in Hollywood. Unfortunately, Hollywood isn’t really calling
Hogan like it did a few decades ago, thanks to a lengthy list of controversies and complications
standing between Hogan and his glory days. Here’s why Hollywood won’t cast Hulk Hogan
anymore. Hogan exposed Childhoods everywhere were ruined when Gawker
broke the story of a sex tape involving Hogan and Playboy playmate Heather Cole, the wife
of Hogan’s friend, Bubba “The Love Sponge” Clem. Cole would later testify that Hogan
was just one of the many men her husband pressured her into sleeping with, although she insisted
she had no idea Clem was filming the encounter. In a now infamous twist, however, the leaked
tape would prove to be the undoing of Gawker itself. Hogan filed a lawsuit against the news site,
which was ordered to pay Hogan $31 million in damages and subsequently forced to shut
down in 2016. “He was willing to do whatever it took to
take down Gawker.” “I knew we were doing what was right, and
even if we would have lost…even if we would have lost, it would have been good because
everybody would have known what Gawker was all about.” The situation is almost bizarre enough to
warrant a “based on a true story” Hollywood movie…but even Hogan’s own true story probably
wouldn’t cast him anymore. “Lemme tell ya something sister brother. You’re gonna feel the tender embrace of
Hulkamania!” Racist remarks In case you missed it, Hulk Hogan was officially
fired by the WWE in 2015. Although some said he voluntarily resigned,
the WWE insisted it fired Hogan after a series of racist comments he made were secretly recorded
in yet another leaked sex tape with Heather Cole. “I mean, I am a racist, to a point, f——
n——. But then when it comes to nice people and
s—, and whatever.” Hogan made a public apology for his statements,
claiming his statements didn’t represent his personal beliefs. In a bid to distance itself from Hogan, all
mentions of him were scrubbed from the official WWE website and online Hall of Fame. Kind of a weird choice; it’s not like everyone
would suddenly forget he was a major wrestling star for decades. Not long after, rumors began to circulate
that the WWE might be willing to bring the wrestling legend back into the fold, scandals
and all. Not so ‘Hollywood’ Hulk’s work in Hollywood, despite literally
calling himself “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, isn’t exactly impressive. His first movie appearance was a cameo in
Rocky III as a wrestler named “Thunderlips.” “Thunderlips is here in the flesh, babeh!” Several years later, Hogan would make his
star debut in the cult classic No Holds Barred as a popular wrestler named Rip, which was
not a dramatic stretch in any way. No other wrestler had made quite as big a
splash on the big screen as Hogan…except for maybe Andre the Giant…and Roddy Piper. “I have come here to chew bubblegum and
kick ass… …and I’m all out of bubblegum.” Hulk still had a few more movies than most,
and a TV series called Thunder In Paradise to his credit. That well went dry by the late ’90s, with
Hulk Hogan’s last major role coming by way of The Ultimate Weapon in 1998. That level of cheesy action movie fare didn’t
really survive through the early 2000s, leaving Hulk out in the cold. “NOOOOOOOOOO!” A little too real Hulk Hogan’s attempts at nepotism also fell
horribly flat. First, there was the attempt to use his fame
to help his daughter Brooke launch a singing career. While she did have a few minor hits, Brooke
made the mistake of being one too many generic blonde pop singers during the early 2000s,
and having a famous dad named Hulk Hogan still wasn’t enough to stand out. If that weren’t enough, Hogan decided to follow
in the footsteps of The Osbournes, and put his questionable family on reality TV. Hogan Knows Best began airing in 2005. Although the show was semi-popular with wrestling
fans, the decision to put his family in the spotlight created unnecessary strain for everyone
involved. In August 2007, Hulk’s son, Nick, was involved
in a horrific car accident, and his best friend John Graziano was severely injured. Graziano was left with permanent brain damage
and will reportedly spend the rest of his life “in a semi-conscious state.” The Graziano family sued the Hogans, and the
two families settled out of court, while Nick spent just eight months in jail. A messy divorce In the immediate aftermath of Nick’s car crash,
Hulk Hogan was left reeling when his wife, Linda, filed for divorce. By the time the dust of the bitter divorce
settled, Linda managed to leave her marriage with about 70 percent of Hulk Hogan’s wealth. Linda later blamed the divorce entirely on
her ex, claiming she divorced him after he’d had an affair with one of their daughter’s
friends. She even went as far as to claim Hulk Hogan
had an intimate relationship with wrestler Brutus Beefcake, although she later retracted
those claims. By 2008, Hogan Knows Best was cancelled, and
Hulk was devastated. Needless to say, the wreck of his personal
life has kept him fairly busy off-screen. At least he has his Pastamania money to fall
back on, right? “I’ve eaten so many Hulkaroos, and Hulky-oos,
I kinda feel sorry for Big Bubba, brother!” Can Hulk return to Hollywood? Given the negative press that Hulk Hogan has
experienced in recent years, it only makes sense that if he were welcomed back into the
WWE, it would be as a bad guy. It’s certainly easier to have everyone hate
a sex-taped closet racist than to realistically turn such a guy like that into a hero. But who knows? A successful return to the WWE could help
open a backdoor that would help Hulk Hogan ease his way back into Hollywood. It won’t be easy, but it’s not entirely impossible. Stallone, the man who helped bring Hogan into
Hollywood via that Rocky cameo, has helped himself and other Hollywood action-movie hasbeens
stay kinda relevant thanks to his Expendables movies. Maybe a future project could make room for
Hogan? Whatever moves Hulk Hogan makes to re-ignite
his Hollywood career, he’ll have to be careful. He should know better than anyone: the cameras
are always rolling. Hopefully he can keep a lid on his racist
rants — and what’s in his pants. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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100 Replies to “Why Hollywood Wants No Part Of Hulk Hogan Anymore”

  1. In the next 50 years when Hulk Hogan, and Vince Mc Mann, and many other people are long dead. He will be idolize as the father of moddern day wrestling. Hulk Hogan, Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan and a list of others who did not start the sport they are in, just revolutionize them. Just respect Hulk Hogan for what we had in him.

  2. Vince McMahon should get down on his knees and blow the hulkster he is the reason Vinnie boy even has the wwe. Wrestling was shit b4 hogan bust on scene and by the way it nobody's concern who he fucks

  3. I lost all respect for Hogan when I found out that he ratted on Jesse Ventura to Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura was attempting to Unionize Wrestling and Hulk Hogan ratted on him.

  4. Your video is inaccurate in beginning when media was expanding Terry was the Michael Jordan oh sorry he is THE Micheal Jordan of professional wrestling TV stations magazines commercials and memorabilia he was literally the MJ of wrestling

  5. how can people say he's a bad actor when his hulkamania/Hollywood angle was all a big act.this is why sum very talented wrestlers never became popular.they had the wrestling talent but no acting skills.

  6. Oh I love how you managed to slide in that picture of Hogan and Donald Trump during the racist part… nice try Looper

  7. Hogan will always be the greatest and is still my hero. Also the settlement was for 140 million get your facts straight jack.

  8. He will absolutely return to wwe. He is the most famous wrestler who ever lived. Too much money to be made for vince not to put him on one more wrestlemania card

  9. that bitch got 70% of his money. she did nothing to earn it, therefor she deserves none of it. another case of pussy pass

  10. Jesse Ventura wants to kick his white sloppy ass back to the stone ages and he can do it because it deserves to be back there

  11. I went to visit his new store in Orlando Florida.Hogans Beach House.The place Sucks.Nothing but alot of crappy merchandise. From shirts and his lame toys figures.Belts and other Crap…??

  12. load of shit. most of the reasons you selected happened years after he last appeared in Hollywood. awesome wrestler shit actor.

  13. Please don't misunderstand me. I can't stand Hogan as a entertainer but his personal life and opinions shouldn't have anything to do with his professional life. Who really cares who he has sex with and how he feels about other races. There is Terry then there's Hulk. Come on learn how to tell them apart

  14. this whole deal of a show clip is just 100% Fake full of Crap…. I know for real for I cant say nor will ever say How I know but I do Know 100% FAKE……..

  15. You'd have to be a lying sack of shit to not be black and try to claim with an straight face that you like black people as a group. They display just about every undesirable trait in a human being. Selfish, entitled, uneducated, violent, worthless parents, completely reliant on taxpayers, they trash everywhere they live, steal everything, act out then play victim, I could keep going. Do other groups sometimes do these things too? Yep, but the numbers are nowhere even fucking close.

  16. wow! like its some big mystery. the guy is a million years old washed up wwe wrestler. Why do you think Hollywood wants no part of him…..
    Thank god someone made this video to answer the question that nobody was asking

  17. Hulk Hogan is not a bad guy he made some movies had a huge wrestling career and has a nice family he is pretty much living the way all his haters would love to be living. jealousy is a sickness get yourself some help !!

  18. The man is just a real piece of shit and an enabler to his spoilt brat kids. Should have shown the leaked conversations from him and that wanker of a son Nick from prison, they should be ashamed of themselves

  19. hes not a racist! he made a racist comment and it was caught on tape! the media really blew it up! some of the black wrestlers out have even stuck up for him and said he's no racist

  20. If the man use the n-word big deal there's racist remarks made by black people all the time about White's I work with a lot of black people they make racist remarks to meet a lot of times kidding it isn't always serious but they make racist remarks around me white say no good for this white say no good for that I mean the question is is his entertaining style any good I would say yeah

  21. …i can honestly say that this is the only looper video so far that kept me engaged til the end. and i'm not that much of a wrestling fan (anymore).

  22. The thing i really hate is that black people are allowed to say whatever they want about white people. It's almost as if it's expected of them to not trust whites and be unfriendly towards them (and even claim it out loud!). They are never accused of racism, it's only racism if it's the white person doing it.
    Besides, being a racist is still a person's right. It's not nice, and it's a shame, but it's no crime. An actor is a person like any other, with the right to uphold his own inner values, and if he's fired from his acting job because of it, then it's discrimination just as well, in a weird way.

  23. Every single movie has had him typecast as really .."him". That's not going to help. Racist comments….No one's going to forget that. He's toxic!

  24. Well thats a real shame he seemed like auch a nice guy on the WWE. Guess you can never judge a book by its cover.

  25. So WWE dropped Hogan for saying that ? Give me a break! Corporates are so pussified these days.
    They trip over themselves trying to appease to whiners. Ask yourself… What has a black person ever done for you?

  26. cause he said the n word in private n banged a girl in private then his family ruined his money and he ruined his legacy sad story

  27. The way he put lotion on his daughter was really freaking sick, wouldn't be surprised if they slept together, before he went after her best friend. What a sick mofo

  28. That Gawker stuff fly under the rug so fast, Hogan got very little if any hate from that lol. I'm surprised people still remember it.

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